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Dennis Clark Live

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dennis Clark, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Life.....what constitutes it is interesting. Most biologists would say a virus is dead. I would not. Most people think Denis is alive and kicking. I think Denis is a virus.........who needs to parasitize his environment to remain alive by pushing massive flows of energy through his inner mitochondrial membrane every minute he is alive. The information being pushed is more important.

    See.......when you see the quantum side of life all of the sudden things that were gospel to you suddenly become distinctly questionable.

    Nice thought huh for a Friday afternoon?

    Wine.........it makes the mind wander to wonder.........doesn't it?
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  2. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    This seems to be a good place to post personal data. My labs, for example, consist of the panels available from Life Extension during their annual member sale. It is a LOT of stuff, some of which I am not yet clear about. Nevertheless, the more interesting ones to me are as follows for lab work in 2011 and 2015 (I hope the spacing is not too far off in the text):

    ITEM REF RANGE 2011 2015 UNITS
    Free testosterone 6.6-18.1 8.8 8.7 pg/mL
    DHEA-sulfate 51.7-295 192.6 179.5 ug/dL
    Estradiol 7.6-42.6 36.6 44.1 pg/mL
    Pregnenolone MS <151 84 ND ng/dL
    Dihydrotestosterone 30-85 48 ND ng/dL
    Testosterone, serum 193-740 542 554 ng/dL
    Homocysteine 0.0-15.0 5.7 13.3 umol/L
    C-reactive protein 0.0-0-3.00 1.72 0.47 mg/L
    Hemoglobin A1c 4.8-5.6 ND 5.4 %
    TSH 0.450-4.500 1.24 6.12 uIU/mL
    Vit. D 25-hydroxy 32.0-100 37.7 69.7 ng/mL

    Some Kruse-recommended tests are missing (e.g., free T3, T4) so I will have to order them up sometime.

    Results are not horrible, although I really don't like the estradiol data. The CRP seems to be pretty good, though. And I know that I could stand to improve the Vit. D and testosterone levels.

    The full comparison of a gazillion tests for 2011 and 2015 is summarized in the attached pdf version of an Excel file that I put together from the two reports. If anyone reading this is still having trouble sleeping, looking at lots of raw data like this might be helpful zonking out.

    The 2015 results are from May, which means that they may not yet reflect my efforts since January with CT (ca. 4 times per week for 2 hrs with CoolFatBurner and GutBuster), wearing blue-blockers every evening when home, having BABs followed by 8 hrs fasting whenever possible (added to previous pattern of 24-hr fasting twice a week), and continued sprint interval training (running or cycling 3-4 times a week) and Body by Science weightlifting (once per week max), plus a lot more time doing barefoot grounding outside. (My golfing buddies seem to think playing golf barefoot is nuts ... little to they know!)

    That's it for now.

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  3. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Oh, and eating lots and lots of oily fish.
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  4. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Dennis the Health Troll here. At least that is what I have become on this forum. I read and read and read, without saying or contributing much. Ah, the fear of judgment is strong in me! Nevertheless, to Dr. K and all others, you have provided me with a huge amount of information that I have used for changing my own life for the better. I have become a mitochondriac over the past couple of years or so, and I hadn't even heard of the term before!

    As for my journal now ... simple biohacking has been my goal in many ways. One of them involves my vitamin D levels. I have gone from 37.7 in 2011 to 69.7 (2015), to 44.1 (2016), to 41.4 (2018, this month). Behind the scenes, I was supplementing until 2016. The up and down readings are a bit baffling. In 2016 I decided to stop supplementing and see what I could do with just sunshine. After more than a year of good amounts of UVB in the middle of the day, my reading of 41.4 seems somewhat disappointing. It is, however, "real" in the sense that it came mostly from vit D sulfate made in my skin. At least I think so. My biohack result is that I no longer get seasonal flu or colds.

    My Medicare physicals are all the data I have for the past couple of years. In other words, not very informative. At least I know that my lipid panel remains excellent in every way, however unimportant that actually is. I plan to marshall all the scheckels I can within the next month or so to get a monster set of labs from LEF.

    More to come.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    nice update
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Homocysteine 0.0-15.0 5.7 13.3 umol/L


    DDW - Deuterium Depleted Water

  7. shiran

    shiran Curious

    I also started with vitamin D around the 40. today without supplements I have over 100 .
    persistence in this name of the game , each one of us is different at its own pace of progression
    Keep up your good work "Dennis the Health Troll "
    now summer is comming with the good sun that will raise the vitamin D
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  8. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

  9. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    HI, Shiran: Thank you for your kind comment. I am very glad that you got vit D level up to 100. Here in Arizona we have the tremendous advantage of lots of sunlight. You must have the same advantage. BTW, your health journal is inspirational. Now, YOU keep up the good work!
  10. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Laughing at myself...

