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Diet for one year old

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Darleen, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Hi guys,
    I am in need of some guidance and experiences for my son who has just turned 13 months. He is exclusively breastfeed. The issue I'm having, Which I am not even sure it is an issue, is his disinterest in foods like the majority of kids his age. He tastes some things, sometimes he will take a bite and when he does he has a pretty strong gag reflex. He does not have any lip or tongue ties. He doesn't like drinking from any cups, plastic bottles or sippy cups. He does like to drink from our hose though ;)
    My osteopath is his doctor and he is not very concerned as he is growing and developing emotionally. However as a new mom, this is weighing heavily on my heart. Worrying that something is wrong, etc. Mostly because society says it's wrong, somethings wrong.

    Some family members constantly pressure us and want me to give him rice cereal, ice cream, cake. They just want him to "eat something". It's actually become a big anxiety for me. Not so much my husband he's more laid back than I.
    Some background on me, I usually eat a paleo, low carb diet and the past few months I'm switching over to epi-paleo/keto and Cold adapting.

    I ate some carbs during beginning months of pregnancy to help the nausea and dislike of meat. And introduced them back in while breastfeeding because I was losing lots of weight. ( I now realize more DHA is needed)

    As far as my little guy, I know I shouldn't force any food on him. Of course I want him to eat an optimal diet. I guess my question is this more of a developmental thing?
    Should I be concerned about this gag reflex? Or does he instinctually know what he should be eating?
    Or Should we teach him to eat foods these undesirable foods for a reason other than nutrition?

    We get sun together almost every morning and as much as we can during the day.
    It's become such a difficult time for me to be around other family who think something is wrong. Like I need to constantly defend our choices and that my son is healthy.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    These are just my thoughts .....my kids are grown but I sure remember the frustrations with family members second guessing what you are doing....

    Is your beautiful son making typical baby type noices?

    What happens when he is with you while you are eating? Would he be interested in a big piece of steak to hold and chew on?

    Your Osteo has checked his tongue etc?

    Your family want you to give him cake no doubt...... How terrible that you have to defend your choices to them.

    As long as he is healthy and happy And growing....

    Relax and enjoy this precious gift of life ....there are plenty of things to worry about in life - this doesn't seem to be one of them! Not right now anyway.
    And take a page out of your husband's book .....stop worrying and be more laid back and enjoy every single second with your son.

    Is he sleeping well? How is your sleep?

    Would you share a picture of him with us?
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  3. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Absolutely no experience with kids but experience with overbearing family I have in spades. Sometimes you have to tune them out to be able to hear your own thoughts. If your doctor is happy with the progress of your little one then rest at ease. I wonder though whether it would be a good idea to consult him with your worries again as same said have an effect on your health ,too. In the meantime let your little one explore this sunny world on all 4s and may he get gloriously dirty. Are you still doing CT ? Be good to Mum. You are breastfeeding so you do not need stress but love and support. Your hubby seems to be great and has a great attitude.

    An additional thought about the food. I was a fussy eater when I was little , but all over sudden I had the strangest taste. I wanted green beans with vinegar, lots of vinegar. Maybe you need to think out of the box and offer him something else. Go by taste groups. Sweet, sour , salty and see what he does accept . Keep a food diary. Keep a record of how long you an your son were out in the sun and or grounding. I would step that up before winter comes along. That way you will see if there are patterns to his behaviour or if it is just a stage of his developments . It will keep your mind at ease and the family at bay. Let us know how you go,more importantly let your doctor know your findings to see if he sees a trend of something . Most likely not but you need peace of mind.:thumbsup:
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    kids should eat what we eat after weaning. Time to weaning is the key variable.
  5. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Thank you so much for these replies.
    Yes my doctor has checked him and he says he's just fine in that area. No ties.
    He is mildly interested when we eat, mostly he likes salty things like he mommy. He will take a few bites of my bacon in the morning. Tasted some of my sardines the other day and wanted two more bites. So there is an interest, what he will do is take say 3 (tiny) bites of bacon, and either spit out after enjoying the flavor ;) .... Or he will swallow all at the same time and gag pretty badly.

    My doctor does cranial sacral therapy, and homeopathic remedies for his personality(happy, warm, doesn't like blankets, picky eater, some eczema and so on)
    So far I haven't noticed a great difference with any remedy in particular.
    As far as sounds, hes rambling on and on!, dada mama and others. He just started walking. :)

    We both sleep pretty well. Other than the occasional waking for nursing throughout the night. And of course waking due to teething.
  6. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Thank you I appreciate the ideas and will definitely start a food journal and if any correlations of environment are observed.

    You and Caroline are correct, I need to relax and tune out the unsolicited advice of family members. Being a new mom has brought many challenges and I'm sure more are to come. My husband is great, my rock. And The members of this forum and dr.kruse's blogs has been an enormous help as well.
    We have been getting outside so much and I'm feeling much better already(adrenal fatigue)
    Big and small changes that we've made and I'm sure proud of them. One being we are selling our house and moving to a better environment of more property less emf, and less stress. :) (less stress after this move of course..)
    And yes I've noticed over the past few weeks he likes salty foods! Few bites here and there.
    I hope the gag reflex resolves. I'll have a nice talk with our Doctor.

    Yes I'm still CTing. I love and hate it lol
    Truly appreciate the time you all took to respond
  7. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Dr kruse, thank you.

    My boy is not weaning just yet, lol
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The teething is why I mentioned a big piece of steak he can hold onto and chew and suck.

    I had forgotten - my youngest daughter used to have a gag reflex when I was cooking something new and she was worried about eating it.

    She was a very, very picky eater! She only got better when she had some control, when she could help chose the food and then help prepare it.

    When eating, she would stuff her cheeks with the food and then go to the bathroom and spit it out - if she was being made to try something.

    As a young woman now ..... She has an excellent palate and is a wonderful cook.

    Sit your little guy on your bench top and let him help while you are cooking. My little grandson used to help with pizza dough. He would kneel on the counter and get right into it! Needless to say - there would be flour all over him and the whole kitchen. He would be so proud to show his dad what he had done!

    Be really, really thorough when choosing your new home .... Have you thought of having an electrical engineer help you and test places before you finalise?

    Have you watched the boot camp that Michael Neurt did for us?
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Darleen, you are wearing glasses.
    When outside, take them out, at least most of the time.
    Eyes and skin need to see sunlight.

  10. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    That's a great idea I'll give him my homemade beef jerky to chew on! It's salty and chewy!
    Involving him in the cooking/playing process is an awesome idea too thank you so much Caroline

    I'm going to look for the Michael Neurt boot camp :)
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  11. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Yes I take them off when I'm outside,
    And I stopped wearing contacts lenses. I was wearing them since I was about 12 years old. :eek:
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Then there is Jack's post on the benefits of exposing intimate skin to sunlight.

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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    be really, really careful when choosing a new place to live. some folks here have made really costly mistakes -I seem remember Dr. K. saying he almost made one when moving to the Gulf -I think He lost a deposit because he wasn't prepared to go ahead because of issues they discovered.

    Maybe start a new thread and get other's ideas on what they will be looking for...and any pitfalls they may have inadvertently fallen into........

    No one can afford to make too many mistakes! Our health depends on it!
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  14. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Working on that one too!
  15. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Absolutely it sure does! Great idea
  16. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Just wanted to update for anyone interested..Little man is eating sardines, smoked salmon, brussel sprouts! Some other things as well but right now we are making seafood his staple items. Yay!!!
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