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digestion, brain fog, histadine, and the urea cycle

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by chocolate, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I'm having a chicken and egg problem about the hyperammonemea... but the surprise results for the reader seem interesting.
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  2. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    So were you tested?

    I don't sleep well and wake up in a fog most mornings...
  3. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    NO, I am just looking for anything that helps sleep.... and candida....I'm not sure how you would test for brain candida....but it definitely makes ammonia in the brain, as does exercise. My kid has the eating delay that is supposed to be from the B6 deficiency caused by probably candida. Not the doesn't want to, just the gut isn't ready for a couple of hours. The folate thing caught my eye and I think we may not have the best kind. The urea cycle is an obsession because of the Vitamin D receptors.

    That's why I think the guy has it backwards... but the candida and ammonia thing is new knowledge.... the past year or so.

    And the zinc and copper control hunger....
  4. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    The folic acid implies candida.... so getting the histidine in with the copper and zinc makes total sense. I forgot that was the folic acid deficiency. Which no one ever told me.... folic acid just keeps feeding yeast.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

  7. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


  8. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver



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