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Danica's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Danica, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Danica

    Danica Gold

    I am a new member so am still getting used to what is on the website but will write my heath history here. I will write some details that may seem as not important but I feel that they are to get a sense of what is probably causing my health issues (and my son's).

    My medical history:
    I was born in Slovakia (at the time Czechoslovakia), moved to Turkey when I was 11, then went to boarding high school in south india (4 years), then to the US for university and working for 3 years and in 2003 moved to Australia.

    I was born with my feet facing down but luckily no forcepts were used and I was born without any issues. When I was 6 months old doctors noticed that both of my eyes were cross-eyed (looking inwards). They could not operate on such a small child then (probably a good thing!) but did when I was 4, 7 and 8 (3 operations). I wore patches and glasses most of my life since then. I stopped wearing glasses when I was at university and then started again when I started driving when I was 22. (I don't wear glasses any more, stopped probably a year ago when I lost the pair that I had).

    When I was 7-8, doctors noticed that I had scoliosis but because this could not be operated in a communist country (one good thing!), I was told to do various yoga exercises daily which completely fixed it.

    During university, I had many eating issues and at one point had to take some hormones as my period went away.

    In 2006-07 (when I was 28-29), I noticed one white spot on my skin. The doctor did not comment on it when I asked him about it but that was start of my vitiligo which I still have (it was been VERY slowly reducing - what seems to be helping is CT and 4 hours of direct morning sun.. something I can do 2-3x/week). The vitiligo started spreading after my first pregnancy. I was given MMR vaccine before I left the hospital with my first child which I had a reaction to (massive swelling so the nurse said he thought that I'd need an injection to stop it but then it went away very quickly) - I am not sure whether this was the last straw for my health but I developed chemical sensitivity afterwards as well (get a headache if I am sitting in a new car, if we buy any new furniture, if markers are being used, smell of parfumes or any non-natural fragrance...).

    At the end of last year I have also developed EHS - when we moved our desks at work, after a week I developed heart palpitations, could not concentrate at all or think and felt very sick whenever I came to work. One of my colleagues mentioned to me that I was sitting right under the wifi. I had no idea what wifi was so I looked into it and I was schocked to find out that this is all radiation. I was reacting to our home one as well (I didn't know we had one at home either) and then started having a strange feeling in newer cars (high electric fields) or when I was cooking in the kitchen with the oven on (high magnetic fields). I went to a chiropractor/kineseologist who did one one minute 'exercise' and that completelly got rid of my heart palpitations but I still have a strange feeling in my neck and just an overall feeling when I am exposed to high electric feelds and rf (but can at least function when I am in such environment). I think lots of sun is helping with this as well.

    I have tried to detox many times but have realised that i can't (I understand now that Jack says that you can do this only once you fix your redox) as I reacted to all supplements and antioxidants (even vit D, Mg...) - my reaction is wither swollen fingers (eg from iodine) or spread of vitiligo (antioxidants, seaweeds..)

    I have been on the GAPS intro diet for 7 years now (due to my son's severe food allergies) and feel great eating this way but it has not helped with vitiligo or chemical sensitivities or the fact that i still can't have dairy (vitiligo spreads).

    I have done the Shoemaker's VCS test for biotoxins and have passed on one eye but failed the other so it's an overall fail. I had a first appointment with a Shoemaker traned doctor a few weeks ago who asked me to do lots of different tests so will go to her at the beginning of September for results (mainly to see if there are biotoxins and that I have the gene which makes it hard for them to come out of the body).

    Sometimes when I floss I have bleeding gums which I think would mean inflammation/infection somewhere in the body by my high reactive C protein is 0.11 so I am not sure what is causing the bleeding.

    My skin on feet is very dry and B12 has dropped a lot recently as well.

    My mum's medical history:
    Un fortunately I can't ask my mum questions on this as she passed away 3 years ago (was only 63).

