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detox, eye floaters and mercury

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Warren Canavan, Nov 16, 2022.

  1. Warren Canavan

    Warren Canavan New Member

    Back on the bandwagon of light exposure and grounding. I am noticing eye floataers, which I used to get alot after having my mercury based amalgams out. I think this is a sign of detoxing: that grounding + sunlight is increasing redox.

    I notice that alot of Dr Chris Shades recommendations for heavy metal detox has many similarities with Dr Kruse's info on light: i.e. GABA and Gut bacteria, 1: GABA is disrupted by bad emf and bad circadian, when stressed the body does not detox. 2: sunlight improves gut health and bacteria. The body does not detox when there is lots of inflammation caused by bad bugs.
    Part 3 Back to Basics: Metal Detoxification – DR. CHRIS SHADE (drchrisshade.om)

    I am wondering how much detox is based on signalling. i.e. the body will not bother to detox if it does not have an electron supply to make the glutathione machinery work, which based on the movement of electrons to reduced oxidized glutathione.
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