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Del's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Del Henderson, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Hi All, great to be a part of the Tribe here… Have spent the last year ingesting numerous podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, recommended books, research papers etc and now its time to step my game up… My story of how I became ‘Entangled’ with Dr Jack was completely by chance… I guess luck was on my side that day…

    Here’s my Story…

    In December 2015 I Moved in to new apartment here in the UK, in 3 months I Started getting pretty unwell. Sickness / Bowel / Bladder Issues and Uncontrollable Adrenaline… had no clue what was happening inside my body… had a relatively clean bill of health up until that point…

    In May 2016 - Went to see my GP. I was Diagnosed with Depressive Anxiety and IBS. Was Prescribed Prozac and Omeprazole and was sent on my way… I had a gut feeling this was a mis-diagnosis and I refused to take the meds… I knew inside me it was something deeper..

    This Continued thru Summer. Was recommended by a friend to go see a Functional Medicine Doc… I was treated with Hypnotherapy (For the adrenaline/ anxiety) and some supplements to help with the stomach imbalance… There was a slight improvement over time...

    In November 2016 - Completely by chance (Ironically as I was laying on a beach in the Yucatan, Mexico!) a Podcast by Dr.JK automatically started playing on my iPhone… it was a channel I subscribed to, so it automatically started playing the next episode as I was sunbathing… which was densely packed with info which was ALL new to me. I found it really interesting and, well, Jaw Dropping if i’m honest. I listened to it a second time over to try and absorb some of this new info. I noticed ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ mentioned a few times. The more I listened about Adrenal Fatigue and the link to EMF Exposure I felt a visceral response and I began to wonder if there may be small chance this relates to my situation. I looked into it a bit more… I had nothing to lose so I ordered a Trifield meter, thinking that my neighbours Hi Tech powerful WiFi Units (He’s a Computer Geek and Gamer) might be to blame..

    The meter came within 2 days.. I tested in the room next to the adjoining wall to his apartment… surprisingly the readings were lower than I thought, around 3mg

    Went into the Living Room and the Trifield was Redlining… needle was trying to move past the end of the scale… I thought there may have been a problem with the meter at first.. I walked out of the room, the needle went back to 2 mg… back in to the Living Room and it was red lining again… the bedroom was the same… I was scratching my head for 5 mins.. moved the meter towards the ceiling, the reading went down to 80, then 70… back down to the floor again and the redlining started around 3 to 4 feet from the floor… a Eureka moment… it was like the plot twist at the end of a film where all the events fall into place… My Electric Underfloor heating was pumping out Off the Scale Levels of EMF… And I had spent the first three months sleeping on a mattress on the floor during the winter with the heating switched ON almost 24/7..

    Just to confirm my findings, Had an EMF Engineer / Geobiologist come round to do a full survey (Will post results later)
    He commented that he had never seen readings so high in all the time he has been surveying..

    I knew this had to be to blame, but remained open minded… This was definitely the lowest point in my life… the stomach issues and the lack of energy I could handle but the uncontrollable adrenaline pumping pretty much 24/7 was really unbearable… I literally Immersed myself in Dr. JK Podcasts and recommended books and papers mentioned in them..

    Started the following Recovery Steps:

    Underfloor Heating OFF (whenever I was in the room)

    CT (I hated the cold so this was tough!)

    Grounding (Barefoot whenever possible)

    AM Sunlight (I am lucky enough to ba able to spend a bit of time away from the UK in sunnier Climes)

    Using iPhone and iPad much less

    Reading and Research as I mentioned above

    Lots of Seafood and Quality Water

    I started noticing a slight improvement almost straight away, maybe because I seemed to have figured out the cause? but gradually felt better and better every few weeks… I would say that it was 6 or 7 months before I finally felt ‘Normal’ again… and I never appreciated how good that ‘Normal’ felt!!

    They say out of something bad comes something good... I have gained so much knowledge in one year and helped myself and hopefully will be able to help others too.. my eyes have been well and truly opened!!

