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CT and single digit bodyfat?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Ben, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Ben

    Ben New Member

    Just wandering if anyone has opinions on whether CT times need to be adapted when below 10% bf?

    I'm about 8% body fat, 5 weeks in to CT and have made good progress... 50 degree water no longer feels that cold on entry and the post bath warm-ups are pretty easy now.

    But what I struggle with is duration and I wander if this is due to low bodyfat?

    At 10-15 minutes I start to shiver aggressively and by the 20-25 minute mark I'm done. I reached this duration pretty early on but have failed to increase time.

    I'm using CT predominately to help with psoriasis (autoimmune condition) and wander how important it is I push for longer durations.

    I know Jack recommends achieving 45 minute baths but is this predominately for fat loss? He also mentioned adjusting times depending on goals and bf%...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated
  2. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    I am interested in this too since my Bf is a few digits higher than yours.
  3. He gave a rough maintenance suggestion of (bmi X minutes) three times a week with water at 50 being the goal. I'm interested to see what his "deep ct" finding are and if there is marked differences in results in colder vs warmer waters.
  4. villjamur_stevenson

    villjamur_stevenson New Member

    Intuitively, I don't think it should matter. #1 WAT does not act like insulation. #2 if you're eating a high fat meal before the CT, then there should be plenty of substrate available for the BAT to make heat.
  5. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    Good post. I'm not quite that low in body fat but had a similar 25 minute comfort threshold. I added ice to decrease the water temp below 50f and spot icing and I plowed through to 45 minutes. Prior to that my times had been decreasing.... I had become a CT clockwatcher....

    However, it's not clear that you need to exceed those times to adapt unless you are in a rush. I would suspect that I can now do 2-3x a week at 50f for 20 minutes to remain adapted if I want to during summer. That may even be excessive. I think the extended times are for calorie wasting which I want no part of!


  6. PaleoMom

    PaleoMom New Member

    I don't think low bodyfat should keep you from staying in longer, just take it slow and extend your sessions as your body can handle it. I think Dr. K is telling us to work up to longer times and then once that is comfortable and if you feel like your health and body comp are optimal then you can back off on frequency. I certainly wouldn't intend on only 20-25 minutes as a final goal if you are still having autoimmune problems.

    On a separate note, if you're still eating nightshades cutting those out should aid in healing autoimmune conditions.
  7. shilohman

    shilohman New Member

    Curious to know, does the 8% bf, which I assume is WAT turn to BAT faster if the bmi is low?
  8. Onum

    Onum New Member

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm in a similar boat. I'm a 5'9" 161lb (was 157 before CT(!)) 47 y/o male at approx 12% body fat who's been full immersion (head excepted) CT'ing for 4 weeks (i.e. 28 sessions) - I've been using tap water which is 50F initially but to save water not emptying for 3 sessions and temp tends to rise to 59F in an unheated bathroom.

    Like Ben I feel comfortable up to about 15mins then I experience involuntary tremors in my abdomen/trunk which become increasingly severe and spread to hips/legs/arms/chest/neck over time. I have tried to "tough it out" to up to an hour but I'm practically "fitting" in the tub due to the severity of the shivering. For the fourth week I've been stopping as soon as the tremors reach an amplitude that turns into a shake which corresponds to the 15-20min window.

    This seems like a fairly low challenge in terms of time/temp and anecdotally I have tolerated long cold showers before much better when "fatter" than I am now.

    Having said this, I believe I "was" reasonably cold adapted before I started the CT sessions as I can tolerate cold (air) temps well and hardly bother with heating in the house irrespective of weather.

    So is water immersion just "too" challenging for low body fat individuals - at least initially?
  9. jbond56

    jbond56 New Member


    What skin temps are you getting from your CT sessions?
  10. AKMan

    AKMan New Member

    When I first tried cold baths, I used my hot tub turned down to 70. Air temp was in the 40s. I would start to shiver in 10-15 minutes. Since switching to indoor (70 deg air) tub, I can tolerate 33 degree water for up to 45 minutes. Keepng head and upper chest warm make a big difference to me.
  11. Onum

    Onum New Member

    That's quite interesting AKMan, I have noticed that when the ambient air temp is lower I do seem to succumb quicker irrespective of how comfortable I feel before getting into the bath. As an experiment, for todays CT I wore a hat which I'm sure has been mentioned before for making a difference - and I lasted a good 5 minutes longer - who'd have thought?

    I'm a bit reluctant to turn the heating on just to make my CT sessions more bearable - seems a bit counter-productive to me :)

    Anyway, we have been "enjoying" some unseasonably cold weather in the UK recently so maybe things will be better when spring arrives proper. 70F room temp sounds unfeasibly warm to me at the moment (I set my roomstat at about 50F although it's below the minimum dot so can't tell exactly - not that it makes any difference as I don't turn the heating on anyway!)
  12. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    Temperature fluctuations have a significant impact on our perception and tolerance of CT. We can tweak variables such as ambient temperature to affect CT and I remember Dr. K indicating he has done this in the past with his n=1 experiments.

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