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Deuterium depleted water needs a consult w/Boros' team prior to access

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by amanda elmgren, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. amanda elmgren

    amanda elmgren New Member

    Hi, I'm very new to posting/ being a member and saw a few threads about the deuterium depleted water (which I can't find again or I'd maybe have posted there). But I had my consult with Jack on Monday and I am a clear candidate for 25ppm water. So I called the # for Center for Deuterium Depletion, ddcenters.com and they now require a consult with Anne ($150) and doing their tests in order to make me a personalized health protocol consisting of 6 modules (including Fitbit for sleep info); the usual is a 4 month process at a cost of $500 - $1,000/ month inclusive. The rep there, Reggie, did tell me requiring this was a fairly new change put into place because the water is very potent. Is this the norm for getting deuterium depleted water? What is your input? I heard Jack say he doesn't trust the results from the Breathy but this is the only way to proceed with them moving forward.

    Other ideas? Qlaria water (sorry about misspelling). I've ordered some Divinia water just to be doing something now - 130 ppm but it has EZ properties. I'm loving what I'm learning and believe it will be a big part of my way back to health

    Update - I got on Qlarivia site and inquired about their water.
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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Qlarivia could be wise.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I did not realize they required that.......nuts.
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  4. amanda elmgren

    amanda elmgren New Member

    I told Reggie that I learned from Jack Kruse and he said he knew lots of folks had come from here, but there is no way around having them work up a protocol for someone now because the water is so potent. I did say I wouldn't want a Fitbit and he said it tracks depth of sleep cycles etc. but I could talk to Anne about my concerns... Yet when I went on the ddcenters website, I was surprised it wasn't a business but it says they are a partially public funded site... I sure get the feeling this is a way to up the bottom line under guise of caring for patient health because "we may not be able to figure out how to use the 'light sword' that is ddd and cut off an arm" (sarcasm mine). I left Qlaria water people a message... Eatin' fish, gettin' hours of sun and plannin' the move.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  6. shaneoco

    shaneoco New Member

    Hi Amanda, just wondering did you proceed with your protocol from ddcenters in the end? And if so what's your opinion of the program they offer? And did you get your D levels down much?

    They are recommending a Breathing module for me for $250, a Health tracker enrollment for $200 and a food consult for another $200. That's even before I buy the water at 114 euro per week!

    Any thoughts or advice regarding your experience with ddcenters would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. amanda elmgren

    amanda elmgren New Member

    Hi, I didn't want to get treatment from yet another practitioner , DDCenters, so I opted to try the Qlarivia brand water. The water certainly tastes good in a deeply satisfying way. I haven't tried to get my deuterium measured or any of that. I'm going with Jack's general view that ddwater will be good for me; having said this, I will be having my Farm visit in August so we'll see what he says after the tests they run (which I don't know if it includes checking my deuterium level). I do notice a difference in my body that I attribute to the ddw, though I'm not able to share details at this point.

    A new development is that the folks who were Qlarivia distributors are part of a startup alternate company called Hydrohealth. It's water from Japan 25ppm verified (I spoke with the gal directly) that they do whatever one does nowadays to be able to say it's made in the USA, maybe adjust the potassium/calcium/magnesium amounts for taste. In that regard, I told her that the blend they are using doesn't taste as good as the Qlarivia to me / in fact it dried out my mouth and was actually unpleasant after a number of weeks so she said she would pass it along as customer feedback. They have just come out with a ddw saliva test for $200. https://25-ddw-hydrohealth.myshopify.com/products/saliva-deuterium-test-kit. Case of 24 bottles 500ml is $190. (sale price they say) extralightwater.com I actually bought two cases and I wish I had just gotten one since they are so new and still working out the kinks in the recipe.

    Now I'm planning to order some more Qlarivia and do my own subjective comparison. https://www.qlariviaus.com/ 1 case is 48 500 ml @ cost of $425 / 2 case @96 = $750 (again they say sale price obviously because of the new competition). I'm considering the $750 because I will drink it all eventually. 114 EU is about $160/wk, correct? To get 85 ppm is 1/2 bottle to 1/2 L other water - what concentration does ddcenter want you doing?

    Hope this helps,
  8. shaneoco

    shaneoco New Member

    Thanks a lot for the info Amanda.

    DDcenters have recommended I start with 85ppm. I have already submitted my saliva test for $325 and am awaiting results. However as far am I am aware I do get a retest included in the price, after a month or so.

    I don't think there's a whole lot difference in price between the Qlarivia and the Preventa anyway so will probably just go with the Preventa as DDcenters recommends.
  9. amanda elmgren

    amanda elmgren New Member

    Hi. I'm a little confused- are they saying at 85 parts per million that it's $160 a week that's about $640 a month for that ddw water. 85 PPM is half strength of the 25 PPM so you only need half the amount of 25 PPM water and mixed with spring water/ or whatever you choose . So I don't see how prices are comparable , maybe you can enlighten me? However many bottles they're telling you then you only need half as many of the 25 and you can figure ithat at about $9 a bottle high end. If my math serves me.

    Jack sent multiple samples over there of his own and the readings came out differently and at the time anyway he wasn't overly impressed. so maybe you could use an ask Jack thread query to get his feedback on all this and the value of the overall protocol especially when we are looking at mitochondriac wisdom Jack is teaching us.

    That being said I definitely understand you have to figure out the best way to proceed for yourself and it can be comforting to have a team approach. Also, I just wanted to highlight that you check that your math is apples to apples. 25 to 25 or 85 to 85.

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