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CT for Athletes - Results / Experiences

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by SnuffySmith, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. SnuffySmith

    SnuffySmith New Member

    Is there anyone out there who started CT while they were a competitive / very active athlete? I'm curious to find out what you did, what improvements you realized, and how long it took to experience the improvements. I'm contemplating the idea of buying a rubbermaid stock tank, but would like see some more experiential evidence, or studies (yes, I've searched google scholar, etc.).

    For most everyone else out there ... I think it's great that you're making progress with the protocols. I've read where working out can be bad and I accept this. I'm all for the non athlete to be eating primal and CT their way to lots of weight loss and an occasional pullup. For perspective, I'm interested in responses regarding people who can do things like deadlift over 400# and can run a 5K in less than 24 minutes.


  2. anonymouse

    anonymouse New Member

    I'm not quite where you want me to be, but the 5k is easy (~22 minutes) and here are my stats:

    BW: 165

    DL: 325x6

    Sq: 315x2

    B: 230x1

    OHP: 155x1

    I've been paleo for about 3 months and been CT'ing for about 2 weeks. Haven't seen anything significant from CT yet, but it probably hasn't kicked in. Low carb has brought me down from 176lb while maintaining strength (added on OHP and DL, lost a bit on squat and bench).

    I'll keep you posted. Will probably be a month before you see me on here again.
  3. SnuffySmith

    SnuffySmith New Member


    Thanks for the reply ... I started the nightly ice bath yesterday ... will see what happens!
  4. Bill Strahan

    Bill Strahan New Member

    44 year old male. 5'10" 195 pounds. 435 deadlift. My last 5k run was 24:17 so I guess I don't qualify, but I'm awful at running. I can row it on a Concept II in 20:10. Does that count? :) 90 pound weighted pullups, bench 275, strict press 185, squat 345.

    In any case, I used to do ice baths after workouts. Fell out of the practice until about 10 days ago, and I read CT-6. Hmmm. Got me thinking to previous experiences. So I got a 100 gallon rubbermaid livestock trough, and have worked up to a non-stop 45 minutes submerged from ankles to my neck. I put a block under one end of the trough to hold it an angle, so my feet are just out of the water on the end that is propped up but the water comes all the way up to my neck on the other side. Usually keep my arms in, and sometimes my hands. Finish with the last two minutes holding my breath totally underwater.

    I haven't been doing single rep max lifts recently, but I've tried to get dead-hang muscleups for a long time. Suddenly yesterday I noticed I could pull myself several inches higher on the rings. Was THIS (imagine my fingers held apart about 1/4") close to getting on top of the rings without a kip.

    That is a sudden and recent change. I'll keep doing this and see what happens. I've been doing CrossFit since 2008, and the PRs are harder to come by. I track everything pretty detailed, so I'll notice if I suddenly start being capable of things I previously wasn't. FWIW in late 2007 I was over 240 pounds, couldn't to 1 pullup, could get about 3 pushups, and I was a tub of lard. Started bodyweight work, then found CrossFit, then started Zone diet, then switched to Paleo...that took about 1 year to progress through all that. I've gotten stronger and faster more or less continuously (barring a weird non-CF injury) for the last 4 years.
  5. SnuffySmith

    SnuffySmith New Member


    That's good stuff! Thanks for sharing. I was looking at the rubbermaid troughs and wasn't sure if I'd need a 100 or 150 gallon tub! Guess I'll go with the 100 when I get to it!

    Can't wait to hear more about your results.

    BTW, what's your skin temp at the end? The lowest I've been so far is 68.


  6. I am going to look into the 100 gal trough for home and my gym. I have been doing daily cold baths in the evenings, abt 3 weeks now. About 45-60 min. I powerlift, and before I started CT my squat was 220, paused bench was 130, deadlift was 260. I am now up to 230 squat, 140 bench, 285 DL. That's pretty damn good! Considering it took about 6 weeks to go from 215 to 220 on the squat. I am 40 yo female.

    I have a meet in 3 weeks, so now I am just soaking in the cold. After the meet, I will start doing some spot icing during training.

    Actually, this past Friday, I did a little experimenting. I pulled 2 singles 245, 265, this was after heavy squat singles. My upper back felt weary, I know this feeling, and I had 1 more lift, 285. I absolutely know that if I didn't do what I did next, I wouldn't have been able to make that 285. So my upper back felt weary, and hot. I took 2 icy cold water bottles out of the little gym fridge, put them on the floor side by side and place my upper back on them so that they were on either side of my spine, in the mid thoracic area, where I tend to round when fatigued. I stayed on them for 4-5 minutes, the area was numb. I got up, chalked up, approached the bar and boom, flat back easy pull. Amazing. Deadlift has always been my "iffy" lift, so this was pretty exciting.
  7. Bill Strahan

    Bill Strahan New Member

    No idea on skin temp. I think you'll waste a lot of ice if you get the 150 gallon tub. I got the 100, and tilt it as I described to minimize the total volume of water I have to get down to 45-50 degrees.

    I'm contemplating making a wood wedge from plywood, partially filling it with sand (so it wont' float), sealing it, and putting it on the end my legs are on to displace water that isn't doing any good. I'm probably using 60 of the 100 gallon capacity, but most of that 60 gallons isn't touching my skin. Anything I could do to get the tub shape closer to the shape of my body when immersed would reduce the amount of ice I have to make.

    I got some weird looks at the tractor supply laying down inside the tubs to see which to get. :)

    I bought some plastic containers that are a little bigger than shoe boxes at Target. Each one will hold about 1.25 gallons with room to expand when it turns into ice, so I use the freezer in my hanger to freeze four of those at a time. that gets me about 40 pounds of ice. If I think I'm benefitting from this stuff, I'll look at making an refrigerated tub. Make a custom tub from foam and fiberglass, and run a coil of tubing into a small refrigerator to circulate the water...we'll see

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