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David’s journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dteshome, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    With the anxiety and emf i am

    trying to focus on eating good

    food and getting the right vitamins/minerals

    Right now in the refrigerator there
    Is basmatti rice,eggs,ground turkey,chicken which gives me weird reactions

    About 15 percent protein,50 percent carb,25 percent fat

    I noticed that i have alot of food intolerances especially sugar,dairy
    amd gluten

    I take Clonazapem a few times a day .25-.5 during the day .75 at night

    With 400 mg magnesium with each

    Find this helps with anxiety

    But i find that i lack some brain energy and feel sluggish at times with this combo

    Maybe cut back a little

    A few months ago i was taking ubiqinol 200 mg,lions mane,magnesium but found that the more supplements i took the sicker i felt

    Perhaps too many supplements at once stresses the liver

    So trying to take more of a minimalist approach

    I also read that vitamin d levels correlate with parathyroid levels

    My vitamin d was at 28

    My parathyroid 25 reference range (15-65)

    I heard that there are individual differences in optimal vitamin d levels

    My calcium levels are 10.3 reference range (9-10.5)I think

    And i don’t eat alot of calcium rich foods that im aware could be mistaken.

    Hesitant about vitamin d supplement because of potential calcium efflux
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    eat sardines, oysters, shrimp and all the seafood you can manage.

    Eggs are really good, lamb and pork belly........

    chicken and turkey not good
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  3. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Thanks for the advice caroline

    There was a period after i left delta

    That i left home in the week spent

    several weeks most of the day in

    forest.Lots of barefoot walking and

    sunlight.Then when it got dark and i

    Started driving back everything

    sounded louder especially car engines

    revving up.Now when my mother is

    Doing dishes in the kitchen it feels ten

    times louder as well as footsteps and

    doors being shut.I have a hard time

    going to the restaraunt because of the


    Watching television can also be

    difficult because of the stimuli

    Also notice my windows and walls

    In my room are

    Making these random crackling sounds

    Sensitive to these vibrations

    sometimes wonder If i have ME

    where there is some kind of neuro

  4. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member


    When i switch to 4g from 3g on my cell

    phone because there was no reception

    to briefly type or read

    something i feel it affecting the cns

    With and exercanating fatigue in the

    Brain.I literally cannot have a convo

    Afterwards.Feeling of weakness and


    I know that ethernet is a temporary

    Solution although not sure if its

    Worth spending whats little in

    Savings for tnat

    In order to go thru the

    airports to go somewhere like jamaica

    Or mexico seems like i would have to

    Reverse the process where higher

    Frequencies can be tolerated briefly.

    Theres a feeling to go to rural america

    At the same time i would feel trapped

    That visiting a 5g hospital for a docs

    Appointment or going through a high

    Emf International airport to a lower

    latitude feels like a wall.Feeling

    of being trapped.I sometimes wonder

    If other paradigms are required.Like

    On the Ehs forum there

    are some people significantly

    Improved their sensitivities through

    Lots of greens/juicing and binders like


    Thank you all
  5. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Went to cascade nature preserve today

    From about 12:00-3:00 pm Did maybe

    2 hours of slow walking with breaks.

    Still feel quite sore and usually need

    To lay down for a few hours after

    this much walking.

    Definitely could stand up longer in

    The woods than a 4glte blue light store

    This shows me that the path is

    probably being consistently in Nature.

    i dont sense alternations between city

    and natural forests to be sustainable

    in a 5g environment barring a

    supplement or medication discovery.

    Ate shrimp and canned sardines with

    basmatti rice for breakfast.

    RIce with Salmon for lunch an 2

    pieces of naan bread.Followed by

    half gallon of lactose free milk.

    I know milk can be inflammatory

    But it helps with Post exertional

    Malaise i get from walking and

    mental exertion.

    I find that my body craves carbs.

    Right now moderate carbs moderate

    Protein moderate fat 20p/50c/30 fat

    Also went barefoot today then started

    Getting some chills in 52 degree

    weather so put the shoes back on.

    Took 0.5mg of meth blue kordon

    Some klonopin that i have been on

    For a few months .25 in the morning

    And .5mg evening and bed.I don’t

    like taking meds but it helps some

    with CFS/ME.Also took 1200 mg mag

    glycinate.Still figuring out options for

    future.I know that a warm forest is

    Probably ideal.Don’t think the body

    is quite ready to do 6 hrs of labor

    Required in a woof farm.Mitochdonria

    could use improvement.

