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Deuterium in foods

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by kris90, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Thank you Jan, Dr Boros doesn't drink water outside his morning coffee (or so he has mentioned in most of his interviews). I cannot process fats well enough to get my hydration completely from fats so this is the reason for my inquiry into green juice. It seems that I had read somewhere that the plant pushes the D into the flower/seeds or to the roots and was not concentrated in the leaves.

    The other thing that has me considering green juice is the success of the Gerson therapy. Could it be the depleted deuterium of the green juice that helped the body energetically to help move the toxins out of the cells. I wish the folks at DD Centers weren't so ight chested with their test results....
  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I'm a little wary of green juices for a couple reasons. The main concern boils down to: Are growers incentivized to grow more crop faster?

    If the answer is yes then it seems inevitable that the growing practices unknowingly embrace the faster growth potential of higher deuterium over natural growth.

    If the grass is being harvested fresh out of glacial meltwater then I'd be game to try it. If it's produced in plastic trays under LED lamps away from the earth's schumann field that's a whole different ball game.

    I recently thought about this on a trip to a relative's turtle farm. Halfway through I realized that the technique used was the exact opposite of everything I was taught to do here -- Fixed temperature water in dark tents and white/blue LEDs used during feeding time. His turtles grow remarkably fast.
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  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I've got a craving for greens at the moment, and had been considering this, but in terms of redox, not detox.

    IIRC the Gerson therapy juices had to be made with totally organic produce, and with a special juice press, (which I don't have) one that caused as little heat damage to the juice, and it had to be drunk asap. Whatever the explanation in Gerson's time about potassium/sodium balance, its detox properties, perhaps unknowingly to Gerson, the fresh juice was also likely to have been a supply of biophotons. The biophotons available would have been variable depending on the produce used, how long it was sat about before juicing, and how many biophotons were lost during even the strict protocol juicing process. If I buy one of those however properly dried green powders for adding to water, biophotonically its a bit hit and miss too.

    Then there's the chlorophyll angle and light .... https://jcs.biologists.org/content/127/2/388 Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP. (Probably massively important for herbivores).

    Energetically, I decided eating raw freshly harvested organic greens would be a better option for my n=1. :) Sprouting seeds is next. :)

    Edited to add that I've wondered if, because a plant picked and eaten straight away will be emitting UV light as part of its dying process, isn't this likely to influence its interaction with any deuterium present?
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  4. i agree, it seems GMO leans into the deuterium idea for this specific reason. thankfully the farmers markets are in full swing in the valley where i live and we have some farms here who have gone for their “Organic” certification. Nothing like squeezing the fresh juices out of locally grown food. Staying in sync with the season (cheating on the animal products because my body needs the now).

    I am convinced that the water in plants is as close to EZ water as we can get in a natural way. Selecting ones that are low in risk (oxalates for one) and high in what my body needs (cruciferous) and keeping is simple with morning and evening yoga practice outside and midday tai chi on water soaked pavement in the sunshine (the sun just make me feel good).

    Turtle farm? they headed for the soup kettle? thank you for the reply...
  5. Thank you for the gerson roundup. I had forgotten about the timeliness of things (okay on the how to). I wonder if the biophotons are related to the EZ water state of the water in the plant? as the light hits the plant the EZ is recreated and when the sun goes down diminishes. I wonder what might happen if i put the greens back in the sun for 10-15 minutes before i juiced them?

    i am sprouting now. broccoli, alfalfa, red clover, mung and sunflower. I am using the quart jar method. i did try a grower with multiple levels but went back to the jars. at some point i am going to try micro greens. I have two jars for each seed and rotate through. let me know how your sprouting project goes! thank you for the reminder and chlorophyll angle...
  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Yep, but not my soup.
  7. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    In terms of water, the above ground growing position exposes the plant to more sunlight, which is an established structurer of water. If the plant or fruit is grazed or picked and eaten during daylight, I think the water will be more structured, than if its picked in the dark. Another reason to only eat during daylight. The circadian rhythm of the "prey"? :DI think it loses structure much more quickly if its been disconnected from the seed or root system, its then beginning its journey circling the drain ..... Depends on the strength of the sun, but I would be more likely to keep the cut greens cool before juicing rather than put them back in the sun, because that would slow the photon release and enzyme degradation, which in turn would help maintain the structure of the water. But I suppose you could try standing the greens up in water out in the sun for a bit - like a vase of cut flowers but using an organic lettuce ....:rofl:
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  8. I no expert, but ive read photosynthesis continues for 90 minutes after the light is removed. Seems that ingesting a plant that is actively processing photons would be better than eating inert plant matter.
    Also, if one was to juice wheatgrass leaf material vs. stem material, i think the leaf contains less deuterium.

    An experiment ive been doing is controlling the water cycle in my small green house by using a dehumidifier and watering with condensate, which seems like it should leave a lttle more deuterium in the ever growing biomass and hence less in the water. I would like to test my water to see if this is valid. Cheapest test?
    If it is so, one could have say 5 greenhouses in series, with rain water feeding the first and the condensed water from the first feeding the second and so on. If the younger plants are started in number 1 and finished in number 5 , they should be lower in d2o. Thought please!
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  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I'd read somewhere else about the l-canavanine/alfafa connection, and have found this on the Gerson website.

    "Alfalfa sprouts have been found to be high in l-canavanine, an immature amino acid that can cause immune suppression. Patients without a prior history who have used sprouts in juices have reported sudden onset of arthritic-like joint pains and other undesirable side effects. This has only been studied in alfalfa; we do not know if this effect applies to other sprouts, but we recommend caution. Before adding sprouts to your diet, discuss it with an experienced Gerson practitioner."

