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Diving In

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by countingstarsx, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Its been another week of getting outside every AM and noon. I haven't been great about being outside at sunset this week. I've been strict about blue blockers after sunset though and going to bed early. I am still waking up quite tired.

    I'm wondering at what point will I know that I am leptin sensitive again. I have lost weight and inches, I don't have cravings anymore, I am sleeping better. I can't say I've noticed any sweat pattern changes, and I haven't woken up feeling refreshed in probably ten years. I have been on the Leptin RX for 6 weeks now. I don't plan on changing anything at this time, but it should would be nice to wake up feeling refreshed!

    Last night I took at thermometer to my bathroom for CT. I found out that my tap water comes out at around 59-60 degrees. I added a gallon bottle of ice last night which took it down to 58 degrees and I stayed in for 20 minutes. I need to get a compression shirt and start putting the ice on my chest because my tub isn't big enough to cover me.

    While playing cards with my husband last night I was casually telling him what I have been learning about blue light and electricity from "The Doctor". I expected him to blow me off and tell me I'm going down another rabbit hole BUT HE ACTUALLY WAS INTERESTED AND SAID IT MADE SENSE! Now, this doesn't mean he cares to take action on his health BUT he suggested that I get red and black lights for the living room and he would be ok with that! One small step for me...

    In funny news, I was ordering some of the recommended books off of Amazon the other day. I must have been a little distracted because I received "Life On the Edge" by AlKhalili, AND another version of Life on The Edge. Version number two seems to be about making positive life choices in God's eyes from ages 16-26. :rofl: I'm a little past that age, and pretty sure that wasn't what I was looking for.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I loved reading about all your progress .....good job! in fact ....great job!

    keep going.....
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  3. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Nice one!

    I think when you keep at it regardless of others for long enough you will demonstrate that it's more than a fad and I think you'll actually start improving in front of them. Even the least attentive of spouses has to notice when one sleeps better through attitude, happiness, and less fights.

    I swear there's always a stage when people are absorbing all this where they get a first look at the cold tub. It's the "Ummmmmm, I know, I'll change the entire world around me first!" moment. Though you seemed to have a more refreshing "If the world is all messed up what's the point?" response.

    I wanted to reach through the internet and shake you some that day. My own answer to that question is that you will be modeling behaviors and practices that will improve your health and cognition and better yet will be establishing it as a "way we live" for your child who will not have to expend 1/100th the thought or feel 1/1000th the consternation we all felt when first starting out acting on this seemingly odd advice.

    So if you ever feel pessimistic again I want you roll that up, shove it in your pessimistic pipe, and smoke it. Gently of course.

  4. LOL! Thanks for the support and legit advice. The hardest thing I have ever worked on changing in life is my thought patterns. I assure you, my husband has wanted to shake me a few times too because of similar outlooks.

    I lean towards being a little bit paranoid, and due to that I had to stop allowing myself to read conspiracy websites. Reading that link that the world was full of irradiation and we are all gonna die anyway brought me emotionally back to those conspiracy days when I would read an upcoming apocalypse theory and spend 3 straight days on my computer, not sleeping, researching the theory and planning how I would survive. I've relaxed since then. :rofl: But not having a frame of reference for that link put me straight to panic mode. Thankfully, I tend to come back around quickly these days.

    When it comes to pessimism though I think my husband wins on that one. I think his train of thought when it comes to being healthy is "I'm gonna die anyway -- might as well enjoy my time here as much as I can." So he eats whatever he pleases, smokes, drinks every night, and is constantly on his phone or playing video games until late in the night. He also hates the sun because its hot, so he is rarely in it. I see his behaviors and think "Youre right, we all will die but man you are looking at years of suffering before you do." Maybe one day he will realize it before its too late.
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  5. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Just to share what I learned

    Higher redox leads to a clearer mind.

    Higher redox increases survivability

    That's his right. In my mind the question for every parent is:

    Is what you are currently doing what you'd like to imagine your child doing when they are your age?

    If the answer is uncomfortable in any way then it's a very instructive and useful question.

    Almost everyday I watch someone close to me go through the "years of suffering" from similar decisions based on decades of fake comforts. I think it's actually far worse. These choices erase people/consciousness from the inside out and hollow them out like termites do to a tree. That's what I've observed.
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  6. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    I got my IR Light in spades this morning. I have seen hundreds of sunrises in every damn weather condition up here in canada. I have Jack to thank because without his wisdom I would have missed out on natures daily gift. Its available free to all who show up with skin in the game. IMG_1754.JPG
  7. Ive been watching webinars and Q&As all week. Great stuff! I find the information has been much more easily assimilated in the webinar format. Digging it!

