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Diary of a "Failed" Biohack

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Melanie Procter, May 9, 2016.

  1. I did a biohack recently that started with astounding results and but then I went too far. Now, I have to go into repair mode. I thought to share it as it may help some of you, and I hope Dr. Kruse will weigh in as I work to reverse what I have done.

    Daily Program

    2-3 hours a day of Clearwater Florida sun (mostly afternoon sun with occasional morning)


    wake up-tons of spring water, 2 cups of coffee, 4 mg nicotine gum

    no breakfast, no lunch, just water and sunlight


    4 mg nicotine gum

    always fatty fish, a salad and 2 glasses of malbec


    Week one--lost 7 pounds, felt better than ever, had the highest cognitive functioning ever, libido and sexual functioning heightened, body composition amazing

    Week 2

    changed to the nicotine patch two times a day

    (everything else in the program stayed the same)


    Waking up feeling light headed, dizzy, numb hands, numb feet, confusion

    feeling like this throughout the day

    evening-completely depressed and feeling some numbness


    The only relief I get from these symptoms is when I use the UFO grow light

    Current protocol to reverse biohack-started this morning

    no nicotine patch

    small doses of nicotine gum twice a day (I think I am addicted and find it hart to stop cold turkey)

    fatty seafood (salmon) first thing in the morning, lunch, dinner, and oysters, seaweed and eggs

    increasing hydration

    supplementation--supplements mentioned in mitochondria rx

    1. magnesium malate
    2. alpha lipoic acid
    3. acetyl l carnitine
    3. minerals
    4. lithium
    5. PQQ
    6. Ubiquinol
    7. super K
    8. msm
    9. chromium
    10. boron

    Light Therapy -UFO grow light and UVA light

    Sunlight--continue sun schedule except with more emphasis on morning light.


    Comments: I will report my progress and welcome feedback. In another thread, I want to comment more on the positive results I had in the first week. I think you will find them interesting as some of the biggest benefits are the sexual benefits I had. It really allowed me to explore light's effects on human sexuality.
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  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Melanie, I've mixed and matched my nicotine use.. Nasal spray, mouth spray, gum and 24 hour patches. I stopped the patches because they seemed to screw with my sleep ....

    Hope you feel better soon. :)
  3. Thanks so much for your feedback. I do think it was the patch that threw me over the edge. The issues started when I started using the patch. It also gave me much higher doses. That is useful to know u had issues with sleep. I am feeling better this morning already. I want to eventually get back on track with the biohack as some really exciting things were happening. Now, is just about healing. Thanks so much again Sue.
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  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    One thing I've thought about for my own n=1 is that for the nasal spray, mouth spray and gum is that they seem to have local effects, and less systemic effect. For example when I first damaged my eye, the nasal spray triggered tears which helped my dry eye, and affected my sinus drainage pathways. Now my eye is no longer dry, I keep it for emergencies but haven't needed it for weeks. The mouth spray seems to stimulate my breathing. I am prompted to take deeper breaths, and relax on the out breath more. So when I was using the tanner, or now outside in the sunshine, it helps me breath in the light. The gum has more effect on my GI tract. Not sure what my internal ecosystem is making of it, but it seems to improve the charge, and keep things moving .... Then there's the superoxide pulse ..... If I chew a gum for the superoxide pulse I have more control of the timing of it, whereas with a nicotine patch it does what it does .... And maybe it's pulsing too often, or (at night) pulsing when it shouldn't .... ?? Just my musings.....:confused::oops:
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  5. Thanks so much. This helps to know. I feel like I have just blown a fuse with this patch. Maybe it was all too much at once. I wonder how the hack would have gone without the gum or patch.

    In the end, I have decided that I may not have enough DHA in my tissues to handle it. So, I am going to put my focus on the DHA, iodine and water to increase my ability to assimilate sunlight. My home lighting is perfect. The house is sunlit and no lights in the evening.

    I will also chase the red spectrum of the sun. Once I get a little energy back, I will write some of my more exciting observations of the hack.
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  6. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Hi Melanie:)
    I can't do nicotine gum - or even niacin - because I get dizzy and I thought that meant our mito have *lots* of heteroplasmy (damage) - even after 3 months of methylene blue, 2 mg was a no go - but, it seems like someone was doing a few chews, going outside and could handle it - but they had been doing these protocols (seafood etc) for years - 2 things stand out for me - you are not getting morning infrared sun, but only afternoon sun - that might be a bust and you are not eating in the morning -that might be another fail - in the land of circadean biology -even getting a red party bulb would be helpful -

    Another thing I have good luck with is after my shower, I rub epsom salts all over and then baking soda - I get really warm from the baking soda - I rinse it off and either go out in the sun or if it's nighttime, I lie under a 270 nm UV light with a red party bulb - sleep comes quickly - especially if I've eaten oysters 4 hours beforehand (zinc helps sleep) -

    Not sure lithium was actually mentioned in the mito rx - doc Kruse seems to be a big fan of potassium over lithium - coconut water is loaded with potassium and it is quite conductive/hydrating plus when calcium effluxes, you lose potassium as it replaces the calcium -

    I "cured" my dizzyness from too much nicotine gum by popping 2 coq10's - I figured it would help the transport chain and sure enough - it got rid of it pretty quick - you also might try d-ribose in your coffee:) I put some MB in mine in the morning and have found good results by adding a pinch of baking soda to it as it is so acidic - which also screws up electron flow -
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Melanie ....following along......

    I loved your dinners! salmon + said and 2 glasses of malbec!

    Seven pound loss in one week is impressive .....you were eating quite a bit less?

