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Dani's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dani, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Dani

    Dani New Member

    I am new to the site, but have diligently been reading and listening to Dr. Kruse this past month. In the questions segment following his Nourish Vermont 2017 talk he states whether or not where you live is right for you can be determined by your haploytpe, 677, 1298, VDR receptor and CBS. I recently received my 23andme results and this is what I found out:

    Haplotype: J1c3

    rs1801133 G / G
    rs1801131 G / T

    rs2851391 C / T
    rs234714 C / C
    rs6586282 C / C
    rs234709 C / T
    rs234706 A / G
    rs4920037 A / G
    rs28934891 C / C

    GC GENE:
    rs2282679 G / T
    rs7041 A / C
    rs1155563 C / T

    rs731236 A / A
    rs1544410 C / C
    rs7975232 C /C

    CYP2R1 GENE:
    rs2060793 A / G
    rs1562902 C / T

    * I dug through the raw data myself, so I may or may not have all of the right information. Please advise if I'm missing some key genetic data. I'm trying my best to learn the science, but let's face it, it can be a steep learning curve.

    My question: Is 48 degrees north viable based on my data? A couple of things going in my favor is that I live minutes away from the Strait of Juan de Fuca (excellent CT and grounding opportunities) and can get to an elevation above 5000 feet in less than 45 minutes (CT skiing and vitamin D combined).
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Health history? also your Mom's and Nan's.

    what do you do for work?
  3. Dani

    Dani New Member

    Thank you Caroline for your reply.

    My grandmother was born in Seattle, WA. Her mother immigrated to the United States around the age of 16 from Calabria in southern Italy and she and her husband traveled west from Ellis Island crossing back and forth over the US-Canadian border following the mining industry. They eventually settled in Merritt, BC where they bought a ranch and ran a little store, butcher shop and restaurant. At 17 my grandmother had my mother in Merritt. She grew up on the ranch and as soon as she was tall enough to reach the counter she was put to work. Not wanting to live that life she somehow managed to graduate from high school (first one in the family) and left Merritt to go to Kamloops, BC to study nursing. She graduated first of her class. Long story short she ended up moving to the United States, became a US citizen and a nurse anesthetist. She settled in the Seattle area and at 36 she had me.

    Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula provided me with a healthy childhood. I spent my summers outside riding my bicycle and playing in the woods. I've had one surgery which was a rhinoplasty at the age of 17 due to a deviated septum.

    My health problem didn't develop until I was in my 30s. I had been living in Japan for a couple of years when in 2003/04 I developed heavy bleeding due to a uterine fibroid. During the seven years that I lived in Japan I was under heavy blue light as Japan adopted high efficiency lighting long before we did in the US. I vividly remember how frustrating it was to find "natural" light bulbs. If I only knew then what I know now!

    Fast forward to the present: the uterine fibroid is still present, but hasn't changed dramatically in size, but I now have a fibroid cyst. The bleeding is still a problem which has led to an anemic state (self-diagnosis):

    Serum Iron 30
    TIBC 420
    Ferritin 3
    RBC 4.44
    HGB 10
    HCT 32.3
    MCV 73
    MCH 22.5
    MCHC 31
    RDW 18.5
    Iron saturation 7

    Conventional medical care recommendation has been to have an ablation, but I keep refusing. I want to FIX the problem, not put a bandaid on it.

    BUN/Creatine Ratio is 11, Vitamin D is 38.3 (this is prior to implementing Kruse protocols) and CRP-HS is 3.04.

    My day job does put me in blue light. I work as the office manager for my husband who is a functional neurologist. Since we found Dr. Kruse we ground and watch the sun rise every morning, we no longer turn the lights on in the office, wear blue blockers during the day, UVEX at night, leave the windows cracked in the office, and take our lunch breaks outside while grounded in the grass. We are in the midst of the local hospital and medical clinics and I'm sure we're quite the sight sunning ourselves behind our office in as little clothing as one can get away with in such a setting.

    I recently finished the Epi-Paleo RX and am now working on the dietary changes and CT. Every shower I now take ends in cold water. I haven't worked up to embracing oysters as I have an allergy to scallops which always leads to an evening of vomiting. I did hear Dr. Kruse mention on a podcast that seafood allergies can be overcome by eating seafood though I'm not sure of the mechanisms at play here and am not keen on self-experimentation for the obvious reasons.

    Based on my current beginner's understanding of the Kruse paradigm my anemia strategy is to sun and eat my way out of it. I'm grounding and am out in the sun as often as I can be and am loading up on iron-rich foods that are appropriate to the season for this latitude; no iron supplements. Since we'll be hitting Vitamin D winter in the middle of next month I'm not sure if this will be a successful approach...time and the next blood lab will tell.
  4. Dani

    Dani New Member

    I started listening to the EMF Health Summit online which is going on from 9/18 - 9/24. The first day of speakers included ex CEO of Microsoft Frank Clegg. He mentioned in passing that 5G can be used as a weapon for crowd dispersal and so I tracked down that reference which I thought people here might be interested in (I'm years late to this party so apologies if this is something that is so "old news" to this group).

    The Same Frequencies Used for Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons Form the Foundation of the Network that Will Tie Together More Than 50 Billion Devices As Part of the Internet of Things
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    uterine fibroid.

