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David's Journal | Defining Vigr

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by David Limacher, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    In the Matrix film, there is a scene where Neo is asked to choose between the red pill and the blue pill blue? Neo ends up choosing the Red pill. Today, modern humans have the same choice t make and few of them realize it. You must choose the red light or the blue light and this primer tells you why. https://www.patreon.com/posts/reality-18-sun-14847705


    Your solar callus not not only offers protection but it is an ideal way to absorb sunlight properly to get light into your system to build wellness and improve your immunity. Our skin tones are tied to our solar callus and are perceived as most healthy and attractive to humans. We know know that red and yellow skin tones make you appear more attractive and send wireless signals to others that your immune system is optimized. Being pale is not a sign of wellness contrary to popular dermatologic speeches. Even animals besides humans use their solar callus to draw mates.

    Folks who spend time in the sun can change their surface color by assimilating certain frequencies of sunlight to take red tones tones because IR-A light increases our RBC's production when our skin is hit with sunlight it undergoes dermal pooling to make our skin flush with blood. When the sun has powerful UV light more oxygen is found in our blood changing its color to a deep red due to the increased amount of oxygen in it. From a biological/anthropological perspective, this signals health and vitality and a high redox potential to members of our species who see us in the nature. So why is RED the choice by LIFE to run the most important programs in us. Why did Neo choose the red pill????? https://www.patreon.com/posts/13077291
  2. So had some tests done recently. Looks good but the Triglycerides are low...
    And for some context, I eat 6-12 eggs a day, red meat and by conventional wisdom I should have high cholesterol.

  3. Most of the red lights I use in my house are incandescent red lights, 40 watt from Sylvannia.
    Flicker isn't a problem with the screen.
    I was testing for flicker on the red LED lights I bought, which are Sylvania Mosaic LED Strip Lighting. LED's in the past that I've tried flicker but fortunately these ones do not. If I lower the power, i.e. dim the lights they begin to flicker.
    I have F.Lux but am currently searching out a screen cover for the 21" Mac I have.
  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    If you'd like me to try some experiments to see if these are dimmable without flicker, let me know. I haven't cracked on of these open or driven it like I stole it yet...
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    TG should be lowest on a hight fat or protein diet. It rises with carbs or in a large nnEMF environment. Becker was the first person to mention this in the Pensacola pilots he tested for Navy in 1969. Was in his book.
  6. Well I guess this is proof of a high fat low carb Epi-Paleo Template as you taught me. The proof is in the pudding. I mitigated the EMF, watched the sunrise religiously and ate seasonal carbs. JK for the win!
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  7. shiran

    shiran Curious

    How can you test for flickering effect?
    I'm looking for LED strips here to buy locally, what is important to know before I buy?
    Dose the screen protector from low blue light offset the flicker effect?
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  9. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Acoustameter? Is it not measuring RF? I have an acousticom its little brother and im not getting anything off my computer screen and it deffinetly should have some flicker.
  10. Also a cell phone camera in slow motion capture will show flicker.
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  11. drezy

    drezy New Member

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  12. shiran

    shiran Curious

    Ohh the poor body we live in a crazy world
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    Well I've just returned from a week in Kauai. It was my first real holiday in a few years, and I vow never to skip the chance to go ever again.

    The trip consisted of 3 flights. Regina to Calgary, Calgary to Vancouver, and Vancouver to Kauai.
    I decided to have a meal of salmon for breakfast and take the remainder of PQQ and CoQ10 that I had left. 8 capsules in all.
    I wore my blue blocking glasses in the airport and on the plane.
    I wore shoes with no socks to easily slip them off to ground myself to the chair in the plane.

    In Calgary we landed outside on the tarmac so I was able to get some sun and fresh air. In Vancouver we were relegated to the airport, so we found the spot with the least amount of people around.
    The flight to Kauai got in at 11:30pm HST and was 6 hours.
    Fortunately the WESTJET planes no long put TV's in the chairs but allow WiFi on the plane.
    I drank about 6-7 litres of water during the flights. We made our way to a gas station to grab Mountain Valley Spring water.

    We chose to stay on the east side of the island, to catch the sunrise everyday. In the past I would have chosen the sunset over the sunrise but I know better now.
    Here's where it got real...the first sunrise.
    We were awoken by the sounds of roosters that cover the landscape. We made out way down to the beach for the sunrise.
    I drank a litre and a half of spring water as I waited for the sun.
    Barefoot and nearly clothless we watched the sun come up over the horizon of the round earth.
    As soon as the light hit my body and eyes, I felt a jolt in my head like I had been hit by something, then a pulse down my spine.
    My wife felt it too. We were instantly energized, got into the car and made our way to Waimea Canyon.

    Fasted we arrived at Waimea Canyon and proceeded to hike to the falls where the water was about 50-54 degrees F. It was super cold.
    I swam around in the cold water as I stared at the sun, all jet lag that I had felt the day before was completely gone.

    After the falls we made our way to the grocery store and bought 24 eggs, 2 giant avocado, butter, mushrooms, and shallots.
    Every morning we ate eggs and avocado except for a couple days where we enjoyed omlettes made with seafood, mushrooms, onions, avocado and bacon.

    We went to bed every night except two just after the sun had set. We caught only 3 horizon sunsets on the trip, otherwise we were outside during the sunset.

    We consumed fruit ONCE only to see what it would feel like. My wife and I both commented how fruit no longer has any part in our lives...it tasted like candy...which is how it should be treated I guess.

    Spending everyday hiking or by the ocean had a profound effect on me, I could feel myself unwind. The thick humid air, increased O2 was remarkable.
    We made sure to stay outside as much as possible and eat as many meals with eggs or seafood.
    One night we had lamb, pork cheeks, and mahi maki. One night I had swordfish caught that day.

