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Did Afib begin after surgery, trauma and other life stressor?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Martha Ray, May 14, 2021.

  1. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    We have been dealing with Afib since 2013 after cataract surgery. I have found others who began Afib after cataract surgery....and I think I know why but I'll get back to than in a minute. You all can confirm or answer...

    Got to count up the bouts my husband has had ....he coverted on own a bunch of times, 7 times were resolved with cardioversion, drugs have not had any sucess however one time converted back on saline hydration in emergency room while on vacation at beach --felt that was definitely dehydration because he was out in wind, heat, exercising and sweating more, and then drinking more alcohol, coffee and eating out more (processed food) than he would at home. Beach trips are very dehydrating.

    Anyone have bouts of Afib with dehydration as a factor ? I am trying to find Root Cause.

    We are unsure why they have not upped his beta blocker to control his Afib as he has a friend at his gym that that works for.....I am no fan of any pharmacutical. Cannot mention what I think of drugs. Re: Beta Blocker Not one doc I've asked can answer much if anything about ADRB1 Gene in relation to Beta-Blocker use.
    Using 23 and Me raw data we ran Nutrahacker 'Drug and Carrier Report' and he showed up as being homozygous for Gene ADRB1 - The report indicated a Beta Blocker Response What kind of response? Well, when I asked my bothers cardiologist he said that 'response' would most likely not be a positve response but he had no other detail. I did find a geneticist out of state once but he was extremely expensive and that out of reach.

    Back to catatact eye surgery causing Afib....it may well be because of the lens that are also implanted for vision correction are tinted to block all UV light and 50% blue light. This blocks production of melatonin and melanopsin and most likely a host of other circadian rhythm, hormone, amino acid and neurotransmitter production that normally gets triggered by the best vaccine against any and all diseases The Sun aka Dr. Sun.

    Am I right about the cataract surgery / Eye Filter causing havoc????
  2. GraceMcDonald

    GraceMcDonald New Member

    Trauma is always hard.
    Martha Ray likes this.
  3. JonathanHodges

    JonathanHodges New Member

    It would seem that the usual operation and the outcome should be positive. But sometimes, as an exception, there are injuries and various disorders. I recommend that you do not delay this. Just consult with your doctor about the side effects.
    I have learned from my own experience how important it is to seek help in time. I recently lost my brother. He fought for life for a very long time, and they could not save him in the end. After his death, I began to have serious health problems. According to the symptoms, it was similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. On the website https://fherehab.com/learning/prolonged-trauma-and-c-ptsd/, I found the hotline number and asked for help.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2021

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