    I think the trees have

    something that is released which to

    me feels androgenic.Usually i find

    effects of being in the forest are best

    when you stay there. When i see

    Individuals with ehs i find usually that

    they are the hippy/artsy

    in general that are highly sensitive to

    others energies perhaps ehs is not

    a problem only of redox or detox

    but also psychic energy in the jungian

  6. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Spent a couple hours at the nature

    preserve this afternoon after shrimps

    With rice for breakfast with 50mg

    ubiqinol 20 mg Pqq 425 mg Magnesium

    Malate,500 mg DHA Nordic Naturals

    and a little but of MB.

    Walked slow for maybe an hour and

    A half along the creek.Feels good

    hearing the sounds of the water flow.

    Went to the library to send a resume

    Then back home shrimp for lunch

    with 425 mg magnesium Malate.

    10 mg Pqq and 500 mg of DHA.

    If anyone has any suggestions feel

    free to share.
  7. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    One thing i noticed is that i feel better outdoors vs indoors however one thing i am noticing is that with UV light near where i live near the airport

    I don't feel well after sunbathing with minimal clothes.A t-shirt or long sleeve shirt and long sleeve pants in the UV feels better than trying to have as

    much surface area of the skin to the sun.Also notice that just being away from blue light when possible and looking into natural light feels better.

    I bought some canned salmon and oysters yesterday and have been eating some seafood ate it with mexican corn tortillas.

    Also got some labs back and it seems that perhaps having prior exposure to HSV1 HSV6 Epstein Bar Cytomegalivirus,Coxsackie virus

    is causing some sensitivity to UV solar radiation.Keeping in mind that it may be possible that UV may be causing some free radicals after being

    exposed to some of these viruses.I am looking into moving options and i wonder if being in UV in a low nnemf would make a difference.Not sure

    Looking into Yucatan and wondering if the UV may have a positive or negative impact.
  8. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Hi David. I’m just wondering how you're doing, and letting you know that I’m rooting for you. You are in a tough situation with your parents and living near the Atlanta airport, but I feel that a solution is coming for you.

    I wish I could offer you a place to stay and recover your ability to work, but for numerous reasons that can’t happen at the moment.

    You have a good strong heart and that will help you through.

    How’s it going?
  9. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Appreciate it

    I am down in Navarre beach with

    my father.Doing some breath holds

    and hanging out on the beach.

    Some of the hotels are hiring for

    maintenance/or front desk

    I have a backpack with some clothes

    and am here with my father.

    I have contemplated with staying

    I would like to stay here longer

    800usd in savings but not sure what

    can be done

    Pretty nice down here

    Appreciate your thoughtfulness
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  10. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Just wanted to post some labs

    regarding viruses I have past infections

    with.Not sure what can be done.I think

    my chronic fatigue syndrome and emf

    Sensitivity manifested around the time

    Of seeing escorts while working at

    Delta near the Atlanta airport.

    Since my vitamin D is normal I’m

    Trying to find out what the missing

    piece is to this Cfs

    1.Sunlight check
    2.Circadium rhythm check
    3.Vitamin D check
    Missing piece?

    Sunlights alleviates some of this but perhaps genetic mthfr mutation,viruses hanging around in the nervous system

    I really don’t believe vitamin D issues is the cause of my CFS.My guess would be viruses but I could be mistaken

    Ok someone kindly mentioned too much fragility to work.I think there is a degree of truth to this.I understand that there is power in the subconious mind as well as the body being a bundle of cells trying to fight of invaders

    So i wonder where can I relocate too

    The line is thin.It is 70 degrees out and

    I sun bath nude in the

    forest.Definetely has a good redox

    effect.However once it starts getting

    Hot I am met with malaise.

    Main stressors
    3.hot and cold extremities
    4.too much thinking
    5.too much standing/walking

    I spoke to a man in destin,fl who said
    I could come down and try the beach attendant work.Says the job is physical and it gets humid

    Echo findings
    Trace regurgitation
    Ejection fraction 50%(50-70%)

    Testosterone 303 tested several months ago when fatigue was slightly worse.

    I have an appointment to see a urologist on August 2 in Newnan Ga
    A smaller town then metro Atlanta

    I have an appointment with a np
    At the Multiple sceloris center of Atlanta Friday

    Not sure what good this will do

    I see patient in MS center where they say WiFi is available and people are in wheelchairs .I think these patients are being irradiated and nobody is paying attention to the fact that all these wireless signals is not going Improve prognosis

    Anyways thank you fellas

    Here are some lab results

    I went to the Phoenix rising forums
    a forum with individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic encaphmyeltis did some research and found the common viruses assosciated
    With Cfs/me then went to my doc and
    Requested the labs.Turns out that I have had past igg markers to almost all of them

    Even ubiqunol and magnesium didn’t return my functionality so perhaps there is something beyond mitochonsrial

