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Diary of a "Failed" Biohack

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Melanie Procter, May 9, 2016.

  1. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Look, the cause is dehydration - think of a piece of paper floating in water - take away the water and you have a crumpled piece of paper - where it is crumpled is cytochrome 1 - nothing can get in there... high carbs are the last thing you want to try... but MB is like a proxy for a carb because it is blue - and acts like a photon donor from cyto 1 to cyto 2 - thus it gets your chain going but also spikes superoxide enough to signal the mito to rebuild - but if your environment is crappy, the piece of paper will always be crumpled and you will be screwed...

    That's probably not exactly how it works, but maybe using this analogy you can see how futile your situation really is...
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  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Thanks for that - I forgot about the whole glucoronidation thing:) Many drugs are cleared by glucoronidation - people with Gilbert's don't clear drugs very well - you can take calcium d-glucarate to help with that pathway - in fact, I probably took that too now that I think about it - if you have crappy gut flora, it will inhibit glucoronidation also - think "glucose" - bugs love that - so, in addition to milk thistle, cardamom for the P450 enzymes, calcium-d glucarate will help with the phase II liver detox to clear nicotine -
  3. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    It's a pretty good analogy for me, thanks!

    As for moving maybe you can give me ideas. The only options I come up with so far are too risky. I'm thinking my best bet is south of spain / italy. Problem is I don't speak the language, I don't have any trade / skills, my massive fatigue is the biggest issue and unemployment is real high in these countries. I don't mind leaving friends family.

    Currently I have 2 part time jobs at fairly quite stores involving minimum physical work and I can JUST get by with this. I have enough money to share a house, buy food/bills, with a little left over for other things (supplements, lights, etc). So this works out as good as it gets for me without being on the sick. I'm risking a lot if I go and it doesn't work out, ie cant get a job that I can handle.

    I need to find some jobs over there that need english speakers but not home language, or maybe there is fruit picking jobs year round out there...any ideas?
  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Sean

    Going alone to live abroad when you are knackered, don't have a financial safety net, and don't speak the language is maybe not the best first move. Maybe think about further south in the UK, rural, coastal, low population density etc. The quantum yield varies in the UK, maybe think "better" for the short term, while you get ready for (and perhaps in the meantime visit on holiday) the "best" . Learn some of the language of your longer term goal country, set aside a financial safety net, just doing this with the end goal in your mind can help keep dopamine up .....
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  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Spain, the tourist season is coming... Native speakers are always a plus .Ditch supplements, invest in Easyjet and see what is what. Have a UV holiday and ditch the return ticket if you find something to your liking. Trust. I was 19 ,stood at London Victoria with 15 pounds in my pocket,served fish and chips, worked my way up to manager of a multinational telecoms company. You do not know unless you try.
  6. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    I'm not going to go until summer is over in uk, that way I can hopefully get my health a bit better, get some money saved up, and get off my rent contract. I have been reading about tenerife and Cyprus. They should be warm in winter, problem is most of the jobs go to locals as tourism dries up. I have read that in Italy you can do wine making for no pay but you get accommodation and food. Problem is the work sounds too hard for me... I need ideas...
  7. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    sent you a pm so as not to take Melanie's post off its course.
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  8. I have not been able to reverse this biohack. I felt lethargic, numb, depressed and just plain horrible for about a week now. I have had more sun than ever, and even am getting lots of morning sun. Finally, I added one new thing to the biohack and that was the big ass breakfast with tons of fat. I finally got a shift.

    I lie here staring at the sun wondering how my hypothesis was so wrong.

    I thought I could live like a tree. I had tons of water, light, sun and magnetism. I have the fattiest seafood available. I drink water all day and eat during that two hour window, but I broke.

    I think it was the nicotine first thing in the morning and throughout the day along with coffee that broke me. I also did not have enough morning sun due to my morning work.

