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Diary(I mean Journal) of a Madman

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by FutureVision, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Dear Diary...uh...Journal,
    I'm a mad. Not because I've worked in marketing for a number of years(Get it? Madmen?) Or that I like Ozzy's music(hence the title). I'm mad because for a number of years I've been trying to fix my health and despite listening to the experts in health and fitness I haven't made the progress I have expected. Sure, I've put on some muscle and some of the symptoms I face have cleared up a bit or at least have gotten better at times but I can't help but face the fact that as a 42 year old I should not be waking up feeling like crap and be stiff, achy and overweight with the changes I have made. So let's start there. What do I think are my issues?

    1. Psoriasis - It's not severe(at least to the level I have seen some people have it) but I have anywhere from dime sized to slightly bigger than a silver dollar patches on various parts of my body. Arms, leg, scalp, tail-bone and torso to name a few. I have had it for roughly 18 years.
    2. Weight - At 6'2" I weight in right now at about 227. Much more muscular than I have been in the past but still overweight. It's been hard to get down to my ideal weight which I look at as 15% body fat and was the initial reason why I started looking at naturopathic and functional medicine.
    3. Cognitive function(ADD, depression, and anxiety) - You'll see a number of supplements that I have recently tried to deal with this more naturally. Before that I tried Citalopram for 6 months starting last summer and added in gerneic amphetimine salt. Quit both shortly after and tried amino acid therapy and adaptogenic herbs and a quality source of choline.
    4. Inflammation - This manifests in a number of ways. Bursitis in my hip(diagnosed in May 2013). I get some edema in my hands and in my shins. I get what I feel is tendinitis occasionally in wrists and shoulders. And I most likely have some in got some my lower back(and probably everywhere else) I guess we can even lump the psoriasis and cognitive function in with this one too. Had my appendix removed in May 2013 which was probably also related to inflammation.
    5. Lower back - Typically stiff and the source of most of my stiffness and even pain in the morning and occasionally through the day. I suspect it is tied with my next issue
    6. Numbness in right shin - So this is relatively new. My right shin feels numb. My right side is also the side with the tight hip. I use a standing desk most of the time so I'm not sure if that may be tied in in any way but I try and make a conscious effort to keep my spine organized(a la Kelly Starret) and I feel that has helped some along with stretching.
    7. Malasma - At least that is what it looks like. At first appeared on the left side of my neck but now there is line across my forehead. This is very recent. Within the last month.

    Time for a little history

    You are where you are
    Grew up on Long Island and lived there until the age of 16 although when I was 1 or 2 years old that I lived in Florida for a year or so. Senior year of high school moved to Florida and was there until late 2006 when we then moved to southern New Hampshire. Been in NH ever since. May have had a small stint on Mars but that is unconfirmed (jk).

    Get up offa that thing
    Let's talk about my activity through the ages. I played sports most of my youth. I don't recall exactly what age I started soccer or baseball but I was pretty young. Played both sports all the way through high school on both recreational and scholastic teams. Went to college and didn't try out for the teams(shame on me) but I did pick up street basketball a couple of years later on a fairly regular basis along with a smattering of other activities like rollerblading and flag football. I don't recall exactly which year it was but after a hiatus with the sports got out on the basketball court and tore my meniscus and partially tore my ACL on a spin move and that pretty much put the kibosh on sports for me although I do recall bracing up the knee and trying to QB in flag football.

    All through college I had fairly active jobs or at least jobs that kept me on my feet. I stocked shelves and worked fast food for part of it. My longest stint was delivering and assembling RTA furniture before I moved into working temp customer service positions before landing a permanent job job as a graphic designer in mid 1999. It was the beginning of a career and the acceleration of a decline in health. Don't remember what year it was but I knew I was getting heavier and started working out. Went for a job one morning and for the rest of the day it felt like my heart kept racing intermittently. Visit to the cardiologist showed an enlarged right ventricle(probably around 2004-2005). Did all the testing to reproduce an arrhythmia but they couldn't. Seemed like things were stable. I topped out around 252lbs at this time and started to take my eating and exercise a little more seriously. I did drop some of the weight(haven't been back to that weight since) but I believe I was still around or above a 25 BMI. Moved to NH and one of the first things I did was get a cardiologist. We did more scans and I wore a Holter monitor for 24 hours. All tests and scans showed no signs of the enlarged ventricle. Apparently eating better and exercising healed it up.

