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De-Fluoridating Bath Water For CT

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by AdamF, May 17, 2017.

  1. AdamF

    AdamF New Member

    Dr. K,

    What's the best way to get all of the toxic bullshit out of the tap water I'm using for CT until I move and get a better water source?

    I've read about everything from Vitamin C to Benotinite Clay for removing fluoride/chloride, etc...

    What's the protocol or tools that you would recommend?

    Thank you,

  2. WildForWesties

    WildForWesties New Member

    I have the same question. There are chlorine filters you hang on the faucet of the tub - lots of models on Amazon. This has been asked several times and I haven't seen an answer yet for fluoride. Maybe there isn't one. :(
  3. Just Breathe

    Just Breathe New Member

    I use an epsom salt product that has vitamin C in it. A tablespoon seems to do the job. It's my understanding Vitamin C neutralizes the chlorine and fluoride.
    For me, it's a noticeable effect for bathwater over my non-vitamin C showers.

    there are vitamin C shower filters, berkey shower filters, etc. I've not seen anyone recommend those bathballs that filter tub water.
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  4. Greenie

    Greenie New Member

    Cool, didn't know Berkey makes a fluoride removal filter for the shower/tub. I have wondered how to modify one to fit onto a faucet.
  5. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    I seem to remember reading a few years ago that Jack said the benefits to CTing far outweighs the presence of chlorine in the water (though I totally agree it would be great to have it out of the water).

    I am fairly certain the only way to remove fluoride from water is by reverse osmosis.
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