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CTing HCG style - how often and time of day....

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by ste colombe, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    Could you please tell me if how often you take your ice baths?

    I try every afternoon and can do 30 minutes (could do more but I get soooo bored in the tub lol). So how often are you CTing on HCG and do you notice a difference on the days you do it, if its not every day. Also what time of day do you do it. ;)Thanks!
  2. Ane

    Ane New Member

    I take cold baths most everyday. I have not noticed any difference in losses, but this is only the beginning.
  3. ChimpChick

    ChimpChick New Member

    I have no tub =( Patiently waiting for my FIL to open the unheated pool... It stays chilly till Aug but I will be sneaking in ASAP! Right now I am all Ice packs all the time.. Filled stadium cushions with water and sit or lay on them.. I have much greater losses with HCG + CT while eating fat
  4. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    Thanks. Ive noticed on the CT thread that many people are still not cold adapted after quite a few weeks - so was wondering if doing HCG makes us get there quicker - as Dr K says the 2 go hand-in-hand. ChimpChick are you back from your trip? Are you still losing as much with the added oil. Have you tried eating Salmon for the omega 3? or are you only adding CO?
  5. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    Today, it's been one week of serious icing for me. I use face dunks and shower in the morning for CT. I take coconut oil before my morning routine. My evening routine is another face dunk and a bath. I've been sleeping better at night since starting the baths. The acne on my chin has improved since the face dunks, too.
  6. texasmom4

    texasmom4 New Member

    Honey Crisp - I just noticed your current weight vs. your starting weight... that's fantastic! :)
  7. rocketmom

    rocketmom New Member

    I don't have a tub either, and living in South Texas our pools in our park are already in the 80's...high temp for today is hovering around 95. :eek: Love the heat...old age does that to ya!!!

    I will only be able to face dunk and do spot icing. I noticed in the mirror today I look like a prune...wrinkles everywhere, in places I didn't think I'd have wrinkles for heaven's sake. I am turning 59 on Wed. so I have reasons for them, but losing is also making them more prominent.

    Will spot icing in several areas along with the face dunking do the trick?

  8. Marilee0123

    Marilee0123 New Member

    I'm 43 and I notice that the skin seems to be tightening on my face and my skin looks better, so I am continuing to face dunk.
  9. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    I've noticed the skin on my face isn't so dry and the acne on my chin is clearing up. I feel so refreshed after the face dunks, I do them a few times a day.
  10. rocketmom

    rocketmom New Member

    I did my first CT last night. Ugh. I hated the face dunking. I did it twice and only lasted about a minute! I kept the water cold and tried again. Same thing I did two dunks for about a minute each. I iced my upper back as I am developing that dreaded dowager's hump. That was fine altho I was uncomfortable. I will try the face dunking again. I did have nice rosy cheeks, nose and chin though!

    I stayed the same as far as weight goes this am. I have a real challenge this evening. I am attending a going away party which is a potluck. I am bringing a veggie tray. I will eat before I leave the house and make myself a fresh lemonade with stevia. That should hold me til I am able to make an appearance and slip away...

  11. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    So, is anyone here in the middle of an HCG round and doing CT? I am considing doing a short round (would be my 3rd) even though I have lost an additional 13 lbs doing LeptinRX and recently CT since last round in October. It would have to be a short round as I only have half a bottle of pellets left over. Just wondering if CT really does improve losses or not.
  12. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    I'm on VLCD 13 (short round for me, too) and have been doing CT since loading. I haven't noticed any improvements with movement on the scale, but I have wonderful, sleeping better, skin looks better.
  13. Marilee0123

    Marilee0123 New Member

    Hi MartiD Personally I'm not doing that well with CT and HCG. I like to do long rounds (currently R2P2D46), and over two weeks with CT behind me I've had problems with gaining weight. I'm strict Simeon's protocol, no fruit or grissini, rx hcg. IMO, if I were you, I would stick with Leptin RX and get all the benefits that has to offer since you're doing do well!
  14. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Marilee, you're still not losing right with the CT? You're in a typical stall period so it might not be the CT. Just a reminder about that. You haven't added fat, correct?

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