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Dan2's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dan2, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    when I go to store, what do I buy and how do I prepare it to be ready for eating,
    when my only concern is eating enough lipase.

    Is it possible to describe in in 2-3 short lines, please.

  2. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Raw fatty beef and suet if you can get it, raw egg yolks, kefir/yogurt, raw cream/milk/butter/cheese, avocado, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso paste, sushi, maybe cold-pressed coconut or palm oil (I read a study that said more lipase when the fruits are germinating, but I'm guessing still some in common cold-pressed coconut/palm oil made from fruits that aren't germinating?), maybe cold-pressed olive oil, maybe a supplement.

    Bee pollen also has some lipase.
    Pollen and Pollen Enzymes
    By Julia Bayles Paton, 1921
    "Kammann (I904) found protease, diastase, catalase, and lipase in rye pollen but does not give details of his experiments.
    ...Austrian pine, dock, daisy, goldenrod, ragweed, rye, and timothy pollens were tested with the different substrates for lipase. The tests with ethyl butyrate were unsatisfactory. In the olive oil emulsion and methyl acetate media, Austrian pine, dock, ragweed, and rye pollens gave positive tests for lipase. The action on methyl acetate was especially marked with Austrian pine pollen."

    Making bee pollen more digestible

    More detailed references about making pollen more digestible (2nd section)

    Bee bread maybe has more enzymes than bee pollen because it's made from pollen mixed with bees' saliva; maybe more enzymes still even after it's done fermenting.

    Comparing the bioavailability properties of bee pollen and bee bread using an in vitro digestive system
    By Volkan Aylanc, 2020
    "The stored pollen in the combs is mixed with the digestive enzymes secreted by bees, honey and organic acids and expose to lactic acid fermentation (Deveza et al., 2015), resulting the production of bee bread (Figure 1). In the process of transforming bee pollen into bee bread through a fermentation process, new products are also formed (Kieliszek et al., 2018), for example, pollen proteins are reduced to peptides and amino acids. Bee bread is a rich source of proteins, fats, and vitamins for the direct feeding of bees as well as the raw material for royal jelly production (Silici, 2019)."

    Bee bread's also called perga in Eastern Europe; perga's for sale online from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, etc for good prices. Pollen's cheaper though and combining pollen with water and raw milk would probably make more lipase like in perga (if it does have more; I'm guessing it does) because I read a study that said Bacillus species bacteria, which are in raw milk, increase lipase activity in cheese or yogurt or something like that. I've fermented bee pollen in water and raw milk and it was good. The cured meats studies show lipase activity decreasing gradually during weeks of curing, so even if Bacillus only temporarily increases lipase during fermentation, mixing raw milk and pollen and drinking it after a few days while it's still fermenting some would probably make it still have lots of active lipase in it, and more than fresh sweet raw milk I'm guessing. Fermented raw milk and fermented bee pollen each feel to me very good for digestion, and combining them the enzymes other than just lipase must be complementary and the combination fermenting makes a variety of bioactive peptides too.

    The Natural Health Benefits of Lipase by Jon Barron
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2022
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  3. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub


    "...for anyone who just wants the pure healing DC energy of connecting with mother earth, without any resonance to manmade AC electrical activity around them...

    - the only grounding cord in the world with a patented PureGround filter at the ground pin, filtering out dirty electricity from entering the cord and preventing AC current from traveling up the line

    - allows only pure, grounding, natural DC earth energy to reach your grounding tool

    - the entire cord is shielded 360 degrees around with EMF shielding wrap, so the pure ground cord is shielded from stray voltage and electrical fields in the room

    - includes a built in 100k Ohm resistor to protect from power surges while still allowing powerful, pure grounding right through

    ...Want to use this cord to ground directly to the earth? ...The PureGround filter will filter out any dirty electricity from running up the line from the earth outside"


    This is the patent for the PureGround system:

    Electrical Noise Reduction in Personal Grounding Systems
    Inventor: Brian Hearing, Laura Koniver


    "[0017] FIG. 2 shows a diagram of the present device and its circuit that blocks electrical noise in grounding lines attached to a human user by a grounding strap from propagating back to the user.

    [0014] ...the improvement comprising: a diode that is electrically interposed between said grounding strap [person side] and said second end of of the cord [outlet or ground rod side]. Optionally, the grounding system can have a resistor between the diode and the connector to the existing building [or ground rod].

    [0022] The noise reduction circuitry for either the in-line or plug-in embodiments can range from one or more serially disposed diodes to more complex filters involving capacitor-inductor filter loops or transistor-based rectifiers.