    I think she did have an undiagnosed thyroid problem for many years. She was sensitive to dust and chemicals - had problems breathing. She wore glasses and sunglasses most of her adult life (I think glasses also as a teenager). She was never sick but when was 52, she got breast cancer and a few years after that ovarian cancer from which she later died.

    My granda's medical history:
    The only think I remember is that she never wore glasses until she was around 65 when one of year eyes started 'bulging out'. She had 2 operations on it to 'put it back in' but it came back out after each one. Doctors didn't know what is causing it. She started wearing sunglasses then so that people would not notice it that much. At around this time it seemed like her tummy was getting bigger even though the rest of her body was slim. We didn't know it at the time but her intestines were getting tangled and this was causing her tummy to become bigger/swell. She passed away when she was 73 because of her tangled intestines which did not allow any stool to come out.

    I'll add my son's history on another day as it is getting quite late and JK says we should not stay up past 10 in winter (and it is already 10.30!).
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  2. Danica

    Danica Gold

    A few more things to add to my medical history - when I was around 4, we were on a hike in the mountains (High Tatras). My mum remarked how beautiful the sky looks, beautiful blue colour, no clouds (there are always some clouds in Slovakia). When we came home at the end of the day, the news talked about Chernobyl disaster happening that day. The winds were blowing to the west - where Slovakia is - so were probably getting all of the radioactive stuff when we were out that day.
    - also, the high school I went to had a lake right next to it. Many years after I graduated I found out the reason why they told us to never swim in or go on the boats onthe lake - it was full of mercury. There was a thermometer factory nearby that used to dump it into the lake. So I might have gotten a dose of that as well while growing up.

    One other thing I thought of - during my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy, I had low platelettes in the 3rd trimester. With my 3rd child when this happened I went on the GAPS diet and the platelettes went up! (the doctor was surprised as this is apparently not meant to happen.. if they go down during pregnancy they either stop or keep going down).
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. Danica

    Danica Gold

    Thank you. I will post my son's history tomorrow.
  5. Danica

    Danica Gold

    My son’s medical history

    Sorry for a very long post but it was hard to make it shorter – I didn’t want to leave out any important bits.

    When Danny was born, I realized early on, that there was something not right. When I would try to breastfeed him, he would attach beautifully but after a few seconds would start arching his back and wriggling. I didn’t know why at the time but now I think it was because he was having a reaction to the breast milk. I would try to make him drink for a while but after 15-20 minutes he would refuse to drink. Since he never got to drink much, he would sleep for only 20-30 minutes, wake up, I would feed him again and we would do this the whole day and night. When he was 5-6 weeks old his weight was not increasing much. I realized that this was because I didn’t have enough milk (I had plenty with my 1stchild but not with Danny -2ndand my third). On a nurse’s recommendation I put him on a formula. His arching back continued but he was gaining weight. When he would sleep, he would also fall asleep in an arched back position (his body would look like a bow in shape). I always wondered why but no one else seemed concerned so I didn’t look more into it. I started him on solids (white rice porridge.. yes, I know..) when he was 6 months old. He never really wanted to eat it so 99% of his food was formula.

    When he was 7 months old he got broncholitis. I didn’t know what it was at the time so when we went to see a doctor and she put him on an asthma medicine and one other antibiotic I didn’t question it. After a week of his coughing getting worse, we ended up going to an emergency where they told us that he should have never been put on either of the 2 medicines as they are very strong and should be given only to children at least 1 year old and that also only if they absolutely require it. They said that broncholitis will go away by itself and no medicine is needed. Since then, Danny started reacting to every food. He developed a rash on his whole body, face arms, legs…and was scratching all the time. His whole body was covered in blood from scratching but no one knew why. Over the next 2 years, I saw 3 different pediatric immunologists who have either said that he is ok, or given him steroid creams to put on his skin or said that he should have bleach baths (which I thought was crazy so never did it).

    At one point, there were nurses coming to our house 4x/day to wrap all of his body, face and head included, in steroid creams. I cried every time they did this but did not know what to do. When they told me after a few days that I should do it 4x/day now, I never did. I could not bring myself to doing it even though I didn’t know what else I could do to help him.