    Ive been good with morning sun and grounding, but has continued to be so tired I'm sleeping past sunrise. I wish I could get this fatigue to lighten. I'm positive I need more and grounding. I am committing now to do better this coming week.

    I couldn't wait any longer, I bought a Cornet meter today. Hope for it to arrive in the next week or so.

    My husband decided he didnt like red light in the living room about 30 seconds into me turning on the lights the first night. Said it hurt his eyes. I cant wait until we can get a new place to live and he can put his TV's and PS4 in the basement and it won't effect me as much.

    Its been several weeks since I ordered mine and my daughter's Ra Optics prescription glasses and there has been no communication about them. Emails gone unanswered. I'm really hoping that they come sooner than later, we both could really use them!
  8. drezy

    drezy Gold

    If you end up having any questions ask here or PM me.

    As a guy I always imagine that I'm on a submarine in silent running mode with red lights on. It's fun. Maybe have him watch The Hunt For The Red October once more?
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  9. Thanks for the offer, I'm certain I will have questions at some point.

    The movie reference is lost on me. He is so particular about things and peculiar. He is difficult to work with at times. I'm not sure how much the red lights would help anyway with a 70" TV blaring at me too.

    Right now my big hope is the more I talk about what I learn the more interested he becomes and willing for change he becomes. We had a really great discussion about optimal places to move in the grocery store last night -- I'm sure people thought I was crazy as I loudly talked about how I refuse to live near an airport or military base due to EMFs and when I was insisting upon a one room cabin with no electricity.
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  10. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Tag me in there too when the time comes
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Some people will rather die than change their ways.
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  12. We are considering Louisiana or Georgia right now, but still have a solid love of Minnesota. Its a tough decision. Still at least a year possibly more away from a move though.
  13. So true. His dad and grandpa both had brain aneurysms and so I think he has gone and continues to go through life with a "I'm gonna die early anyway so lets do whatever gives me the most pleasure" attitude. Ive had a small amount of influence to change that but its sloooooow going.
  14. drezy

    drezy Gold

    My own father had this perspective until he lived well past his male ancestors. He was the least likely guy to listen to any of this, but now takes his shirt off outside and uses sunglasses way less.

    I'm PMing you about this
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  15. Got my Cornet in the mail yesterday, as well as mine and my daughters Ra Optics glasses. Spent the rest of the day and much of today testing pretty much everything I can and have found some nasty offenders. Seeing what my phone did made me want to puke (and immediately I ordered home phone service). I've got work to do, and know some things I need to avoid.

    The kid and I went to the library this morning rocking our red glasses. She likes understanding why we do what we do, so I had explained to her simply that people need to wear the red glasses around fake light to protect our eyes and our health. That was good enough for her, but she realized that meant EVERYONE needed to wear them. So in the library she kept walking up to adults minding their own business and saying "Hey you see my glasses? Everyone needs red glasses! They protect you from the fake light!" Wow did I get stares. Nearly 50-60% of the people in my town are either medical professionals of some sort, or married to one. They better watch out for this crazy. :rofl:
  16. I did an experiment yesterday. I've had my phone on airplane mode 90% of the time since I got my Cornet the other day. We went to my sister in-laws house to grill yesterday and I just left it at home.

    Well, my husband and I had a good time grilling, and watching everyone else be on a device most of the time. Their 3 year old had no interest in playing with ours -- he just wanted to sit in front of his screen too. The most shocking part of the whole day though was the effect being in that house had on me. I've never considered or noticed myself to be particularly EMF sensitive. I spent 3 days avoiding EMF's at my home, and then went into this home with 10+ devices, wifi, lights, and more going on within. I had an instant headache, and after 2 hours of being there I felt a pressure in my head and I was filled with a great irritation that was bordering on becoming rage. For no reason! Its shocking to me that I would become sensitive this quick, or notice it now after all these years but I can not come up with any other explanation. It felt like hell, and I couldn't tell anyone because no one would have gotten it.
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  17. I fell off the wagon, and then MN winter hit.

    Im struggling to gain some health back at this point.

    Exhaustion, body pain, and incredible constipation are working against me at this moment, but I am determined. I am also pre-diabetic again.

    Ive been spending time barefoot in the snow in my backyard, with as much skin showing as I can muster. I cam reliably tolerate 5 minutes in 0-10 degree cloudy weather in a tee shirt and capris. The sun is out today and we should reach 40 degrees, so much more time will be spent outside.