    Ok. Now let's get a little more detailed. Over the last 7 or 8 years I've gotten a lot more serious in my health. When I started a new job in 2007 I took advantage of the gym memberships benefits offered and would be at the gym in the early morning before work. Around the spring of 2008 I decided to get really anal about CICO and tracked everything I ate on a Google doc(I'll share those if you want to see them). I wore a heart rate monitor for 24 hours and track total caloric burn for a 24 hour period to get a baseline. Then each day I would add caloric burn for my workout minus the baseline caloric burn for that would have happened if I did not workout. Then I tracked everything I consumed for the day including things like creamer in my coffee. I always aimed for 1500 calorie deficit but was happy if I only hit a 1000 calorie deficit. I dropped 20 lbs doing this but that weight came back in short order when I didn't stick my routine. Late Fall 2008 we started an 11 week Biggest Loser contest at work with a cash prize. I can't recall how much I lost over the 11 weeks but it was over 20lbs. I lost my job before the contest was over in Jan 2009 but they were cool(or felt sorry for me) and let me come in and do my last weigh-in as a non-employee. I weighed in at 199 and won the cash prize(99% positive that it was earned and not consolation prize for losing my job). 199 was the lowest weight I had been since college. Job gone and with it the gym membership. Put on 13 lbs over the next few months but started P90X as a replacement for the gym time. I had noticeable gains in muscle mass compared to the weight lifting and chronic cardio I was doing when I dropped to 199. No real weight loss though but that was expected if I was putting on muscle. Eventually got a new job and got really bored with P90X(and frustrated by some of the workouts). Took up going to a local gym before work on a daily basis and at one point got back down to 211 but haven't seen that weight since. To sum up those years between 2009 and 2012 it was a lot of doing the same thing. Get on a workout program for a length of time and try to eat clean and then gain it all back when I got burnt out on working out and/or dieting. Life events would often derail me too.

    I believe it was 2012 when my quest intensified. Paleo was front and center for me and I was reading a lot more about intensity over duration when it came to training. I started a workout program called Athlean-x which is focused on shorter intense workouts and workouts were never identical except the challenges which were designed to see how much you improved over a month long period. I tried frequent meals again this program suggested. No real weight loss but I did see overall strength and stamina gains plus it wasn't boring. After doing the 3 month program a few times over the last few years I tried switching to a strictly heavy lifting program with just compound movements like squats, deadlifts, benchpress etc... I definitely lost on the stamina edge but I felt like I gained some strength. Tried to take up road biking on the off days but that hasn't been successful. Then, early this summer, I switched to alternating weeks of heavy lifting and the functional training in Athlean-X up until a few weeks ago where I ditched all exercise to do the Leptin reset.

    A typical workday does involve getting up and moving around a throughout the day. I also work at a standing desk much of the day and try to keep a good posture doing so and even try and get in some stretching mainly for my hips.

    I'd say that is pretty much all to my activity history.

    If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you
    have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?

    Time for food talk. I grew up in a household where my mom was pretty on top of giving us what she believed was best for us. Breakfast was often cereal or oatmeal. She tended to avoid the more sugary cereals if I remember correctly and go with Cheerios. Eggs and sausage(and buttered rolls fresh from the bakery) were a typical Sunday morning breakfast. School lunch was often a sandwich(PB&J, Tune, Braunschweiger), a piece of fruit and a treat. Rarely did we eat school lunch although we often lobbied to eat it on pizza day. Dinners always included meat, vegetables, usually a starch and a glass of milk. We rarely had desert but me and my brothers would always find my dad's stash of amaretto cookies or our school treats and sneak some now and then.