    Herpes simplex 1 igG
    >5.00 H positive

    EBV VCA IgG 603 U/ML H
    Up<18 undectablen

    <10.0 u/ml

    Epstein-Barr Early AG IgG
    47.8 H

    <9 u m/l negative

    Early Epstein Barr Nuclear AG IgG
    428.8 H

    <18 u m/l negative

    Varicella Zoster IGG

    Negative <135

    IGM wasn’t performed

    Cytalomegalovirus igg
    >10 H
    Negative <0.6


    :love:0 no antibody detected
    30-34.99 equivocal

    Per quest diagnostics
    Cockysackie b2
    1.8 H
    ref range <1.8

    B4 1.8 H
    ref range <1.8

    B5 1:16 H
    Ref range >1:8

    B6 1:16 H
    Ref range >1:8

    CD8 1058 270-930
    CD4 1225 540-1660H

    Ratio CD4/CD8 1.16 0.92-3.41
  11. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

    David, the only Vitamin D value I see is 28. Was that the most recent? If in the units I'm familiar with, it should be much higher than that.
  12. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    I do appreciate it Mrs Durham

    Vitamin D was 29

    Parathyroid hormone is 18 (12-60)

    The point at which vitamin D increases

    to where an individuals parathyroid is

    suppressed is that ndividuals max set

    point.Seems that I am near the body’s

    Individual ceiling for some it’s 30

    Others 50 or 70.

    Makes sense since my spectracell calcifetlerol was in the upper percentile on the graph




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  13. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    I think there are individual differences

    Again since my parathyroid is nearly

    suppressed natural vitamin d cannot

    exceed much past 30 without

    parathyroid dipping below 10

    There is a wide genetic variability in

    Vitamin D levels.Parathyroid is a

    barometer to measure individual

    vitamin d.If your parathyroid is in the

    lower half of the normal range that is

    an indicator of good vitamin d



    Appreciate it mrs Durham

  14. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Relocated to laccombe Louisiana

    Been hot down here so I have been taking 3 cool showers

    Skin is getting darker as I’m trying to adapt to the heat

    Diet is eggs and grits for breakfast

    And pasta/rice for lunch dinner

    I am volunteering at a place so don’t

    have that autonomy over food as I only

    have 600 in savings

    Last night was constipated saw some

    bleeding in the stools

    I would like to eat more paleo more protein but the man is on social security.Retired Navy Veteran.Cheap when it comes to food.He does want to drive to Yucatán from Louisiana

    The place I’m staying at there hotspot in the office below me on the cell phone that is used for internet connection on the computer

    There Is another volunteer that sleeps in a separate unit

    There plenty of sunlight.My main concern is diet and emf exposure being near a Tv antennae on the roof of the house.Not sure if it emits microwave frequency.The room I sleep in is on the same level maybe 10-20 ft away

    Broadcasting towers 1.8 miles a way and there are lots of trees in this rural
    are so it’s hard to tell how much I’m being exposed to

    Being on a paleo like diet being further from emf sources and more sunlight are my goals

    The man is shirtless outside in the sun which is nice.Work is more outdoors.Its a challenge lifting things in a wheel barrel with CFS but the man says he will work with the CFS as will the lady in Missisippi as she has a daughter with MS

    Also visited a lady in Pass Christian Mississippi.Perhaps i felt better there
    She dropped me off at the beach to see the water during my first visit.Retired English teacher who lives with a mentally ill 60 year old.I have worked with this population in the past.Less towers in her area she has WiFi but I don’t think I felt it.Maybe due to the large Bay.I lost my acousticomm so it’s hard to measure both places.

    On paper supposed to be less emf than Atlanta aiport area but I don’t know.Dont feel much different yet and I do find it harder to sleep than in a cabin in a state park

    Appreciate any suggestions
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
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  15. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Did some wheelbarell work today pushing cement plates into a barrels.
    Round 1 was ok.Drove to the neighbors house across the street put the plates in the trunk then unloaded walking 20-30 yards with 20 lbs in the wheelbarrell.Did rounds for like 5-10 minutes then took cold shower outside.Put some redlight on the hosts knees that he has problems with.

    Then in the evening around 4 did another round of 5-10 minutes pushing a wheelbarrel with plates.Felt like farmers walk.This time round could only do one plate in the barrel at a time since fatigue was to much.

    Not sure how physical labor will turn out.I did mentioned that I have Cfs
    and more into caring type work vs labor which I don’t enjoy much in my physical state but decided to leave Atlanta for the time being so have to try it out.

    Eggs and canned fruit for breakfast
    Canned soup,banana and some honey for lunch

    I brought up dumpster diving since I cannot afford food

    Anyways sitting in the Sun trying to
    Cold adapt and heat adapt
  16. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    David this is great that you found folks on Workaway willing to give you a chance with the CFS. I get the impression most are open minded and understanding, and will support you as long as you apply sincere effort.

