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CT during spring/summer?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by MattD1995, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    CT is obviously necessary for winter, but would it create a seasonal mismatch to continue CT throughout spring/summer, especially considering I’ll be consuming carbs then?

    I’ve searched the forums and seen this question mentioned only a few times, but there never seemed to be a definite answer. Thanks!
  2. Anya

    Anya Gold

    the water is cool early morning
    ocean swim is always nice :D
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  3. Karlosis

    Karlosis New Member

    I have the same question as we are heading into spring here in ohio.

    I did CT through the summer last year but as I read more about it by reading jacks CT blog posts I started to feel like maybe it isnt necessary if I am getting the proper spring/summer sun exposure and I really don't have any fat that I am trying to make ghost.

    And btw, my favorite CT blog post is #6 (https://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-6-the-ancient-pathway/)
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  4. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Based on Dr. K’s replies in this thread....


    and this thread...


    ...it would appear that CT in the summer IS potentially a necessity if you are in a state of disease, or if you live in a severely EMF altered field.

    I’m sick enough (autoimmune issues) and my environment is bad enough that I can’t help but feel continued CT is necessary for me. I’m sure it can’t hurt anything. At the very least, it will help reduce my inflammation even if I’m not able to cold adapt. The combination of CT + summer sunlight + epi-paleo will hopefully be a supercharge for my battery.
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  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Matt, if you can find a way to CT in summer light I can't recommend it enough.
  6. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Oh I’m dead set on making it happen. Buying a deep freezer this next week.
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  7. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I would ct an hour or two a day if I had a nice patio here on Isla Mueres. but I don't. I'm forced to spend all my time at the beach in the 84 degree water. :( the horror. :)
  8. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Oh, I know, @shah78 , @Inna those ridiculously torturous !:D! hours standing thigh deep in clear turquoise waters—just a bit too cold to stay totally submerged on a cloudy red light day in January.

    Talking, talking...

    Being, being...

    Miss it. :love:

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Jack has said many times .....C/T is always good.
  10. Nardia

    Nardia New Member

    Except if it is contraindicated.
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  11. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Just got my freezer for spring/summer CT! Really excited for the next few weeks. I’ve spent the last several years being a diet/supplement Nazi, and while diet has helped tremendously, it hasn’t fixed everything. I have a feeling heavy sun exposure this summer + daily CT is going to be just the combination I need. Just be finished setting up the freezer before this weekend.
  12. Good to see you fighting hard Matt.
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  13. Martina

    Martina Gold

    That's awesome
    I'm ready too
    Got 100galo. Rubbermaid commercial bin yesterday . Finally I'm doing CT . This is how I will survive summer in Miami beach.
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  14. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

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  15. drezy

    drezy New Member


    Another thing I've done is set the tub on foam insulation board with a nice serving of copper braid between the two and then into the ground (or to a grounding rod). The weight of the tub and the flatness of the tub bottom and the foam insulation board ensures contact and also keeps the tub cooler for longer. FWIW though the tub directly on earth might have better contact.
  16. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Are cold showers a good idea in the morning sun?

    This is all I can do at the moment, until I move near the ocean for mor if swims everyday.
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  18. Penny

    Penny New Member

    After exactly 20 seconds of a cold shower, all neuropathy ceases... so, for all of you out there who don't feel like doing the whole ice bath thing, just one crappy little minute or 2 or a cold shower will help you... I would also recommend rubbing epsom salts and baking soda all over your body for a few minutes - do some yoga head stands against the shower wall and then as your body heats up, you will actually *desire* a cold shower... you can also just use a garden hose after baking in the sun - doing the garden hose thing a few times a day resulted in 10 lbs of weight loss over a period on one month... the more screwed up you are and your environment is, the more of the cold you must "embrace" - but, if you're a total wimp, even a wimp can do 1 minute of a cold shower and 30 seconds of a garden hose... baby steps:)

    A couple of summers ago, when I was hacking the ol' nicotine gum, I found that just sticking my face in a tub of ice water enabled me to use the nicotine gum and killed the nausea... better to do something than nothing...
  19. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    @MattD1995 I too live in the midwest and have hypothyroidism. I CT in direct sunlight 50-55 degrees. I did 2x30 minutes yesterday and got about 16 hours of sunlight. I also get 100 ct. raw oysters every other week and have about 10 per day. Just CT, Sunlight, and oysters and i totally forget I have hypothyroidism.
  20. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    That sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to start my new job next week. I’ll be outdoors from 7 AM-3 PM every day. When I get home, I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon/evening in my backyard before bed. Basically, I’ll be outdoors from sunrise to sunset! I plan to CT for an hour every day after work. It’ll help cool me off from the summer sun.
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