    [0025] ...The components may include, for example, a diode to prevent charge or currents from propagating back to the user of the personal grounding system. In other embodiments, the circuitry may include capacitor-inductor filter loops or transistor-based rectifiers. These components must be designed specifically for human grounding electricity levels, including allowing low levels of voltage potential and current to propagate from the human user to the structrual ground circuit, but also preventing high frequency noise present in the strucural ground circuitry from propagating back to the human. Other design considerations could include allowing passages of Schumann Resonances (7.83 Hz) for example, if desired by the user. FIG. 5 shows a diagram of the noise reduction circuitry described in the current disclosure placed between the personal grounding device and the structure's grounding circuitry.

    [0030] Components can be designed or optimized for different types of noise present in structural circuitry, for example 50 Hz in European countries or specific frequency filters for structures that include specialized electrical devices that emit special types of electrical noise.

    [0035] What is claimed is:
    ...3. A process... wherein said resistor and said diode are selected or tuned to block 60 Hz signal noise.

    [0015] ...One example of the present invention reduced 60 Hz noise in a residential grounding system by over 24 dB (linear factor of over 250 times). The 120 Hz harmonic was reduced by 22 dB (linear factor over 188 times) and the 240 Hz harmonic is reduced by over 15 dB (linear factor over 37 times).

    [0029]...the noise reduction components may be enclosed in a separate unit that would be positioned between existing personal body grounding devices and the structrual grounding register. This would enable other personal grounding devices that do not include the present disclosure to still receive the benefit of the present disclosure when used in serial.

    [0035] 4. ...the components are embodied either within the cord of the personal grounding device or a separate unit plugged in serial between the grounding strap and said grounding circuit."


    The inventor sells only a 10 feet cord with the filter diode, I told her I want to build one myself so it can be longer than 10 feet and asked her for more details about the electrical components to use in a homemade cord (what "diodes, capacitor-inductor filter loops, or transistor-based rectifiers" more specifically), no reply.

    @John Schumacher @JanSz @Marko Pollo @Jack Kruse
    Any knowledge, suggestions about what I should learn about or buy to choose the electrical components to make a homemade cord like that?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2022
  4. @Dan2 @JanSz
    Proper grounding is essential for Cell-Phone communications. Telecommunications over wireless network equipment require grounding systems at 5 Ohm resistance to ground. The ideal is zero ohms resistance to ground. Why?

    The question just maybe: Why does nnEMF flow like water?

    Light-Water-Magnetism is a function of Magnetohydrodynamics --> Thermohydrodyanmics --> Fluidhydrodynamics --> Ferrohydrodynamic --> Life as we know it

    Ok fine, fine, so grounding increases the nnEMF through your body into the grounding pad and thus out/down into the grounding solution.
    Question: Does increasing this radiation through your body result in a potentially good or bad outcome?​

    @Dan2 - You are invited to the discussion:
    If you have found the zip code where nnEMF is so low it's considered in the "healthy zone", then increasing our body's discharge to ground makes sense. Otherwise, all grounding "systems" increasing the nnEMF throughput from wireless source to every cell in your body as it moves to ground.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2022
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  5. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Electrical components can be tuned to lessen 60 Hz and harmonics of it, and also components can be used that lessen the specific frequencies and harmonics of wifi and cellular bands at a place in town.

    And so if components that lessen the high-frequency signals are put in the ground cord
    does that affect the induction of the signals into the person's body connected to the cord?

    If it does,
    does it
    prevent the signals from entering the person's body to the same extent the components lessen the amount of current at those frequencies that can go to ground? (Like extending the filtering in the cord to the person connected to it?)
    are the full range and intensity of wireless signals current that's induced more into the person's body by grounding only prevented from traveling through the cord past the filtering components,
    and so even though the PureGround cord filtering can lessen AC from traveling from the ground side of the cord to the person side, wireless signals going to ground through the person is the opposite direction of current flow and the signals would stay in the person's body like the AC stays in the house wiring or earth when connected to the PureGround cord,
    and so no umbrella effect-like extension of the high-frequency filtering to the person's body?

    I guess if the high-frequency filtering can be extended into a person's body connected to a cord with that, if electrical components in the cord can make a high-frequency umbrella effect, it would be more commonly known.

    I asked a business, EarthingNederland, about Richard Feynman's explanation of the umbrella effect, that earthing studies and businesses have mentioned as why grounding prevents (some) frequencies from getting into the body, and was told that it prevents induction of low-frequency house wiring AC onto the body but that a grounded shielding fabric has to be used to prevent high-frequency induction.