    Now college is where things fell apart even though, in retrospect, my diet before college wasn't all that great. My parents insisted on dorm living and school meal plans. I guess that was their way of making sure I was adequately housed and fed. Problem was that the meal plan I was on included all you can eat breakfast and dinner and allowed you to alternately eat at one of the campus restaurants that swapped out all you can eat for calories dense options like taco salads with deep fried shells and loaded with cheese, greasy grade B meat and sour cream with a coke as a drink. I took advantage of that from time to time but AYCE was my downfall. I imagine there were two forces working against me there my freshman year. First, I spent my entire childhood eating a lot because I was an athlete and constantly active. I had no concept of small portions because my body demanded more. Secondly, AYCE restaurants were associated with B-Day's growing up. Chinese buffets more specifically. I think there was some kind Pavlovian response going on there. AYCE = B-Day = Happy/reward. Sadly the reward was gaining 20lbs that first year (or was it semester?) Still. I went 6' 1.5 " 168lbs(if I remember) to 188lbs. Still relatively thin though. In my Sophomore year(or maybe it was the second half of my Freshman year) I believe I got off the meal plan or we lowered the "benefits". I recall ramen and hotdogs becoming staple foods in the dorms. I might have had milk but I am pretty sure that was replaced by canned sodas since I recall a can tower I had built with empty cans. They didn't drink themselves! Getting out of the dorms and off my meal plan made things a little more sane but I was now completely on my own paying for things unlike before. I don't recall my diet improving. I do recall $1 menus being big when I was working. Bean burritos at Taco Bell to be more specific or the all you can eat pasta and meat sauce at Fazolli's on Tuesday nights.

    Married in 2000 and diet got a tad better than it had been but not by much. As I mentioned earlier - desk job + poor diet = 252 and an enlarged right ventricle. "Dieting/Lifestyle" has been an on and off thing even after moving too Paleo and more recently an organic Paleo diet. When I'm on I'm on and stay on the straight and narrow but if I give myself too much leeway I can easily get hooked on high reward foods especially during stressful times.

    So here we are in the present. Epi-Paleo diet. 3 weeks in the bag I believe. Here is a typical day.

    Breakfast within 30-40 min of waking - 6am
    • Can of skinned boneless Sardines in olive oil
    • Half pound of Australian ground lamb(ground myself from leg of lamb) or grass-fed beef. The lamb is not necessarily 100% pastured since it is from Australia and they do have times of the year when the sheep can't pasture.
    • 16oz Coffee( drank over a 2-3 of hours) starting at 7 am
      • At least 2tbs organic extra-virgin, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil
      • At least 2tbs homemade ghee from Kerry Gold unsalted
      • .5-.75tps curcumin (95% curcumin)
      • 300mg theanine
      • Usually a decent amount of cinnamon
    • Supplements/Vitamins
      • 1 pill PrescriptAssist probiotic
      • 1 pill Life Extensions Super K with Advanced K2 Complex
      • 2000mg Vitamin C
      • 200mg magnesium bisglycinate
      • 200mg selenium
      • 1 pill Pure Encapsulations B-Comlex Plus
      • 500mg Niacin
      • 5g Glutamine
      • 5g Creatine
      • 1 Now Foods Super Enzymes(Betaine HCL, ox Bile Extract, Papaya Fruit powder, Pancreatin 10x(Amylase, protease, Lipase), Bromelain, Papain, Cellulase, pepsin
      • Now Foods Betaine HCL w/pepsin(I've tried all kinds of dosing here from 2 pills to 6. Can't really tell where I top out.)
    • Use to take until very recently
      • 1000mg L-Tyrosine
      • 1000mg Tryptophan
      • 500mg L-Carnetine
    10am -
    • 2 pills Gaia Thyroid Support(moved from morning dosing)
    • Used to take until very recently
      • 250mg Rhodiola Rosea
      • 600mg Alpha GPC

