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Determined to find a way

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Determined, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My answer to them would be: Your excuses are nothing more than the lies your fears have sold you.
  2. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Thanx everyone! It is too bad their minds are so full of fear. How's this my father had a stroke about a yr ago - on his scan they found he'd prob had one prior also ( prob when he had his hip replacement) - luckily both fairly mild ( so far) - so his Dr told him that although his Cholesterol was 'normal' he had better take a statin drug 'in case' - I DID tell him to stop funding Big Pharma & abt some of the research. But hes still loyal to his Dr! This man lives on cream buns, chocolate & Coke (must have good genes or something!!)

    In terms of wt loss -My diet is perfect Epi Paleo - no fruit - high fat - moderate protein ( xcpt for the BAB)

    Example day
    BAB: 2 lamb chops broiled in butter
    3 eggs
    Some organic broccoli & a little leek
    Chai tea w coconut manna
    Dandelion coffee w coconut manna

    Lunch: usually nothing but occ a salad w prawns at the paleo cafe (fantastic to have this in Cairns)
    Or a tin of Alaskan red salmon w Lemon juice & lettuce

    Dinner : some protein ( ie a piece of snapper or a piece of GF beef) & steamed veges ( low carb but sometimes a bit of sweet potato - eg cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini) w raw butter of course!
    2 pieces of dark cacao homemade ( YUMMY) chocolate

    That's it !!!! Truly I shld be skinny!!! Nondairy no grains low low carb
    But I hear what ur saying Hemming - I am feeling 100000000 x better than I did 3 mths ago - I prob need to let go of the weight issue once and for all ( that's pretty big for me in the family I grew up in where wt was constantly on the agenda and one sister who succumbed to anorexia because of it - and now literally lives on weight watchers meals ( shld I say plastic)

    Love my Circadian rhythms & doing CT around 3x per week - even LIKING it!

    Lava I love u blab it all out!! People sometimes exhaust me and I don't feel 'smart' enough w all the theory ( yet) I just want to be a shining silent example! My folks did say ' you look sort of very healthy' !!! That must count!

    Thx again everyone for ur comments xx
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  3. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Hey Caroline I was going to use Nutripath in Melbourne for salivary tests - am going to draw my own blood for the others! Have u found financial advantage in sending to States? W Aus $ being a bit low & how long does it take to get there? TA x
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    If you go thru Canary club - it works out about the same price - probably a touch lower because of our dollar. They are extremely efficient and send you the results on line.
    When my Doc saw the results and how it was organized he was very impressed.....other than that I don't know....
  5. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Ok thank u
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You might want to monitor your coconut manna ......When I discovered it I went a little crazy and didn't do well with it.
    Someone else said the same thing but I can't remember who..

    just my 2 cents.....
  7. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Good Caroline - will keep eye on that - its very yummy of course!
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    very, very, very yummy.........
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Maybe do sashimi (lots of it) for breakfast instead of broiled lamb and eggs? And add some seaweed every day... maybe do 100% keto = close to zero carbs I would say more seafood... and at least some of it raw
    Eggs especially in cold months are no good idea. We have hens and I went to the shop to get some organic feed for them as they do not lay any eggs anymore now as it gets cold, not even with oats for feed (they still are outside for many hours/day) and the chicken feed is bad stuff. Even if organic. Consisted of mainly wheat, soy, pea protein and vegetable oils. I decided to eat no eggs in the cold months of the year. I will give all the eggs to my parents, they want them anyways.

    Coconut manna also have carbs.. and I myself almost never buy it anymore.. I eat too much of it and it makes me feel not good.
  10. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Hey Thanx so much Inger - I know u love your raw & how very good it is for us but I think - for now- sashimi is the most I can do ( other than oysters which I LOVE but can only afford abt 1-2 dozen/ wk)
    Where I live it's VERY warm right now so eggs must be ok & I just got mine from a work colleague who has them in her yard- her 'girls' r well loved and fed- otherwise get them from the biodynamic farm. Hopefully ok.
    I had a few weeks off them and only yesterday added them back.

    Sitting on the beach today, my feet in the sand enjoying the last few lovely rays of sun & swimming in the 28 degree C water. it is def not CT but my cells buzz after this and I truly feel some of the joy I only remember as a child.

    This stuff works !! So simple - right in front of our face!

    stuff im struggling with: plane travel very difficult even w my barefeet grounded on the metal & CoQ10 & lots of water & strict Epi paleo.

