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David's Journal | Defining Vigr

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by David Limacher, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Hey friends, I did another podcast trying to spread the good word...
    "Artificial light has an impact on our biology. Learn how to manage this cultural norm on todays episode with David Limacher. An avid biohacker and sungazer, David Limacher is also the founder of VIGR Lifestyles, a Saskatchewan-based lifestyle company focused on natural health products for biohackers. His vision is helping others take steps to improve their personal health and happiness so they can live clean, healthy lives, full of energy, love, and vitality.

    Today we’re excited to have him on the show where he’ll share his expertise around several topics of note, including: how cultural norms around light are hurting you, the benefits of a latitudinal diet, and how to use light in your biohacking routine."
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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Watch closely the trick is very subtle at 0:25
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  3. drezy

    drezy New Member

    David on the Q&A last night a new member from Calgary named Nelson that may be interested in testing some of his water Doc seemed to prefer 3rd party independent testing.

    What you've mentioned above seems appropriate and may save him some money to go shop at vigr lifestyles.

    That's a great price and 3rd party source for Canadians!
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  4. RickD

    RickD New Member

    Already tested a couple of Canadian Sources. Calgary city water run through a carbon filter came in at 133.8 ppm, while over in British Columbia at Red Mt. it was 138.4 ppm. The difference is likely that Calgary water comes off the Bow Glacier in the Rockies while the Red water source is just snow melt collected about 3000 ft lower. The effect of the water was shown clearly on the Breathy Tests my wife and I did. Mine was 135, while hers was 136 ppm so the water here does help
  5. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Wow Calgary seems like the place to be. DDW water is everywhere up there plus you gets the most sun on avaerage out of every Canadian city.
  6. Well here's an embarrassingly love overdue update.

    2018 Recap:
    - Hurt my back playing hockey, sciatic problems. Thoracic spasms and back became debilitating in Feb 2018.
    - Used CBD and Advil to mitigate the pain. Nothing worked. Booked an emergency multi day NUCCA chiropractic session in Kelowna with my cousin Dr. Hallgrimson.
    - Back fixed within three days, incorporated a new stretching and exercise routine built around keeping the spine in the right spot. I play lots of hockey, left handed shot, lots of blue light. In golf, I am right handed so there are always issues going back and forth in these sports.
    - After taking Advil I developed some diarrhea, which is no surprise as NSAIDS are very linked to gut issues.
    - Went to 3 docs regarding the gut issue, none could figure out what was going on, had a multitude of tests, nothing out of the ordinary came back.
    - After researching NSAIDS and gut, I realized that my issue was likely sibo hydrogen. No breath test done.
    - Began using Olive Leaf, Grapefruit seed extract, Pau Darco, Berberine, and Allicin with good effects.
    - The supplement regimen and strict light environment got me to a point where things were improved but not cleared up.
    - After more research and consultation with a new doc, I got an Rx for Rifaximin and noticed immediate remarked immediate improvements.

    - Recently made a trip to Maui prior to Christmas to get in the ocean and sun for days
    - Spent about 10 days on the beach doing nothing but swimming in the waves and sitting in the sun
    - Wife has an indoor job, she was beginning to suffer from some roseacea on her face
    - Within 5 days of having her face in direct sun, her face is completely healed, she has vowed to wear less make up and hack her office
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  7. It's gotten real here @ 50.45 north

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  8. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Ooooooof. Ouch.

    Makes me grateful for my upcoming 0F tomorrow morning...
  9. Same weather here at 45 north, not too shabby
  10. Update time:

    1) Received some news on Feb. 4, 2019...
    - a setback in the gut

    2) Sent in for 23andMe and got the results:
    a) I am Haplogroup H7:
    Origin and Migrations of Haplogroup H7
    Haplogroup H7 is a younger branch of the widespread haplogroup H. Women carrying H likely first spread into Europe in the last stages of the Ice Age. However, a great peak of cold from about 24,000 years ago until nearly 18,000 years ago covered the interior of Europe and Eurasia with inhospitable tundra and mile-thick ice sheets. All this ice trapped much of the earth's water and changed climate patterns, causing deserts to expand in the Middle East. Human populations in Europe and western Eurasia clustered in refuges of temperate climate near the Mediterranean Sea, including in southeastern Europe and the Caucasus. This was the likely refuge of the ancestors of haplogroup H7.

