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David's Journal | Defining Vigr

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by David Limacher, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Hello, here is my journal. I'm a new gold member.

    It's long but when you know my history, you'll see the many reasons why I am here. (Or scroll to the bottom to learn why I'm here)

    I am a Canadian/Saskatchewan prairie kid born and raised. My ancestors are non-native to Canada. Icelandic/Swede/English descendant. We've been here for 80 years (makes me third gen'r in Canada.) Saskatchewan was isolated and industrialized except for farming until recently.

    The Icelanders hung with the Icelanders. The Ukrainians with the Ukrainians. etc. etc.
    My diet came from mom's side (Icelandic). They were excellent gardeners. My early life was filled with tons of outdoor activity, always playing hockey and riding a bike. We ate seasonal, garden grown food, canned most foods for winter.

    Nintendo didn't make it's way into our household until 1987. After that our health went south. We were caught up in the low fat craze, I ate chips and pop like it was the only thing around. My diet is linked to my poor performance in school but the sugar fueled me in sports. I was a good athlete, could compete in every sport but I was aggressive (penalties). In school I was smart and would treat tests like a competition. But I couldn't stay focused for long. Immediate disinterest and onto the next thing.
    (Good circadian match until age 7)

    Became intitally interested in health around the age of 19 (1999) after realizing I was in horrible shape. I got on the Body-for-Life train with decent results. I swam in a cold pool everyday during this time. (Most ripped I'd ever been....and now I know why)

    Performed poorly in my first two years of university due to an inability to focus for long periods of time. Fortunately, in 2001 I was acquainted with a group of people pushing Hemp Hearts...we ate it everyday, tons of it. The increase in fat improved my ability to think for longer periods of time. Hemp, organic foods and swimming saved my academic career. (Business/Econ)

    From 2004-2007 I worked long hours in a high stress political job under several government ministers including the Agriculture Minister and Premier. I was good at it and I enjoyed meeting interesting people.

    The government I worked for is the party of Tommy Douglas, otherwise known as the father of socialized medicine. Tommy Douglas created the first ever government-funded health insurance program in 1947 in Saskatchewan.
    (naturally I have a strong interest in public health policy)

    Right now In Canada, people would rather debate the merits of Public/Private than to debate how to improve health care. I want to change that....We need teach people how to practice private personal health care.

    I want to contribute to a new vision/plan for the future of healthcare. I believe that the Jack Kruse community can help.

    My diet during 2004-2008 was a standard mix of proteins, carbs, fats, vegetables, and fruit. I believed protein was for muscles, carbs gave you energy, and vegetables would stop disease. Most of my meals were from hotels, convention centers and restaurants. However, I consumed alcohol in excess after hours and weekends. I stayed in shape working out, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, and longboarding.

    In 2007 I lost my job (the party I was involved with lost power), and found myself on severance. Depressed and anxious (just bought a house), I took the first job I could at an oil refinery where my father was employed for 40 years.

    The money was good. Shift work. Two days, two nights, five off. In 2009 reality struck while working in the de-coking unit as a process operator...the coker is hell on earth folks......I cannot describe it any other way.....this is the bottom of the bottoms....where you remove the metals and particulates left over from fractionated oil....heavy metal dust everywhere, H2S, sour water, 100 million BTU/hour heater, pumps...

    REALITY: It became extremely apparent in 2009 that I was living in a toxic world.

    Health had to become my number 1 priority, or I would die here. I began to plan a different future.

    Watched Food Matters in 2009. Immediately bought a juicer. Began to learn about supplements. Bought books by David Wolfe and discovered raw food juice youtube guy Dan McDonald.

    I paid attention to getting grounded, and bought a grounding kit. My diet was a mixing of paleo and vegan.

    After Food Matters, I was instantly intrigued with Wolfe and superfoods in particular. Began to feel really good on short bouts of raw food and juices and fasting. My goal was to detox the metals and feel good all the time.

    Most importantly, I believed at this point that every single disease could be prevented or reversed.

    Chlorella, spirulina, cilantro, carrot, apple and parsley juices became a staple. When I ate meat it was mostly wild game. (This is hunting country)

    In 2012 I started a company based on my lifestyle and what I was doing to feel better.

    In 2013 I quit alcohol realizing that my business has potential. I got into Dave Asprey and Jack Kruse after hearing their Bulletproof podcast. I was searching for the next level in my own health. I was looking to go beyond dogma. I wanted to find the ultimate lifestyle.

