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Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by diane, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    will do - I'll wrap it up along w/what I sent Dzugan yesterday - and send it to you.... :) Wow I can't believe I figured out through this thought experiment that men's Pg increase during winter... just pulling the threads and following where they take me...
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  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Holy Mackeral Gretchen! You make my head spin also!
    The PG cycle sounds like the reason that when I lost my 45 lbs (when going low carb high fat) I lost most of it in chunks of 5lbs, once each month.
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  3. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Holy moly that was impressive. I am thinking quantum entanglement with Dr. Kruse's brain. Thank you for the lesson.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Whole heartedly agree with that. I need to become entangled with someone with a quantum brain and steal some electrons!
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  5. diane

    diane Gold

    I have to bookmark or subscribe to this thread - somehow make it easy to find as I know I will be coming back to make sure I absorb it. Then back to EMF-7 and 8 to continue to find threads. Awesome!
  6. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    So helpful Gretchen...I'm going to print this one out for sure.
  7. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    Yep you've tied up a ton for me personally Gretchen. A heartfelt Thank You.
    I was part way there but missing clarity on the hormone aspect.

    I had three uncharacteristically "difficult" CT experiences (blue fingernails in the bath and slow warm up) in a row last week - cd 23 - cd 28.
    It's summer here, summer carb levels are up to 100g ...which it turns out I can not afford yet, in no small part due to my grandmother's summer pregnancy and my mother's... Hypoglycemia and migraines right the way down through that line BTW. It's tough being born needing winter, but geared for summer. :cool:

    I need to get back to winter ASAP to continue the catch up. Carbohydrate levels in context. (No wonder Dr K gets a hard time about the carb aspect...it's difficult to explain three generations of context, and the misinterpretations out there are brutal.)

    My next question was about men and winter hormones. Thanks for joining a few dots around that too Gretchen.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I guess I take all this fpr granted because I understand how the parts fit.........togethers in all degrees of freedom........seeing gretch put in it concrete make me wonder if that is how I should get into the QB realm.......I am going.......we'll see. I'll ponder that.
  9. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Freesia, help me understand the part above about your grandmother's summer pregnancy. Which trimester do you base it on? First - conception or Last trimester when the birth occurs? Interesting stuff...

    Gretchen you have turned into a human encyclopedia of knowledge!
  10. Larry

    Larry New Member

    My two cents: after you push us to learn it is helpful to see concrete messages. Quick story for illustration: I was coaching freshman football 12 years ago & we were putting in the "Bear" defense for the kids. I was talking about the upside of the defense and then I said "you know, like the 85 Bears who dominated on the way to the Super Bowl". At that point one of my players raised his hand and informed me that he was born in 1987.:rolleyes: Number 1, I realized "oh crap I am old" & number 2, I learned not to assume people have the same knowledge or experience that I do.
  11. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    No, I'm talking epigenetics and mtDNA. The cost of burning fuel for three+ generations through the phosphagen and main glycolysis pathways...at the expense of the PPpathway.

    Not summer pregnancies literally - but biologically costly ones. (The mito webinars explain well I think.)
  12. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Thanks for clarifying. I know from my consult with JK that epigentics are a big factor in my family's poor health (i.e maternal side). Guess I need to go listen to some webinars again...
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    But new people come and they have no point of reference that you all have........that is why piece by piece is critical to get to where Gretchen is now.......I doubt she could have gotten here without the journey she traveled learning this piece by piece. But I am open to being wrong.
  14. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    That was me for 25+ years. My life was hell.

    OK I have a question here. I have NO parts. Gone for 10 years or so. Been on the Wiley Protocol for 19 months which (for the uninformed) replaces estradiol and Pg the way your body produced it during your cycle. Which means I do E2 only for 2 weeks then add in Pg for the other 2 weeks. So I'm a bit confused. IS my body somehow making Pg in smallish amounts? I thought you only produced it when you ovulated. No eggs, no Pg. Is it part of the pregnenolone pathway? If it is then I still have a problem because when I had them test my pregnenolone levels they came back WAY low (12ng/dcl). That was a few months back and I started supplementing. I recently doubled my daily dose.

    I plan to ask the NP next week to check both the pregnenolone and my DHEA again along with the vitamin D and RT3 and to order a salivary cortisol assay (Is that the same as the ASI?). I will be close to peak in the Pg part of my cycle but will ask to have both E2 and Pg checked as well. Thank god for insurance. Cause that's about $1,000 worth of lab work at our fracking hospital lab. But that's another rant.

    So ...assuming things are still on the low side I'm wondering if I should then ask for additional PG for the 2 weeks where I'm only doing E2. If what you're saying is right then I would obviously need to supplement during that time instead of doing without it.

    (scratches head in befuddlement)

    And yes, Jack, I do certainly remember you telling me I probably needed to do that. No I didn't. I'll go stand in the corner and/or you can yell at me later.

    right now I'm trying to sort this out. So if I'm understanding you correctly, Gretchen, I would need to match my Pg to the E2 during that 2 week period when I'm normally just doing E2?

    Then, of course, there's the whole testosterone thing. Where, in the pathway, does THAT get made if you don't have any parts?
  15. Hope

    Hope Gold

    So Quantum PCOS.....great blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on this little riddle..could all these issues surrounding PCOS, especially EDominance, keep a woman in her early and then mid thirties from conceiving a child easily and needing several ART procedures to get pregnant....and considering that the Pg/E2 ratios would likely still be upside down etc....this would cause significant issues for the baby born to this woman? I wonder about that....

    I also wonder how much money women that can't get pregnant would save on all these super crazy ART procedures (not to mention pain, stress, etc) if they 'got this'....but perhaps all the fertility MD's and Rx companies supplying all the stimulating hormones would be unhappy.

    And, last but not least, a big thanks from me, doctor Gretchen....just the last couple days I wondered why I am craving cold of all types...I am in mid cycle - now I know why. :)
  16. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Dr. Kruse, I get what you are saying & I think that you are most likely correct. If anyone is going to understand what you are teaching than they do need to do some homework to even start to put the pieces together. It is tough for people, like me, who never took any biology/science courses past high school but I have learned a ton from you so I find it is worth the effort. In a nutshell, I think what you are doing is difficult for a good reason: a time is coming soon when I won't be able to ask Jack because Jack is going offline, so I need to be able to figure it out myself. Thanks for all you give us.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Obamacare will require you to be quite facile with this.......or you will be taken out quickly.
  18. Wow! Gretchen you totally rock, woman! I am so glad I asked the question! I am totally looking forward to the guest blog, and then I will be picking your brain for more. As a result of the upped CT I've been doing, I've had some symptoms of estrogen dumping, which most recently included hives. Not cold urticaria, but full-on major hives that lasted for 5 days and were excruciating. My cycles have always been spot-on clockwork, but the increase in CT has led to some things that I think must be estrogen dumping. Curious to see how things will continue to evolve. I love your analysis, Gretchen, you really have a knack of explaining things in a very clear manner. Thanks so much!!
  19. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator


    *Standing up*

  20. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Quite correct on that note. I work for a Catholic high school and will probably lose my insurance in a couple of years.

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