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Determined to find a way

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Determined, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I like it a lot! I am curious about the tipi - I will ask you more later ...I should be reading :)

    Yes - the Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

    do you know about ordering books from the book depository - UK ... free delivery no matter the amount
  2. Determined

    Determined New Member

    A little update as I sit and wait for my plane - stewing in EMF ....hmm
    I'm feeling pretty GOOD - it's been 4 weeks on leptin reset and this is what I'm noticing...

    Following circadian rhythms I'm usually asleep by 9pm - up naturally around 5:30am w the sun

    Tolerating the BAB much more now - not 'gagging' on the protein - have upped the fat in morning though - raw cream in tea ( occasionally a coffee) eating mainly 2 meals a day w some Brazil's for my selenium around 2 pm & not a bit hungry

    Doing CT twice a week - going up to 3x this week. Can bear it for around 35 mins - then I start getting shivery - but can keep going up to 45 - my max at present - I think my belly fat is shrinking but not sure - subtle - and no weight loss at all but my energy is fantastic so I'm going on that! Think the wt can wait - I'm about 10kgs more than I want to be.

    Yesterday at work I got SO MUCH done - my mind clear & strong - I also have SO much more energy for others. I realise I used to clos myself off to all except the women I was seeing for care. Just didn't have any vitality to spare on anyone else - my goodness how I used to DRAG myself thru a day! Iam just absolutely AMAZED at how good I am feeling on more days than off now.

    Seem to be sweating more ? Buts the 'build up' to the wet season is beginning here in the tropics - just the very start of it w increased humidity

    Loving being more aware of nature - getting in the sun- touching lying rolling around on Mother Earth

    Reading heaps more - fiction & non fiction - less on the computer and iPad ( wish I could read more of Jacks stuff though!!!) will have to kill trees and print the blogs out me thinks?- another book perhaps Dr K?

    Don't watch any TV anymore so prob lots less stress that way too

    Am convincing my DH who has seen a remarkable improvement in me - from daily adrenal fatigue to much more upbeat happy and energized person - he's even waiting for me to order my magnetico ( tax man be kind!)

    All in all I ain't going back - only forward w this - most incredible thing ever.

    Questions on my mind - when do u stop eating as per leptin reset? I'm not sure I'm sensitive & guess I'm NOT cos no wt loss tho other signs coming.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What a beautiful post .....you are seeing amazing, life changing stuff.....It is almost like....welcome to the real world of beauty and sunshine and flowers ect. etc. etc. And you get to hold brand new babies and be there for incredible moments of a new life.

    Imagine the incredible impact you are going to have on those around you, and, of course your partner.....don't forget to up the oxy and really but a smile on his dial..and yours too....;)
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I forgot to say ..... the whole weight loss thing is weird for some of us......my body comp definitely changed and is still changing - a year and a half later. It feels as if the body that was under there is emerging slowly but surely.

    When my hormones etc were all out of wack my upper body was much bigger than my lower half......now I have a normal body shape with a waist and everything. :)
  5. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Can't weight (sic) for that bodily compo changes - Thanx so much Caroline - lovin the sunshine flowers & Mother Earth - feel like I'm almost a kid again loving life!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    After I posted above - I was thinking that I aways was an apple shape.....now I don't now what I am! I think maybe a mini hour glass???? May need verification on that............
  7. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Been a while - life gets busy & restricted hrs on iPad doesn't allow me much time to write - preferring to read info to try to 'get it'

    Not sure what's happening to me but this past weekend spent 2 days feeling like crap - a bit of fatigue - some mild joint pains and needing more sleep - loss of energy somewhere .
    Today a HUGE STY on my eye - replete w swelling along the lymphatic pathway it is draining into - not pleasant. Feel almost a bit flu- ey.

    Could I be Detoxing? Have quit all cream, coffee and eating a good Epi paleo diet at perfect times - not so hungry in day - can miss lunch on most days & sweating more than before - esp after food? Have been CTing 3 x week. Drinking RO water (Pureau) - lots, circadian rhythms & less EMF.

    Feeling a bit deflated right now! Will this pass and is it detox experienced Krusers? Or just an altered field that is still screwed up after 6 wks on perfect Leptin reset protocol?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my guess would be detox.....other than that ... you are doing great! ;) A lot of people have experienced all kinds of crazy detox........feel better soon......xo
  9. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I used to think that detox was a handy thing to blame for just about anything. But now that I have been taking a prescription to help me methylate, I have found that detox is like a walk in the past. Besides the headache and diarrhea, I've been experiencing all kinds of problems that take me back to my SAD eating days. Allergy symptoms including a brief sore throat, joint pain, coughing, skin issues... I was afraid I'd get one of my famous sinus infections or ear infections, so now I'm taking all kinds of antioxidants and such. They seem to control the symptoms.

