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Daves Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dave Robinson, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. I am a brand new Gold member and just getting familiar with Jacks work. I have been aware of the importance of connecting with nature (light, water, and magnetism) but I had never given much investment towards it and still believed that nutrition was most important for overall health. After educating myself and really diving into Jacks work, now I know how wrong I was.

    I have been struggling with gut issues for two years now. Throughout childhood and even in my early 20s (I am now turning 28), I have taken many courses of antibiotics along with excessing drinking, blue light exposure etc.. These gut issues have mainly affected my brain due to the gut-brain connection. I have been experiencing massing brainfog, memory loss, mood swings, and even some anxiety and depression. To remedy this, I started learning about health and nutrition on podcasts. This is where I discovered that this was my absolute passion. These past two years I have mainly been focused on nutrition for fixing my gut and even pursuing a nutrition diploma to get into the health field. Now my perspective has completely changed. My gut issues have not resolved even though I have tried every diet and supplement that has been documented to fix these issues. After recently discovering who Dr.Kruse was from Luke Storeys podcast, my life has forever changed. I am now devoted to learning everything about physics and quantum biology and harnessing the power of nature to restore my health. But most importantly, my goal is to truly understand and be able to teach this to others because this is so incredibly profound yet not even in the mainstream. It truly breaks my heart to observe how sick our society is becoming and its only getting worse.

    Right now I am currently in a career that is slowly killing me. I am a firefighter for Toronto, and although it is deemed as a noble job, the exposure to blue light, non native EMF, toxins and disrupted circadian rhythm is not worth any amount of pay cheque. My goal is to leave someday leave this career and pursue a career in health where I can try to raise human consciousness and change the lives of many by teaching them to reconnect with nature like we were designed to do. I believe that to be my true purpose.

    Since I am brand new to this paradigm, I still have much to learn, and considering that I don't have a scientific background, I have many hours to put it. But I will commit myself to learning everything from Jack, I consider him to be my mentor now so I can not only reverse my health, but also those who are willing to seek my advice throughout this learning journey.

    Currently I am following a seasonal paleolithic diet. Since I live in Toronto at the moment and it is winter time, I am pretty much eating a carnivore diet with a lot of seafood (DHA), suet, tallow, bone brother, and intermittent fasting. Once it becomes spring and summer, I will start eating local food thats in season and exposing myself to as much sun as I possibly can. Since its winter now, I am doing an icebath everyday and I am also trying my best to mitigate all the blue light and non native EMF that I can. This is actually quite difficult considering there are 5G towers literally everywhere which absolutely frightens me. I am hoping that my BTC investments pulls through so my girlfriend and I can move to a more tropical region with a higher magnetic field.

    These are my goals and I will achieve them while helping as many people as I can a long the way.

    I am incredibly grateful that I stumbled across this site and to be a part of this tribe. Thank you Dr. Kruse for teaching me to reconnect with nature.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Very nice start Dave .... welcome.

    There used to be a forum member - Tim Yaeger who was a fire fighter here in Australia and is now in the health field.
  3. Thats wonderful news as that brings me hope because this career is slowly killing me and I'm only 28.
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  4. Yes that’s the goal, just don’t know what to do for work. Currently trying to start a coaching business
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  5. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Welcome Dave, we are both newbies here and clearly you are feeling the same, learning about Jack's work has totally put my thinking on health and well being on the right track. At least you are young and cant now see the way forward, 99.9% of the population are just unable to dislodge what's indoctrinated in them, sadly.:(
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