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Diary(I mean Journal) of a Madman

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by FutureVision, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Knowing what I know now NH is for visiting not living. At least not in my current state of health if ever. Moving south is a no-brainer if it was just me but after years of moving our kids around they are at an age where they are establishing good friendships and are actually in a really good public school.
  2. I hear what you are saying. Children are robust and can adapt and certainly they can get a good education down south too. The tough nut to crack is the DW. Until that day I am in mitigation mode. There are definitely things can I can do optimally up here though(water, grounding, quality food, AM sunlight). All else I need to hack. Right now, with the resources I have, that means phototherapy until Spring when I can get back outside and get my light naturally or until I can my D levels back into acceptable ranges.
  3. Well, I am lamenting my last day as a Gold member but I'll be back once I get a handle on the job situation. But hey! I can still write in my journal and post of FB occasionally. And I can certainly consume as much info as I can including finishing off Van Wijk(and likely re-reading). Anyways, onto my journal.

    I started this journey seriously mid August 2015. I have been using the Leptin RX with only slight deviations lately(or maybe not so slight). Here I am almost 4 months later and I'm not really sure where I stand with my progress. Weight is down a bit but I seem to be stuck at 224. I suspect not lifting like I used too translates into that weight loss being fully or partially due to loss of muscle mass. I do look a bit doughy compared to before. The question of whether or not I should start adding in weights and HIIT is still on my mind. I certainly don't want to do it if it's going to derail my efforts.

    I need to seriously figure out how to hack my environment. I think my best bet is to move one computer and one monitor down in the basement. Basement is cold. Bare concrete floors so I can ground. Ability to hardwire into my network. Could probably throw open the bulkhead and get some fresh air and reflected light in there especially if I get creative with some aluminum foil. Problem is where to put the wifi. I don't want or need it at all but my DW isn't convinced that it's an issue. of course I'm not sure how much it matters with the neighbor's wifi all around us. Faraday cage in the bedroom is not likely to happen anytime soon and moving is out for now. But i have to say this has got to be better than sitting in a fluorescent lit office somewhere in the city.

    Well, so many personal things to mull over and optimize but for now I need to get back to looking for work.
  4. Work was never an deterrent. I work from home and run my marketing consultancy from home. pretty easy to pick up and move to a better location outside the home....usually. Laptops alone can only get me so far in my line of work.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Keep using the UV.............and IR.
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  6. Thanks. Haven't even started on figuring out IR yet. Still working on getting my UVB and UVA setup.
  7. It's been a difficult week. Pretty much found out at this point if I want to go with a Daavlin unit it has to be a 12 lamp and either UVA or UVB and not a combination. I can switch out lamps only if I pay for roughly a $2k conversion. So if I have to go with Daavlin and I have to choose I think UVB is the way to go.
  8. And the saga continues. Nevermind that the $2K conversion cost was actually a quote to have some calibrate it for me. Something I can do myself with a rental meter they could supply. Now I am looking at whether it makes sense to even go broadband UVB of NB UVB. NB UVB is at the 311nm wavelength and is recommend for psoriasis. Doing a little reading it appears this is also the wavelength that triggers Vit D production. So does it make sense to go broadband UVB at all? l also started to ponder if I could simply get UVA lamps as replacements for this unit and just mount 1 or 2 UVA lamps in a light fixture instead of putting those in the unit. The thought process here, without going into all the math, was that UVA is present most of the day. Maybe by putting the UVA lamps in a separate fixture I can mimic daytime UVA and then just use the NB UVB unit to produce Vit D. I think this might be a more effective setup than using reptile lamps all day long. I can more accurately control my UVB and UVA and avoid the big spike in blue that is still present in reptilian bulbs. Still got to figure out IR. That'll be next.

    Here is a good study showing the efficacy of NB UVB over oral dosing.

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2015
  9. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    As you know I've been narrowband for about 4yrs. I swapped out some lamps to add the UVA (simple tanning lamps) but had no change in my D. I did add some Basking lamps after switching back to all UVB... The basking lamps added some energy levels.

    PS redid labs and found the lamps don't build D, for me. They do maintain though.
  10. Man. Have I really been off these forums for 3 months? It certainly been an interesting over that time period. Working on my business full time now which allows me a certain freedom you just can't have working for most companies. I wish I can say I've utilized that flexibility to the fullest but honestly it has been a battle. I think the big thing is that vitamin D winter, in the state I was going into that time, made everything worse on the motivation side. Add that to the stress of looking for work or working on growing my business and that is a recipe for one crappy day after another. The big plus though is that I did get my hands on a UVB unit and i've seen a nearly complete clear up of the psoriasis on my right arm and leg. The left arm is getting there. Scalp and right torso are being stubborn but I have hope once I get back to it. I say "once i get back to it" because unbeknown to me these units are programmed with a certain number of exposures before they lock. I was using an exposure to warm the unit and a second when i got into it. So every couple of days I was burning 2 exposures. I should be getting the new code shortly but has probably been close to 3 weeks without the UVB therapy. On the positive side the weather is getting nice out and sitting out in the sun in the morning and grounding is usually pretty pleasant. Can't wait until I can start making my Vit D out in the sun instead of the unit.

