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Dagbok for Johan (journal)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Johan Lindstrøm, Jan 11, 2019 at 10:36 AM.

  1. Johan Lindstrøm

    Johan Lindstrøm New Member

    I thought:

    "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

    I've been listening to Robbie Bourke's podcast for a year now. I had already bought Gerald H. Pollacks book about water. I had heard of Jack Kruse through Gerald H. Pollack, but didn't know Jack. But after Jack pops up at Robbie show, he hurts my head, and I dive right down into Nutrition Vermont 2016 and 2017, and I´am hooked (until further knowledge will reveal my path :)

    I'm going to write a lot in Norwegian here. If I start this blog in English, this diary will be very thin. I'd rather see if I can use Google or something to translate later. Now I just want to get started and I have to write in Norwegian. Sorry to all of you who can't speak Norwegian, but this is not really for you :) --- this is for me :)

  2. Johan Lindstrøm

    Johan Lindstrøm New Member

    I'm healthy. Last time I checked my blood values the values were very good. It's been one year since I got the values checked. I should set up a new doctor's appointment. I train several times a week. My biggest challenge at the moment is that I have to go and pee at least 3-4 times a night ... my bladder is totally inelastic ...

    I've struggled with sleep. I get to sleep, but I used to wake up at night (4/5 pm), went back to the bathroom, but didn't fall back asleep until after one or two hours. Some nights I got over 7 hours sleep, other nights I got less sleep. I tried to put myself in bed before 11pm and also tried to avoid the PC and TV after 9pm. I also stopped exercising late at night. Other times I don't get to sleep right away, but this is normally only if I am too late in bed. After listening to Jack, I have started with blue-blocking glasses and it seems to help me sleep. I still wake up many times during the night because I have to pee, but now I fall more easily back to asleep again. I hope this will last.

    Pee problem - enlarged prostate:
    I have been through a prostate reduction surgery. My bladder is still not well functioning and I urinate frequently. The operation was in June and now it has been almost 7 months. I'm a little impatient now. I had hoped the situation would improve after half a year.

    I've started with CT (Jack) and notice the cold makes me have to pee even more often (a familiar experience after a lifetime in winter Norway and a lot of outdoor life). It is not particularly difficult for me to find opportunities to freeze. It's now 32 Fahrenheit outside.
  3. Johan Lindstrøm

    Johan Lindstrøm New Member

    I work as a personal trainer. I am here primarily to learn. I train 9 people with Parkenson disease. I train children and adolescents at age 11 to 19. Several of these young people are Norwegian champions in Tennis. I meet many different people in my job also. It would be fun if I could really, really, help these people properly, properly. Much better than everyone else :) It's very much I don't understand. I also know that very much in the fitness world is just a refresh of the same, same. Mediterranean Diet, Train More, Eat Less, Go Hard or Go Home ... It's So Much More, and I'm on a knowledge journey that started in 2011. This is my fifth year as a Personal Trainer. Maybe I will build a mini longevity center in my garden ;-) ... a place where my customers can come to train, ground, outdoors and maybe take a cold and hot bath.
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome Johan! :) From another Norwegian! Please write in English, we all are here to learn from each other, how can we learn if we do not understand the written language?
    I cant write and speak too well English either..lol But it does not matter, we learn along the way :)

    JanZ have had amazing result with his prostate issues drinking DDW, you might want to try that! He also used to have to pee several times/night... but about after 1 month of drinking the DDW the issue improved dramatically!
  5. Johan Lindstrøm

    Johan Lindstrøm New Member

    Thank you for caring Inger :) I will try to stick to English. I read and hear a lot of English, but I find it hard to write in English. Despite having actually studied in English. In fifth grade, I was diagnosed with "severe dyslexia". This is not so problematic for me today, but has meant that I have not learned written grammar .... either in Norwegian or English. huh ...

    Inger, I understand that you are Norwegian and understand Norwegian correctly? Do you know anything about deuterium in Norwegian drikking water? I live in Oslo.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019 at 7:06 AM
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Johan my grammar is horrible too...lol but who cares! We just try our best and it is awesome we can all communicate in English despite having many different mother languages!

    Yes I am Norwegian, but born and grew up in Finland, going to a Swedish school. I have 2 siblings living in Norway, one in Fredrikstad and another in Stavanger.

    To know deuterium in the to water you need to measure it.. and it costs a bit, but is possible!
    I was drinking the Norwegian glacial water "Isbre". I thought it should be low in Deuterium but it wasnt! Someone here on the forum tested it and it was around 150 ppm, iirc. At least not great.
    Maybe the testing has to do with season too? IDK.. in winter the deuterium should drop because it gets cold. But there might be other benefits to drinking the glacial water, maybe you can source it where you live, and it is not too expensive. Voss is a great brand too, that also is a glacial water and should have less deuterium. Noway to know for sure without testing though.
    But you could freeze it once and sieve it and get a bit less deuterium, I do that all the time with my Volvic, when I cant afford Qlarivia. Right now I cant..lol
    Volvic has less minerals, and freezes beautifully, about 1,5-2 hours in the freezer, I shake the bottle, and get "snow"(mostly, not always, what is weird. Sometimes I just get ice flakes instead)! Then I sieve it and toss the snow/ice... where now the deuterium is concentrated. You will get a few ppm lower deuterium in your water doing this :).
    But you need to use a low mineral water, because deuterium binds to the minerals, that is what I was reading.
    IDK if you can get Qlarivia DDW shipped to Norway, I would try.
  7. Johan Lindstrøm

    Johan Lindstrøm New Member

    Very kind of you, Inger! I started freezing water when you suggested reducing DDW. Doesn't cost anything to do it. Some challenges with the logistics. It will pas. Last night I let the light the water stand red UVA / UVB light. Maybe I should get an IR lamp too? :) I have sent a message to your water suppler Inger. Probably a little expensive to import water to Norway. Shouldn't be necessary. Throughout my life I have heard that Norwegian water is very healthy. We drink water right from the tap. Hehe... :)
  8. Johan Lindstrøm

    Johan Lindstrøm New Member

    I am working out which glasses to wear ... My regular supplier was not much help, but they gave me contact information to a wholesaler. The picture below shows how these glasses block light. This becomes an intermediate solution I think. I understand from Jack that I should block 435-465 nm, and/or maybe preferably 410 to 480 nm. I'm short-sighted with crooked corneas ... I read well without glasses. I am now using a couple of https://circadianeyewear.no, but these are not adapted to my eyes ...

    I use blue blocker before sunrise and after sunset, and when I look at PC / TV / blue screen. Is it enough with Iflux on the PC, or should I use the glasses too and instead?

    Do any of you have suggestions on how to get the best solution with glasses?

    Skjermbilde 2019-01-14 kl. 12.16.53.png

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