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DHEA up up and away....

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Patty Cakes, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I have been taking DHEA for three months now: 50mg DHEA and 100g 7-Keto DHEA. I just got the results from a blood test and my DHEA went from 152 to 357!! Whoo-hoo!! I'm so excited. I had written down earlier that the top of the range is 400 so I think I'm sitting pretty....with ONE of my hormones. Going to continue at that dose and recheck again in 60 days.

    The only other hormone test I got back is estrogen (day 21). That one is not pretty. My estrogen started out in March at 537 and now it is only down to 447. I took DIM since March but ran out three weeks before the test. I was hoping I wouldn't need it any longer. WRONG!!! I just ordered more. I was taking 300mg/day. Think I may up it to 600/day morning and night combined with milk thistle.

    Waiting of the progesterone and thyroid labs.

    Any advice or thoughts?
  2. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    I would CT like crazy and takes lots of DIM and silymarin for the est. detox. Take your DIM right before or after CT'ing too. You are taking lots of DHEA. Mine went from way below the range to over the top within about 3 months. What is the brand of DIM and DHEA you are taking? Wonder if that has anything to do with it? We are estrogen collectors so I wonder how we keep that in check without using DIM once we get it lowered? I am still using DIM since last fall. My est. is way down but my ratio still sucks. I am just reintroducing progesterone now.
  3. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    What lab are you using? The reason I ask is because I use Quest labs for all my labwork, and the paperwork says that 220 mcg/dL is the top of the limit. My doctor was concerned because my DHEA was at 257, so she made me decrease my DHEA supplement and it dropped back down to 180 within a month. I only take 25mg in the morning and at night.
  4. I'm starting my CT again after not doing it for a couple of months due to surgery and then wanted to get labs and not have it interfere but then had to wait for the darn TOM. I've been using the Douglas Labs DIM and I used the LEF 7-Keto DHEA combo and just started a new brand because I didn't want the rice flour any longer. I'm taking progesterone but think I need to raise it based on my consult so waiting for my labs and hopefully in a couple days I will be able to post those and check my Pg/E2 ratio although I suspect it won't be great with that high E2 number.

    Progesterone is going to help you a ton. It's a very calming hormone...at least it is for me. Helps with sleep among many other things. I like it and a lot of it!

  5. I use LabCorp but I don't go by their ranges. I just checked on the DHEA blog and Dr. K said 250-380 is the range for women so I want to be near the top of that range. My lab range had a high of 256 so I was "labeled" HIGH.
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Laboratories produce DHEAs (and other hormones) ranges that are age adjusted.

    People who do hormone optimization do not follow those ranges, instead the goal usually is to follow range that

    young healthy about 20yo person of the same sex would have.


    men 350-490 μg/dL

    women 275-400 μg/dL

  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Estradiol and estrone

    they convert back and forth with the help of 17b-HSD

    so, both count

    DIM, I3C, sourcraut, broccoli facilitate E1 metabolism

    Estradiol is made out of testosterone with help of enzyme ---Aromatase

    Estrone is made out of DHEA----->Androstenedione with help of enzyme Aromatase

    Aromatase is created within fatty tissue.

    More fat--->more aromatase

    Good way to reduce aromatase is by reducing body fat %%

    There are also pills.

    Aromatase inhibitors (or killers).

    Arimidex=anastrozole=aromatase inhibitor

    There are other.


    Progesterone and estrogens should be at the balance.

    Loosing excessive body fat is always good move.

    Before one would reach for aromatase inhibitor,

    it is


    to manage progesterone first.

    Easy to say

    progesterone first

    better back up----to pregnenolonde


    back up some more

    vitamin A, D, thyroid hormones (iodine & selenium)



    some more

    micronutrients, (vitamins, minerals, )



    fatty acids and phospholipids

    we are

    real close


    mackerel heads slurpie

  8. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    with a cod liver thrown in and some flaked dulse :cool:
  9. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    How's your sleep? DHEA should really be taken in the am or at lunch.

  10. +1 I only took mine in the morning.
  11. Thanks JanSz! I have been rereading what you said and it makes sense. My body fat is around 25% which is high for me although I'm 5'8" and weigh 130.

    Fish head Slurpee on the menu tomorrow!!! Tongiht is Ciopinno
  12. Ooops ..... totally spelled Cioppino wrong.
  13. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    My sleep is wonderful! I go to bed around 8-8:30pm and wake up at 5am. I do take melatonin at night and L-theanine.
  14. Joann

    Joann New Member

    The ranges for dhea are age adjusted. with a high dhea would testosterone go up? My T is high and over range, Don't want to grow a beard. LOL I already have unwanted hair.
  15. Get your progesterone up, it will help with high t
  16. Joann

    Joann New Member

    Oh, .....every time I try P it doesn't go well. either jacks me up or feel like my wires are crossed.
  17. interesting, do you use oral progesterone or topical?
  18. Joann

    Joann New Member

    Topical, from compounding pharmacy. tried different ones
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    That is only half answer.

    Try to optimize more complete Steroid Hormone Panel.

    That requires numerous blood testing at LabCorp.

    No way to figure it out by how you feel.

    Also, using direct progesterone supplementation is less than ideal.

    I am a man, I use 300mg/day MLM pregnenolone to raise pregnenolone


    better pregnenolone levels are converted to progesterone (naturally, in women according to cycle day).

    I tried numerous versions of pregnenolones, creams and pills.

    They do not work as expected.

    Only this one works for me:

    Micronized Lipid Matrix MLM, pregnenolone from Nutricology (150mg tabs, scored)


    I am using it at this dose for the last 8 months.

    Previously I was using up to 900mg/month.

    I was starting with nil pregnenolone and progesterone serum levels.

    I assume that the 900mg/day first filled up the void and after couple months it was too much.

    I had to reduce dose.

    As you see, this requires numerous testing.

    Even more for women (day 3-4 and latter on day 19-21).


    For whatewer reasons pregnenolone and progesterone creams do not show up on blood tests,


    all kinds of theories are made on a fly to explain the issue.

  20. IceBarbie

    IceBarbie New Member

    I was using Progesterone from a compounding pharmacy (Women's Int'l Pharmacy) but I stopped using it when I couldn't figure out what else was in it besides progesterone--such as possibly Phytoestrogens. I also ditched the doctor who prescribed it when he became obsessed with wanting me to use anti-depressants for no good reason. I had told him I had used them before and when on them, didn't care if I lived or died so I would NOT go back on them. Plus, I was concerned about using any fluoride-based medicine now. He still called in a script for Paxil which I refused. Then he was upset when he found out I didn't accept the script. This same doctor refused to order a 24-hour spit test to get a baseline for my adrenals even after his own nurse checked my blood pressure twice before he came into the visit and had documented that my blood pressure had shown at least one symptom of adrenal insuffiency. It had dropped instead of going up when I went from a prone position to a standing one.

    Anyhoo, I've been using NatPro for the last 6 months and have liked it. Any imput would be appreciated though!

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