    At this point I noticed that whenever he was in the sun, he would be itchy even more and scratch horribly so I bought him some UV protective clothing (I know!). It seemed to help at the time but that was probably because he could not get to his skin. He also wore sunglasses when we went out to the beach or for a walk – there is such a massive propaganda for sun protection that at the time I thought I was doing the right thingL

    I found another pediatric immunologist in Sydney who said that he should be on antibiotics for a month – she said he was so itchy because of bacteria on his skin. I remember thinking that this sounded strange and wasn’t too happy about putting him on antibiotics for a month but I was exhausted from constantly watching him to prevent him from scratching and lack of sleep (by this time he came back to sleep in our bed, mostly so that I could hold his hands from scratching at night… Danny and I did not get a proper night sleep until he was probably 5 when he finally stopped scratching in his sleep). After a month on the antibiotics (when his skin improved by a lot and he scratched much less), as soon as we stopped, his scratching came back 100x worse and his skin became even worse than before if that was possible. The immunologist said that the infection is still there so he should be on antibiotics for 6 months to clear it up. I questioned this at which point she said that if I don’t’ like her advice than I should not come to see her. I had no other option but I knew I couldn’t do this to Danny so I left and never went back. At this point I found one last pediatric immunologist in Sydney. She did skin prick tests on him (I told her that I thought that he was reacting to all foods) – he came up as allergic to everything.. all meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts… anything that one can eat. She put him on a special formula that breaks down all enzymes/proteisn so that the body can’t recognize any of it. He was 2.5 years old at this point. Within 3 days of only having the formula his skin cleared up completely and he stopped scratching.

    I was delighted but after 3 months of this I started having questions of whether he will ever be able to eat anything. When I asked the immunologist this and she said that she has some teenagers that come to see her who are still only on the formula, I realized that I have to do something as I would not want Danny to be like this when he is older. I searched online for answers when someone suggested the GAPS diet. I bought the book, finished it in 2 days and started making things for Danny based on it. I quickly realized that I have to go very slowly as he was reacting even to broth (home made). So we scaled back to 1 teaespoon of broth a day. He would scratch even from having this tiny amount. It took half a year to build up to 1 cup of broth (the rest was formula). Once he could have 1 cup, we quickly build up to 1-1.5L a day as instead of putting the formula into the water I would mix it in the broth. The taste was horrible (even the formula in water) but he loved it (still talks about it now how nice it tasted).

    We slowly started adding in meat - at this point he would only eat the fat off it. When he was 4 years old, he could finally have small pieces of meat without it making him scratch horribly (I wasn’t using steroid crams or anything on his skin). When he was 4.5 he finally had his first ‘proper meal’ pumplin soup (pumpkin cooked in broth and mashed) with meat. I still remember the day.. as it was one of the happiest days of my life (I know it sounds strange but after all of the stuff we/Danny has gone through, this was a breakthrough and my hope of him being able to eat coming true..).

    Once he could have pumpkin and meat, we started adding more things back, whatever he was eating (=vegetables and meat) having lots of fat on it – duck and lamb fat. Danny is 9 years old now and can have everything except things he is extremely allergic to = most nuts (he is ok with pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts), fish (he is ok with sardines and can have shell-fish but doesn’t like it), eggs, sesame seeds. He is not officially allergic to dairy but gets very angry and irritable when he has it so doesn’t have it either (none of us do). We are still on GAPS intro diet (= no legumes, no rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, grains etc). At one point we were having sweet potato and lentils (Danny loves them) but then all of us got a parasite (d fragilis and my daughter also blastochystis) so we stopped and went back to the GAPS intro diet (afew a few years finally got rid of the parasites with homeopathic drops).