    Now my Journey to Optimum is full steam ahead..
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  2. Age: 42 Sex: M Joined JackKruse.com: October 2017

    Location: Wokingham, Berkshire, England

    Dx: 2013 Diagnosed with possible stomach ulcer - given Metronidazole (for H Pylori altho none were found in test) and 4 Months of Omeprazole. No improvement. Went to see my Osteopath in Lanzarote, Islas Canarias, and was telling him about my symptoms… sounded to him like a Hiatal Hernia.. a bit of manipulation in the stomach area and the symptoms never returned.

    2016 - Diagnosed with Depressive Anxiety and IBS… was prescribed with Fluoxetine (Prozac) and more Omeprazole…. I never believed this for one second… and this is how this journey began….

    I have had high levels of ALT on Liver Function Tests for the last 10 years (<56) between 77 &123 with no cause ever found. No Symptoms either.

    Surgeries: None (Thankfully)

    Current Rx: None (Again, Thankfully)

    Current Therapies / Protocols: Morning Sunlight (Whenever possible) (I spend a few months a year, mainly UK Winters, in Lanzarote 28°N Latitude and a month or two in Palau 7°N Latitude)

    Barefoot Grounding

    Seafood and Oysters (whenever possible)

    Mitolife DHA

    Cold Thermogenesis 2-4 times a week


    Health WINS: Reversing my condition mentioned above, without meds. Massive Improvement in my Sleep.. and overall feeling of wellbeing..

    Health Goals: Would like to improve energy Levels, motivation and knowledge.

    Brief Family History:

    Mother: Diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2000 at the age of 46 and since been diagnosed with other auto-immune conditions, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Chronic Fatigue..

    I recently found out that she lived within 30 metres of a power station directly across the road and an electric sub station at the side of their house AND an overhead pylon running above from the age of 3 until 17.

    Father: Never an ill day, doesn’t care what he eats, lives on a staple diet of Chips and Coca -Cola

    Sister: Was born when my Mother was 19.. struggled with a lot of Childhood illnesses

    Grandmother: Lived until 87, died because of a medical error in hospital after a routine procedure. Smoked 40 cigarettes a day for most of her life. Never worried about diet. I never remember her being sick at all.

    Me: Fairly good health record, few minor bumps and bruises growing up… no broken bones, serious diagnoses or any surgical procedures thankfully…

    Since I was 18 I have always been into (what I thought was) Health and Fitness. Always conscious of what I ate… which was pretty good around 75% of the time I would say… exercised on average 4 times a week for the most part..
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Del and welcome.

    Are you still in the same apartment? JK mentioned to someone else that had under floor heating that even if it is off ....it is still a problem.

    Jack is having an optimal members get together in Mexico at Christmas ........

  5. Thanks Caroline. Yes, I still have the apartment, although I hardly ever stay there. I've been 'Chasing the Sun' for the most part of this year...
    I did test the floor when the heating was off and didn't get any readings (Using a Trifield; Cornet 78s; Gigahertz Solutions ME3030B & HF32D) but maybe I will have a re-check when i'm back... I do check periodically after hearing Scompy's story..

    I do hope to make it to one of the members get togethers next year.. I will keep a look out for any dates.. Thanks again
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  6. Just putting together all of my labs to date... thought I would start with Homocysteine Levels here as they are quite interesting.. Supplements vs. Sunplements

    8th August 2016 - (When I was feeling at my worst) 8.8 umol/L

    Advised to take (in quite high doses) Methyl Folate/ B12/ B6/ Nattokinase/ NAC/ TMG for 4 months to lower readings

    14th December 2016 - 10.9 umol/L

    Readings were higher!! Stopped taking the above and got am sunlight, CT and grounding etc. for 9 months

    20th September 2017 - 5.4 umol/L


    Haplogroup from 23 and me

    (M) U2e

    (F) R-L51


    LFT Results as I have high readings of ALT. Will post more detailed results later

    ALT (<56)

