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Diary(I mean Journal) of a Madman

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by FutureVision, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Just dawned on me this morning during my sundream(Facebook ref) today that I am 3 months into my Leptin reset. I've seen some weight come off. I was 227 when I started this journal on 9/16 and I believe I was around 230-232 when I started in mid-August. I was as low as 220 3-4 days ago but I'm back up around 222-225. Funny how I get fixated on that. It's not really as important as the other things going on in my body is it? Psoriasis should be far more of a concern. The weight, like the psoriasis plaque, like any other physical manifestation if just a symptom of something deeper and at the core. Got to hang onto that train of though more tightly than anything else and work towards fixing the unseen. When I fix the unseen the seen with resolve. Maybe that is not true for everything but it seems like it is a paradigm that holds a lot of truth.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    psoriasis can lead to cancer faster than your weight will........
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  3. No doubt. Just finished up chapter 9 in Van Wijk on cancer. While he doesn't talk specifically about psoriasis I see the similarities. Both involve a proliferation of cells. At the moment it seem that the only difference is that in the case of psoriasis the cells are differentiating properly into skin cells whereas cancer they would be dedifferentiated. I'm guessing here but because of the increased turnover/growth of cell in psoriasis that puts me at risk from a statistical standpoint. More cells being produced = greater chance of increased dedifferentiated cells that my body can't clean up. If I understand this correctly then hypoxia is bad news and should be avoided at all costs. Hypoxia = poor glycolysis or fermentation = dedifferentiation of new cells = cancer.

    This of course has me thinking that maybe at least some light exercise on a daily basis would be beneficial to improving glycolysis even though I'm still following the leptin RX. This also sounds like another reason to get outside regardless of whether the sun is out or not. This would also be the reason behind the thought of using a hyperbaric oxygen therapy although I suspect it would be best to use this type of therapy BEFORE getting cancer especially if you know you are hypoxic but I do understand how increasing oxygen pressure can halt and even reverse the fermentation process if the cancer is not beyond the point of no return.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Dan always outside for sun with your skin.......even UVA helps but with your issue moving south below Atlanta should be top priority
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  5. Well, it's been over a week since I last posted here. I realized this there may be a reason why. So here is the confession. I am a casual gamer on our family game systems(all hard wired). I had ordered back in July(before I rediscoverd and commited to getting optimal) a new game that was delivered on November 17th. I played a little bit and wasn't really that hooked which I believe was mainly because that I didn't really explore the game much. Since those first couple of days I found myself playing it for roughly an hour most mornings and sometimes in the evenings for a bit. Around this time I was also working on installing a new content management system for my business in the evenings. I kept running into issues and I found myself in my office multiple nights past 10pm and even as late as midnight working on the issue and watching Netflix on the side. Now, I was diligent about always wearing my blue blockers playing the game or working in my office but that doesn't help all the other nnEMF. On the plus side I did get out in the afternoon sun a good amount but in the end I don't think it had a net positive effect considering all the poor decisions I was making. What else was intersting is I had little mental fortitude to do instense CT although I did allow myself to be cold most of the time. I actually allowed myself to eat peanut butter which I never even considered for the first 3+ months of the leptin reset. I found myself more achy in the morning and not feeling well rested. I found my mood to be altered. More agitated and less motivated. I did avoid totally tanking on Thanksgiving and had leg of lamb for dinner but I did allow myself some homemade pumkin pie but nothing else.