    Lunch around 11:00/12:00 - This varies and lately haven't been that hungry at lunch so I wait for dinner
    • Half pound of ground beef or lamb (like breakfast) or even shrimp
    • Big plate of greens - steamed kale/shard from local organic farmer or organic spring mix
    • scoop of coconut oil and/or ghee
    • 16oz of goat bone broth(sometimes beef)
    • 2 cups of coconut/goat kefir
    • Sometimes a large serving of organic sauerkraut
    • 1 Now Foods Super Enzymes(Betaine HCL, ox Bile Extract, Papaya Fruit powder, Pancreatin 10x(Amylase, protease, Lipase), Bromelain, Papain, Cellulase, pepsin
    • Now Foods Betaine HCL w/pepsin(I've tried all kinds of dosing here from 2 pills to 6. Can't really tell where I top out.)
    • 1 pills Gaia Thyroid Support
    • Used to take until very recently
      • 250mg Rhodiola Rosea
      • 600mg Alpha GPC
    Dinner around 4:00-5:00 - meals varies
    • Wild Atlantic salmon fillet/half pound shrimp
    • Half pound ground beef(sometimes substitute with an extra fish fillet)
    • Big plate of broccoli or Normandy vegetables or something along those lines like Kale and/or chard
    • More coconut oil and or ghee
    • Trying to get more carbs in like a sweet potato since I am very low carb
    • Sometimes a large serving of organic sauerkraut
    • 2 cups of coconut/goat kefir
    • 1 Now Foods Super Enzymes(Betaine HCL, Ox Bile Extract, Papaya Fruit powder, Pancreatin 10x(Amylase, protease, Lipase), Bromelain, Papain, Cellulase, pepsin
    • Now Foods Betaine HCL w/pepsin(I've tried all kinds of dosing here from 2 pills to 6. Can't really tell where I top out.)

    6pm - Used to workout until recently

    Bed time 9:00-10:00 usually
    • 200mg magnesium bisglycinate
    • 30mg Zinc

    I try to stick to this as best I can. Breakfast is pretty much set. That doesn't vary much. Sometimes I throw some kraut in there. Lunch, as I said, varies but not too wildly. Recently, I've been skipping lunch unless I am feeling really hungry. I'm not sure if this is just my body changing or the fatty coffee over 2-3 hours is still producing satiety. I tend to go with that explanation. Now dinner is where I am having issues. I eat quite a bit but 4-5 hours later I am feeling hungry. I just ignore it an go to sleep but I am wondering what the deal might be here. This happens even when I eat lunch. I though maybe I was damaging my stomach in some way with the 6 pills of betaine HCL and that was causing what felt like hunger pains so I reduced the amount to 2 pills per meal but things haven't changed. Besides I typically feel a stomach ache when I have overdone the HCL in the past.

    Weight has started to come off but not much. It also seems to correlate with eating 2 meals instead of 3 per day. Regardless if I eat 2 or 3 meals a day I end up feeling hungry by the time bed rolls around 4-5 hours later.

    To Be Continued...............
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  2. Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than what you have become
    Enough with the surface stuff. Time to dig deep. I've have bloodwork done in December in 2014(when I started to see a new naturopath) and again in June 2015. I've had a food sensitivity test(BioTek Standard Food Panel : IgG - Dec 2014), a stool test(Genova Diagnostics - Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Dec 2014), and a SIBO test(Gut-Chek June 2014). I'm not really sure the best way to post my results here since I know some of the tests were probably not very useful but I'll do my best. Let's review the one off tests first.

    BioTek Standard Food Panel : IgG - Dec 2014
    Sensitivities to:
    • Casein (III)
    • Cheese, Cottage (III almost IV) Cheddar (I), Mozarella(II)
    • Milk(Cow) (III almost IV)
    • Whey (IV)
    • Yogurt (III)
    • Goat Milk (0) - Seems fine
    • Chicken Eggs (IV)
    • Duck Eggs (I)
    • Beef, lamb, pork, turkey chicken meat - (0)
    • Bakers Yeast (IV), Brewer's Yeast(III)
    • Cranberry(III)
    • Banana and pineapple(close to one I)
    • Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk - nada
    • Almonds (I)
    • Kidney Beans (II)
    • String Beans (almost a I)
    • Sesame Seeds (II almost III)
    • Mushrooms (III)
    • Radish (I)