    So, now that I told you what broke. I must, must, must tell you what went right and why I find this webinar on Quantum Radar so fascinating.

    During the two weeks of the biohack, my sex life was different than anything I experienced.

    When a man who I had mutual attraction with got near me, I felt like the sun in me started growing. It must have been low level UV light being released. I also noticed the huge impact it had on men around me. Every time I felt attraction or just plain horny, my inner sun expanded and I felt it interacting with the men's light.

    I noticed everyone around me felt my light. Maybe they all did not perceive it as sexual energy as the object of my attraction did. It was sexual energy which felt like a shining sun. So, sexual energy I began to realize was light with its own flavor of sexuality. As this light frequency would grow in me, I could feel it connecting or interacting with the male who I was attracted to.

    My personal life went crazy over the period of two weeks with tons of dates, constantly receiving text messages and e-mail messages. Yes, quantum radar and quantum entanglement must be the operating system of sexual magnetism or even charisma. The reach of people interested me was quite unexplainable.

    If you ever read "The Four Hour Body" by Tim Ferris, he described his own sexual magnetism created by a testosterone biohack.

    Mine was done with light, water and magnetism and I feel it was crazier and wilder than the young Tim Ferris. Though I am a 48 year old woman, my life was like an 18 year old. I don't mean to over sensationalize this, but it was sensational. It is sensational that middle aged women can actually be in her sexual prime when we put the practices in place that fuel the quantum radar.

    I miss my biohack. I never felt more alive and in touch with myself and others.

    Yes, I broke my intranet, but I will heal and go back at it again with greater care and smarts, and I will take you along for the ride as that is what we do here when we find a good thing. Light is good and so are all of you.

    Your "Sol" Sista,

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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hey "Sol sister" I hear what you are saying! I am a fair bit older than you and I seem to have had an epiphany or re incarnation or something. Happy days!
  10. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    I like the Sol sistah term. We should use it .
    I third the epiphany !
    I second the nicotine exhaustion. I have dropped it and am doing some maintenance and rehydration work.I hqave not dropped it for good though just a breather.
  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Mind boggled too ... Listened 3 times now .... I had a crappy visit to my mum yesterday afternoon, was late back and only had time for 10 minutes in the tub outside instead of at least an hour I needed, but got the family meal on time so I was ready for the Q&A. Then I couldn't get the sound, and after several attempts had what I can best describe as a tantrum .... Not my finest hour and not a good thing for what was left in my battery...:rolleyes: (Finally hit on emailing the link to DH's computer and he managed it, so I got from about 60 mins in, and fortunately it was being recorded. :cool:)

    Afterwards I spent a few minutes outside grounding looking at the moon, and then went straight to bed, put the IR and uv bulbs on, which DH turned off when he came to bed. I woke up 4 hours later and I wanted the light .... and bits of the webinar kept crossing my mind. When I close my eyes I can see light, even in pitch dark, it's like the back of my eyes are a projection screen of a miniature galaxy of stars. I drank a pint of water and then lay back down and did a meditation. I envisioned a virtual earths magnetic field, and a waterfall of virtual uv and IR photons, and stepped in ....... The projection screen changed ......vortices, new colours, changes in intensity, I watched for a while and then drifted into deep sleep.

    So now, based on the webinar, I'm trying to work out what entangled with what to get the effect .... :confused: A fourth listen needed ..... But if I'm imagining it, ..... I like it...:D
  12. Dear Sol Sistas,

    The Q and A rocked OMG. It was just the best ever I believe. It felt like a lot of people were there as I couldn't even come on and ask a question. I was lucky to get a question in. There just seemed to be that much buzz going. Our quantum yield is growing Energy everywhere!