    My heat has been kept at 65 degrees, and I have my window right next to my bed open all day for the last month.

    Two major things I have to change immediately are sleep/wake time and diet.
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  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Ouch! Now is the time to explore the cold, dark and boring! Do not miss it :)
    Try to keep window open in the night too! Sleeping in cold and dark is really awesome. Just use extra blankets or a thick duvet if you are too cold. I cant sleep if I am freezing either. But you will get more used to the cold and do not need so much cover as time goes by. Your head and face will get the cold, and the fresh cold air is so nice to breath :)

    I eat breakfast sitting in my open bedroom window, watching the sky/sunrise. Wrapped in my duvet ;). That is so nice! Maybe you can do that too? That way you get the morning light in a very comfortable and nice way :)

    And using only a candle or two after 6 PM will fix your sleep/wake time like a charm :)
    I try to stay in bed until it gets light. So I do not use any light or even candles in the morning, aiming for at leat 10 hours darkness. It is not hard :). Except if I have to wake up earlier because of work (which I try to avoid so it happens very seldom) then I use a candle and red light in the morning.

    You can do it :) You will start to love it!
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  19. Thanks for your valuable input Inger! You have described what I am aspiring for.

    We havent closed our bedroom window in over a month, and it hasnt bothered us at all. In fact, I have found myself too warm on several nights with a medium weight blanket when the outside temps have dropped to under 10° F. We live in one of the windiest places in the USA, and I am curious to see how we will feel about that open window once the temps drop down to -20°F with a wind chill of -50°F or lower.

    The sun rises on the opposite side of my home than my bedroom, so usually I will go outside on my porch for the view. Ive been waking up within an hour of sunrise for a few years now, closer to it in winter than summer. Thats something I need to improve on.

    I would LOVE to live in a cabin with no electricity relying on candle light for light at night. Its been a dream for so long. Right now I live in a small townhome with my husband and child. He loves TV and video games, and will have them on any chance he gets right in the middle of our family room.

    It gets dark here around 4:30PM right now, we typically eat supper around 6PM and the little goes to bed around 7. I know optimally we should be eating before sunset, but that would entirely eliminate family dinners at this point, and leave me with a "starving" four year old for 3 hours. My husband isnt on board with candle light/red lights so from 4-7PM our house is pretty well lit. I wear blue blockers, and get the family time. After 7PM is the only time I have alone with my husband most days. He invariably will have the TV on at this time, and I try to turn off most of the lights except an incandescent or two in the living room. I could go to sleep at 8 or 9 most nights, but stay up until 10 just to have that time with him. I'm having difficulty figuring out how to make this more optimal. I know its prettt straight forward what would make it optimal, but it seems I would be sacrificing quality family time. We hope in the next year to be able to buy a home with a basement or something where he can go hide with all of his tech and I can have more control over my environment when I want it.
  20. Spring is here!

    I made it through winter, mostly unscathed. Things were starting to look pretty bad the last time I posted, but I turned it around. I am so grateful that I haven't fallen back into the pit I was in a few years ago -- such low energy, incredible anxiety, spending most of my days laying on the couch. I've been a functioning human again for almost a year, and its still a blessing I count every day.

    I've got solid eating habits, solid CT habits and at very least wear blue blockers whenever exposed to artificial light. I am pretty solid at going to sleep at a decent hour (except when my daughter is having a rough night -- more on that later). I have been continuing to make my way through the blogs, currently in the Brain Gut series.

    I started reading Going Somewhere a few days ago, and it is such an excellent book I can't stop talking about it to my husband. Speaking of him, he still continues to amaze me every day with how much he is absorbing from me, and changing. We were talking last night about our goals and where we plan to move, etc and we are on the same page for the most part. I'm glad he is becoming more cooperative.

    I spent the whole winter working full time at two office jobs and with my daughter in a daycare. I realized in February that it just wasn't working for multiple reasons, so I quit one of my jobs and took my daughter out of daycare. We have started working on a kindergarten curriculum that is nature based and spending lots of time outside everyday. I'm SO SO pleased with this change of direction. This summer is gonna be great!

    Back to my daughters rough nights, we finally got a conventional answer on why she was having them. After a very very awful sleep study they said its parasomnias and restless legs. Her sleep already improved when we turned off our wi-fi router, but now I feel like we have more to work with. I increased her magnesium intake and that alone has improved her sleep to having no incidents in the last week!

    I haven't posted much, but I am still here most days reading. Thank all of you so much for the continued inspiration.
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