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DDW in glass bottles

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Vervaina, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Sorry if this has already been talked about here.

    I was going to order my Hydro Health DDW 25 and saw there is a product called Litewater with DDW as low as 5PPM and in glass bottles. They say it is coming from Russia and being distributed from the US. There is an analysis done to show the D level and when I looked at the link it looks like a legit lab. I would love to get 5PPM and in GLASS! I have been drinking mutliple bottles of DDW in plastic everyday for over a year now. Glass would be awesome. Anyone familiar with this? @JanSz tried this DDW?
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  2. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    @Vervaina Just curious what benefits you've noticed drinking DDW? i've had a hard time finding personal experience comments on the forum. I'd like to buy some and try it myself. thanks!
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am not familiar with Litewater.
    Please post the link to the place from which it can be purchased.

  4. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am 79yo and some months.
    I look as on the picture below.
    is day #634 of me drinking DDW.
    I am very happy about it.
    I have more energy; my body is easier to live with.
    If I had to point to something specific, it would be my bladder.
    In the past, it was my constant preoccupation.
    Now I found it trying to give you an example of my well being.

    All the time, one has to remember that the deuterium story is about energy.
    And the bottom line is about getting out of mitochondria maximum energy possible.
    That energy (which I think is mostly IR-A) we get from many places as a trickle, minute amounts here and there, but the major source comes from burning hydrogen, with oxygen, to create water.
    The last time I calculated
    that post and down;
    when the naked healthy body is at rest (on the average place on the Earth)
    1358 kW/0.164 kWatts=8250
    it makes 8250 times more energy from synthesizing matrix water when comparing to energy it gets from sunlight.
    So, when on Equator, the above number would be less,
    but still so big
    that it is not worth splitting hairs about that.

    That was about water synthesis that happens inside the inner mitochondrial membrane.
    The DDW or any other water that we may drink
    will newer make there.
    when you drink DDW it only facilitates; it helps (in a small way) in that process.
    The major push is coming from two places:
    fatty acids (mostly oleic acid), via triglycerides, and then fat we ate
    training body to drink less water because that will induce more of matrix water production.
    There is a minimal amount of water that one has to drink, but generally, do not worry much about getting dehydrated (when the kidneys are not questionable).
    During 24h at rest healthy human body makes 7437 liters of matrix water.
    Most of that water stays in circulation, but some small amount eventually makes thru the rest of the systems.
    During 24h, people drink 1.5 to 2 liters water.
    So reducing drinking to say 1 liter/day in that perspective is not such a big deal as one may initially think about it.

    .. upload_2019-9-5_13-33-46.png
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  6. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Just emailed to asked more about this company. Will post when I hear from them.
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  7. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Heard back already. Here is their reply.

    Litewater Scientific was started by myself and Robert Slovak, the industry renowned water expert and original importer of another foundational product called Quinton Marine Plasma as well as the creator of the reactive hydrogen tablet. We import our water from Russia which has the only plant in the world that makes super deuterium depleted water. We are scientists with an educational mission. We lecture at many conferences about water in general and deuterium depleted water specifically. You can learn more about the history of DDW by reading my article:
    You should know the 10ppm is a better value than the 5ppm for long term use.

    Product ships from North Carolina.
    Victor Sagalovsky

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
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  8. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    On the website:

    1/2 to 1 liter per day of 10 ppm diluted to 100 ppm is a excellent amount to deplete your deuterium levels to 131 ppm over a period of 45 days. Keep in mind the Hunza people which were studied for their great health and extreme longevity drank glacier water of @135 ppm total deuterium. People that want to deplete their deuterium levels faster and lower will dilute to 80 ppm or below, and drink that every day. Studies by Russian scientists also show that 1/2 - 1 liter per day of 5 to 10 ppm for 7 days per month is very effective as well to manage the total body burden of deuterium. The chart below will help you with how to dilute properly for the deuterium depletion level desired as well as the corresponding cost and time to the desired depletion level.


    So looks like they are saying you can drink 5 ppm DDW 7 days a month instead of a higher D level water all month long?
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  9. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    @malc0088 Since I am taking DDW as cancer therapy it is difficult for me to know where my symptoms (good or bad) are coming from since I made so many changes and added so many things to my life at the same time that I started DDW. I can say that at first it seemed to really effect blood sugar for the first 6 months when I was in ketosis and continually lowering D levels with the mixing chart (but I drink ONLY DDW everyday). I lost weight and was very weak. I was down to 88lbs. I had to add some carbs just to be able to walk and function. I feel that the DDW was part of what might have caused this. But fast forward to over a year later and I have not tried ketosis again and my body seems to have adapted to only drinking DDW - now I only get weak on DDW when I drink a good bit of it on an empty stomach. Problem here is that I started out with an excellent hem A1c score of 3.9. But after several months in ketosis and with DDW my Glyco Mark came back at a very low 4.2 (bad) which means I am not very glycemic stable and I am having insulin spikes with every meal and have been gaining weight now (about 20lbs). This is bad for me good for cancer. But my N=1 includes cancer so my journey is different than someone looking to do this for health and wellness.
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    hem A1c score of 3.9
    Glyco Mark came back at a very low 4.2 (bad) which means I am not very glycemic stable and I am having insulin spikes
    Not sure how or if this translates to my past situation,
    sometime in the past, for a number of years when using my favorite test
    I would get a flag that my glucose/insulin interaction is not to their liking.
    They would say that my lack of chromium was a culprit.
    I would attempt to correct the deficiency but was newer able to do it sufficiently.
    It was like that until I tried supplemental chromium from Body-Bio.
    Now I am good.
    I had a similar situation with zinc, magnesium and potassium.

