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deuterium mask

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Patrick K, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

    So daytime?
  2. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    That's what I thought. Why pay $132 when you can just modify an oxygen mask or a bag valve mask?

    Acc to one of their YouTube videos, the air you breathe out has lower D concentration than the surrounding room air, so you are basically recycling a waste product and at the same time getting more D depletion by not breathing in high amounts. Humid environmental air is generally more concentrated in D. So breath is different.

    I really want one of those but I'm not paying this much. I'm going to try to make my own.
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  3. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

  4. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

    Go on humidiflyer
    Same mask half price
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  5. Allin

    Allin New Member

    The high altitude training masks are not the same thing.....

    Per Dr. Anne, You can wear the mask during the day to receive benefit. Don't have to wear it only at night when you sleep. She told me the air you breathe at sea level along the coast of California contains deuterium about 155 ppm. The air at a higher altitude such as Denver, contain less ppm. I can understand D having a greater pull or attraction for O because it has a greater mass than H.

    I would guess the filter which comes with the mask, would attract and hold the D? I can see how one would be inclined to buy the mask because it is about half of the cost of a case of DDW. Can the mask hurt? I don't think so. Can it help? I'm not sure. I would have to run a D test everyday to determine that.
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  6. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    This thread is about a year old. Reflecting back over the year with the mak, what are your thoughts or experiences with it? Patrick?
  7. philip malone

    philip malone Silver

    Just came across this thread again. I really don't see any firm conclusions here. For example, specifically why is wearing a surgical mask not just as good as paying $132? And if not, why not?
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If the mask changes the deuterium or not, I am using it in winter time.
    When I am using heat indoor the air humidity drops a lot.
    Mask make me more comfortable by creating locally higher humidity.
    Since few days ago I have a different view on food, fat, when comes to deuterium.
    Short version
    there is a benefit of having overall lower deuterium, hence benefit of drinking DDW.
    Primary function of mitochondria is to make matrix water (not energy).
    Wherever we are, maximizing matrix water production is a primary goal when seeking health.
    We are producing 1-1.5 L of matrix water at rest but that can increase to 20 L in two hours of marathon, so we are highly flexible.
    But only food (fat) or body fat, is able to make matrix water (plus O that we breed).
    The process of creation matrix water have a by product which is energy.
    That energy would be missing if we only drank DDW.
    That energy is used to run body processes.
    That energy is also a sun's energy which is plentiful in the tropics.
    That energy is not available near poles (so polar bears have to eat fat seals to get fat)

    All this came from a statements made by dr Boros in his very recent, few day ago published video discussed on the thread:

    My statement is a simplified version of what actually is happening.
    @Jack Kruse

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  9. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

    Well...i tried using it a few times...but it just isnt pratical for me....so havent gave it a real shot....does anyone have a dosage / protocol for it?...i could sell it ...but its been used
  10. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    Patrick, the Umidiflyer is the same thing (like you said) at $64 USD. I think I'm going to pass on it as well. A company (https://qlarivia.com/how-to-buy-qlarivia/) is selling DDW (25ppm) for $10 per 500ml bottle shipped from and manufactured in Romania - 48 bottle minimum. 1 per day for prevention and 2-3 if very non-resilient. I may give this a try. Personally, I feel the analogy that Dr. Kruse uses, "eat like a shark and live like a polar bear" is one of the simplest depleting protocols we can follow. I have my patients reduce EMF and blue light exposure, eat (shellfish, fish, offal and fatty protein), get some cardio and resistance exercise, CT when they can, and come in my office for Joovv (NIR) sessions. Just about anyone can do this and I've seen phenomenal results with patients. Sometimes I need to add Vitamin D and supplemental DHA, bladderwrack, NAC and/or Zinc. And, other times I need to handle underlying H. pylori, SIBO or other factors that may inhibit them from reaping the full benefit of the above protocol. I really appreciate all of your responses to my query. Marcus
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  11. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

    Yes its the same ...exact mask (made by humidyflyer).
    I watched the luke storey interview with the deuterium docs! ...they seem to say thay 25ppm should be saved for cancer because if you get sick later and were on 25 ppm you cant get lower...
    Also...I have a hydrogen breather...would qlarivia in it be better than normal water?
  12. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    Patrick, did you buy the mask from ddcenter.com ($123) and one from Humidiflyer? I just got off the phone with the owner of Humidiflyer in AUS and he sells to ddcenter.com. He thinks they add a rebreather to it in order to breath in more CO2. He's not 100% sure. He said the new make he's working on will not be able to be modified and is mainly for increasing breathable humidified air. Now I'm even more confused.

