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Cycloset and FBG update, oh my!

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by kathylu, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    Thank you. Great blog. Now we shall see if I can convince my doctor to prescribe it for me. The articles I have don't mention anything but diabetes for treatment. He is a regular PCP that gives you about 5minutes to talk. But he is the doctor that is signing off on Dzugan scripts.
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    look at this one

    Mahajan R. Bromocriptine mesylate: FDA-approved novel treatment for type-2 diabetes. Indian J Pharmacol [serial online] 2009 [cited 2012 Jul 26];41:197-8. Available from: http://www.ijp-online.com/text.asp?2009/41/4/197/56070

    then look here:


    both talk about how cycloset works at the brain - to reset how dopamine is released.... that's where Jack is using this - we you address dopamine problems you fix the circadian cycles ...from a layman's perspective
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cycloset resets the circadian clock to light. How do we see it clinically......a broken Cortisol/DHEA/melatonin axis on labs. This si why PCOS is always tied to IR. Many ladies with PCOS dont have T2D but will soon enough. PCOS is a train stop before T2D due to circadian mismatches that speed your chemical clocks up. Environmental pressures that are not natural is what causes these diseases. You cant fix them until you get this foundational principle down
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Remember the cycloset is made for increasing AM cortisol......Works awesome and is a great way to stop taking hydrocortisone in LR states or in Adrenal fatigue. Lots of educational consultants are hearing about how I might consider to use it now.

    Cortisol is a stress hormone that is linked with dopamine production in the brain. Levels of cortisol in the bloodstream are highest during rising in the AM, which in turn leads to higher dopamine levels during daytime. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is directly responsible for a number of important functions in the brain, including attention and learning when we rise.

    Recent studies have suggested that the circadian neuroendocrine rhythm mediated by dopamine and serotonin plays a large role in insulin sensitivity. In people without diabetes, the postmeal state causes a decline in endogenous glucose production due to suppression of glucagon and inhibition of lipolysis. In individuals with T2D, a drop in dopamine levels is thought to lead to an inadequate hypothalamus response, resulting in elevated levels of blood glucose, free fatty acids (FFA), and triglycerides (TG), which contribute to insulin resistance, visceral adiposity, and beta-cell dysfunction. (The real cause of the dawning phenomena: as the clock in the liver PEPCK time is off due to the chemical clock in the brain being off)

    Clinical studies suggest that bromocriptine-QR administered in the morning (within 2 hours of waking) mimics the normal peak of dopamine in the central nervous system, consequently thought to reset this circadian rhythm. The main target organ of bromocriptine is the brain.

    However, subsequent effects have been observed in adipose tissue (due to decreased levels of glucose, FFAs, and TGs) and the liver (reduced hepatic gluconeogenesis due to reduced cortisol levels in response to dopamine). Higher brain dopamine levels will reduce the cortisol spikes seen in Leptin resistant states like T2D or IR.
  5. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    Great. Thanks. Just the connection I was missing. I can hear it, but I have trouble connecting the dots. I have a neuro test that shows I have low dopamine. Bingo. Still need to re-listen to July's webinar ---Dr. Kruse said he mentioned cycloset which I didn't make a connection to. Wasn't up yesterday--hopefully the link is fixed today.
  6. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    In May my morning cortisol saliva was at the top of the range. I just did blood cortisol for Dzugan and it was low 11.4 and Dzugan likes 15-22.4.. Am I reading into this too much?

    I am going to go with high fbg and low dopamine and maybe low cortisol. Just saw you said melatonin. I have low night melatonin from my NeuroScience lab so that would be another one.

    Could Cycloset raise the am cortisol too high or will it just bring balance?

    I can not use PCOS or diabetes---but maybe pre-diabetes?

    Have you seen any cases of POTS from this drug?

    what about those with already low blood pressure---any negative affects?

    Sounds like it in turn could help sleep if it fixes the brain and fixes the cortisol/DHEA/melatonin axis?
  7. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    I would love to hear about how cycloset is affecting blood pressure, as mine is very low already. Just finished printing a bunch of these links and responses off to bring to my doctor - Thanks!
  8. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    My bp is usually "normal", about 122/74. It would be interesting to see if it's dropping. I'll start measuring tomorrow morning and report back.
  9. does this mean that if you have gut issues(inflammation), then cycloset would not work properly?
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    no it does not......
  11. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I'm not all caught up on this thread.... but I'm getting that my cortisol/DHEA/melatonin axis is off. I still have low dopamin despite a high dose of neurotransmitter support (I'm in phase 2 now - NT wasting through the kidneys has stopped and my body is using what's available but I'm still deficient in dopamine and serotonin) and am supposed to start on l-dopa. I used to have high fasting blood sugars (range 90-110) but my last lab fasting BG was 76. Last A1c was 5.4. I have an eating disorder and my sleep majorly sucks most nights.