    Fast forward to the present: the uterine fibroid is still present, but hasn't changed dramatically in size, but I now have a fibroid cyst. The bleeding is still a problem which has led to an anemic state (self-diagnosis):

    1 dropperfull/day =~1cc/day

    .CROW'S® Lugol's Solution of Iodine 2% Pro Pack-As low as $7.99 ea. bottle + Free US & Canada Shipping!
    Professional Packs: 24-2 oz.($8.49 ea.) $203.76 -----
  6. Dani

    Dani New Member

    Thank you for your recommendation. I'm assuming you're suggesting supplementing because the target amount is too high to get through local food?
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It is multiple times higher then one would ever get from food.
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  8. Dani

    Dani New Member

    Thank you for pointing that out. I will give it a try.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    be careful with iodine ....if you are going to do it .....follow proper protocol. You can overdose.
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  10. Dani

    Dani New Member

    Thank you for the warning, Caroline.
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I use above product and quantities (daily) for over 10 years.

    Your mileage may vary.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    some here have upped their doses too fast and had bad detox ........me being one of them.
  13. Emma Ruttyn

    Emma Ruttyn New Member

    Just listened to JK's interview on the EMF summit - loved it.....Lloyd chuckled a few times when JK was talking the truth and not holding back! Bloody loved listening to it - All the other interviews just don't cut it, especially these dr's telling everyone that they can mitigate nnEMf's with food alone. Total bullshit.
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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    One would need something like 3 lbs of iodine to have a deadly dose. Initially taking it will force the bromine. flouride out of the body which can make you feel like shit. Adding some himylan salt will help mitigate that. I take about 40mg a day and plenty of people take up to 3g a day. Women with fibroids who have tried it have sweared by it. Dr Brownstiens iodine protocol is I feel the most extensive research on it with thousands of cases.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    in my experience here on the forum.........some of us had some serious issues with detox. Everyone's n=1 is very different. We were following Dr. Brownstein's protocol btw.
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Make sure that you have selenium.
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  17. Dani, Hi , I'm new here too and just trying to find my way as well. So I was just listening to the Q&A Oct 2018 webinar that Jack does for members and he said loosely stated that light (in this context here supplements) works in each of us in unique ways, and what he told one person in a consult should not be taken by anyone else as the way to go for them. He saw someone ask for results the info from a consult and it really bothered him.He asked if people would exchange phone numbers rather than give particulars because it's gotten confusing, especially for us newbies. Because a gal from California will not have the same exact needs as a guy from Indiana. I can relate because I am used to more of a one-size-fits all approach so without Jack's warning, I'd be jumping all over good things to do suggested by others. I had a consult and Jack did ok a few supplements for my particular need. I was following another thread also and remember that he clearly advised against using Lugol's as a generic protocol and was much more inclined to suggest seaweed. I got some sheets and it's tasty and I also decided to start sprinkling kelp from the grocery store on my food, incorporate in my meal prep. Usability doesn't always equate with higher dosage. JanSz, do you recall that thread? Btw, I love how much valuable stuff you post. Dani, you may want to search on 'iodine'or what you are trying to offset/heal and see what else has been posted? Best regards, Amanda
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you really do have to do your due diligence .........never forget n=1 is so different for everyone
  19. Dani

    Dani New Member

    If I were to travel back in time and tell my 20-year old self that one day I would rise with the sun without the aid of an alarm, snooze button or caffeine, that 20-year old would have laughed in my face. Ever since I can remember I have been a late riser. As a child, I vividly remember my mother coming into the bathroom and yelling at me because I had yet again fallen asleep in the tub. How I didn't drown is a miracle. As a young adult, I would pull all-nighters rather than risk trying to get a few hours sleep for fear of sleeping through the alarm and missing an early scheduled departure.

    Fast forward to today and I can say that I have transformed from a low cortisol, “just 5 more minutes,” snooze button abuser to one who now jumps out of bed enthusiastically, slips on a pair of shorts and heads to the beach for grounding and morning sunrise; all without alarm clocks, snooze buttons or caffeine.

    Ever since I returned from the high dopamine Black Swan experience of Playa del Carmen over New Year’s I have been focused on getting up with the sun. January and February were not as successful as I had hoped due to multiple snowstorms and the fact that the sun was rising over the Olympic Mountains rather than on the horizon line of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but March and April have been stellar with the sun coming up over the Strait. In less than two months I have developed an unbreakable bond to sunrise.

    I have heard and read Dr. Kruse’s words, “You are meant to be addicted to the sun,” but only now do those words truly resonate.

    Recently my husband and I went skiing with another couple. The husband informed us that the departure time would be 6am as the parking lot fills quickly creating a traffic jam that can run for miles down the hill. This was no problem for us as we had been getting up with the sun. Not true for the wife. The night before we left the wife forewarned us that she is not a morning person and that we shouldn’t take offense or be startled by the silent treatment or spontaneous bursts of tears. As we headed for the mountain I sat next to her in the back seat watching her, her eyes tightly shut, clenched jaw, clutching her coffee travel mug for dear life. She looked like an astronaut enduring the first few moments of takeoff. As we continued driving I couldn’t help thinking how much I was once like her. How liberating it felt to know that those days are far behind me.

    “When you know better you do better.” – Jack Kruse

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