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Developing eye strain from the sun

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Michael CULLEN, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    From May on this year I have had the most sunlight I have ever had in my adult life. My skin can tolerate this heat wave in the UK fine, no issues. I have built up some tolerance over the last month. My eyes however are becoming strained.

    This seems to be getting worse as I get more time in the sun. Jack does not advise glasses, right? What about blue blockers if need be? I have never had any issues with my eyes, my eyesight is fine, but being out in the sun yesterday has really caused me a lot of problems. Now all the muscles around the eyes are fatigued and I have headache due to this, plus sore eyes.

    Do our eyes adjust over time? I am eating seafood, I have just ate a large cod fillet. I am getting enough DHA.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sun doesn't cause eye strain......it actually improves the extraocular eye muscles and the muscles of the pupil. So as they strengthen and your globe remains oblong there could be an adaptation period.
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  3. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    @Michael CULLEN —You could try the following “exercises” which stretch the eye muscles and do a pretty good job of relieving strain.

    For extra relaxation, coordinate the movements with long, deep breaths through the nose, exhaling longer than inhaling.

    Start with 4-5 minutes and end with a minute or two of “palming” the eyes with cupped hands—resting them in the warmth and darkness. Good luck!

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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  5. Your eye is the hub for DHA. Anytime you are straining with sunlight is due to lack of absorption (Low DHA).

    Test your 06/03... Cod has about 0.05g of DHA per 100g. Wild salmon has around 1.0g per 100g, 20 times more. 10 oysters would give you double that of a Salmon.

    If you eat bacon or olive oil or meat, at all, especially the UK Crap, which contain around 10-30g 06, and a fillet of cod, then your ratio is off by 100:1 or more each meal. Get tested. I got mine done in the UK here: https://www.medichecks.com/nutritional-tests/omega-3-and-6-check-essential-fatty-acids

    No doctor needed, just prick your finger and its back in 14 days.

    I had eye issues with the sun when i used to think Chicken, Almond and Peanut butter and Olive oil was ok. They are omega 6 black holes as someone once described them on here. Get tested! You may need the epi-paleo rx for a few years to sort that ratio out.
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  6. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    I did
    Omega 3 series
    18:3Ω3 Alfa-linolenic acid (ALA) 0.07 % 0.10 - 0.40
    20:3Ω3 Eicosatrienoic acid <0.01 % 0.00 - 0.10
    20:5Ω3 Eicosapent. acid (EPA) 0.45 % 0.60 - 1.70
    22:6Ω3 Docosahexaenoic acid 5.99 % 4.00 - 9.40

    Omega 6 series
    18:2Ω6 Linoleic acid 13.79 % 10.60 - 16.00
    18:3Ω6 Gamma linolenic acid 0.01 % 0.10 - 0.30
    20:2Ω6 Eicosadienoic acid 0.26 % 0.00 - 0.30
    20:3Ω6 Dihomogammalinolenic acid 1.06 % 1.20 - 2.20
    20:4Ω6 Arachidonic acid (AA) 18.62 % 14.20 - 19.20
    22:4Ω6 Docosatetranoic acid 3.72 % 1.60 - 4.40
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  8. shiran

    shiran Curious

    ohh summer is my best Friend
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think man made blue light day and night is the real cause of eye strain because of the link to Vitamin A and photoreceptor degeneration. I think photoisomerization of the skin might be able to affect what happens in the eye.
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The most significant melanopsin light response was observed in cells expressing the aequorin receptor, indicating that melanopsin induces a strong increase in intracellular calcium. This should make you stop.........nnEMF all involves calcium flows in humans.

    Abe Liboff's work on calcium ion frequency resonance is key here.

    The photosensitive active retinoid in humans, 11-cis-retinal, is produced in the RPE and delivered to the photoreceptors in the eye. The RPE is loaded with melanin.

    UVA Phototransduction Drives Early Melanin Synthesis in Human Melanocytes.

    What does this imply about the skin and 11-cis-retinal and how it operates with UVA light?

    This means you need UVA AM light to make retinol for melanopsin function........from the skin.

    This means how we dress and what we do in the AM is a big issue and likely a major problem for modern humans.

    Vitamin A has many isoforms. Not all are equivalent. Excessive retinoic acid is even more toxic than retinol, consistent with the fact that
    retinoic acid is more biologically active. Retinoid therapy for human diseases is often associated
    with side effects such as teratogenicity (Accutane).

    Chronic exposure to clinical doses of 11-cis
    retinoic acid suppresses hippocampal neurogenesis and disrupts hippocampal-dependent memory.
    In addition, 13-c/5 retinoic acid intake causes night blindness.

    Retinal is the aldehyde version of vitamin A derivative that is most toxic, due to its chemical reactivity with membranes. It acts like a detergent. Even when
    vitamin A is used only for light sensing, retinal can be toxic due to its chemical toxicity in
    randomly modifying proteins through Schiff base formation.

    Retinal toxicity becomes more severe for organisms using monostable pigments (melanopsin/rhodopsin), which constantly release
    free retinal in daylight.

    This SINGLE FACT might be why man-made light during day or night
    might be behind most modern human diseases.

    As a protein that interacts with retinal, ABCA4 in photoreceptor cells is sensitive to retinal -mediated
    photooxidative damage. A photoreceptor cell culture study revealed that retinal is much more
    toxic than retinol in mediating photooxidative damage. Photooxidation caused by all-trans
    retinal released from monostable pigments has been observed in single vertebrate photoreceptor

    This bread crumb you better not forget.
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    retinoic acid is more biologically active. Retinoid therapy for human diseases is often associated
    with side effects such as teratogenicity (Accutane).

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  12. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I've always for many years now gone out into the back yard with nothing on - had no idea it was even good for me... it's funny the stuff that you do that "saved you" without even knowing it was doing so - and it's even more ironic when you think you're doing something to improve your health is actually a complete fail - I still eat almonds - for the gut flora - and because nothing kills hunger better IMHO - I also eat at least one Brazil nut per day - I can be outside for hours - and we have a lot of sunshine here - and not burn - I am also in the exact lattitude as my ancestors eating pretty much the same diet -

    I take the weekend off from all computer use - you can get so much done:)
  13. Janette Layne

    Janette Layne Status Nominal AFU

    When I look into my past experience working for a plastic surgeon at his anti-aging clinic I can not stop thinking about the two main methods we used to fight “sun related aging & damage.” Rentin A & Intense Pulse Light. I am now trying to understand exactly how this may have hurt our clients & myself, but at the time produced the desired results. I had also been using Rentin A mixed with Lytera 2.0 for the past year, but this time I seem to be developing more “sun” damage. I operated the IPL machine & advised on our go to skin care system Obaji. I used to believe I was a well informed trained esthetician. Now I feel like I had no idea what I was doing to people!
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That is a very honest assessment. I agree.......you had no idea what you're where doing and your MD boss needs to think better about what he thinks is right. Plastic surgeons think short term = vanity.

    This creates future cases.

    This is how they all work but none of them wants to admit it.

    I have no issues with it, because once a human gets one plastic surgery it opens the door to many others............
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