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Dilocated shoulder treatment with Quantlet

Discussion in 'The Quantlet' started by Simon Wright, May 26, 2017.

  1. 14 days ago iI was surfing and outside bombora at Uluwatu and it was a solid 10ft, i mistimed a take off and went down the face of the wave and dilocateed my shoulder . As anyone who has done this knows, it pretty much incapacitates you due to the pain you endure. Anyway i came up for air and the 2nd wave of the set landed on my head, picked me up and rag dolled me to the point where it popped my shoulder back in.....at this point i was trying to vomit, scream and cry all at once. The trauma from this left my shoulder totally inoperable.....all of my muscles had been shocked and couldnt work and also the pain was unbearable. The next few days the pain, swelling and ifnflammation was very considerable. I had no use of my right arm.

    On the bright side though i had received my 2 x quantlets 4 days before and set about a little rehab program which went as follows:

    1] Everymorning at 9.30am i use 2 x quantlets on p60 whilst i am getting on with my work day.

    2] Following this i do a Custom program of : IR 100% @ 10hz, Red 100 1 @10 hz, Green 20% @ 10hz, Blue 20% @ 10hz, Violet 40% @ 10hz. The Quantlet can easilt fit to my shoulder and i do 2 sessions of this , 1 x with the cooling plate at the front of my shoulder and then i switch it around for the other session.

    3] In the afternoon i will run a p30 on my right wrist (the wrist of injured shoulder) and then i will use the spot treatment on the shoulder (with 2nd quantlet at same time) for 2 sessions and switch the band around so i get the red light front and back.

    4] In addition i have been doing an ice bath (at midday) for 10-15min with 660nm and 620 nm panel LED shining into my water every 2nd day, after this i lay nude in the sun front and back for 15 minutes each.

    5] I have been progressively bringing in range of movement excercises which are outlined in the videos shown here www.intu-flow.com These wash my joint with sinovial fluid and also hinder any collagen build up where i dont need it.

    I have diclocated my shoulders many times playing sports when i was younger and it usually was at least a one month turn around . Howver with this protocol listed above i have been able get 95% of my range back within 2 weeks without any pharmas be it painkillers or anti-inflammatories .

    Admittedly i am not surfing again yet as i need to some retstrengthening and also tighten up the shoulder joint with some excercise, however i do feel i am well ahead of the curve.

    A definite win for the Quantlet and CT with light.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Funny thing......a patient of mine dislocated the big toe and swears the Quantlet has had an impact on her recovery. This was about 3 weeks ago.
  3. FreeRangeKiwi

    FreeRangeKiwi Ready. Fire. Aim.

    I cut the end of my finger off a month ago (when repairing your mountain bike brakes, do not spin the wheel and then stick your finger in the rotor). Sliced halfway down the nail, on an angle just missing the bone. After two weeks you could not tell.

    I decided to forgo bandages for sunlight when possible. I used my quantlet as per usual, with plenty of time in the sun. I do a custom protocol with everything on full and red on 100hz mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and a thyroid session a couple of times a week.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    what happened?

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