    Jack Kruse grabbed my attention with the words "Quantum Biology". I've been interested in the soul, in metaphysics/quantum theory...watched many hours of David Wilcock and Nassim Harramein.

    To apply QED to biology? Wow, I thought, I need to listen to this. This Jack guy might be on to something...he might have some answers....

    BOOM. My mind is blown. Every post is fascinating. I am learning a lot and really loving it.
    This is fun.

    After just a few weeks of applying the principles of this community, I am experiencing a greater level of health. My body and mind have responded extremely well.

    - to continually experience greater levels of health
    - Learn and understand the science
    - Be able to read geek
    - Help others with this knowledge
    - reverse any conditions I may be experiencing
    - Influence public health policy
    - understand the causes of disease
    - find the most effective path to health
    - discover why I see so much disease around me and to do something about

    Current Health Issues:
    - Sciatic pain at times
    - modern technological lifestyle

    I'm just trying to do the best I can. Life is a journey. I love the journey.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2015
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome David! Do you get much seafood with your Icelandic background? I guess sunshine is getting rare there already. Do you mind getting cold?
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I do eat a fair bit of seafood now, more than ever. Red meat and pork is the staple here on the prairies.

    We knew the farmers personally who raised the animals. No one had much money so livestock was always grass-fed.

    Switching to fish almost daily made me feel really good, better than expected. My relatives in Reykjavik eat fish everyday.

    Longevity runs in the family...for now. Great-grandmother was 99. Grandmother made it to 97. Grandfather carried his golf clubs well into his 80's.
    Fibromyalgia is what I was told he had. We ate a lot of carbs in winter.

    I am used to the cold. In fact I love it (Snowboarder). Every night as kids at a cold rink or tobogganing.
    In high school we rarely wore jackets even at -20*C. Snowstorms will dump up to several feet of snow at a time.

    By default we are always shoveling snow in the cold and dark....I used to hate snowstorms....but am looking forward to them now.
    Days are getting short, dark by 6 pm now.

    One objective is to learn how to properly handle these cold dark days north of the 49th Parallel.

    Limiting light after dark is not how we live here...lots of time indoors with the TV on watching hockey.
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  5. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I like that goal! Welcome David :)
  6. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    If you come out to BC we will hafta ride this winter
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome David! I was born in Toronto and now live in Oz....

    Shovel snow and make snow angels in your red speedos ...and we will need pics .... and yes.... the speedos have to be red! :p
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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome David :) :) :)
    Great stuff :) I was into David Wolfe too some years ago ;) and I have to say, to go raw really helped me, even if I did mistakes in the beginning like eating fruit 7/24 :rolleyes: no more!
    Do you do wild edibles too? They are awesome :)
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  9. Clayton we will for sure. Revelstoke is my go to.
    Lol, snow angels in speedos!
    Wolfe really opened my eyes to an unknown world...some of the tonics he talked about were really effective for me.

    Raw felt great at times, but not always. I used to eat fruit everyday, usually in a smoothie. Blueberries, raspberries, and mango sometimes. Now, no fruit.
    No wild edibles except for chaga. I do drink a lot chaga tea.
  10. Put the 20 Gauss Magnetico on the bed on Sunday. Tonight is night 6. Energy levels way up.
    Sleep feels more restorative. So far so good.
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  11. First IR light session today in combination with a tan.

    Cycled steam room and cold showers today for two hours after a workout.

    Supper is Atlantic Salmon, bok choy, pea shoots, broccoli, onion, and garlic.

    Will be reading Epi-Paleo Rx and drinking ice water and chaga mushroom tea.
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  12. Update January 2015 - Feeling like I am in the bet health I've ever been in at this point... transformed my lifestyle since really diving into this material . Many of my beliefs and dogma's about health have been tested. Mind = blown.

    Love sleeping on the Magnetico too.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    great news! Hi!
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
  14. RobH

    RobH Gold

    Fantastic -- what a great start to the year!

    The de-coking plant sounds like a recipe for human decay. Did you notice generally poor health amongst the folks that worked there?

  15. Rob, I had no idea how horrible that place was for my health until I met all of you and JK's work....it was quite a shock to say the least...

    I have watched guys who started at the same time as me (2008) really being to fail in their health. Many have put on excess weight and you can visibly see there are quite a number of underlying emotional and physical problems.

    We have a newsletter at work and I wrote a few articles about sleep and blue light but they mostly just laughed at me. Mentioned the high nnEMF exposure/poor health link regarding the substations but was told by the head of safety that there is no concern.

