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Dead Quantlet

Discussion in 'The Quantlet' started by Brett Jacques ND, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. So my Quantlet is dead and won't turn on or seemingly accept a charge. Has this happened to anyone else?
    Is there something I can do or do I have to send it back.
  2. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member

    Hey Brett. I was able to open up my quantlet and replace the battery. However I found that I could charge my quantlet after having issues using this charger it only uses .7 amps. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Adapter-Detachable-Generic-Packaging/dp/B0049IE70I. You can open up your quantlet by following the directions in this video . Mine was flashing purple before I got it working again. You can test to see if its a battery issue by cutting the battery out and cutting a usb and attaching the red and black wires to the quantlet. It wont run at full bore but if you plug it in to a wall and it starts up then at least its not a chip issue. Just today I hooked up this battery to the q https://www.motionrc.com/products/a...roduct&utm_term=link&utm_source=OrderlyEmails. It powered up and said it had half charge. No problems charging. The battery is a little big but I could probably get it in the quantlet if I cut the cord more or maybe just keep the cover off and glue the straps in. Hope this helps you and other people who are having issues as sending in the quantlet seems to be a huge pain.
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  3. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

    Get a usb meter...step one
    Two try different charger

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