    Have you had a sty before? It seems that in detox the body uses paths that have been used before. If I had known decades ago that I was detoxing when I was blaming fungus and pollen, perhaps I could have figured things out sooner.
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    When I started CT baths early last year, I had one toe which started bothering me fairly quickly. It was the toe I had broken while a pre-teenager.
  11. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Interesting & heartening guys - yes I did have a sty in my eye ONCE before - just after I had my first son - that's 32 yrs ago now. It's not a pathway that is common for me but I'm open to the possibility of it being a throwback.

    Nonchalant when u mention the medication that assisted u w methylation - does this mean my methylation pathway is actually working?

    I must read more to understand what this means. Understanding all this is slow for me! As I've said b4 I'm def not a scientist! Quantum biology / physics etc is like a whole new language.

    Agree that all the symptoms seem to be vague & some fleeting - hav also had headaches - mild but irritating. Today my gumpy eye is still red & swollen but localizing (improving).

    Still feeling better than I have in many yrs so keeping going but was feeling flat - the symptoms & the fact I've had no weight loss at all. Also wondering if I'm not eating enough greens/ veggies w the carb restrictions?

    My test this week is having my elderly parents visit me! They aren't gng to like the TV and blue light restrictions.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    a daughters gotta do what a daughters gotta do :) You need to get yourself healthy ..... right now - you come first.
    Bottom line .... end of story.......
  13. Determined

    Determined New Member

    True true! They've always tht I was a bit "unique" anyway - I'm just keeping up the story
  14. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I have no idea about your methylation, Determined. I think everyone can detox to some extent or they would be dead quick.
  15. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Sure nc but wondering if detox is a sign of something working - I'm wondering whether the CT - which seems to be slowly reducing belly fat - is releasing something from those old stored fat cells. Don't really understand methylation as I said - will read some more on weekend.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Be peculiar as well ... And really give them something to chuckle about! Remind them that you need to be very healthy in case you have to care for them some day! Of course it would be great if they started eating epi paleo with you....

    It is amazing to me that people just can't give up their carbs ....they just don't want to and just won't. That is another story I guess.
  17. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Just saw the folks off after 9 days- they were quite accepting of the blue blockers - after a little laugh. As they dropped their statins, ACEi, antidepressants & shot their insulin, slept poorly and were grumpy most the time!! Told my DH to PLS shoot me if I ever get that bad! Love em but unfort they will never know anything other than mainstream BS.

    I have been feeling well tho have been feeling a bit despondent as I have been eating Epi Paleo perfectly but have still gained weight, abt 5kgs. It's quite unsettling.

    Restarted on some pregnenolone after waiting 3 mths for it arrive from Life Extension ( must have been held up by the authorities or something) & feel like I have 'shit on the liver' or 'liver Qi Stagnation' in Chinese Medicine terms - after taking it (again) for 3 days. Must be up regulating some hormones that don't need upping!

    Going to do my blood tests & salivary ASI (& hsCRP, etc etc) hormones shortly. Looking fwd to getting that window into what the hell is going on. Used to have a fast metabolism. :-(
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Glad to see you survived "the folks" to bad isn't it that they can't embrace the epi-paleo.

    But my friends think I am going to die from too much protein! If they really knew that it is fat I am eating .......... I have told them - but I think they don't believe me.....You couldn't stay slender eating 2 lbs of butter a week plus a kilo of bacon and who knows how much coconut oil and dark chocolate...and stilton cheese........

    Are you getting your saliva test from canary club? [ZRT]
  19. Hemming

    Hemming New Member

    Of course your mom and dad are accepting what you do. I've been doing a lot of non-conventional things too and I said to my mom and dad 'I know you think I'm crazy but that's how I want to live' to which my dad replied 'listen, I don't care what you do as long as you feel good' in a way that there was no doubt in my mind he meant it.

    I know what you mean about the weight, its not easy. I know its a kind of lame advice but don't look at the scale. Look in the mirror and sense how you feel.
  20. Lava

    Lava Gold

    It's very frustrating to tell people isn't it..But I don't care anymore and I just blab it all out..My neighbors drive me insane. They are still drinking diet soda with a quart of vodka a day. They eat low fat everything..Now he has dementia and I have told them about the brain etc. She wont budge and change because Dave had heart surgery and can't eat fat!!!!!!! I just stay away now. I hate watching them do this to themselves..and I no longer accept invitations to dinner....

    ...I stopped eating fruit over a week ago and have dropped 6 pounds...

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