    Two years ago I switched to a different part of the plant with less exposure to EMF, danger, and equipment. Feeling better from that switch.

    The latest stuff on naps and REM sleep really clued me in....I used to have the urge from time to time to nap at work. I knew it was indication that something was amiss.

    Feeling like I've improved my circadian rhythm.

    The biggest changes have been the huge increase in fish intake and I have really narrowed down a list of foods and supplements that make me feel great all the time. I've even changed the way I work out due to guys like Dan Ordoins. He's been quite a good influence in the eating department.

    Yew-wei Tan blows my mind...I wish I had a brain like his....so smart....

    And I have been more aggressively embracing this new way of living. I've always been a jump without a parachute....but only if it feels right...and this here feels right.
  16. rgp888

    rgp888 New Member

    Hi David - just discovered Yew-wei as well - very good to read.

    Me too - "jump without a parachute - but only if it feels right" - I stumbled upon Dr. Kruse's website one day, bought the kindle version of his book the next day, and filled an unused wheely bin with ice the next day! I, too, have gravitated to quantum theories all my life - that's why I'm boots and all here! It feels right, even though I haven't taken it all in yet, can't fathom some of Dr. Kruse's writing (I think Yew-wei might help me understand!), but it just "makes sense". I was born with cystic fibrosis and not expected to live. A family friend (whom I call "Uncle") was a self taught natural therapist - cured me with diet (vegan), cell salts and some herbals. Never looked back. I've always felt there is a place for vegan, juicing, fasting for cures but these things haven't provided a good platform for me for living. I studied to become a naturopath - but it "didn't feel right" - I was connecting the dots with quantum theories at a spiritual level, then trying to reconcile prescribing in an "a+b=c" linear manner. I felt the body should also be treated as a quantum energy field, but couldn't find a basis for prescription, so gave up naturopathy! (homeopathy and NLP come close, but there is still something missing - here it is!)

    I haven't read enough of Jack Kruse for much of an understanding - it just feels right - resonates at that deep level of understanding that can't be expressed in words!

    Good luck with your journey!

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  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Love it, David :) :) :) :)
    this lifestyle just ROCKS :)
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  18. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Ha, and I personally am one to never jump without a parachute :rolleyes:. This software developer is paranoid both in professional and personal life o_O. I'll always have a plan, but I'll always swear to break the plan :D.

    Congrats on the journey thus far :), and believe that there is still more benefit to be gained by sticking the path.
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  19. Witer here is ending and so is my first winter going quantum. I am adapting to the new lifestyle quite well. This winter I ate a very high fat diet with very little carbohydrates and many green vegetables. CT was done nearly daily. You would't believe how cold the tap water gets in Saskatchewan. Crazy cold but I loved it.

    I used the cold as much as I could and even made national headlines while shoveling shirtless. I was able to go barefoot at -10*C on the regular. Neighbors think I am nuts.
    Cold never really bothered me as I grew up playing hockey outside. We are used to -40 temps. Cold was no problem.

    The diet change was excellent. Fish and seafood started at maybe 2-3 times a week and now it's an everyday thing. In terms of diet I am losing my appetite. Must be related to eating Epi-paleo. I stuck to eating within 30 minutes of rising but lunch and dinners were spotty at best. Right now, my wife and I look at each other and say. "I'm not hungry" often. Never really expected this to occur.

    The battle I am in right now is with EMF and light. I am still working nightshifts in addition to the business. I am burning the candle at both ends, literally and figuratively. My job also requires being around industrial EMF and I am now suspecting that this is the cause of my sciatic pain. Rub and Jack said in Vancouver that this would be the issue....blue clocking glasses have been a savior and I now crave them.

    The magnetico sleep pad (20 gauss) has improved both mine and my wife's sleep on the regular. We are waking up with more energy and feeling well rested.

    Again, the battle I have is with light and EMF but we are currently working on that and we are looking at a move to the Vancouver area to take our health to a new level. I met a friend of Jack's in Vancouver, a guy named Clay. We have spoken nearly everyday about the experience in Vancouver and I making plans....that's all I can say.

    Needless to point out my experience here and with Jack and Ruben in Vancouver has surely altered my course in life. Stay tuned....

    Really enjoying this new way of life, adapting well and feeling better than I ever have.
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  20. One thing I am still miffed by is the cost of labs in Canada. Doctors don't want to run them and ND's charge an arm and a leg for them.
    The sinking Canadian dollar is also a hindrance. I do see a future for more affordable labs in Canada.
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