    We have gone a long way food-wise and I am still hoping and deep down know that Danny will be able to eat everything one day but it all takes time. The GAPS diet has been great for Danny although reading through Jack’s book I understand that we should have also been eating within ½ hour of waking up, not snacking (which we did) and not eat after 7pm (which we used to do as well). We have incorporated these now.

    Besides the physical allergies, when Danny was 4-5 he would have screaming tantrums when something would upset him. He would scream for 30-40 minutes not able to stop once he started. While he was in this state, if anyone talked to him, it would make it worse so I just had to leave him alone and hope that it stops soon. After one of these tantrums when he calmed down (he would be scratching his skin horribly while screaming), he said himself that he doesn’t know what to do when he gets into a state like that but he can’t stop. It was breaking my heart to hear this as I didn’t know how to help him. When he became older, 6-7, when he had one of these tantrums (anything could set it off, someone not giving him what he wanted, one of his siblings saying something he didn’t like … ) he would run out of the house, walk to the bottom of our street and sit there (if I or the kids wanted to get him, he would run further and scream at us to leave him alone). I knew that there was something wrong on the mental level but I didn’t know what to do. Later on, last year, when I got affected by wifi at work and realized that we have it at home too, once my husband wired the house in January this year, these horrible tantrums disappeared. I cry as I write this as I wish I got sick much earlier so that we could have wired the house earlier and Danny could have been spared all of these incidences.

    I think Danny is visibly affected by rf as well as if he is around wifi for an hour or so, his eyes start becoming itchy and his tummy starts hurting. It is not just the wifi but towers, bluetooth, cell phones being on in a car while driving…

    When Danny was in year 1, I noticed that he does not understand when one starts talking in long sentences eg ‘we do this first, then this and then this.’ He would remember the first bit but not the 2ndor 3rd. The school hasn’t noticed it but I realized that this is happening all the time. He is in year 3 now and he is still not able to remember more than a few words when you eg tell him a sentence to write down. He gets very frustrated and angry about it and then is not even physically/mentally able to concentrate and make any sense out of it.

    It is also very hard for him to concentrate, is easily distracted and lack patience (if he wants something he needs to get it that very second or gets very upset and can’t even understand what you are trying to tell him). Similarly with time – he seems not to understand that when he needs to go somewhere, he needs to get himself ready and go – he often starts building something, drawing or doing some activity when we tell him that he needs to go and does not understand that he can’t go wherever he needs to go and do whatever activity he has just come up with at the same time.

    Many times he doesn’t understand what people say (basic sentences) and even if you explain it in different ways, he may not always understand it. It seems that he is not physically capable of trying again when something goes wrong and is very negative about many things (‘I will never be able to’…) and often blames others for things that have not gone the way that he wanted them to. It is very hard for him to come up with a different way of doing something (eg if someone doesn’t share something with him and you tell him to come up with a way he could try to persuade that person to share it with you.. he says that he can’t, he doesn’t know what to do/say…)

    It is also hard for him to remember where he put things, what he did at school, forgets eg math that he has been doing for half a year if he doesn’t do the exact same thing for a few weeks.

    Jack, you say that dreams are very important as they show that you have a good redox (body can regenerate at night and it helps to build memory). I ask Danny from time to time whether he dreams and the answer is always no. Danny is good at remembering names of people but it is very difficult for him to remember anything else.

    Danny learned how to read in school very quickly but he does not read whole sentences, pages, chapters. He skips words/sentences. He probably subconsciously knows this so doesn’t read chapters books (or if he does, he reads a few pages, then skips 10, reads a few, skips some more…) but only comics where you don’t need a long attention span to figure out what is going on. He loves dong stuff with his hands eg building things but again is not able to learn from his ‘mistakes’. Eg with experiments where you mix many different things, he is not able to follow steps that you are given to follow. He mentally can’t bring himself to understand and do step 1, then do the same with step 2… so for him it is just mixing whatever he sees and seeing what happens. If you try to explain to him what happens in the experiment he cannot follow your explanation when it is longer than a few minutes.