    But that enough about me. I'm more concerned about a loved who is suffering from Parkinsons. He's gotten himself into a pretty fragile state pretty quickly. Didn't help that he had cataract surgery less than 10 years ago and has spent a lot of his time in front of the TV. He's in a VA assisted living facility now where there goal is to simply make their residence happy and comfortable even if it means them staying up all night in front of the TV. I'm hoping to influence him into at least getting out in the morning for or after breakfast(he's in Florida) and turning off the TV after sundown or at least wearing some Uvex glasses. if anyone has a good suggestion for blue blocking film I can slap on his TV when he is not looking that might be a good alternative. That way I can block some of the toxic blue. I'm not sure what I can do about the room lighting. There are florescent up near the ceiling but they shine upwards instead of down. Maybe a covering for those too.

    Well, That's all for now. Hopefully I can be more active here in the near future. Actually, I need to be more active here in the future. If not posting then definitely reading. My life, those I love and those I have yet to meet depend on it.
  11. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    Hey Daryl. It's been awhile for me too.

    An update with my dads Parkinson's. He's improved a lot but like your loved one my dad still likes the TV. I asked the young fellow who works with Parkinson's and he says it's a huge problem for him to get thru to patients that TV isn't good. We talked about blue light and he was intrigued. His issue is more about making sure Parkinson's patients keep gettin their walks done every day. When dad came out of the hospital we switch up his meals to protein and fat for lunch and breakfast with a bit of black cherry juice (very diluted) cuz he hates the taste of water. We add MCT to the water and within 3-4 days he's much better. Still have the Parkinson's fatigue periods but isn't sleeping 2hrs after every meal. Anyway the hospital period was the worst... Getting him back to familiar bed etc helps a lot with the dementia that came on as a result of being in the hospital. The dietary seems to be working and the challenge to walk more is getting better.

    Be well my fellow DNA spreader. lol

    PS Canada has D now so I spend any sunny days absorbing.
  12. Ok. So I'm working towards getting fully on track again with my path to optimal. Got labs a little over a week ago and posted them over in my optimal lab thread (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/looking-for-point-a.16893/page-5#post-194420)

    So, the labs I think show some good and bad. I'm pretty shocked that my thyroid is showing improvement especially since I don't physically see any improvement. Many of the symptoms of being borderline hypothyroid are still there.

    I am bummed that my Vit D is below 40. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering that we are only in Spring now and the sun is not at full power yet but using a UVB full body device I expected that it might be higher even if only a little. I'm looking forward to see where I land toward the Fall. Dr. Kruse responded to one of my other posts and this was part of it.

    "It should help MD's realize why some people like the obese need whopping doses of D3 to get their level north. It is also why some people will need K2 with their D3 to get success."

    Maybe I need to add Vit K as a regular supplement.

    Other than that I'm a little concerned my Ferritin is high and I'm not sure what to make of that. I did find this bit of info on lowering ferritin.

    "Patients can lower ferritin levels in the bloodstream by donating blood, consuming calcium-rich foods, undergoing iron chelation therapy, drinking coffee or tea and limiting vitamin C supplementation at mealtimes, according to the Iron Disorders Institute."

    I have pretty much stopped drinking coffee and probably need to up my calcium-rich foods. I'm not supplementing either so Vit C is out as a cause. My diet does tend to be high in red meat. Usually a pound of grass-fed ground beef daily.
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
  13. Say what? I haven't written in my journal since May 9th? Alright. Here is the update. I did end up donating double reds but haven't had a blood draw since. That'll be coming in a couple of weeks. I have to say I'm pretty eager to see what they say. Been getting out in the morning sun up here for at least an hour. I had no idea until I looked at the Dminder app that you can make Vit D from 8:00am to 5:30pm this time of year! Pretty cool. Besides the morning I'll often take 15 minute breaks during the day and get outside in bare feet. Lunch hour I try to get out for an hour but it's getting pretty brutal out there even up here in NH. all in all I'd say I've got to be on a much better track than I have in the past.

    Speaking of sun my wife says I'm getting sun damaged on my shoulders. ?maybe I'm outside too long? I'm not burning, just developing freckles.

    Ok, onto CT. I started face dunks a couple weeks back. Can't really hold my breath that long since I've not been exercising for 10+ months as part of the leptin reset. Instead I was doing multiple dunks. Nothing major to say here. The cold would be biting for a bit and then fade. I would be able to hold my breath longer and felt a certain level of calmness. It was pretty cool. I've moved onto the ice but I didn't start with just ice on my torso. Instead I do 2 10lb bags of ice at the bottom of my torso and up in the shoulder blade area. Then 2 more 10lb bags on top of my chest and belly. Did 15 minutes the first and second day. Went 30 minutes the day after that(yesterday). Skin temp was mostly in the low 50's. Some areas came in at 48 but no weird discoloration. Just all pink. No shivering. I imagine I can push this longer.