    Nothing in the very high - extremely high range.
    Genova Diagnostics - Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Dec 2014
    • Digestion
      • Chymotrypsin - 18.0
      • Putrefactive SCFAs (Total*) - 6.0
      • No meat fibers
      • Few vegetable fibers
    • Metabolic markers
      • Beneficial SCFAs (Total*) - 34.0
      • n-Butyrate - 10.4
      • Beta-Glucuronidase - 3.116
      • pH - 6.8
      • SCFA distribution
        • Acetate % - 44.6
        • Propionate % - 26.0
        • n-Butyrate % - 30.6
      • Immunology
        • Facal Lactoferrin - Negative
      • Macroscopic
        • Mucus - Nagative
        • Occult Blood - Negative
    • Absorption
      • Triglycerides - 3.6 (out of range high end)
      • Long Chain Fatty Acids - 23.00
      • Cholesterol - 1.9
      • Phospholipids 13.3 (out of range high end)
      • Fecal Fat (total*) - 41.7 (out of range high end)
    • Microbiology
      • Beneficial Bacteria
        • Lactobacillus species - 1+
        • Escherichia coli - 4+
        • Bifidobacterium - 3+
      • Additional Bacteria
        • gamma haemolytic Streptocooccus (Non-Pathogen) - 1+
        • Bacillus species (Non-Pathogen ) - 1+
        • Streptococcus agalactiae gp B (Non-Pathogen ) - 1+
      • Mycology - No Growth

    I can post the labs commentary if needed.


    Gut-Chek SIBO test June 2014
    • Negative


    Bloodwork December 2014

    I had a thyroid panel, CBC with differential/platelet panel, Comp. metabolic panel and Vitamin D, Hydroxy test. Here is what was pointed out to me but let me know if you need to see other numbers

    • Carbon Dioxide, Total 27
    • Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 25.7L ng/mL
    Other labs that I think might be of importance.
    • TSH 2.590 uIU/mL
    • T3 2.6 pg/mL
    • T4, Free(Direct) 1.05 ng/dL
    • Reverse T3, Serum 10.2 ng/dL
    • Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 16 lU/mL
    • Thyroglobulin, Antibody <1.0 lU/mL

    Bloodwork June 2015

    I had a VAP cholesterol profile, thyroid panel(TSH+T4F-Hhyabs+TPO+T3F+T3 Reverse), CBC with differential/platelet,Comp metabolic panel, Lyme Western Blot serum, lipid panel, X-reactive protein(cardiac), Sedimentation rate-Westergen, and a Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy panel. Here are the full results.

    • LDL Cholesterol • 143 mg/dL <
    • HDL Cholesterol 54 mg/dL >
    • VLDL Cholesterol 15 mg/dL
    • Cholesterol, Total • 211 mg/dL
    • Triglycerides 57 mg/dL
    • Non HDL Choi. (LDL+VLDL)' 158 mg/dL
    • apoB100-calc 102 mg/dL
    • LDL-R(Real)-C i • 121 mg/dL
    • Lp(a) Cholesterol • 10.0 mg/dL
    • IDL Cholesterol 12 mg/dL
    • Remnant Lipo. (IDL+VLDL3) 21 mg/dL
    • Probable Metabolic Syndrome No
    • HDL-2 (Most Protective) 11 mg/dL
    • HDL-3 (Less Protective) 42 mg/dL
    • VLDL-3 (Small Remnant) 9 mg/dL
    • LDL1 Pattern A 20.2 mg/dL
    • LDL2 Pattern A 39.1 mg/dL
    • LDL3 Pattern B 52.3 mg/dL
    • LDL4 Pattern B 9.3 mg/dL
    • LDL Density Pattern A