    Long way of telling you that if you are able, the spectracell tests are really beneficial, and using supplements from Body-Bio may save you lots of headaches.

    BodyBio - MTK - Liquid Mineral Test Kit 1-9

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    For $240 (shipping ???) you are getting 8 liters of Litewater.
    Add to that (almost) whole liter of any other water (near 150ppm D/H) so you have
    9 liters of DDW-25
    18 bottles of DDW-25
    that is 240/(9*2)=$13.33 per bottle

    You have $7.50 per bottle
    even less expensive (considering deuterium) if you decided to buy their DDW-50
    You have actual cancer, personally I would stick with DDW-25 (little of it and lots of oleic and palmitic acid) as in bacon, butter, olive oil, avocado oil, cod liver (actual liver from fish named cod)
    coconut oil (365/24) for different reasons
    $ 5.62 per bottle
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  12. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    Just back from 2 weeks in Rarotonga and am as brown as you, JansZ ... but not yet as grey :). The native Cook islanders are SO incredibly obese !!! They all drive
    cars or have scooters and seem to drink a lot of coke and eat mostly STARCH (taro, bananas, bread etc). Don't see many people walking or biking. I rented a
    bicycle for 2 weeks and had a blast exploring the inland roads. Beautiful place. Most, but not all, native islanders are extremely unhealthy and asleep at the wheel.
  13. OptimalSkr

    OptimalSkr New Member

  14. OptimalSkr

    OptimalSkr New Member

    @JanSz Did you switch from Qlarivia to this Hydro Health water brand?
  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


  16. ACP1717

    ACP1717 Gold

    HI Vervaina - hope you are doing well. Searching the forum for information on Litewater. I too really like that its in glass and that you can mix it with water at home to lower to desired DD. Just last month on the Pow Wow call Dr. Kruse recommended the brands Hydro Health and Preventa. Curious if you ended up trying Litewater. Does Dr. Kruse NOT recommend Litewater for some reason?
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Please post information about:
    1.-- how to buy Liteweater over the internet for delivery in NJ 07054
    2.-- what is its deuterium content
    3.-- what is the total cost
    4.-- was that water tested, where is that test if I want to see it
    Preventa is usually multiple times more expensive than 25 Hydro Health ($7/(0.5 Liters) delivered to the front doors.

  18. ACP1717

    ACP1717 Gold

    Hello @JanSz - the brand was discussed back and forth on this thread above so there is quite a bit of information. But it was not updated as to if anyone actually tried it. I like the idea of glass, a concentrate and less bottles to buy and store. It does appear to be more expensive though, that is a downside. But Litewater quality does look good.
    1. Above someone commented that Litewater customer service said they have a shipping warehouse in North Carolina for east coast (product is made in Russia)
    2. Deuterium content is either 10ppm or 5ppm and this is used to dilute the deuterium of your own water (we buy mountain valley springs in 5 gallon jugs) Additional details in the section What is Litewater in this FAQ link that talks about quality control and being the lowest DDW on market https://www.drinklitewater.com/pages/faq
    3. see below for price
    4. Here is a lab report https://www.drinklitewater.com/pages/lab-reports

    the 10ppm comes in a plastic bottle option that is least expensive and likely what I would try first. https://www.drinklitewater.com/collections/all/products/litewater-10-2l-case-of-4 (scroll to bottom for this chart)


    There is no chart for the 5ppm in the glass. It actually says their 5ppm is in limited quantity because it is very difficult to produce and they can't always get it that low. But here is the link. https://www.drinklitewater.com/collections/all/products/litewater-5

    The 10ppm in glass instead of plastic is coming soon. I just HATE plastic bottles and especially if I have to drink 1-2 a day. So for me i like the idea of a concentrate. Its just different than the products Kruse recommends. Maybe mixing in a concentrate to regular spring water isn't a good idea......? Can't think of any reason why not, but just thought I would ask here in case anyone else has looked into this brand or if @Vervaina ever purchased it and tried it.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Assuming all else is correct.
    Why pay $17.78 if you can get it for 2x7=$14 delivered to your door. (Note that in the meantime they lowered the price from $7.50 to $7 per 1/2 liter (plastic) bottle.
    In some limited regions, the price is even less if you are able to get 5 gallons at the time.

  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Previously I was looking down at coconut water.
    I tested, it had 156ppm D/H
    Now I look somewhat different at it.
    Coconut water is full of potassium.
    Since most people can go by, by drinking one bottle of DDW-25 for every 3 bottles of ordinary water, which is usually about 150ppm
    Instead of ordinary water, coconut water may provide (desired) potassium, or good amount of it.

    In my life potassium made a huge story.
    Thanks to @DrEttinger I was able to get closer to understanding it. Definitely, there is still more to it.
    Offhand, I would call it body's and its parts ph management.

    Think of:
    Death of brother of my DW. Life long GERD died of esophagal cancer.
    My GERD, fought with supporting many industries that produce a variety of medicines and supplements, spending major money, (rather than them suggesting a cheap and one that actually works). Potassium bicarbonate 2 tsp/day, cost about 5 cents/day.
    Sleeping last 50 years on the adjustable hospital bed and constantly sliding down and crawling my way back up, during the night.
    When traveling, hauling wedge to put on the (flat) hotel bed.


    Last edited: Aug 13, 2021

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