    You need a lot more protein and fat. Canned sardines are cheap and easy, and not bad with hot sauce. They are a good vehicle for anti-inflammatory turmeric as well. Even canned tuna would be better than nothing. Is there a discount grocery store nearby (sometimes called a surplus outlet)? They are worth seeking out for things where you can easily check the expiration dates. Usually prices are at least 50% cheaper than regular stores.

    Can you or your host buy a big fatty piece of pork (shoulder or butt)? You can usually find this for under $2/pound, and a few pounds slow roasted with lots of garlic, salt and pepper will give you meals for days, plus pork fat to cook your eggs.

    I do think that getting out of Atlanta was the best thing you could have done. I’ll bet your parents are proud that you are out on your own two feet, however unsteady they may seem at the moment. They only want the best for you... :)

    Good luck!
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  17. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Thank you mas phosphene

    Last night i was on the beach in Henderson bay visiing another workaway lady.The workaway host here drove me there.We drove to Walmart to pick up a cell phone I dropped in his pond.Then visited the other host who works with a mentally ill 60 year old.We got together around 7 and helped setup firewood.For some reason I felt 60 percent better on the beach then in the rural woods.

    Seems that the negative ions from.the gulf has more of an antiflsmmatory effect than.the rural area I am staying at in lacombe.The lady said I can try it out helping with the mentally challenged 60 year old and moving light stuff around the house.

    She lives walking distance to the gulf in pass Christian,mississippi.a resort town that is in hurricane territory but absolutey beautiful but I don't want to disappoint the person I am staying with as he as has been to yucatan many times and said he would be willing to drive there in september.If I leave then that opportunity may be lost.May be a bit unconventional ofme introducing 2 workaway host.The man says he sees me like a soon after meeting my father last week who drove me down here

    For some reason I have more moments of depression in the rural trees out here vs scene of less trees and vast waters.Intuitively it feels like the body needs grouding in the beach Yesterday heard that Parish 7 where I'm staying has the highest drug and sucide rates in Louisiana.There is some feeling of angst being in a isolated rural environment vs the beach
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  18. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    I am back in atlanta their was a hurricane down in the new orleans area and i left the volunteer position.Also wasnt comfortable with some of the things the host told me about homosexuality.Motivations for leaving was feeling depressed in a chained environment as well as a women i was attached to who i met there

    My gmail account is locked and cant access info since i forgot the password and also forgot backup email msn password.Gmail wouldnt allow my Yahoo account to reset gmail so I am struggling to sign in to both gmail accounts and volunteer acccounts to reach out

    My mother suggested that she would pay 300-400 month somewhere in rural georgia
    Till i can start volunteerring again

    Spent last two nights camping in airbn b in
    A nashville tent

    The woman im with here on atlanta wanted
    To go to the smokey mountains and sleep in the vehicle.Disagreeements over cell phone in car has been a problem as well as insisting she drives my vehicle and sleep with it
    as she is uncomfortable with my driving has
    I have made a few errors crossing lines and

    She has bipolar and has been abused in the past.I had concerns she would do something to me in my sleep in the mountains and steal the car since she mentioned she has a male friend in that area who she has spoken with over the phone.She is from memphis and I met her parents.Her mother told me that she can stress you out so take care of yourself

    She showed me some clips on non violent communication and we had sex in the tent
    I just dont know what to do about the cell usage in the car as im a person who wants to be distant from emf and demands of driving my vehicle as i dont trust many people to drive and sleep in my car in a national forest

    Safety and emf mitigation is a concern now as I am back at my parents in atlanta to pick up Clomid for testosterone before finding a place.The supplement is in louisiana

    I think boosting t levels may help with volunteer work.Its unfortunate I was doing okay pulling weeds as the man understood my cfs but for factors mentioned above i had to leave

    Thank you guys and gals
  19. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Its hard to be away from industrial civilization

    When both weatern medicine and nature

    both are helpful

    I find that taking my rx dose of Klonopin or less seems to help from overstimulation

    Camping in nashville seemed like I could take half the dose and be fine

    If i go sonewhere so remote where I cannot access doctors that rx meds while utilizing the light cycles I feel there is some confliction

    I was pulling weeds in lacccombe louisiana volunteering fell down hitting a metal hill
    and went to the hospital the next day getting stitches.Up to then my health was improving after 2 weeks there than to nashville camping.

    I want to minimize nnemf utilize the outdoors and still have acccess to western medicine

    I feel like i dont yet have the psychodevelopmental capacities to be fully self sufficient with help from the external world

    Still only 500 in savings

    The body can only improve at n=1 rate so there are variables that I dont know of in this game of life

    Thank you
  20. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Life is certainly an adventure David. (Though I’m scratching my head about Nashville...:confused:) What is your intuition telling you about the bipolar woman? Is she open to the teachings here that will certainly help her?

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