    Today's plan for CT is the same 4 bags plus 2 more. I'm looking to get more coverage on my torso especially the love handles. I figure I can drape the bags so they lay on and over the sides of the belly area. I might add another bag underneath me or try and fit it in the gap between belly and chest. Since BAT is usually in the back area I might just lay on it and extend that area.

    So this is where I stand. I made a bold statement to my wife that I'll get rid of the love handles by the end of the summer. Given my slow progress over the years it's a scary goal but if I can get to full CT submersion I think it might just be possible.

    One lat thing. Psoriasis is clearing up pretty well. Arms are close to being completely clear. I have a stubborn spot on my right and left thigh but they seem to be moving in the right direction. Torso and back of scalp have been the most stubborn but I'm starting to see progress. If I can clear that up AND drop the weight that has got to be pretty convincing to those around me.

    Still trying to figure out when to start lifting heavy again and do some HIIT.
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  14. CT update. Got the extra 2 bags of ice a couple days ago and did the following. Added a thrid bag under me to cover the entire back. Moved one bag over to the left and one on the right side of my belly over the love handles. Put the last bag on my chest. This time i went for 45 minutes. The last 10 i would get the occassional shiver. Now, like the last few times most of the skin was in the low 50's (50-52). Some spots were a bit lower around 47ish. Not sure if that is a concern or not.

    Did a similar setup today. 3 bags under. 1 on each side of my belly but this time I rotated the last bag parallel to my body and placed it on the part of my belly that wasn't covered and extending up to right around my pecs. Another 45 minutes. Again, most of my skin was low 50's but this time I measure at least one spot that came in at 42. mechanical error? I don't think so because the area right next to it was 52. I'm thinking that the point of contact there might have been more direct and that accounted for the drastic low temp. Now, the skin all looked the same. The only difference was seen on my infrared temp device. I'm not really sure if that is an issue. Sensation was the same as everywhere else.

    One other interesting thing is that I notice as my back is warming up it feels like it is burning. I imagine the compression from laying on the ice plus the weight of the additional ice probably acted to slow circulation in this area and the warming plus the return of regular blood flow probably created this sensation. It does have me wondering if that is wise. The goal of icce on the back was to stimulate BAT but maybe it is best that I just lay on my stomach one the floor and have one of my kids or wife drop the bags on my back. Belly laying for me is pretty uncomfortable though. It kills my lower back. Need to get a pelvic tilt in there to relieve the pressure.

    At this point I think I can get to 60 minutes pretty easily even without the compression shirt. I find I can deal with the discomfort. My concern is doing damage because, after all, ice numbs you. Hope someone chimes in with what they think.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When you live in a low quantum yield place always supplement CT with the sun when the UVB light is out in summer.
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  16. Ah yes. Did forget to mention I warmed up in the sun. I certainly get that point. Really looking forward to getting to full body immersion but I need to conquer the shower. I think that is when I actually get hit by the dive reflex. No issues with face or ice packing. Just cold water.
  17. Just checking in after after a pretty good weekend and a wonderful 4th. over the weekend I did a couple sets of CT following the same protocol I've done for the last week or so. My observations have been mixed. Not really seeing any weight loss over what I have gotten over the last few months doing the leptin reset. I am down roughly 10lbs over 3+ month period. Not really the definition of rapid weight loss. Thought CT might boost that but I've been pretty stable around the 218-220 mark. I'm wondering when I get to full immersion whether that will change.

    Speaking of full immersion had a great 4th on a beach in Maine. I know, it's Maine but it was sunny all day and the water was around 60 degress maybe a tad warmer since we were near an inlet. laid in the water for a decent amount of time to get started on submersion. I'm not dreading it as much as I thought I would. Funny thing is getting my lower half in was a bit harder that my upper half. Maybe the ice coffin I create for myself is doing the trick.

    Doc appointment coming up on the 11th and I need to put together my wishlist of bloodwork to be done. Obviously Ferritin will be on the list since we discovered it was high back in the end of April. I'll probably ask for a VAP again. I imagine I need to be looking at HSCRP, and Reverse T3. Not too concerned about thyroid anymore now that understand that thyroid is largely tied to leptin. Of course the improved thyroid is a good sign. I'd like to see testosterone move up.

    I guess what I'm ultimately looking for is that I am getting leptin sensitive and my redox potential is improving. I'm eager to get back to lifting weights and doing HIIT but I don't want to start that until the signs say "GO!" What else should I be looking at?
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Salivary melatonin and an ASI........
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  19. Thanks Jack. Much appreciated!
  20. have you checked Vit D recently?
    What I find amazingly effective for weight loss is not eating anything after 5 or 6 pm. As a tiny IF also shrinks the respiratory proteins.
    Have you tried that? Really really good:)
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