    Not that I'm intending to put them in juices, but I'm thinking I'll be having them more as a garnish than eaten by the bucket ...:)

    Interesting that the Gerson diet is very high in deuterium.
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  10. Silverteeth

    Silverteeth New Member

    If what dr boros says Ian true that the human body makes water, then the amount of water on the planet is increasing every day.

    All through history the amount of water is increasing?
  11. Silverteeth

    Silverteeth New Member

    There are counter indications in everything

    Sprouts are very nutritious and very good for you

    But as with everything not too much
  12. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

  13. yes I was thinking about lettuce and other plants that seem to want to grow from kitchen scraps...:rofl:
  14. Interesting note about the alfalfa sprouts, I will have a look into it...

    You seem to know quite a bit about the Gerson diet and yes that is what I thought at first as well... I can see how this might be true with the fruit but what about the veggies? this is where my interest in the green juice comes in. Perhaps there are veggies that are low in deuterium. Perhaps we can find some plant foods that are lower in deuterium than water? (forever the optimist)...
  15. who am I to say its not? not just the human body but all mammals with mitochondria that burn fat right?
  16. very true and I suspect the sprouts are very high in deuterium and the plant pushes deuterium to the seeds to enhance growth. for me its looking like plants have their side effects as well...
  17. I am beginning to form bias against these kinds of articles. While I agree with the sugars, I am not so egger to agree with the 100% fruit juice idea. What exactly is the 100% fruit juice? doubtful it was fresh from the fruit. more likely to be fully processed (for certain a D-Bomb) therefore making the research worthless to me...
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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If this is right
    we may have more water than we ever thought we have.


  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I had to study the Gerson therapy as part of a nutrition course 25 years ago. Even tried a coffee enema - once. :eek: I wouldn't follow it, or recommend it, but I think there's perhaps things I can learn from it. Things I can ask questions about is probably more accurate. :D

    For Gerson, I would think the green leaves in the juices would be lower in deuterium, but it would be things like the apples and carrots, and the meals that would make the deuterium levels rocket. But as far as the Gerson therapy is concerned, I'm mulling over the idea that if there's a carbon-hydrogen connection, there's possibly a silicon-deuterium connection, perhaps silicon compensates for the deuterium, or controls it. So juicing say an apple or a carrot with its peel, may make a difference, because the peel and husks of a plant are usually higher in silicon, or it could just be the volume consumed, both as juice and food. As all food has to be organic, peeling wouldn't be necessary.

    Bears go into hibernation stuffed with deuterium, but it seems to be a seasonal physiological necessity in advance of no food (or deuterium) intake for 5 months. Stored deuterium plus fat burning in cold dark and boring .....? As opposed to a human's perhaps year round pathological deuterium intake, including when its outside the proper light cycle and/or lifestyle choices or heteroplasmy rates that stop our deuterium depleting pathways working properly? And we discard the peel and husks of deuterium loaded foods?

    Theoretically, could a zero or too low deuterium diet inhibit apoptosis? Could it trigger metastases? Either directly, or because it disrupts sleep? Would that also disrupt autophagy? I'd need to know a lot more about that in relation to my own context before doing some of the hacks I've read that people are doing.

    Again in relation to Gerson, I've also read elsewhere that the water in a cancer cell is very unstructured compared to a normal cell, so by adding lots of structured plant water into the system, could that, plus deuterium controlled by silicon, be why there were/are successes for the Gerson therapy? I'm craving greens, but I don't feel the need to juice so I'm enjoying greens and my summer harvest of deuterium bomb plants, because its organic I'm eating the peels where I can for the silicon, drinking silicon rich mineral water, and eating the plants in the right light cycle, with at least 50 per cent raw.

    Working out the nuances for an n=1 is the problem, but in the same way leptin resistance is connected to both obesity and anorexia, I think there's a risk from both deuterium excess, and deuterium starvation. But at the moment at my latitude, animals are lean and the photosynthetic web is deuterium - and silicon - loaded. Fat is scarce naturally, and I'm working with a different battery. For my individual context, if I get enough sun I think I can handle it, so I'm not calculating my deuterium intake any more than I'd calculate calories or macronutrients. Its an n=1 experiment, and I'm ready to do deuterium depleting, cold dark and boring in the winter. Bring it on . :D
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  20. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    My ideology regarding the article excluding for the time being what we now know about deuterium ,fruit was eaten straight from the tree ( in season) rather than crushing ten oranges or some other form of fruit.To supply a Juice that in most cases has the fibre extracted during the process with the skin, which holds most of the nutritional power and ultimately does not give a feeling of fullness once consumed.

    I juiced for several years with variable fruit/vegetables 100% and I would say the higher energy levels were from the concentrated sugar but my blood sugar levels were unstable so the cold press juicer was given away. Did I see an improvement in my health ? Not really ,I personally feel juicing is overrated.
    I now realise for my n=1 I can get a cross range of nutrients macro/micro through seafood and nose to tail eating coupled with medicinal mushrooms eating seasonal of cause.

    100% fruit that is Juiced straight from a tree are still Deuterium Bombs as you know, birds eat the fruit with the seeds, the seeds are excreted propagation continues.

    I have studied Gerson's Work but I am not sold ,as for the many that were supposedly cured their were plenty that were not.

    It is currently Winter here in Australia my elderly neighbour grows Navel Oranges and keeps me in good supply, he said to be only last week "it is an insult to the Navel tree to juice an orange as everybody is rushing around today, sit back eat an orange and appreciate life"

    My elderly neighbour knows nothing of Deuterium but he reminds me of the Lion and the Hippo :)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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