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Diary(I mean Journal) of a Madman

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by FutureVision, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. A typical day for me food-wise wraps up around 4:30-5. On rate occasions will I eat later and by later I mean 6pm. Breakfast in the morning is usually no later then 6:30am but usually earlier. Friends on when I get to bed.

    Something I've found interesting is that I used to be able to do breakfast and dinner only with a slight hunger pang in the afternoon. Lately I've been pretty low energy by lunch and more hungry. The only thing that has been different is CT in the morning. It's been hotter too. That got me thinking about seasons and eating patterns in nature. A lot more rating happens in the summer to fatten up for the winter and the scarcity of food. Could I be fighting against my biology? Is it perfectly normal that I retain weight at this time of the year?
  2. I am always thinner and leaner in winter, which I find unfair, as my bikini high season is now :mad::mad:
    In Nature animals are also leaner in winter when food is scarce, so I think it is OK.

    Since my upping on sunlight for the last year, this summer's novelty is that leanness is the same like in winter and almost no appetite at all.

    Your dinner times are cool!:thumbsup: I would just go on without paying too much attention to the weight ( if all other conditions are right)- one day you will be surprised to find a sudden drop. The more you are concerned about the weight-the less it drops...Natures 2. unfair law :mad:

    full immersion water CT has also done miracles. No hunger, weight self regulation and super sleep. But the effects in winter are stronger than in summer. Now my CT consists of going into sea water ( bath tub warm) and then sun exposure.Then repeat.
  3. Things have been changing. Psoriasis is clearing up. Sleep is generally pretty good although I still wake up stiff. The weight thing is more of a sign I am looking for that I am becoming or have become leptin sensitive.
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  4. Was reading about swimming today on Mark Sisson's site and in the article it mentioned that cold water exposure can spike your appetite. Could be why I'm hungry by noon. What is interesting about that is that I spent about 4 hours on the beach Monday and spent a good amount of time in the cold water and just wasn't hungry when dinner rolled around. I did eat mt BAB and about a half pound of liverwurst around 1pm. Thought maybe that high fat/protein lunch had something to do with it but I wonder.
  5. What Mark Sisson says is not my N=1 at all. It takes a few days for it to kick in, but approximately after 10 days of CT and there is almost no hunger left.
    Also cravings or appetite change completely.
    For example when I see somebody eating a cake, where I would normally have an appetite spike, there is no particular wish for for it. This in itself is a huuuuugeee thing, as I have a sweet tooth since birth:D:D
    Around noon there is an insulin spike naturally, so eating then would make sense.

    Also you might discover at some point that after small portions of food you are already full.

    When you combine the cold with the sun and beach you have a triple win. Try it out as often as you can, it makes a big difference.:)
  6. ^ my n=1 is exactly the same. In addition, my experience is that the shittier my environment, the more CT I need to enter the state that Lilly describes.
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  7. ^^absolutely right!!!
    Same with the sun... In winter and spring I have the beaches here all to myself, but in summer different story entirely. Now that it is very crowded, more light exposure is necessary. Population density is a killer. At the moment I am doing a biohack with Vit D, comparing environments and D production.
  8. Ok. So it's been a month since I last checked in. Been an interesting month. I left off last time with my start into CT. I continued my routine of eating my BAB and then doing CT an hour or so later. I was up to 60 minutes without and issue. Then came my son's b-day. After a 5.5 hour trip to Niagra Falls and a crappy night's sleep on the hotel I found myself in a world of hurt with some serious back pain. This pain lasted the whole weekend trip and persisted through the following week. I put CT on hold during this time although maybe it might have actually helped. I reasoned that really tight painful muscles weren't going to be helped by contracting them further.

    So, no CT up until about a week or two ago. This time I skipped the compression shirt and jumped back in with 30 minutes laying on the concrete cellar floor with bags of ice on each side and on my belly. No problem.

    Moved that up to 45 minutes with no problem. Moved that to 60 minute with no problem. I kept it at 60 minutes but then added bags underneath me. No problem. And that is where I left off about 5-6 days ago because I was expecting to do full soaks. I have had my galvanized tank for about a month and I finally decided on and received my filter last week. I went with a 4.5 x 20 Big Blue($42.50 on eBay) filter housing and a refillable activated alumina/bone char filter(~$80 on eBay). Not cheap but it's gonna fill a lot of tubs! Looking forward to getting started with straight tap water and then adding my ice jugs which I plan on melting and refilling with the filtered water in case they do leak.

    Now onto diet. This has mostly been solid. Wish I could say that I don't feel like eating after CT or at lunch time but occasionally I do. When I do eat around lunch though it's usually a few breakfast sausages and that's it. Not the best things in the world but better than a carby meal or something that will take awhile to prepare. I did tangle with legumes on occasion until I recently re-read parts of the Epi-Paleo RX where legumes are a no-no if you have a leaky gut and are not good in general. Bye-bye hummus and peanut butter. What's up with peanut butter by the way? That's one addictive food for me.