    Members of H7 trace their maternal lines back to a woman who lived approximately 9,000 years ago, soon after the end of the Ice Age. A warmer and more stable climate era began, and human populations in the region began to flourish again. In this new setting, women carrying H7 migrated northwest into Europe and south into the Middle East, giving rise to new subgroups along the way.

    Today, haplogroup H7 can be found in the eastern Slavs, Slovaks, Balkarians, and Turks, as well as in populations in the Middle East and Central Asia.

    b) Methylation profile highlights:
    COMTV158M rs4680 AA - Red zone
    COMTH62H rs4633 TT - red zone
    VDR BSM r1544410 TT - VDR Taq GG

    MTHFR C677T
    MTR A2756G
    MTRR K350A
    BHMT -02
    CBS C699T
  11. Well I thought I would drop in for an update. It's been almost 4 years and a lot has changed personally and professionally. The foundational knowledge gained over the years has made the tumultuous times much easier to deal with. I could list all of the setbacks and it would read like a novel, but the most severe being a broken spine in July 2020. A big thank you specifically to Jack for sending a red light to speed up the healing time! My spine doctor said I healed from my injury faster than any patient he ever had.

    Now for the short update:
    We've now moved to a location 3 blocks from the ocean. From 50.4 degrees north to 48.4 degrees north. Not much of a change but the proximity to the ocean and the much stronger magnetic field in noticeable. When we first moved here I would wake up and feel like I was being pulled towards the ocean. Every morning we get a sunrise that starts over the Juan De Fuca Strait in British Columbia. Magic it is.

    Winters are a bit grey here, but we are supplementing with UV light in the house, and we brought our Panosol UVB medical grade light to supplement our lack of light. It's January and the weather is more like spring than winter and each afternoon is sunny- a switch from the grey days of December/early January.

    We've been consuming more local caught fish and buying local vegetables. It's a lot easier to find high quality food here than in Saskatchewan, especially in winter.

    Our water source is from two different sources. Since moving here we've consumed exclusively Whistler water which has been tested as per this site at roughly 135-137 ppm deuterium. After a few weeks of drinking the water we noticed a ship in our diet most likely due to the lower deuterium content. The other water we have recently purchased is from a local spring and is touted as hyper-oxygenated water. The ppm of O2 is roughly 40ppm, which I am sure is just at the time of bottling and I am assuming that the O2 content lowers as it's exposed to air.

    We are running our water through a George Wiseman Aquacure Browns Gas machine. We have used the gas production from the machine to help with cuts and scrapes with our son and have noticed faster healing than normal.

    I recently toured the Upgraded Labs facility here in town and was impressed with the facility. I particularly liked the CVAC pod https://cvacsystems.com/the-science-of-cvac/. There are a lot of options out here for living much better, there are a lot of community groups, cold plunge groups and other enthusiasts. The locals place a pretty big emphasis on living healthy and spend much more time outside.

    One of the best parts about living here is the daily forest walks in old growth forest. The air is much better here and congestion is a thing of the past. The whole family is doing much better.

    All in all, everything is getting better for my family and I since moving here. Our quantum lifestyle habits are well developed and we have implemented strategies for living well. Challenges are ever present- life is not designed for prolonged periods without stress. Nature welcomes stress and creates from the pressures of wind, rain, and sun, and uses the stressors to grow. Nature doesn't have to read self-help books or look to others outside of their own kin/community to adapt.

    What I have found is that living here with an open heart and open mind, living honestly and accountable to ourselves and loved ones opens up a world of possibility. The "synchronicities" that we have experienced on a daily basis is like a higher power is helping us through the journey as we get settled. Living in since with nature is somehow causing nature to respond in ways I could never have imagined. The right people and circumstances occur with very little effort, that which I don't see now as "out of ordinary", rather it is "how life should be".

    Thanks for taking the time to read the update and I am wishing everyone here success in their optimizing journey!

  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nice update. Glad the spine issue is over.
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