    Where Richard Feynman explains the umbrella effect in his book Lectures on Physics Volume II:

    Emails with EarthingNederland about which frequencies grounding prevents from getting into the body:

    "So for someone who wants to use earthing when there are wireless signals around, and wants to check that it's effective with all the frequencies and intensities of signals as new ranges of the spectrum are used for wireless tech, the details about the science of how the umbrella effect works would be useful."

    "The umbrella effect of earthing is not protecting you from high frequencies radiation like 5G. The umbrella effect means that low frequency radiation from electrical circuits in your house will not result in induced alternating voltage on your body (at least 95% less). The electrical fields will 'bend away from the body' because of the umbrella effect as described in the Earthing book.

    Our sheets do have a high shielding effect also on high frequency radiation, but to be effective you need to be shielded all around... (and ground it!)."

    "Do you know if the efficacy of the umbrella effect stops suddenly at a certain frequency, or is a gradual linear reduction as frequency increases, or it would be a curve of efficacy (y axis being efficacy and x axis being frequency) that wouldn't be linear?"​

    I guess even if I can't make a grounding cord that extends high-frequency filtering to a person's body, I can still measure AC in the ground at the grounding rod and use components to filter that from coming through the cord from the earth.

    And back to asking about recommendations -- I don't know almost anything about electrical engineering and thought maybe you guys could give me leads about what more specifically to learn about than just studying whatever about "serially disposed diodes, capacitor-inductor filter loops, and transistor-based rectifiers".
  6. Sorry Dan, not my strong point. There used to be a great guy in here who could have solved your problem. I was wondering if one could provide a deep, grounding array with multiple grounding rods in wet soil, maybe a deep well casing or water body that would provide a path of least resistance to the stray current, allowing it to dissipate in the earths crust. Or course that might just connect you with more bad juju. How do you test for this stray current?
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  7. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    "How do you test for this stray current?"

    I don't know yet. I've read that some Building Biologists know how to test for ground current, and I think paying for that would be a better deal than trying to figure out how to do it myself, considering my electrical engineering expertise; I think it can be complicated even for someone trained for it.
    I have a grounding rod near a big healthy plant; apparently that's a somewhat good sign that current from underground wiring might not be too bad. And maybe the roots of the plant help interrupt ground current some. I've also been watering the plant and soil around it and the grounding rod with water structured with an Analemma wand, invented by Dolph Zantinge. Related presentations about it:

    Starting at 23:27

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2022
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  8. Grounding rods in wet ground will conduct far better than dry. Grounding rods under eaves or near foundations which should be dry are ineffective. I moved the ground rod for an electric fence into the wet river bank from dry range land about 8 feet away and it made the difference between nonfunctioning and functioning. Animals like cattle will kind of dance uncomfortably in the presence of stray current. Noticeable in barns and watering troughs. I would like to be able to measure my voltage as I go through my day. Do I build a charge in the sun with work boots on? Bare foot? In the house? In bed? Inquiring minds want to know. I have a feeling that if we are outside interacting with stuff, we should be fine, but would love to find out for certain.
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  9. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    @Dan2 and @Marko Pollo a little off topic but I prefer 4/0 braded copper vs. ground rods right now. Could change but the tests we have done have come back good on residential usage and a lot of industrial applications are going to grids vs. rods. Some more testing needs to be done but appears that electrical engineers are trending this way.

    With a lot of our grounding issues especially if we are dealing with an explosive environment/classified area we've gone to ground grids. We use 4/0 braided bare copper vs any type of rod.

    We had some interesting results on a house we built years ago by using braided 4/0 copper vs. rods.... I tied the braided copper to the rebar in the footings and stem walls in a few places around the foundation. I then dug trenches out from the foundation/footings about 20 feet. At the end of the twenty-foot run I used my long reach track hoe and dug about a 20' hole where I dropped the remainder of the braided copper from the foundation and footings. One run tied into the panel. All the braided grounding was connected by a ring around the top of the stem wall and another ring around the house 20' out.

    I tied one of the braided copper runs to my copper water line coming from my well to the house.... don't know if this was a good idea...?? High mountain well water tastes pretty good and tests well.