    Never sleep well that night (twice a week I have to do this)

    Have also noted that any work- related stress - even just comments that i go over around 2am when it wakes me up ,completely stuffs me up for days - v easy for my system to revert to pregnenolone steal & hence hormones get out of whack when I add this whiff of adrenalin.

    Circadian rhythm and no lights / EMF exposure ( or a reduction in )still just amazing most the time ( xcept for above) for me. I LOVE this way of simple living - though not too great for a social life. I don't really care tho.

    Sent my DH ( he lives a 3 days drive away from me right now - can't leave my job just yet ) a book on grounding and today he told me he was looking at TIPIS - how cool is that! I told him we need to live near a beach - some bush on a beach away from any phone towers! Better start looking! & maybe a house too and tipi for sleeping I ask. :)

    Life is good I say! Still some healing to do and still determined to find my own N=1
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    When you get your Tipi .... I am coming to visit!
  12. Determined

    Determined New Member

    cant wait... though w my stubborn determination to keep doing my current job, could be a few yrs though the DH might use it as a sweetener to get me back down south ;-)
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please remember - life is short ..... not nearly enough time for those you love. You can always find another job and who knows .... it may be heaps better. Please make it happen.....

    you need oxy twice a day....... way, way, way better with a partner......a million times better......

    and in a tipi ...... off the chain ....I am positive about that!! No experience there - but I have a really good imagination :cool:

    You will have to give us very detailed accounts .... and, of course,....pictures! I love pictures!

    How are you doing?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  14. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Going really well - I really need to do my labs - around 80% of time I feel fab then I have scrappy day or night
    Have noticed some reflux on occasions ( tht I'd dealt w that w Epi paleo)
    Wondering if I might still have to deal w a leaky gut ( gluten sensitive - Hashimotos - working in remote communities and having picked up some nasty gut infections over the yrs - Shigella & the like)
    Thought Epi Paleo & CT & grounding & no blue light might have been the 100% answer but still looking like I need to find the other 20% so I feel fantastic all the time.
    Thanx beautiful Caroline for those words abt life being short - this is so true... I will have to find something else. I'm looking and visualizing ( manifesting)
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you been listening to the "Heal your Hormones" bootcamp? Dr. Jackson says he usually doesn't recommend testing for a leaky gut at first, at all ...... He assumes that 95% of people have a leaky gut and we have to work on that first......

    Just thought I would throw that out there in case you hadn't heard it.......Have you read his new blog?

    I was married for a very long time and, trust me, your life goes by in a flash ........ we don't get a do over - or an extension .........
  16. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Thank u Caroline - again - u r such a rock on here answering Q's and encouraging us all - such good karma
    I so need to b w my wonderful DH - such a truly good man & I'm planning to move back there w him in 6 mths - have to finish what I've started here before I can leave- we r w each other this w/e though - lots of oxy!

    That's great info re the leaky gut. I tried to Get onto the heal ur hormones last w/e but there was no link coming up - will re try. I'm waiting for a bit of space in my busy life so I can pay up for m'ship - & hav the time to listen lots!

    Thank u again
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love the good Karma stuff .....that makes me smile....

    Enjoy all the oxy you can get your hands on .....literally and figuratively - I guess..... and any other way you can come up with it! Dr. K. says to think outside the box ..... altho - now he just said that there is no box.... even better!

    Where is your DH?
  18. Determined

    Determined New Member

    He lives near Brisbane & I'm up here in the tropics! Too far away!
  19. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Hey all - a late Merry CHRISTMAS & an early Happy New Year!
    Life busy but slowing now Xmas has passed - was supposed to doing a 10 day Vipassana right now ( my DH went to it) but my son is moving to Victoria & starts Medicine on Jan 28th - a huge move for him & his wife! Hoping he will keep hold of his alternative minded mothers words over the years! Got him reading JK - hope that will remind him of what MORE there is out there!! I'm helping them (next week) w their house & packing etc so I missed the meditation - a different meditation for me now cos I am managing to get into the ocean & spend time getting some sun daily.

    Still not feeling optimal & have appt w anti-aging Dr - need to tweak a few hormones I think

    Still tired at times - thyroid?? Adrenals?? EMF?? - I had been perfect w leptin reset -CT- daily grounding- RO water - the works really!! As I keep complaining i gained a little wt on this but not too much. Xmas I drank wine & ate some sugar so guess that's a setback. Back on the wagon again now - struggling a little w some negative energy & feelings- think this is directly related to the dietary setbacks (was feeling SO GOOD).

    Up down & all around - tho STILL DETERMINED to get there!!
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    HEY! Merry Christmas ... and Happy New Year too!

    HO HO HO!

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