    To help Danny with his concentration and ability to understand instructions, he did one 6 month program (I forgot the name) that Dr Merzenich developed but I don’t think we saw much/any improvement. We also tried iLS listening system (listening to music while doing certain exercises which is meant to retrain your brain to help you also concentrate, understand better by taking away ‘the noise’ so that the brain can work the way it’s meant to) but I am not sure whether that has worked either.

    Danny’s strengths are his ability to perceive feelings of others, is a big extrovert and can (and does) start a conversation with anyone. He sees little details so is very good at drawing (by looking at something). He also enjoys breathing exercises and meditation (we don’t do it any more but usually would after his screaming tantrums). He enjoys being hugged, being in tight spaces (eg in a blanket ‘tunnel) and loves outdoorsy activities.
  6. Danica

    Danica Gold

    Have been having a tricky 2-3 weeks with my son. He seems very irritable, argumentative, easily annoyed at everything and everyone. He is also scratching his skin again, especially when in bed, before sleep (falls asleep quickly though and once he does, he does not scratch). We have not changed anything in what we are doing. He watches the sunrise, has beeb trying the cold baths/swims in the ocean (17C), drinks non-Aussie water...
  7. Danica

    Danica Gold

    As fo rmyself, have been having headaches on/off in the past one week. It seems to be on the left side of my head, next to my eye. I used to get these headaches/pains before but haven't had it for a while...
  8. Danica

    Danica Gold

    Otherwise, can't wait for end of Sept so that we start getting UVB again. I want to observe if there is any difference in my son and myself once we start getting it again.
  9. Danica

    Danica Gold

    Went to a kinesiologist/chiropractor with Danny today. She also noticed that his behaviour is way off. It seems to have started when he was sleeping in a different room for a few weeks. I can smell slight as if dampness there even though no one else in our family can. The kines/chiro tested him for some stuff and said that he came up with fungus. Given that he reacts to everything so easily, it could be affecting his behavour and mood as well. I know this may sound as woo-woo stuff but she did correctly found out through the kines testing when my children had worms/parasites before so I tend to believe her on this as well. I assume this would all go back to not having good redox due to not enough UVB where we are ?
  10. Danica

    Danica Gold

    Have been listening to monthly webinars and Q&As. Teeth questions come up from time to time and I realised that maybe that is what is driving myhealth issues. I had 4 root canal teeth pulled out a few years ago - they were infected and at that time I did not know what else to do. I had 3 bridges done (so yes, destroyed 6 healthy teeth) but agian, at the time, I thought it was a good decision (maybe a low dopamine thing). The bridges are from zirconium oxide and as I understand from the forum, 5g will jump conduct on it. During the time I had the bridges done, I also had mercury fillings removed (yes, I know now not a good idea) and replaced with resin fillings. Would resin fillings also be a problem in a 5g world (I am not sure if they are composite or not)? As I do have some health issues (vitiligo, very low zinc as I found out recently, verly low iodine and BUN/creatine ratio from 2 months ago was 25.. jumped up within a few months from 16 to 25/ vit D and all thyroid tests are ok), given the extensive dental work done, I don't think my siliva will be enough to protect from the jump conduction. Would it be wise to have all of the zirconium bridges removed and replaced with casted gold ones (but 2 bridges are in the front top part) or porcellain ones (which may have aluminum)? I heard on one of the Q&As mention biomimetic dentistry. Would this be something to consider? I am not sure what they use to put on the teeth and could they do something like a bridge as well (I would not want to have implants)?
  11. Danica

    Danica Gold

    Went to a GP (general practitioner) to have some of my labs done. He did not know what oestradiol or pregnenalone was. Is this usual for GPs?
  12. Danica

    Danica Gold

    I went to a different GP today to get my blood test results. When I told her my symptoms around wifis, mobile phones and cell towers, she told me that this is all Russian propaganda and I need to do more exercise and meditation. If this doesn't help within 3 months I should come back and we'll look at psychological help!!! So I am crazy because I feel when I am being irradiated!

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