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Cycle changes

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by diane, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. diane

    diane Gold

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced changes in their cycles when starting implementing many of the things here.

    Since my consult in early Aug., I've been eating seafood/fish 1-2 times per day (most days) and eating mostly epi-paleo, wearing blu-blockers at night, eating 4 hours before bed, and have added supplements, including DHEA.

    My most recent cycle was about 23 days, when normally I'm at 30+. I usually have PMS, cramps - this time, nothing (which was really exciting!). But, the cycle is also longer than normal. I'm assuming that this is a good sign that things are changing, but also checking that maybe it's not. :)

    My sleep has gotten better, and even if I wake up during the night, I feel so much better during the day- I'm not getting the tired feeling during the day like I was. The only thing is I'm still getting cravings and really wish they would stop. :)

    I haven't started any other hormones - I have an appointment upcoming to talk about BHRT, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm guessing there will be more changes coming once I add BHRT!
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  2. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    I've definitely noticed changes in my cycle, yes. I used to run about 30 days, quite regular, pretty bad PMS the week before it started, heavy flow the second day. After a couple months doing the Leptin Reset, my PMS was noticeably better, and cramping was much less. This last time (since starting to eat more seafood and tightening up my light exposure), I was at 29 days, had barely any PMS symptoms in the week before my period, and not one single cramp. My period because a non-event, which was GREAT. Hoping the trend continues! :)

    For what it's worth, I'm not doing any BHRT, either.
  3. diane

    diane Gold

    Thanks so much for the reply ealachan! I had assumed I would see cycle changes, but this was pretty fast and pretty different - so wasn't sure what to make of it.

    I'm definitely going to do BHRT - given my age (45) and my labs. I actually had an appointment this week, but had to reschedule because of an immovable work meeting - and the closest appointment was almost a month away! I guess more and more people are getting on the train LOL.

    My sense is that a lot of the change was from seafood - plus some of the supplements I'm taking for leaky gut. And seeing that you had a similar reaction - that might be the key!
  4. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    I'm not actively avoiding BHRT, for what it's worth...I just a) haven't had any tests done yet and b) am only 32 years old. :)

    I agree that the changes were pretty fast for me, too. I had only really been ramping up the fish in earnest for about two weeks when my last period showed up, and the difference was pretty noticeable.
  5. Endless

    Endless Guest

    My cycles have been regular before starting the LR, but TOM was very short and heavy. This month I had much more cramps and clotting, and it lasted for 8 days! I'm hoping it's more of a detox thing than a permanent change.
  6. I went for DEEEEEEP Ct after the Webinar - I was doing 29-35 degrees for 30-45 mins a show 4X a week. I ended up with a 15 day bleed and freaked out. Got all the goods checked out and was back to norm when I stopped CT for the summer. I figure it was 35 year old broken down crap coming out!
  7. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    My cycle has been all over the place since starting the LR and working my way toward optimal since I began June2011. Initially I didn't have a cycle - what nursing a 14mth old. 2 months into the LR I started cycling again, and discovered that my migraines were 100% hormonally driven. I started CT mid Feb - saw some changes in my cycle length, added BHRT saw my cycle bounce from 32 days to 26 days. I've also seen my migraines decrease, but not go away. I've also seen the length of my TOTM go from 5-10days down to 3 days w/1 day of spotting. I'm cycling ever 26/27 days. I need more Pg. as I'm still estrogen dominant, along w/having PCOS.
  8. Endless

    Endless Guest

    I have not attempted those temps yet, but that explanation seems to make sense...I'm hoping that's the case for me too.
  9. kjgraffin@yahoo.com

    kjgraffin@yahoo.com New Member

    My cycles have been alternating since May. One month it is 24-25 days, the next it is 42-43 days. I've read that the ovaries alternate releasing eggs so I think one of mine may be running out? Not sure how to test for that. Does that mean that I'm nearing menopause? I'm only 42.
  10. MsYo

    MsYo Silver

    My cycles are 28 days like clockwork. I was being pressured into a hysterectomy (44, 2 myomectomies, and fibroid pressure). DIM, SSS tonic (iron) and vitamin D was a noticeable improvement in less than a month. Added a low dose progesterone and started paying attention to circadian rythms. My periods are beyond "normal" in flow and length. My weight has stopped bouncing all over the place too. I'm looking forward to my educational consult to conquer that since all other issues are progressing NICELY.

