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Determined to find a way

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Determined, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    so - my SQUID is not detecting well .....is that also why I am not thirsty?
  2. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Gosh i think I'm a dying star! Getting bigger - cos my electrons still aren't working properly!!

    And the buzzy thing like u Caroline ( though this is much better now) - that counts for something huh?

    No RO water anywhere in Cairns! Is Fiji water better than nothing?

    waiting for my tax to get a magnetico ( just want that advice from any other Aussies who have ordered one - did they get slugged w import taxes?)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sorry - I haven't got to it yet! Do you have an Aldi? they have water from Italy...it is around $1.50 a bottle - one and a half litre

    I was thinking I would get a R/O thing for the counter - but I am wondering about that now. Dr. K. said we should be sourcing water from outside the country - so does that mean that getting an R/O thing isn't good enough?

    My head hurts 24/7 now.........
  4. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Thanx Caroline no Aldi in Cns - bummer!! Yeah but if we can get RO seawater it cld be ok - my head hurts too. It's a lot to take in & I'm def NO SCIENTIST. Work more on an intuitive - gut instinct kind of wavelength. Still found Jack & I think that's a good thing - although I'm a big red giant I'm doing what I can & will keep tweaking. And eating oysters and lots of seafood, not sure abt raw meat tho -any really good recipes for novices?? A bit scary.

    Have asked Nick re Magnetico & listened to the Dr Dean Bonlies interviews on Its Rainmaking time - think I've even convinced my skeptical DH re getting a mattress now.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yep - definitely no scientist here either....what an understatement.....I am a woo-woo girl all the freakin way....

    So - I know Dr. k. Said sea water ....but if we get an R/O unit - that is using our tap water and that is rain water - correct?

    This is embarrassing.....
  6. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Haha Caroline Dr J knows ur really a starfish! Im w you tho and yep think we got that right if we get a counter top RO it's not gng to cut it here. I got offered a 2nd hand RO unit at the health food shop the other day - the guy said I cld have his for 500 bucks but said it used a 'ton of water'. Which won't work here cos we pay for water PLUS its still not good enough to really hydrate those cells.

    Should we all move to the States - I hear that houses r cheap ?
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yep .... I think we should! Apparently there is 2500 empty acres next to the big white shark! Think of the great shopping!
    I would love to buy a really nice pair of jeans for under $300.00 .... dreamin here.....

    But - on the news last night....they were interviewing David Suzuki...do you know of him? He is a Canadian scientist and environmentalist. Apparently we have desalination plants here that aren't being used? I am not a real Aussie so don't know about all this stuff!

    so - could I go to the ocean and get a bucket of water and run it thru a R/O unit?
  8. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Still no changes, but wondering how other Krusers get all their info w/out all the EMF exposure? I would stay on the puter ALL day if i could reading this stuff, but have stopped myself & getting out in nature more & DEFINATELY NONE at night.
    Am reluctant to sign up as a member to watch/ listen to all the seminars cos i have to WORK!
    How do you all do it?
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I always wonder how everyone does it too! If your computer is wired in it makes a huge difference and wear your blueblockers whenever on. I don't seem to have a problem then ....but my ipad is a whole other kettle of fish! My feet were going numb when I was using wifi - I was tethering my laptop to my phone. Dr. K. had to practically beat me over the head with a stick to make me listen!

    Remember that Dr. K. is very easy to listen to and you get so much info so much faster. You haven't had the benefit of a skype informational consult.......he is very direct and easy to understand and kind and always listens ...nothing like the blogs. When you talk to him it is always a two-way conversation.

    Everyone needs to listen to the sex webinar at least once in their life and also the one with Erwan Lecorre to get a much better understanding of this man.

    The webinars are usually 60 min. - sometimes 90 minutes ....and you can listen to them whenever you have time.
    if you do the live Q&A you can ask questions ...usually on anything.......but you don't have to listen live - you can listen at anytime you have time.

    You can always become a gold member [you have access to everything at any time] and then if it doesn't suit you - you can drop it ....no problem at all...

    I think if you reduce your EMF exposure throughout your house - you will be fine. Have we talked about your bedroom?
  10. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Hi Caroline Thanx for always answering & being encouraging! I wonder how you do it! Sounds to me like ur doing well.

    Tell me more more abt bedrooms? Do u mean stopping the current in - tried but cant do cos it also turns my air con off & I need the coolness to sleep here in Cairns - it's warming up quickly as all southern Aussies know too w the Spring heat wave. I'm renting here for work reasons but thinking of trying to get a little farmhouse rental a bit out of town.
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You need to get rid of your clock radio and tv, I phone and anything else like that in your bedroom. I was sleeping with the clock radio next to my head. Even your watch with batteries.....

    What about a microwave? You need to unplug it.....what is next to your bedroom - anything that would be giving off huge amounts of EMF? A smart meter? Did you read Nicks story in the donut hole thread? An old refrig on the other side of the wall where his 3 yr old slept plus other stuff - had a huge impact on him.

    If you rented a farm house - you could sleep outside. Can you get close to a river?
  12. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Yep that was all done a few weeks back - only me (& my DH when he visits) and the AC in bedroom now - oh and a fan . I tried to turn off the current at fuse box but unfort the AC is connected as well which is a big bummer! No fridge close by. Read Nicks blog abt his son& the fridge- its so scary most ppl dont even blink an eye abt this!