    • TSH2 4.010 ulU/mL
    • Triiodothyronine 3.1 pg/mL
    • T4,Free(Direct) 1.31 ng/dL
    • Reverse T3, Serum 11.6 ng/dL
    • Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 12IU/mL
    • Thyroglobulln, Antibody <1.0IU/mL
    CBC With Differential/Platelet
    • WBC2 5.3 x10E3/uL
    • RBC2 4.73 x10E6/uL
    • Hemoglobin 14.8 g/dL
    • Hematocrit 43.9%
    • MCV 93 fL
    • MCH 31.3 pg
    • MCHC 33.7 g/dL
    • RDW 14.0%
    • Platelets 194x10E3/uL
    • Neutrophils 58%
    • Lymphs 26%
    • Monocytes 9%
    • Eos 6%
    • Basos 1 %
    • Neutrophils (Absolute) 2 3.1 X10E3/UL
    • Lymphs (Absolute) 1.4 X10E3/UL
    • Monocytes(Absolute) 0.5x10E3/uL
    • Eos (Absolute) 0.3 X10E3/UL
    • Baso (Absolute) 0.0 X10E3/UL
    • Immature Granulocytes 0%
    • Immature Grans (Abs) 0.0 X10E3/UL
    Comp. Metabolic Panel (14)
    • Glucose, Serum 84 mg/dL
    • Creatinine, Serum 0.98 mg/dL
    • eGFR If NonAfrlcn Am TNP mL/min/1.73
    • BUN/Creatinine Ratio 15
    • Sodium, Serum 142 mmol/L 1
    • Potassium, Serum 4.7 mmol/L
    • Chloride, Serum 103 mmol/L
    • Carbon Dioxide, Total 24 mmol/L
    • Calcium, Serum 9.3 mg/dL
    • Protein, Total, serum 6.5g/dl
    • Albumin, Serum 4.6g/dL
    • Globulin, Total 1.9g/dL
    • A/G Ratio 2.4
    • Bllirubin, Total 0.2 mg/dL
    • Alkaline Phosphatase, S 78 lU/L
    • AST (SGOT) 28 lU/L
    • ALT (SGPT) 22 lU/L
    Lyme, Western Blot, Serum
    • Negative
    Lipid Panel
    • Cholesterol, Total 183 mg/dL
    • Triglycerides 62 mg/dL
    • HDL Cholesterol 53 mg/dL
    • VLDL Cholesterol Cal 12 mg/dL
    • LDL Cholesterol Calc 118 mg/dL
    Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy
    • Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 49.6 ng/mL
    C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac
    • C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac 0.19mg/L
    Sedimentation Rate-Westergren
    • Sedimentation Rate-Westergren 3 mm/hr

    • Cartilage repaired in my right knee(2001)
    • Had my appendix removed (May 2013)

    So there you have it. My doc(naturopath) has given me the hammer to request whatever labs I need I just need to know what nails to hit.
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  3. One of the things I noticed recently is that I am getting tired really early in the night. Typically around 8pm. My first thought was that maybe the reduction in blue light might be the cause of this early sleepiness. My second thought is that I've mentally been much more engaged over the last few weeks worth reading Dr. K''s book., starting the 4 Passes of Water, reading and participating in many FB discussions and reading blogs. There has certainly been an increased level of stress trying to find answers and piecing all of the information together. Stress dose tire me out. There are other stressors too with family and helping them in their path to optimal but there is resistance. Working on just letting go and focusing on my journey no matter how crazy I may seem at times. My last thought was I am simply too low carb. Other than vegetables I have not really had any carbs. I did eat two small see potatoes yesterday (one with lunch and one with dinner) and that seethed to help. Didn't feel as crappy as yesterday morning but still woke up in the middle of the night for a trip too the bathroom and couldn't get back too sleep. This was around 4:29 this morning.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  4. As I mentioned in a previous post I am dealing with a certain level of stress figuring out my plan of action. I started the Leptin Reset about 3 weeks ago. Thing is that I'm not completely sure I am leptin resistant. The mirror test says I am. I've posted my most recent blood tests done in June 2015. I believe I'm missing a few key labs to accurately diagnose leptin resistance. As I noted at the end of my second journal entry my doctor has agreed to run pretty much test I want. I just need to know which ones. I'll even ask for a DEXA scan if there isn't an issue with too much radiation since recently had full digital xrays of my teeth.
  5. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for the interesting read.

    I think it's totally normal to start feeling more sleepy earlier in the evening when doing the leptin reset. I couldn't keep my eyes open the first week, it was ridiculous. My husband wasn't sure what to think of me!

    I think your diet looks fine. Eating seafood 1-3 times per day is excellent! I think people have recommended that if you're eating some carbs, eat them earlier in the day, not at dinner. Try cauliflower and broccoli vs. sweet potatoes at this time.

    Are you doing any CT? That might be a good thing for you to add. Start with face dunks for two weeks to cold adapt!

    Are you getting AM sunlight? You need this to yoke your circadian rhythm with your BAB.

    I wouldn't worry about doing more labs at this time. Looks like you have a lot to start with. You could also post your labs in the Optimal Labs section and people could hack them there. Like I was told when I first started, labs are a "snapshot in time" and are not always what we need to look at. Go with how you feel and how your body is performing. (It took me a long time to figure that out - I thought for SURE I needed some numbers! I couldn't bear the thought that I actually had to evaluate how my body was FEELING.)