    I also ran a circular grid around the utility transformer that I had stop short of my house about a 1/4 mile. The utility company just had a normal 3/4 inch by 10' ground rod for their transformer that I tied my braided copper grid to along with the meter pedestal. Made for a long underground run from the meter/transformer to the house panel on my dime but I didn't want that transformer anywhere near my house.
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  10. @Marko Pollo & @ND Hauf - I used https://saticshield.com/saticshield-power-perfect-box-standard-kit/ as my power "conditioner" for my house.
    The Building Biologist was impressed on how clean my report came in.
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  11. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    @John Schumacher
    Did you have a Building Biologist test before installing that? Do you know whether an electrician can less expensively make results as good as what that does; if a Building Biologist advises about what an electrician can do to check for and maybe fix wiring design (or just an electrician who already knows how to fix those problems), would that be redundant?
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Good to hear that.
    When actually working,
    when there are undesirable transients and that box actually is working, what happens to the box?
    Is it vibrating to transfer the energy from electric to mechanical?

    We had this type of discussion previously.
    The boxes discussed, when at a certain size, were requiring a separate foundation
    (so as not to destroy the building they were servicing).
    (to provide sufficient resistance for the whole system to work).


    Last edited: Mar 25, 2022
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  14. https://store.am.gallagher.com/am/m...0M2Q0MWE4ZDJlNTUwYjk5ZTc5NDMyM2IxMGIxNjYzNzc3

    This is a pamphlet on electric fencing. pages 14,15, 18,42-51 all have pertinent info. Has recommendations on reducing interference between electrical circuits and grounding theory. Parallel runs of wire effect each less than perpendicular. Recommends avoiding copper as galvanic corrosion can occur.
    In the safety and troubleshooting sections it talks about distances from power lines and isolating ground circuits. This is addressing the interference caused by fencing chargers but the interaction between circuits should be similar.

    My crazy dream set up is a tiny house set on the corner of a large rural property. This house contains all electrical service, refrigerators and freezers, washer and dryer, flush toilets and hot showers to satisfy the neighbors, government officials, family members and potential mates, but is used mostly for food storage. On the interior of property is an outdoor kitchen with solar, wood, propane cooking and gravity fed water. Small unheated sheds without water for sleeping, seasonally located for solar heat or shade. Outhouse or composting toilet. I prefer avoidance to mitigation if possible.
  15. The Building Biologist's report was taken after installation of the electric "conditioner"; however, as you may know it will not solve electrical wiring issues. These must be resolved by rewiring the specific sub-circuit within the walls, which was not necessary for me as the report showed. All electricity from the "source" will have issues, because you are attached to everyone else on the electric circuit. Unless you make your own; you know what you are doing, and you are detached from from your neighborhood system. However, with that said, you know the ground in your neighborhood is also "very dirty." "Cleaning up" the electricity within your home is our step number one; then you can do additional steps.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2022
  16. @Marko Pollo -> It sounds like luxury

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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Dees residents of the home in the picture above have:
    cell phone
    checking and saving account?
    how do they pay their bills?
    Are they getting bills?
    Do they have a mailbox?

  18. Do residents of the home in the picture above have:
    • cell phone -> No
    • checking and saving account? -> No
    • how do they pay their bills? -> No
    • Are they getting bills? -> No
    • Do they have a mailbox? -> No
    Question: Do you work with the homeless, get to know them personally, know them by name, bring food to their hidden camp(s)?

    One of the main reasons I have not traveled to Mexico (other than I don't have the money to travel) is that my heart goes out to the poor.

    What the man in the picture above needs most is a Job. You can tell he is doing his best with what job(s) he may have by the clothes his children are wearing and that they seem fed.

    If I could afford to travel to El Salvador, my intention would be in finding and providing work for men like the man depicted in the picture above.

    We can not solve poverty; but our little drop in the bucket of the sea of poverty, if it can help one family, the effort is worth it.

    An idea -> https://www.compassion.com/get-involved.htm
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It reminded me of the story of Richard Phillips Feynman the physicist.
    He loved to dance the samba.
    He would go to (very poor) samba club and prepare for Carnival in Rio festival. Made sure that his clothes would not stand out.
    People there were anything but unhappy.

    One possibility.

    You are assuming:
    that man there, and his wife are unhappy.

    Wars were initiated by (you know who) to bring civilization to those poor peoples.
    How thighs may look like.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2022
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  20. I don't think the poor need our sympathy, just respect. And maybe not screwing them with lopsided trade agreements, inflation caused by our reckless monetary policy, meddling in their politics, and the evil condescending hands of the WHO, UN, Gates foundation and WEF who crush the poor economies with their 'aid' while unloading our agricultural surplus. Their children don't need to learn English and computer skills to workmin our factories. How bout those legs!
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