    Labs came in as you can see in my Optimal Labs post. Mostly good. Vit D is up to 50 from 36. Ferritin is back in range but still high. A little concerned that testosterone is still low but it hasn't been a focus. I'll deal with that soon enough. My salivary ASI and melatonin kit went in the mail the end of last week and I'll hopefully have the results back soon. VAP wasn't done this time. Labcorp said it currently wasn't available which I found odd. I also thing they coded my HS-CRP wrong since it came back as CRP, cardiac. Checking on that.
    Here is the link to my labs: https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/looking-for-point-a.16893/page-6#post-199462

    Things are moving along. Psoriasis is cleared up on my arms and almost completely on my legs. Torso and scalp are a bit stubborn but improving. Still using my UV unit to get a truly fully body dose of UVB for those parts I can't expose in public.

    Weight has been pretty much steady with the exceptions of days I'm either dehydrated or not completely regular.

    I have been having this nagging pain issue. First my right shoulder had been really bothering me. Couldn't laterally raise it without pain or make any cross-body motion. A few weeks later I started having really bad wrist pain which was od because I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. In fact I was probably using my computer and mouse less then usual. This past week I developed a very stiff forearm on the same side and can pinpoint a spot near my elbow joint that really hurts when light pressure is applied. Now, I did do some weed pulling on Sunday for over 2.5 hours which could be part of the soreness but I am keeping an eye on it. Can't really lift anything with that arm without pain. I still wonder if my borderline ferritin might be playing a roll since excess iron can be deposited in the joints.

    And that's about all folks. I can't complain. Progress is being made even if it is not as fast as I like.

    Stay tuned. Same bat time. Same bat channel.
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  9. Salivary ASI, neurotransmitter and melatonin labs came back. You can find them here.


    I thinking melatonin is looking pretty solid. Kind of concerned that my cortisol tanks midday and rises into bedtime although it's not a drastic rise. I still konk out with the best of them. Everything else is in range although most are on the low end of the range with the exception of a few. Those remaining are mid-range or even a bit on the high side such as histamine. Just to add some context these labs were don pre-full submersion CT which I started last week. I think progress is being made but I"m still raising an eyebrow here an there when I look at my labs and evaluate how I feel because I'm not noticing a significant change yet. I guess I've put a lot of years into breaking things that it won't all be put back together in a year's time.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    cortisol is related to NH. Shit light.
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  11. No doubt but I'm trying to make the most of it. I can't find the results at the moment but I know I had issues with high cortisol at night back in early 2014. I've changed a lot of things since then when it comes to respecting light cycles. I'm hoping I'm trending in the right direction even if my environment is not optimal.
  12. jackware

    jackware Kama'aina

    Get the environment right FIRST, then stop spending money on labs. You will be able to see, feel, and sense the improvements without a blood draw. I was.
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  13. Thanks for the advice. Environment does play a large role in our health. That's why I've made quite a few changes over the last year or so in addition to moving to paleo and no epi-paleo starting 3 or 4 years ago. Most of those have been those things within my power to change at this point in time. Moving is still my ultimate goal but not within reach in the near future but we are planning for it. In the mean time I need to hack whatever I can and see if it moves the needle.

    This is where I disagree about not doing labs. For the most part they don't cost me anything unless they are specialized labs like the salivary cortisol or Spectracell. Going by something as subjective as how I feel I believe is folly. For example a cancer patient coming of chemo is going to feel good after going through that hell. Does that mean everything is fine? Not likely. A more simplistic example is drinking coffee. That will often make people feel better but it's not because it is made them healthier in that moment. So I tend to go with the process of making changes and measuring the outcome.

    If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. - Peter Drucker
  14. Found those cortisol and DHEA results. Came from the same lab.

  15. Well. Well. Been a long time since I posted. Just didn't want to post. I find I go through these phases where after maintaining a concerted effort for a period of time I tend to get lax. Happens with diet, exercise, relationships and work so I can't say it is just trying to live an optimal life and learn as much as I can. Could very well be low dopamine levels. Seems to go pretty well with the change of seasons and the shorter days. So here are the things I have experienced over the last few months.