    I would drop all supplements for a little while and add them back in if you really need them. Taking HCl can mess up your digestion - if you take it too long, your stomach will stop making it. I have a protocol that I give out to my patients if we determine they are low on stomach acid. Basically, you use the supplement version to encourage your stomach to make its own HCl, then you stop taking it. It should not be used long term. Let me know if you want the protocol.

    A standing desk has benefits and drawbacks. Be sure when you are standing that you don't lock your knees. I recommend standing and sitting during the day, mix it up so you don't get stiff. Is your desk adjustable?

    Yes, making all these changes can certainly be stressful! It affects everything, your schedule, your relationships, your work. But just keep at it. It took me a few months to get into the swing of it, and I'm not fully there yet. But sticking with the basics really eases the stress - morning sunlight, grounding, lots of water, lots of DHA!!

    Glad you're here!
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You have a big UVB issue.....and NH is not helping that. You need reptile lamps or consider tanning. You also need to consider UVA club hacks for all the skin conditions. I am surprised we did not get any questions from you about psoriasis. That handout I gave with the webinar was huge.
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  8. Ha! Actually I did ask whether UV was the only ingredient necessary for curing psoriasis. That was the first part of my question. Part 2 was my curiosity as too why LDN seems to work. I got part 2 answered but we never went back to the first part of the question. But honestly, after the first questions asked by Mitch regarding UBI 22 I was hesitant to even ask the question I did because it was so uninformed and basic.
  9. Regarding NH, reptilian lamps and tanning I think that is finally sinking in.
    • NH = elevation and weaker light cycle
    • Reptilian lamp = IR(found in AM UV) which I need more of due too the weaker light cycle and now the change of seasons. I'm sure this also has something to do with EZ since those are powered best by IR right?
    • Tanning bed = UVB (for Vit D production) which is also lacking in NH and during the winter months
    What about a black light for UVB? Is that part of the "UVA club hacks"?

    As for the handout I did read it. I think I need to reread it again and re-listen to the webinar and Q&A because in the end I felt that all three lacked a straightforward Psoriasis RX. Of course that may be my own ignorance getting in the way. It may all click down the road but that doesn't really help me now.
  10. Now, leptin resistance. My understanding is that leptin, as the master hormone, needs to be optimized first otherwise focusing on fixing my other issues will not be very fruitful. For that to happen I need to optimize my environment inside(gut) and out. I have labs that lead my naturopath to believe that I have a gut issue and thyroid issue. I'm learning that my low vitamin D is probably not an absorption issue linked too poor gut absorption but a light issue. I've taken steps to get morning UV the past week or 2 and I have been out sitting in the sun around 1pm everyday the sun has been out for over a month now. I'm also trying to stay out of all artificial light whenever possible and I'm almost always running f.lux on my PC's and Twilight on my phone at or near the most red settings. Uvex glasses go on at sundown and even in the morning until I get a chance to get outside and look at the blue sky. I say the blue sky because I am up at 6 am everyday and the sun has just barely started to light up the sky this time of year. The sun is also out of sight behind the trees where I live until later in the morning. Not sure if that matters or not.

    My sluggish thyroid sounds like it is also tied back to leptin and maybe even an autoimmune issue although it doesn't seem to present itself that way(or maybe it does). So here is my quandry. I don't really know if I am actually leptin resistant. I'm 228lbs and fairly muscular. At 15% body fat(as an ideal weight) I am right at being 30lbs overweight and have been stuck here even after starting the Leptin RX about a month ago. I don't think I have the necessary labs to tell for sure and I haven't done labs in 3 months so getting those done now seems prudent especially since I've made significant changes in lifestyle over the last month. I'm just not positive which ones to get.

    I guess ultimately I am trying to find point A on my health map so I know what direction I need to go to get to point B.
  11. Hi Deverie. Thanks for the welcome. I just started CT. I tried the face dunk last week and wasn't too thrilled by it. A few days ago I oped to just get in the tub and slowly fill it with cold water(no ice) as high as it would go. I managed to get the water high enough to cover my clavical and upper back. Legs were sticking out though. Water was roughly 65-69 degrees but it certainly felt pretty cold. Yesterday I was out with just shorts and undershirt with a short sleeve button down over it in 43 degree weather for about 30 minutes. Later in the early evening i id the tub thing again except this time the water was 65. I was definitely sivering on and off. I then went into my office where I had the AC set to 60 degrees to get it as cold as I could in there. Today, I am in my office with shorts and not shirt or anything on my feet. I turned my portable AC unit to face directly at me and have it on high and set to 60 degrees. The air was hitting me at about 63 degrees. I probably stood there for close to an hour then I switched computers so my back was facing the AC instead. In fact I am sitting here as I type with the air on me. Definitely shivering again. Lookingforward to go warming up in the sun in about 30 minutes.