    I had to laugh at myself earlier this week. I was standing in the back yard at around 8:30 AM, in full sun, without a stitch of clothing on, eating a pile of shrimp.

    It just struck me as funny at that moment, to look back at my pre-Epi-Paleo existence (i.e., 'sleepwalking through life') and how my current behaviors are geared toward being a Black Swan Mitochondriac. The road to optimal is a hoot!

    After making seemingly countless changes, life just keeps getting better. I have plenty of room for more improvements. Jack and all the folks here on the forum have imbued me with the key to success: persistence (Calvin Coolidge was right!). I will just keep learning to do better so I know how to do better.

    Thanks, one and all, and enjoy your laugh with me!
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  12. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Beautiful, JanSz. Thanks. A couple of years ago I wrote a short homage to family and friends who are (were) veterans. I just read it again, and it is spot on for Memorial Day, too.

    Good thoughts. Thanks again.
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  13. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Oh, and I am thrilled to be hosting my favorite veteran - my daughter - who is coming in for a week's visit today.
  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    My gratitude to your daughter for her part in keeping this great country in good order.
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  15. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Thank you so much, JanSz. I will convey your gratitude to her.
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  16. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    More Mitochondriac Fun
    Once again I had to chuckle about how life changes with new knowledge. Similar to my comment from May a year ago, I found myself tickled pink once again today. I never thought I'd eat raw oysters. Nevertheless, there I was this morning, outside again without a stitch on, eating a bowl of them (maybe 6 oz). Just a little bacon fat and Tabasco sauce for flavoring. The thought of doing these kinds of things would never, ever have occurred to me before I ran across Jack Kruse back in 2015. I have even taken the bull by the horns to fill a major gap in food availability, i.e., of seafood sausage. Ahi tuna and 'monstro' shrimp sausages are fantastic, raw and cooked. Ah, the life of a Black Swan Mitochondriac...healthful AND entertaining.
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  17. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    Vitamin D: Biohacking Update

    Results continue to get better. The latest level is 49.8 ng/mL (up from 41.4 a little over a year ago). This is gratifying, even though it may not seem spectacular. Jack's continued emphasis to be persistent is a home run in my book. It applies to ALL walks of life, especially when biohacking my own health.

    Two oddities from my report (from SonoraQuest Labs) are:

    1. "51-150 ng/mL leads to increased of hypercalciuria" Of course, CW is way off base here. Mayo even goes so far as to say this risk may have a genetic cause. As for me, I'd love to see my level continue to rise, since I am "supplementing" it only with sunshine.

    2. My BUN/creatinine ratio continues to be just below 10, which SonoraQuest asterisked for being out of range (minimum "normal" level is supposed to be 10).

    One more item of interest: I have been eating a seasonally high-fat diet for at least a couple of years now (Epi-Paleo Rx more than ever). More carbs in summer, fewer in winter, etc. Gee, according to the AHA's half-baked CW, my heart disease risk should be rising due to all that fat. However, my lipid profile is perfect in every way (acc. to the simplest tests, anyway). Nothing like doing an N=1 experiment to see how wrong CW can be.

    My 71-year old self just keeps getting better and better. (Imagine my happy dance here ... re Steve Martin).
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Imagine that........Nature has the best Rx for cells.
  19. Dr. Dennis glad to hear your doing better. As you know measuring results provide better indicators as to how well a protocol is working for us. May we recommend:

    SpectraCell Laboratories’ male hormone, thyroid, adrenals
    ZRT Laboratory’s neurotransmitters, “stress & hormones” tests
    Both these companies provide unique information – SpectraCell provides how your cells potentially respond with nutrients, hormones, etc.; ZRT provides you information about your metabolites – that is how your body used up this stuff.

    Assuming your latitude and zip code is optimal for your healing, I would love to learn how well it (solar redox) is healing your gut.

    Looking Forward,
    Grandpa John
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  20. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Dr. Dennis Clark

    5 Years of Epi-Paleo Living

    Not a day goes by without me doing something for optimal health. As of this date, I have lost track of the many, many changes this has entailed since I first encountered the Jack Kruse tsunami back in 2015.

    Persistence in learning and applying quantum biology is still the key for continually upgrading my health.

    I’ve often thought of what I’d like to convey here in my Optimal Journal. What I’ve done over the past 5 years is overwhelming – i.e., me overwhelming myself.