    I noticed people there looked healthier, except for the folks who wore the most clothing, it appeared that those who wore the most clothes were the most grey haired.

    I arrived home after taking the red eye flight. I chose to fly first class home to avoid people and to sit alone. I kept my feet grounded the whole time.
    Pre flight from Kauai I drank 5 litres of Mountain Valley Spring water.

    I arrived home late afternoon yesterday, and still felt pretty good. Last night I played hockey and felt the effects of less O2 and the blue light of the arena.
    There were a few hundred emails waiting for me today when I woke up, trading my cell phone time for outside time.
    I did post pics on instagram and FB, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

    One of the highlights of the trip was sitting on the beach listening to JK webinars as people lathered the sunscreen on...we didn't wear sunscreen at all. UV of 5-7 everyday and no bad effects. No burn.
    We were sitting beside some people on the beach who told us to put sunscreen on because we were getting red, I said I don't wear it, it causes cancer.
    They simply looked at me, stunned and said "you don't know anything", to which I replied, "if you really knew, you would do better, thanks for the suggestions"
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  14. Bonnie

    Bonnie Gold

  15. Bonnie

    Bonnie Gold

    Love this! Thanks for posting. Sounds like a great trip!
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like a really wonderful trip David........you need that a couple of times a year!
  17. Why would life have not chosen deuterium as the base proton?

    Ionizing radiation.
    Creates freee radicals from ionizing water.
    Gamma ray affect DNA. - free radical damage?
    Cell mutation?

    Gamma rays are strongly penetrating ionizing radiation.
    What that means is that they create charged radicals in any material they travel through.
    In large doses it is enough to kill cells and cause radiation poisoning.

    Gamma radiation is much more penetrating than other kinds of radiation.
    Alpha and beta radiation can be stopped by air and skin.
    Gamma radiation needs a lot more matter to stop it. Several inches of lead or several feet of concrete are typical shielding.

    SO if we are full of this heavy water, we're experiencing constant gamma ray bursts. Gamma ray bursts affecting DNA, mtDNA...raising heteoplasmy rates

    But that said we know radiation can be hormetic...so is the goal a body completely free from deuterium?
    Is the goal as much freaking sunlight, sunrise sunset, EMF mitigation, earthing, COLD, DHA, laughter, and D02 replacement?

    The water is colder at the poles. The colder water has less D02. CT then really is the process of knocking out heavy water.
    You could really sweat your ass off and do CT, but if you are replacing that water with D02 you are no further ahead.

    Ok so then could a trip to say HAWAII be actually a negative if not done correctly. I am assuming and have read that there is higher PPM D02 in tropic waters...Hawaii fits the bill.
    So I could then go there, full of DDW, sweat my bag off, jump into cold waterfalls and then rehydrate with HEAVY LOCAL WATER....

    Is this then why I noticed some people look a lot older there when they are "old"...maybe

    Tritium obviously has to be worse..no?

    What is tritium?

    Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen. It emits very low-energy beta radiation, which is blocked by common materials such as sheets of plastic, glass or metal, and cannot penetrate the top layer of human skin. Tritium may be absorbed into the body through the skin or when ingested through water or food, or when inhaled.

    Tritium is a naturally occurring radioactive substance, which is formed in the upper atmosphere due to the continuous bombardment of atmospheric gases by high energy cosmic rays. In Canada, natural tritium levels vary between 0.2 and 1.4 Bq/L, depending on geographical location and other factors.

    Tritium is also present in the environment as a result of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, these concentrations have steadily declined and are now ranging from 2 to 3 Bq/L across Canada.

    Nuclear reactors and tritium processing facilities are also sources of controlled releases of tritium.

    What are other countries doing?
    Figure 3: Tritium limits by country

    Country / OrganizationTritium limit for drinking water (Bq/L)
    Canada (Ontario)7,000
    United States740
    European Union11001
    ODWAC proposed limits20
    California Public Health Goal (not enforceable)14.8

    OZ has the highest allowable tritium in water....another strike against OZ?

    The public is only now becoming aware of the magnitude of tritium’s hazards. Most studies indicate that tritium in living creatures can produce typical radiogenic effects including cancer, genetic effects, de- velopmental abnormalities and reproductive effects. (Straume) Tritium can cause muta- tions, tumors and cell death. (Rytomaa) Tritiated water is associated with signifi- cantly decreased weight of brain and genital tract organs in mice (Torok) and can cause irreversible loss of female germ cells in both mice and monkeys even at low concentra- tions. (Dobson, 1979)

    Studies indicate that lower doses of tritium can cause more cell death (Dobson, 1976), mutations (Ito) and chromosome damage (Hori) per dose than higher tritium doses. Tritium can impart damage which is two or more times greater per dose than ei- ther x-rays or gamma rays. (Straume) (Dob- son, 1976)

    There is no evidence of a threshold for damage from 3H exposure; even the smallest amount of tritium can have negative health impacts. (Dobson, 1974) Organically bound tritium (tritium bound in animal or plant tissue) can stay in the body for 10 years or more. While tritiated water may be cleared from the human body in about 10 days (Garland), if a person lives in an area where tritium contamination continues, he or she can experience chronic exposure to trit- ium. (Laskey) Tritium from tritiated water can become incorporated into DNA, the mo- lecular basis of heredity for living organ- isms. DNA is especially sensitive to radia- tion. (Hori) A cell’s exposure to tritium bound in DNA can be even more toxic than its exposure to tritium in water. (Straume)(Carr)

    Cindy Folkers, NIRS, April 2006
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  18. Here's a Podcast I did with Ryan Munsey of Natural Stacks

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