    20/09/07 ALT 77
    20/02/08 ALT 88
    20/05/08 ALT 83
    20/05/09 ALT 82
    20/12/09 ALT 87
    22/10/10 ALT 116
    20/10/11 ALT 91
    30/11/16 ALT 123
    17/01/17 ALT 119
  7. Blood Results to Date:

    Attached Files:

  8. Lab Results:

    Attached Files:

  9. More Lab Results:

    Attached Files:

  10. Fatty Acid and Vitamin D Results:

    Attached Files:

  11. Lumbar MRI Results.. just adding here for extra info..

    Attached Files:

  12. Just adding as much info here as I have.. awaiting results next week for (Salivatory) Testosterone; Serotonin; DHEA; Cortisol; Melatonin & Secretory IgA..
  13. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Mr. Henderson:

    You may consider deleting your whole "EMF Home Survey Results" post above. It has a bit more personal info than I'm comfortable having you put out there.

    I removed the personal info and reposted here for you. All relevant data is still there. Click on the thumbnail images to verify.

    It made me a little nervous for you. I'm just trying to watch your back.

    Del's EMF Home Survey Results:

    EMF Home Survey 1 20 Jan 2017.png EMF Home Survey 2 20 Jan 2017.png
  14. Ooh... good spot Drezy.... Thank You!!!!
  15. EMF Home Survey Results:

    Attached Files:

  16. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Keeping an eye out. I'm also U2e FWIW.
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  17. Blood Glucose Levels on a 'Regular Day': mmol/ L

    08:00 - 5.2 (Before Breakfast)

    09:30 - 4.8 (10 Mins after Breakfast)

    09:50 - 5.6 (30 Mins after Breakfast)

    10:30 - 4.9 (1h10m after Breakfast)

    12:30 - 5.2 (Before Lunch)

    13:45 - 5.2 (1h after lunch)

    16:40 - 4.5 (Before Dinner)

    18:00 - 5.0 (1h after dinner)

    22:40 - 5.2 (Before Bed)
  18. A few more labs just arrived... some are looking a bit wayward :(

    Haven't missed a Sunrise in 2018 and saw more Sunrises in 2017 than I did in the first 42 Years of my Life and I feel Greaaaat!!!

    Had a minor setback, had Tinea Versicolor on my back for around a month... seems to have cleared now after using Clotrimazole cream for 4 weeks...

    Attached Files:

  19. Just a quick Journal Update:

    Just returned from a month in Palau (7ºN) and feeling pretty damn good after a month in the Equatorial Sun

    I Have been a Gold Member for 6 months now and I Have listened to the Webinars and Q&A’s up to June 2016.. Some twice over.. Each one is Epic!

    I’m a Good listener, but Not a great reader. Have read a number of blogs. I don’t absorb a lot from the blogs but I do get a feel for what is going on.

    Have Read the following Books to date- Health & Light; The Vital Question; Epi Paleo Rx (3 Times); Life on the Edge

    Done a 23 & Me test a while back, but there’s no indication of SNP’s; CBS; 677.. I emailed them about it and they said ‘677, 1298 and the VDR Receptor are not included on our genotyping chip but the CBS gene is included’ not quite sure what this means..

    Latest labs are all in previous posts. I feel they may be painting a picture that I might be missing

    Still escaping the UK Winters. Been in Lanzarote (28ºN) since November; Palau (7ºN) for 1 month in March then heading to Playa Del Carmen (20ºN) in April to check out some of Dr Kruse's hotspots

    Have hardly missed a sunrise since early 2016

    Generally feeling pretty good, hopefully heading in the right direction to Optimal!

    Still a few (relatively) small health concerns:

    I have very mild Tinnitus

    I feel upper central slight abdominal discomfort when sleeping on my Right hand side. Like a sort of intense hunger feeling. I never get it any other time and I have only had it since getting sick in Mar 2016 (see first post)

    I pretty much have to get up once every night for a Wee.

    Had Tinea Versicolor for a month in Nov 2017, cleared now

    Apart from that, I’m brand new ;)
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Strong work.

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