    Nevertheless, I thought I’d put down at least a few of the highlights here. In part, this helps me clarify my thinking. I also hope it serves others on the forum in some way.

    (I’ve also been inspired lately by Jack’s call for Black Swan Mitochondriacs to become Roosters – spreading the word loud and long.)

    I’ll start by pointing out more of what I do now, on a daily and weekly basis. First off, I get more sunshine over the whole day. Morning, mid-day, and late afternoon. It took me a while to grasp the value of ‘whole’ sunshine in every part of the day. I love getting my skin in the sunshine!

    I have also just concluded my fourth year of CTing. It started in a swimming pool (with chlorine – bummer!) for the first two years. The past two have been in an outdoor tank, a 100-gallon galvanized steel cattle trough. Our most recent winter has been the coldest of the past four years, so I got a good 3-4 months of sub-55 degree soaking – 3-4 times a week at 20 minutes to an hour at a time. With 6-10 lbs of Epsom salts. No more chlorine.

    Sunshine and CTing have become the foundation for going optimal. Good amounts of high-quality sleep are a consequence AND a driver of better health. Reducing exposure to blue light, especially after sundown, complements the sun and the cold.

    One of the surprising perks of this lifestyle is all the seafood. When I was a kid, having deep-fried prawns at the only Chinese-American restaurant in my home town was a rare treat. Occasionally my dad would bring home some fresh crab. Canned tuna was a staple.

    Now I enjoy seafood pretty much every day. My freezer always has several pounds of shrimp (fave: wild-caught Argentine red shrimp, 13-15 count), ahi tuna steaks, wild-caught salmon, and jumbo scallops. Once or week or so I get a jar of raw oysters (8 oz) and gobble them down raw, with a little soy sauce and a dash of Tabasco. For snacks I have canned sardines, smoked baby clams, or smoked oysters.

    Recently I even created a mixed sausage of pork and shrimp. Delicious cooked or raw.

    What was a rare delicacy growing up is now my staple diet. Whoda thunk it?

    Main Observed Changes

    Hacking the 3-legged stool. My life as a research scientist still gets in the way. I’m trained to focus on single variables and design research based on reductionist thinking. Biohacking presents a particular challenge, since many variables are involved and since N=1 provide no statistical variance. (No need to pursue that problem here … statistics are arbitrary anyway – and that comes from R.A. Fisher, the father of 20th century statistical methods.)

    Still, I do know my own body somewhat. And changes I’ve noticed over the past 5 years has been phenomenal.

    I’ve already mentioned how my vitamin D levels are nearly completely sunshine-generated.

    What really surprised me the most is how I apparently live on electrons better than I used to. This means I seem to eat hardly anything and still don’t get hungry. My twice a week 24-hour fasting has morphed into one meal a day, every day of the week, usually mid to late morning.

    I do recall one of the results of CTing from early research on astronauts was a reduced appetite. At this point, my food intake seems to have dropped off a cliff. I’m simply incapable of eating even half as much as I did just 5 years ago. My sweet tooth has been dulled, too. Before going Epi-Paleo, I could (and would) start out the day with a dozen cookies. Now that just seem gross and unappealing.

    The combination of CTing and more time in the sun has also changed my acclimation to weather. Even during my first year of CTing, I developed a much improved tolerance to cold. It adds to and boosts the heat tolerance I developed years ago by running 5 miles a day all year long, even at noon in July in central Arizona. (I don’t do endurance training anymore … another fallout from reading Jack’s blogs.)

    I quit wearing a hat and sunglasses outdoors. Now I notice more than ever how so many people around me extend their indoor living styles to outdoors by wearing hats, sunglasses, sunblock, and too much clothing. Not for me, ever again.

    I’ll tell the most valuable lesson in all of Krusology involves changing my attitude. I always had a good one. (The title of an award certificate on my office wall i titled, “Attitude is Everything.” Spot on!) Now it is even better. Success of all kinds rests on it.

    My road to optimal still has some bumps in it. I still have plenty of action steps to take as I learn more. Traveling this road a wonderful process.

    A couple of things I haven’t solved yet are the crepey skin on my forearms and the slight edema I have around my ankles. Some more dots to connect.

    I’ll wind up this brief synopsis by pointing out how this forum fulfills one of the top 6 sources of healing Jack has listed several times: friends.

    People on this forum, and in blog comments elsewhere, really care about each other. It starts at the top, with Jack. More than once he has pointed out how people pay better attention when they know how much you care.

    Even though I haven’t met others on this forum face to face, I consider everyone here as my friends.

    With much gratitude,
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