    By the way, Ealachanm I had my first myomectomy at age 28..... chances are my hormones were off then but no one checked. Make sure you check especially if you have other issues.
  11. MsYo

    MsYo Silver

    Sounds like something is not functioning properly. You PG/E2 ratio is probably off. I'm doing a saliva hormone panel for 30 days however, I've done the blood draw on day 21. My wellness doctor prefers the saliva tests for more complete data.
  12. melrito

    melrito Gold

    I am 36 and despite a totally normal 28 day cycle with no PMS at all, I finally had a hormone panel done to have a baseline - and found out my hormones were in the toilet... so I would definitely recommend getting tested when you can, even if it does prove to be good - at least then you can see when things start to go downhill before you fall off the cliff ;-)
  13. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Oh sure, I'm not saying I'm against getting them tested...I just haven't managed to save up the money for it yet, is all...:) Given that I've been fat since I was about 4 years old, I'm pretty sure there's something hormonally effed up there somewhere!
  14. angieonthegogo

    angieonthegogo New Member

    Ok sooo I've started heavily spotting even though TOTM is about 2 weeks away. The only thing I can think of is I've had 5 cans of tuna in 2.5 days. Coincidence? Me no likely... starting to feel bloated and foggy. Some sort of detox? The increased iodine?

  15. Ms Yo,

    have you gotten results yet? Or, when you do, would you mind sharing? I'd love to hear.....
  16. diane

    diane Gold

    I'm wondering at what point I should worry....

    Last month, cycle was 21 days, lasted 6 days. Normal was 30 - 32 days, lasted about 5 days. This month, cycle was 26 days, but now I'm on day 10 and no signs of stopping, although it has slowed down from the heaviest part. This month was a bit heavier than before (noticeable, not shocking). Cramps are gone the last 2 months whereas PMS and cramps were pretty bad before.

    Do I take these as good changes - or should I worry? I've never had TOM last this long before, and I'm starting to get concerned. I don't know what the hormones have been doing - I'm just making appointments now to get new labs.
  17. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    4mths into the LR my cycle was wonky. When I added CT it got even crazier some w/BHRT. Hang in their get your labs and go from there
  18. diane

    diane Gold

    Thank you so much for that! I just got in the tub - let's see how messy this can get then. LOL

    I'm hoping to get BHRT as I just started to see an anti-aging doctor. Although her first piece of advice was to walk fast when I'm walking the dogs and reduce saturated fat. She seemed concerned about all the seafood too. This should get fun lol.
  19. MsYo

    MsYo Silver

    My TOM was off this month too!! It came after 37 days and was very heavy on Day 2. I'm 4 months into BHRT and this last month my stress was significantly higher and I did a few days of CT. Not sure which event (if not all) affected the timing not to mention I added a few different supplements. I will just monitor the cycle and how I feel.
  20. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    hi girls,
    when i first went to paleo (about 4 years ago) i had drastic improvements in my period within 1-2 cycles. however, as i started to get fatter and fatter and puffing up like a beeyatch, they went haywire again as well.
    iv always had a 'problem' period - with PMT, bloating, cravings, headaches (omg, the headaches are HIDEOUS) BUT despite all that, regular as clock work, almost down to the hour.

    so, im about 3 months into this site now and doing my best in all areas - including having relocated to a much better place, daily earthing on the beach, meditation, more water etc..

    iv just finished a period. id say the PMT was about 60% reduced - no tears, and although i felt big, i didnt feel as big as usual (showered with the lights off tho, lol!) and it started, and then i had nothing for two days and then we were off. thats not happened a lot to me but yeah, i have had that before. but i had no cramps, no back pain and i didnt get the henous headaches that usually hit me at the end of it - which i did the month before. they can last up to a week - i wake up with them and theyre so hideous, i have to get out of bed. i cannot lie in bed.. like a vice around my head.

    im only recently back onto transdermal progesterone (dr tim). id say iv upped seafood tho im not really too keen on scoffing too much tinned tuna, but im doing my best! its still seafood, right? tho a hit of tuna with avocado a good breakfast does make!

    oh, the other thing that can go awry for me is sleep - before my period. which hit me full force this last period - but also, i was in a hotel, so who knows what was around me (emfs - tho there was no wifi in my room). but i wonder about flying to - i can travel up to 32 hours to go to work, but this was close - a 30 min flight. (i do the grounding JK recommends while im up in zee air) i still had the coffee cravings and cravings for carbs a couple of days BUT this time around i felt like living death for the two days prior - which is also new for me. zero energy, headache and SO fatigued it was ridic - the second i started my cycle, that all lifted. wtf!? hormones.. lol


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