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CT Beginning

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Kpcst, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Kpcst

    Kpcst Silver

    I started CT last week and after attending PaleoFX I am even more committed to it.

    I had a DEXA Scan at the UT Fit Lab as well. I also just did a max a few weeks back at my Crossfit box.

    I figure this was a great combination of things to help me track the benefits of CT as I go.

    My stats are Male.32.6'.200lbs . My Dexa showed I was 23% bodyfat. My Max's were 330 Squat. 340 DL. and 180 Shoulder Press. I plan to proceed with doing as much CT as I can. I also intend to restrict my diet even more and try eat fewer carbs and only ones in season. I will also stop eating as much coconut oil until the end of May. My workouts are currently moderate crossfit 3x a week. I'm going to cut that back to once a week. and do OLY Lifts once a week.

    Hoping CT improves the stats listed above and I'll be able to update this periodically with some changes etc.

    Working on getting some tests done as well. Especially the Telomere one.

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