    I would just use water and not 25ppm as the hydrogen breather will do the work and special water is not needed. That said, I've not studied it or analyzed it, so do not quote me.
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    From Balanced nation founder Dr. Beck:

    And I quote: Anthony G. Beck said, "Susan Yu Also...and this is not meant in any mean spirit and only for the principle of fact....Dr. Que Collins is obese.

    Which is ironic that he holds himself out by his own words... Keto expert.

    Furthermore on a few things he says in that linked video.

    1. fat is naturally deuterium depleted. NO..it's not....it's naturally WATER depleted which of course means not containing deuterium. It has ZERO to do with any relation to eating fat from a grass-fed animal. That was sheer talking out his butt.

    2. Deuterium is NOT going to stop UV acting on 7DH Cholesterol from making solar pro-hormones in the human body. That is false.

    3. His little "assay" to measure deuterium in saliva, urine, etc....is bullshit. It tells NOTHING of deuterium status or function in the patient. Whereas, the body dumps deuterium...that is what it does. It would not extrapolate to any volume correlation in the body.

    4. And IF THAT wasn't enough B.S.....his little "breathy" is nonsense for the same reason.

    This is yet ANOTHER attempt to create a conflated concept so that marketing can be applied to sell some gadget.

    I predict right here and right now.......we will see some FM clinician offer a....wait for it....."Deuterium Depleting Supplement"! You watch."
  14. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    "Eat like a shark and live like a polar bear." In that statement is everything you need to know - if you dig deep and see the big picture. A shark and polar bear eat fat and live in the cold. They are alpha predators, so stress is the lowest for them. There is little to no nnEMF where they live. Their exercise is just living their life.

    We are the only mammals with a refrigerator. We eat just to eat. We fucking stress about anything and everything. We literally bathe ourselves in EMF and blue light like it's a needed blanket on a cold winter's day. It's almost like we purposefully, as modern humans, want to be sick.

    Ignorance is not a defense in a court of law but is accepted in every emergency room or doctor's office in our country. The only ones that benefit here are the ones making the money - and it's not the patient.

    If God did create us in his image, he would be laughing his ass off (or crying) at what we have done to ourselves. Prevention is the cure and nature provides the preventive ingredients.

    As a biochemist, I love Dr. Kruse's detailed explanation of nature and how it applies to us, health and life as we know it. Everything we can ever need is here and has been here - for a long time. As a surfer, I can tell you first hand that my most potent healing prescription is the sun, sand and, water.

    Our group here are outliers in a world of people satisfied living in "The Matrix." The truth can be hard to understand, confront and accept. If you do, many doors will open and many incredible possibilities await.

    Our group want's those possibilities.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Beck has a lot wrong......deuterium is a big deal. He derides it because he does not understand it.

    That being said much of his criticism is well founded so I urge you not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Always keep an open mind but makes sure that mind is curious and asks question few people thought to pose. You'll find out things that will make it known if you're on the right path.
  16. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Mind if I ask how you treat underlying SIBO issues to compliment sun therapy, etc?
  17. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    Without getting into the many possible causes of SIBO, which do need to be addressed, I'll just talk about the treatment. Since it's now present, and getting rid of the cause will not get rid of the SIBO, it does need to be treated. Diet alone may not work unless you follow a very strick paleo-ketogenic diet, and no exogenous FODMAP's. Even toothpaste, chewable vitamin C, or gum with xylitol can keep it going or even be the cause of SIBO, as in my daughter's case. I use Dysbiocide, FC-Cidal, and A.D.P from Biotics Research and Paracan MYC from Ecological Formulas. The first 3 have been tested against Rifaximin and are more effective with no negative effects - at least from what I've experienced with patients. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24891990
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  18. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Thanks for that! I actually tried with FC-Cidal and didn't tolerate it very well. I was planning on working in FC-Cidal first before Dysbiocide but I wasn't comfortable with how I wasn't tolerating the FC-Cidal...
  19. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    I doubt you will get the results you are looking for with just FC-Cidal or Dysbicide alone. I've treated too many patients to keep track of and the protocol I use is extremely effective. Every now and then I need to do 2 rounds, but for the most part, 1 time is enough.
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  20. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    That's pretty impressive --- the track record you mention. So you typically use 1 round, meaning 1 bottle, of all 4 of those together?

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