    I'm kinda not too thrilled about another rx med but Shijin has been working on me today to get that set straight ;) and says I need to look into cycloset. I'm getting that Dr K talks about this in the re-do of the webinar?

    Anyone want to chime in and give their $0.02? Opinions appreciated.

    I was trying to avoid this one :eek:
  12. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    We want to do it. Just to get the timing right.
  13. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    look at the above two portions of this thread.... read- digest...and come back w/questions.... you're trying to fix your brain and need help w/your circadian cycles. I would think cycloset would work for you - but given your AN history - only Jack can say for sure. my 2cents is that its worth exploring and seeing if it might help you w/regards to the circadian and dopamine cycles in the brain.

    My challenge is trying to figure out - do I fix one thing at a time, or does it need to be a full attack w/as much "weaponry" as possible (cycloset, metformin, BHRT, etc). You've got to figure out the same thing given your situation... I can't imagine wading through what you've got - hell mine's hard enough for me some days...
  14. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Ya, I know I have low free T3, and I know I have low brain dopamine. I'm not sure what my seratonin levels are.

    Once in Ottawa...more aggressive work with dr.s will be in order. One can only experiment and test on their own for so long. All the while though, the scientist in me enjoys the hypothesis and experimenting. :p

    It's sad b/c I know I constantly crave nicotine. But I don't really smoke...(although I did on and off for short periods in the past, and have always had that 'set' craving even before first trying any cigarette...).
  15. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    I think I get why Jack likes us to work with dr.s. Not only for testing and doing proper work based on actual labs and tests....I think he wants this whole lifestyle to be set upon dr.s everywhere. To spread this concept beyond people following the protocols...but to interact with dr.s and enlighten them on this journey too. So if a few of us are the first seeds to implant this type of thinking with dr.s based on our own labs and then use articles/references for treatments based on Dr. K's information, then these dr.s will be exposed and then based on our (successes) can then apply this technique to other patients in their field. Thus hopefully it will create a ripple effect.

    So perhaps being stubborn towards dr.s is not a good idea. If you get a REALLY crappy dr. that doesn't listen etc. then you want to get a different one anyway...trust is a big deal. The 'family dr.' that I have had (whom I've not seen since over 2 years and before that, 10) I do NOT trust AT ALL!! I have very bad feelings towards him and his attitude to me in the past made me feel resentful towards all docs. My concerns were totally dismissed and I was treated like I was over-reacting. Well no, I wasn't thank you very much. Also, the 'help' he gives to two other people in my life...is bollocks. Disgraceful. But you know what? I know as a patient I have the right to 'shop' for a good dr., one who at least listens. They don't need all the info. like Dr. K, but they DO need an open mind; and a patient who is willing to help THEM along too.

    Btw, one of the 'supplements' I've taken over the last few months which I actually sing high praises for is bovine colostrum. I got this a little over a month now and have since finished it...but compared to the hundreds of dollars on other supplements I experimented with, I really really felt helped by the colostrum. :-D I will look for goat colostrum for the month of September. (I also like the taste too...it has a cheesy taste).

    *Question for anyone who may know: Would it be OK to put colostrum in coffee, or would the heat of the coffee destroy the colostrum?
  16. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Is there a natural way at all to fix this kind of broken?
  17. Stavity

    Stavity New Member

    There has been for me but then I have a kick butt homeopathic doctor. I wouldn't take a pharmaceutical drug, not matter how they build it up. There is always a BETTER way in my opinion. Plus, I don't stress anymore about my health and do all I can to build it up. Stress is the biggest killer.

    Not expecting anyone to think like me.
  18. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I'm not really into homeopathy but I just took a nap and my dreams said nope... no cycloset. I have an attitude about new medications...... I like for a lot of other people to try them first. Like for about 80 years. And then I will consider if there's absolutely no other way. I'm still so glad I didn't the take Fosamax years ago. Or the antidepressants. Or the whatever.

    Okay, other ways to fix this? Spending a month in a no technology environment? What's the rx for circadian cycles screw up reset?
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it. A personal health revolution is far more difficult, and it is the first step in any successful personal revolution......transformation is deeply individualistic process. Cull it from within is the duty of the physician. That artistry is becoming a lost art because most of modern medicine is based upon population cookbook recipes.
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I fix broken by making you see it through your eyes.......when the insight hits you that the flashlight is pointing in the correct manner.......the power in you becomes unleashed. That is where that inner guru sits.......awaiting your mind and thoughts to arrive to knock upon its door.

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