    So it has been an intersting 10 days since my last post. While I may have looked at this as a complete failure in the past it has been pretty cool to look at what has happened to me and see the very pronounced difference in the way I feel and think because I've allowed myself too much leeway. I can't say it was all nnEMF. I'm sure that the hormone shifts experienced from the stimulation of immersive games or watching stimulating TV played a role in throwing things into chaos. I'm sure not spending more time out in the morning played a role too. In the end it was a learning experience and a great way for me to show my family that the environment I allowed altered me. I'm not sure if they really see that but for me it was night and day realization.
  6. Had a visit with my doc this past Thursday. We had a chance to go over my labs and many of the things pointed out here were also brought up. Supplementing with a B complex was recommended becasue my homocystine was a little too high. High cholesterol wasn't a concern as expected. Vit D levels were and of course D supplementation was suggested but she was very open to phototherapy and I got a prescription for phototherapy equipment to address low Vitamin D and psoriasis that has been unresponsive to supplentation and other treatments. I think that could be a big plus if I can get the right equipment especially since insurance pays quite a bit towards medical devices but I don't expect it to be easy :) When asked what I want to focus on I didn't hesitate. Psoriaisis is number one ahead of my thyroid. I kind of think my thyroid will resolve when I fix my signaling which is clearly associated with my psoriasis.
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  7. Just looking at some 6 foot phototherapy units. Looks like some of these you can swap out PUVA, Broadband UVB and Narrowband UVB bulbs. Looking into whether you can mix and match the bulbs in a single unit. I'm thinking that if i got a 6 bulb unit and put one broadband UVB and 5 PUVA bulbs or some other more optimal variation that it might be a better way to hack my light situation instead of sinking around the same amount of dinero for reptile bulbs and maybe a UVA bulb. I'd still need to figure out the IR part. Ultimately I still want to get outside as much as possible and try and get down to Florida to visit family as often as I can but when that can't happen I am thinking I might make this work as hack. This also has me thinking how this could be utilized in a home gym. Mount something like this on the ceiling of the basement and workout barefoot or with conducting shoes on the concrete floor. Hmmm... I'll leave that thought for later since I'm not exercising right now on the leptin reset but something to think about in the future when I can't get outside to exercise in the daylight.
  8. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    www.solarcsystems.com is where I got mine years ago. I unwittingly discovered not to use it after dark. Before I even knew about biohacking... Stay within the natural sun hours.
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  9. Nice. That is the same company I ran across. I do wonder about the quality of their products and the levels of nnEMF although I don't supposed that matters much since I'm not likely to be using UVB for a long period of time.
  10. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    I found it very effective to keep my psoriasis from getting away from me as it would in the past. eMF isn't nice but I ground myself and I feel it's worth the offset. I do love idea you have of changing some of the bulbs out to make a wider spectrum. Love it.
  11. I wonder if it voids the warranty in any way. I imagine they would all take the same voltage if they can be switched in the same system and shouldn't. Of course it might be a little tricky to get insurance to pay for a UVB unit and extra UVA bulbs but we'll see.
  12. Well, found out today that my company will not be renewing my contract at the end of the year. Kind of expected it since there hasn't been much work for me over the last few months which was a net positive because I got to do a lot of reading and getting up to speed. On the downside that means my gold membership needs to be paused. That's a pretty big bummer. That also means I need to move on whatever purchases I am going to make through my medical before the end of the year. Should be an interesting December.
  13. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    In my case the insurance covered my 310nm bulbs. The hours - effectiveness is still worth getting and storing 4lamps. Buy separately 2 UVA bulbs and (I'm not sure if the make them) NIR in full length tubes. Sounds like you're looking... I am too.

    Though. It maybe worth or cheaper to get lizard lamps for the IR.
  14. I'm waiting to hear back but if I have to pay up front and then go through insurance that is going to be tough especially given my current situation. It also makes traveling down south a but tricky if I need to be around to interview which i would prefer not doing at all and just build up my consulting business.
  15. kcehealth

    kcehealth New Member

    There's hand held units too. 310nm
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  16. If I could swing it I'd rather get the full body units. Insurance is paying 90% so I'd prefer to go for the gold standard instead of settling.

    I'm digging on the IR side of things. The UFO grow lamps might be an option but I need to look into this more to determine the best configuration, timing, etc....
  17. The days are unfortunately ticking down on my Gold membership which is a real bummer but I need to cut where I can and hopefully I'll get an early Christmas gift and be back as a Gold member by the end of the year. We'll see. working on making that happen as we speak. Maybe I'll hit paydirt and be able to be a Quantlet Development, Gold or Platinum sponsor on Indiegogo

    That being said I'm still working my way through Van Wijk. I'm working my way through chapter 15. Can't say my head hasn't started to hurt from some of the deeper science but a lot more is clicking these days as I have pretty consistently exposed myself to this forum and the FB group and read through a few books so far. Looking forward when I can speak intelligently at will about all this :)

    I'm also on the cusp of getting some medical grade phototherapy equipment. Looks like I'll end up going with Daavlin as the supplier. I'm waiting for more information on what they offer but it looks like their UV Series allows for mix matching lamps. All of the comapanies I've looked at so far use the Philips lamps so the only real difference is the housing of those lamps and the added features. What I need to figure out is the best configuration. Since Vit D is low for me I'm thinking I will need to focus on broadband UVB (not the Narrowband they use specifically for psoriasis) with broadband UVA. I don't think UVA1 or narrorwband UVA is what I want. Would be cool if they made a unit based on approximating sunlight. You set it for the time of day and it delivers the proper amount of UVA, UB and IR. It won't be perfect but a little more targeted than simply sitting under a reptile lamp or buying a variety of individual lamps and having to figure out how to mount them. Anyways, enough rambling for now.
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Maybe with a job change you can move to a UVB friendly zone?
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  19. We've discussed working out of state as an option and getting back to NH every couple of weeks to spend time with the family. It may come to that but an outright pick up and move is not in the cards. Not until everyone is onboard.
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  20. Almost forgot. I did get my Blutechs today! Ordered them before I knew the job was going bye bye. Probably fortunate that I did because I would have probably put them off if I knew my income was about to be reduced.

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