    However I do live on the 3rd floor of units so come November when my lease is up I'm looking for that farmhouse!
    Bought Pureau water today - reputedly RO & some lovely prawns (aka 'shrimp') & oysters - & fresh tuna - yum yum
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    When you get a farmhouse I am coming to visit ....I want to sleep in a tent.....I never have. I want to camp and fish and swim in a river naked and have a bonfire and look at the stars and have a handsome man grill me a fish ...
  14. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Youd be VERY welcome to do that Caroline - when i find that special place I could supply the land, but how about a TIPI? (assisted a women birth her baby in a tipi once, by candlelight, by a river, very beautiful, i was the only person clothed, prude that i am! She spent her post natal time there too, lotus birth, ie placenta still attached to bub, lucky it was a hot spring & the cord was off in 2 days! a record) He must be 20yrs old now that memorable tipi baby!

    It was such a lovely 'space' to be in, I would LOVE a tipi, plus you can stand up in there & have a fire in the middle, how cool is that. The American Indians knew how to do it.

    That brings up memories of the first time I went to work in the Australian desert with the Pitjantjatjarra people. As part of our cultural orientation we medical mob got to camp in the desert with a local Aboriginal family.

    stayed in a 'wiltja' - just a simple roof shelter made of branches. Of course we also had the luxury of a 'swag' ( a mattress with canvas outer) & it was winter & there was ICE on the ground in the morning. I often wondered how the hell Aboriginal people could have lived in the desert in winter (or Summer!), where it is MINUS degrees o/n in winter, replete with ice and no clothing. They didnt use many skins in the desert because of their very nomadic lifestyle required for water/ hunting.

    Of course fire, dogs and other human bodies helped, but now i know they were COLD adapted. When you see photos of desert family groups prior to white contact, they all had the most beautiful shiny skin & eyes, slim muscular bodies and a very proud stance- i saw the last remnants of these people when i first went out bush in the early nineties.

    None left now & of course metabolic syndrome, T2DM and all the other neolithic diseases run rampantly through all the tribal groups (though there are always rumours of a few ppl who choose to still live traditionally out in the desert...spooky stories of sightings etc). But so Sad to see the destruction in families and lives i seems to be on a larger scale than what we see in the West. Very premature deaths.

    Back to the fantasy you mentioned, might be able to supply most of your requirements but not sure about the handsome fish grillin man, you might have to BYO! :)
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What an amazing story - I am going to read this again and again.....
    I have never heard of a lotus birth .....why is that better? You have had amazing experiences - I hope you are keeping a diary and write a book some day.

    I really hope that you listen to the webinar with Erwan Lecorre and Jack ......I know I seem obsessed or maybe possessed but I think that you will understand why when you see it.

    Once, when my DH was in the hospital for an extended period of time I stayed in the lodge that the hospital provides.
    Staying there as well was an aboriginal Lady and we talked daily as we were toing and froing to the hospital.

    She left one morning very early before I was awake and I found a bag hanging on my door ... it contained a book she had written about the stolen generation - she was one .....she also wrote me a beautiful letter. She had the most kind and generous spirit - even tho she had suffered so much for various reasons .....she only tried to comfort me.......
  16. Determined

    Determined New Member

    thx Caroline, never tht abt writing a book, just cos my experience is like a lot of fellow midwives and remote area nurses (whom i know anyway). I do feel really privileged to have spent so much time w Aboriginal ppl and like your lovely experience, many have the most beautiful souls/ hearts that i have been very honoured to experience... I will tell you a story one day of one beautiful elder whom i went to a birth conference with & "spoke of the sacred duty of the midwife", all the audience was in tears! so was i! She told me a story of being sick in the desert prior to white contact, and of walking over 100 miles w her family to get some special herb to heal her. It was an AMAZING story!!!!

    Lotus birth - just a snippet of its benefits..leaving the cord uncut & attached to the placenta till it drops off.... not everyone's cup of tea, but it does ensure baby gets ALL of its blood supply - about an extra 60-80mls after the birth (babys TOTAL blood volume is only 80 mls/kg e.g around 240mls all up in a 3kg baby), which is of enormous benefit (& the research is NOW affirming.. (mothers always instinctively knew - we havent cut the cord early at homebirths for as long as I have been around!), it has benefits for bonding ie cant move around much when a placenta is attached (the cord gets very dry, like a twig!) but some ppl believe that because its 'part' of the baby ie all came from the same beginnings (am sure Jack would be able to describe the embryology here!)- an extension of itself, that when the baby is 'ready' to let it go, ie its of no further use (some would argue its of no use once the blood flow has stopped) that its the 'right' time for it to separate, claiming baby is calmer, more secure, more whole as a consequence.

    I don't really know about any of the so called 'spiritual' benefits, or of better human beings because of it, but i am supportive of parent's choices and if this is what they want to do, fully support them. What i do know, is that because of the 'appendage' of having a dry cord & placenta attached (specially wrapped/ salted etc), it does SLOW everything down. Ie Ppl cant come in & pass the newborn around, its just not practical, and so baby & mother often stay very cocooned in their own little blissful new world for a few days till the time comes when the cord separates & baby is free of the unwanted appendage! ie none of this going to shopping mall on Day 2 after birth if there is a placenta attached! Breaks my heart to see women up & about racing around straight after birth.

    I think the Chinese are very right in nurturing the mothers 'Jing" (essence, vitality) very carefully after birth! Nurture your JING or will definitely come back to bite you (& take heed of Dr Jacks warnings about Circadian rhythms, good water & dietary proteins, & EMF as well - OF COURSE!).
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What a beautiful story......thanks for sharing. So - the placenta delivers itself with no problems? I always thought that was a danger?

    I cant wait to hear your story.....someday over a bottle of grange......

    Have you read the book - the cosmic sergeant . By Narby - cant remember his first name....maybe Jeremy......
  18. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Nope haven't read that but will now on ur recommendation Caroline - mmm Grange in a tipi by a fire- how's that sound?
  19. Determined

    Determined New Member

    Wld that be Serpent by Jeremy Narby?
  20. Determined

    Determined New Member

    A heap of cool books by this author - goody!

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