    Solfully yours,

  13. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Sue..thanks for sharing this. You have given me some ideas to try. I recently started the Wim Hof Method course and I think I would get more out of it if I could breathe in deeper so I'll give the mouth spray a try. Did you purchase it as a spray or make your own? This is the first I'm hearing of a spray. I have some nic drops from Brain Boost that I was thinking I could mix with water and add to a spray bottle. Personally I like how I feel from the gum best but I don't like all the other stuff they add to it so I stopped with that.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Where did science go off the rails? 1953. This is the birth place of the Modern Synthesis. The modern paradigm believes the essential mechanism by which evolution operates is natural selection. Today, the science of mitochondrial bio-energetics (video here) is disproving that in a large way. The truth is that the mechanism that drives evolution is the constant changes of the condition of existence alters the geometry of the respiratory proteins to alter the energy flows in a cell and this determines how the quantized genetics in the nucleus can or can not be expressed. Darwin's brainstorm was made more incoherent by the Modern Synthesis in the mid-20th century when the complementary role of genetic heredity was believed to be fully realized. All they did was deepen their misunderstanding that the mitochondrial DNA drives a quantitive program for energy flows while DNA/RNA run a quantum program that relies on proton tunneling of the hydrogen bonding network in nucleic acids.

    The "real world" of modern science is such a hard habit to break though for modern humans. It's so seductive in so many very subtle ways. The only way to see through it is to reconnect with nature.

    Evolution is a hard, inescapable mistress of energy flows. The problem with her is she just has no room for compassion or good sportsmanship in her games. Energy flows drive adaptation to the environment and one has to win the energy game to leave an offspring. This makes energy the controlling arm behind evolutionary trajectory. Because she uses energy she creates some unusual circumstances. Evolution triumphs and fails at the same time because as she turns to natural selection too much, the plodding accumulation of error fills up her nuclear genome, while energy flows slow. As the energy flows slow adaptation becomes a future illness when you dont understand the environmental context that drove energy flows lower.
  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Nathan, it's a commercial mouth spray, 1mg/spray. I managed to squirt it in my good eye when I was priming it for use the first time :oops:. The mint stung like hell, so after a lot of rinsing I was later trying to find out what damage I might have done to my good eye. I found that a patent had been applied for (Google nicotine eyewash patent) I calmed down a bit and got some interesting info.
  16. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Haha..very interesting and I'll have to read up on that. I swished some water with a drop of nic around in my mouth this morning. I didn't notice much of a difference doing my breath work but I think I need to get it in my nasal passage so I'll put some in a mister and try that. I'll keep messing around with it and see what works best.

    The combination of Wim Hof breathing, grounding, and sun has been great for me though it's been chilly here the past few days so I'm getting some CT in as well. Was 50F/10C this morning and luckily warmer days are ahead.
  17. Today I think I had an aha moment. I was contemplating why I am not reversing my bio hack though I am doing the things that should give me quick reversals, extensive sun and the whole shebang. I remembered my last super successful bio hack and what was different. Then, it hit me. I used no supplements. Then, it hit me, you pointed out that neutrinos can't do their magical neutrino thing when we are taking supplements. Then, it hit me. Neutrinos can do their magic but they don't allow us to worship two gods. You have gone to sooooooo much trouble-three hour webinars and way more and we still refuse to believe in magic (neutrinos). Then, it hit me, "Aha! This is why Jack is pissed."

    So, the next bio hack begins--no supplements, morning sun, lunch sun, DHA, water, seaweed, cold no blue light and magic should be mine unless my environment sucks.

    I think this one is gonna work and I am expecting even bigger miracles than last time. Let's hope the weather in Thailand cooperates.
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  18. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Love the Aha Mel! I'm definitely trimmed down on my supplements but I'll have to go supplement free for a few weeks and see what I notice.
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  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    going to write in my journal now about my vacation in Nice last week... it kinda fits to this thread..... what sun does :) :) :)
  20. Joeakim

    Joeakim Learn-Grow-Share!

    Interesting and entreating reading biohacks, and thanks for sharing.

    I have witnessed many men who wear nicotine patches to sleep have nightmares.

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