    1. Less drive for CT. It seemed to correspond with the colder weather. I found the idea of jumping in a 50 degree tank of water for 40 minutes and not being able to go warm up in the sun off putting. Perhaps if I had an IR sauna I might be more willing to jump in knowing I could warm up before and after. I think this would be a good hack to try. I have been spending most of my days in shorts and a t-shirt in a home that is typically 60-65 degrees. It becomes intolerable at times if I've had too much exposure to a warmer setting but for the most part this is my CT. This and riding around in my car with the sunroof open and no heater.
    2. Eating habits have been off kilter. I still eat a pretty big breakfast which typically consists of a can of sardines, 2 slices of bacon, a half pound of ground beef, a cup of homemade sauerkraut and a 2-3 cups of spring mix. Sometimes I'll sub an avocado for the spring mix. This typically gets me through to 3-3:30pm when I eat next. Roughly the same amount but I find myself craving carbs at this meal. Not really sure why. I know when I am a little lenient on the more refined cards I tend to crave them more but this even happens when I am not eating anything of the sort. Has me wondering if my body sensing the cold and lower light levels is trying to get me to fatten up for winter. I've got some studying to do here since CT usually suppresses appetite. Another environmental cue of a coming winter?
    3. This one is one I find the most perplexing. Despite my avoidance I've found myself getting back into gaming more then usual. Typically I casually game on my PC during the day. We're talking browser-based game. Nothing cortisol spiking. Mostly mindless habitual clicking. Pretty pointless but a break from the daily grind. Occasionally I'd jump into a MMRPG which for the most part is still mindless clicking but somewhat relaxing. Lately I've found myself playing more console games. Specifically one particular game franchise that is know to be very challenging. It's by no means a game that is calming. Oddly enough I found that I tend to be more relaxed after playing. I've had a shift in mood too where I am not feeling as intense about the less then optimal environment those around me are exposing themselves too. This has me thinking one of two things. One, my recent behaviors with the lack of CT, eating carbs more and my leniency with my gaming is brainwashing me back into complacency. The second option is that maybe something I am doing is actually benefiting me in some way where I am more at peace.
    4. Got back to using my UVB unit more. Psoriasis on my torso is now 98% cleared up. Still got stubborn spots on my scalp and tailbone area but working on getting that clear too. Contemplating whether shaving my head completely will allow for better UVB penetration. The minimal hair there now has got to have some scattering effect.
    5. Overall I think weight is stable to down since the summer.
    6. Find myself waking up with more joint pain then usual. I have eating some things I tested sensitive to over these last few months and especially this last month. Maybe that is the root cause or maybe it is a combination of that with everything else that has been different these last few months.
    So taking all of the things above I am split on where I am currently at. There have definitely been benefits where my mood and social behavior have improved. I've been so much more tolerant and less anxious. That has gotten a thumbs up from the ones I love. On the other hand I am concerned that this 'leveling' is a result of lower dopamine levels due to the lower powered light environment and my actions. I think labs are going to be telling if I ever get them done again. I need to pull together which ones I want to look at and get that request over to the doc. It's been an interesting few months and I wish I would have proceeded in a more controlled and measured fashion so I could figure out exactly what was working and what wasn't. I'm resolved not to get stressed about this though. I am finding peace in knowing that healing will take some time. I didn't get the way I am overnight or even over a year or two. It's completely reasonable that it will take me at least as long if not longer to get better.

    As always any input on my above experience and what labs to get is always welcomed.
  16. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    Hi Daryl. It's been awhile for me too. I've done a few hacks with regards to soaps and such. I still continue to wash only with homemade seawater. I wanted to see the affects of soap on UV absorption so in the morning I washed a small spot on my left leg and then rinsed off. On the right leg I did the same thing but after sun exposure. In both cases there was noticeable difference in my skin browning. Clearly soap has enough of a SPF to suppress up regulation.

    I tried to use my UV unit when the weather turned cold but had the same results with skin flaring. As soon as I stopped and continued to do ATE I improved. PS my D is sitting at 49ng at the time.

    I've managed to stay 98% free of screens dusk onward. I'm finding it huge for mental clarity and eye health. No more dry eyes. I continue to only us my PC outside with higher Lux than possible indoors. Music is my new best friend.

    We did opt to leave for the rest of the winter to SE Asia. Still do CT and swim in the saltwater pool which is nicely chilly in the morning. At least it is a temperature differential. Love it when there's a bit of a breeze to keep the nipple erection strong. lol

    Tinnitus is improving and I definately notice changes if I walk thru areas like the cyber zone at the mall.

    Keep going dude... we'll get there.
  17. No way i have not posted on this forum in 2 years! Has it been that long? With all the Jack Kruse tweets and articles I've read it doesn't seem that long ago. Well, I'm back and things have changed. The last time I posted here I was a year into working in my business full time. It was great being able to work from home and have full control of my time. I went outside when I wanted and took extra time on sunny days. It was wonderful. Here i am now, 2 years later, and I still have my business but I've put myself in a really tough situation on purpose. I went back to school into an accelerated masters program in analytics and data science. I know what you are thinking. Why would you do that to yourself? Well, this has been my thinking for awhile now. Fighting people over technology is time consuming and often unfruitful. Even when you provide evidence so many remain skeptical and contrarian. They think you are trying to convince them to become Luddites which is simply not the case. So I decided to take a different approach. What about using tech to fight tech? What if you can use that same addictive technology coupled with compute power and machine learning/AI to help them become more 'human'? Now, I know some may take offense to the statement of 'becoming more human'. What is it to be human after all? What I mean is being more in tune with what our human bodies expect after evolving in a much different environment than we experience today. What if we could use tech to turn people back to their biological roots and teach them along the way?

    That's why i am back in school. if people are spending all of their time indoors, sedentary, consuming biologically incompatible foods while being glued to their devices why not use that to our advantage? That's my goal. I want to help people but I'm going to start where they are at. We can't get people that never exercised at all to go out and run a marathon within a short period of time and we shouldn't expect others to escape their blue lit world with all of it's addictive engineering as quickly either.

  18. Ca
    Came across a great book for this area of study. It's called machine Learning for the Quantified Self. That petty much covers much of what i am looking to do with some tweaks. I think if I had to give my project a book title it would be Machine Learning for the Quantum Optimizing Self.

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