    Lots of great results that first week - can't wait to hear more.....
  8. Thanks so much for this. It is a big help. You really got me thinking. Also, I want to ask you how you did with the MB? I just got some in the mail today from Brain Boost. ur the best. Thanks for taking the time to help a sister out.


  9. Hey there,

    Ur always in my corner, aren't u? Yes, I really lost some weight. We will see if the metabolism stays the same now that I am getting off the nicotine. I will happily get off the nicotine, but not the Malbec our favorite doctor introduced us to. I am loving the Archival Ferrar and Canena Zapata. I am the best version of myself at the end of a sunny day with a glass of Malbec and a great meal. God bless America! All of this abundance is not so available in Thailand. However I do have equatorial sun all year with a ice bath in my resort.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Everything running smoothly in Thailand without you? How is your Mom?
    I need to try to find some of those wines!!!
  11. Yes, it is. I am heading back in 10 days. I will miss this country. I love America! Still trying to get off the nicotine. It is awful. I gave in to one lozenge just now. Jack also mentioned Italian pinot noir which I had last night. I had a good one and felt great. Cannonau Reserve it was called. I know the Aussie wines Jack mentioned were Molly Duker's shiraz and a Penfold Grange.

    Downloading the latests webinar now. I am preparing my mine to be blown. The more sunlight Jack gets, the more radical these webinars get. How about that last one--three hours! Holy shit! He took no break! I wonder what this one will be like.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not as intense but complex........built off of whatI said in April. How light is your stealth bomber for substrate biochemistry. You might need the wine for it.
  13. OMG. I listened. Wow. So much in there! It really will take hours and hours to chart out all the different pathways. It was like 20 talks in one. Huge implications all over the place! Which path do I chase?

    I am going back in for round two and will celebrate when I finish with that Italian Pinot Noir!

    OMG! Mind blowing!

    Life will never be the same! Not joking! How could it?

    Mind boggled,

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  14. Penny

    Penny New Member

    MB is like the second coming for me:) I just use 1 drop/1 oz and squirt some in my 1/2 gallon jug of water and sip - was thinking - I had just driven 500 miles 2 days ago so wasn't quite there when I replied to you - I think I also did some milk thistle and maybe some cardomom to clear the nicotine when I was dizzy in addition to the coq10 (200 mg) - nicotine is cleared with the first phase of liver detox (P450 enzymes) so to amp them up, I use milk thistle and cardomom (which I put in my coffee for that reason) and to slow it down, I drink grapefruit juice... so, on the trip when I was dying, I popped a rhodiola, drank some coconut water (potassium) and drank some grapefruit juice - worked great for a while...

    So reductionist thinking though:)
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  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

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  16. Thanks for this. It made sense. I have had no nicotine today, but just reading that made me crave it. Addiction is a funny thing, isn't it? Thanks for ur support. We're all in this together, aren't we?
  17. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    This is similar with my experience with nicotine and niacin I get massive fatigue, palpitations, dry mouth and dizziness for an hour or 2 after use. I assume it's the mitochondria heteroplasmy being high. However I'm not sure how we can fix this in uk. I have recently tried high carb with relatively more sun exposure and it did not work for me. Do you think coq10 will help tolerate nicotine? Is the cause of fatigue etc due to increased activity at cyto 1 in our bad mitochondria causing a sudden increase in ROS or am I missing something?
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    CoEnQ10 is a akin to lighting a fire in space to warm the Earth.........Methylene blue is akin to relighting the sun to warm the Earth.

    Why? Every increase of 1 ANGSTROM in the respiratory proteins REDUCES ELECTRON TUNNELING SPEEDS by a FACTOR of TEN.

    How many times do I have to say it before it resonates and sticks to sick brains??????

    Focus in on what matters and not what does not. Focus to improve the way you think. Natural selection is completely the blind with respect to life. That concept seems ironic until you examine it closely. Natural selection is really unconscious, an automatic process which Darwin theorized, and which we now believe is the explanation for the existence and apparently purposeful form of all life. It seems it has no purpose in mind. It has no mind and no mind's eye. It does not plan for the future. It has no vision, no foresight, no sight at all. If it can be said to play the role of watchmaker in nature, it is the blind watchmaker. I think this might be what is hindering you chronically, but unlike the Darwinist, I am showing you the details in our metronome that give it vision and foresight. The conditions of existence (your micro-environment you KEEP IGNORING) give sight and plan the future for the natural selection..........and those are born in what we choose, allow, and experience. People who keep tripping over their own dogma are going to pay for it by losing their own Karma. Health narcissism comes from people refusing to understand that the conditions of existence and their desires almost always stand at odds of how we are constructed. Nothing records the effects of a sad life so graphically as the condition of thinking of the human brain.
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  19. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Uh, I did MB for like 2 months and thought I'd take another shot at adding nicotine thinking -silly me- that maybe my mito had improved enough to tolerate it - it was a bust - so, this is when I went into damage control and used the pathetic amount of biochemistry I know to clear it so I would stop being dizzy - it's not like I do this every day... the next time I try it - I might just do a couple of chews and see how that goes - but really, I don't think I need it (the nicotine) as the sunshine and MB seem to be quite motivating by themselves...
  20. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I don't think anything will help you tolerate nicotine short of moving to France... hillariously, the guy who runs electricsense is now sporting a french address - you are a single guy - and you work in retail - it seems to me you could easily move and work anywhere - if I felt as crappy as you do and had symptoms that you do, I would move - it's what, 2 hours to visit your friends from France? It's not that hard... dying young is what is hard...

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