    One thing I've noticed as I have shifted to sleeping with only a sheet on at night and the temp set to 68(although it's starting to get colder than that at night as the weather changes) is that my shoulder and hip start bothering me. I am dealing with bursitis in thehip and I imagine the shoulder isn't much different. Maybe tendonitis. Whatever it is when I get cold enough they act up and I can't sleep.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Read the congenital hypothyroidism thread........all there.
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  13. Wow! Reading that thread had me thinking what the optimal ranges for my TSH should be. It's definitely not the lab ranges. In fact, I found a little nugget where The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists have recommended narrowing the TSH level range too .3 too 3.0 uIU/mL back in 2003!

    Of course this make this statement near the end of the press release makes this suspect.
    "Thyroid Awareness Month is supported through an unrestricted grant from Abbott Laboratories."

    That puts me squarely in the hypothyroidism diagnosis and not merely a sluggish thyroid. Even if I don't go by that range a TSH of 4.0 puts me much closer to the upper level of the old range than the lower end.

    I obviously don't have congenital hypothyroidism(which that thread you suggested is about) but it looks like, according to that thread, the RX for my situation is the same.
  14. Found out today that my insurance covers 90% of medical equipment. That would include UV therapy lamps. I assume I might be able to utilize this to mitigate my environment(I live in NH) and for psoriasis. Any suggestions where to start looking for such a device or which specifications I am looking for?
  15. I looked and couldn't find the answer to this but what are UVA club hacks?
  16. So I am in the bathroom today and it looks like I have more psoriasis on my legs now than I did earlier this summer. I've been eating Epi-paleo for over a month and half with at least 1 and often 2 servings of seafood a day. Typically a can of sardines in the morning and usually a can of smoked oysters and sometimes a piece of salmonat night. I'll even substitute any of those for some smoked salmon. other than that I'm eating a half pound of 85/15 grass-fed ground beef with my breakfast or dinner(I occasionally have lunch) and I've added half an onion with each meal. I use salt, black pepper, garlic(fresh and powder) as myseasonings and working in more fresh basil, rosemary and oregano. I'll even eat the leaves straight. I'm get am UV and afternoon UV on most days. Still working on CT. Probably need to dial back from sitting in cold water and maybe go with the 20lbs of ice on the chest to start so I can move back into the tub with colder water. Try to keep my exposer to electronics low and avaoid all articifical light after sundown which can be somewhat hard with 3 other warm bodies running around flipping lights on everywhere they go. Maybe I'm just not being patient enough but it is a little frustrating not seeing progres with the psoriasis or my weight which has remained prett much the same as it was a month and a half ago.

    New round of blood tests coming so maybe some insight there.
    Got my 23andMe data back. Just need to get it loaded up in a translator and see what gets spit out.

    Stay tuned.
  17. Lahelada

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    Future vision,great efforts ! One thought crossed my mind while reading. You make no mention of water. Writer's omission or omission in real life? If you are drinking maybe it is time to switch waters. To paraphrase and old ad : Maybe your water is not the water that refreshes parts that other waters cannot reach ?
  18. Ah. Yes. Water. So here is what I typically drink besides the 16.7oz water I use for my coffee. Most of the water I use/drink is from Costco or Sams' Club. Both are reverse osmosis purified but they do add back in some minerals like calcium chloride or sodium birobonate. Other than that I'm drinking at least one 25.3oz Pelligrino a day in addition to anywhere from 2-3 of the 16.9 oz bottles of RO water. I'm looking into springs in the area. There is one local mountain spring water bottler but I don't think their process is optimal. From their site:

    All spring water passes through activated charcoal and sediment filters. Then an ozonation process takes place to kill any potential bacteria that could be present. The water is then stored in a stainless steel silo ready for bottling.
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