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Cream of Tartar info? For Heart Disease

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Martha Ray, May 28, 2021.

  1. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    I want to understand the reasons Cream of Tartar has so many health benefits?
    I personally know it works for constipation. But Heart Disease benefits touted. And why it might be an antidote for MSG triggered Afib.
    Lots of articles online.. I've not looked at them all .. but no references as to why this might do what they say it does....
    Anyone know?

    12 Amazing Health Benefits of Cream of Tartar
    Cream of tartar is a beloved old housewife recipe for prevention of UTIs. Cream of tartar is acidic so it reduces the body's alkalinity. This helps it kill off infectious bacteria responsible for the disease. For an instant cure you need to mix 1 ½ teaspoons of Cream of Tartar in 1 cup warm water.
    Here is the full article.I also attached a Word Document of it.... And at the end more links to other articles:

    12 Amazing Health Benefits of January 3, 2021 in Health benefits

    You must have heard the name or used it in some recipe, but how many of you actually know it in detail? We are here to share the knowledge, let’s get started! What is Cream of Tartar and Where does it come from?

    Cream of Tartar is a common household name for potassium bitartrate or potassium hydrogen tartrate. It is produced as a by-product when making wine. It is left behind in barrels as a sediment after wine fermentation. It is collected and then purified.

    It is acidic in nature just like lemon and vinegar. You might have used it or heard your mom talk about its amazing cleaning properties. However, it is commercially being used in Baking industry.

    It is a white powdery substance similar to baking soda. You can easily find it in the spice aisle in a grocery store. It may seem a mere add on but it does have many benefits which you must know. Have a look:

    1. Prevents urinary Tract Infection

    Urinary tract infections are characterized by frequent painful urination with nausea, fevers and lower abdominal pain. Cream of tartar is a loved old housewife recipe for prevention of UTIs. Cream of tartar is acidic so it reduces the body’s alkalinity. This helps it kill off infectious bacteria responsible for the disease.

    For an instant cure you need to mix 1 ½ teaspoons of Cream of Tartar in 1 cup warm water. Add a few drops of Lemon juice for added flavour and increased anti-bacterial properties. It is an amazing natural remedy which works in days. Moreover, it has no other harmful side effects.

    2. Improves Digestion

    So the magic spell here again is pH regulation. If you have any acid reflux and heartburn issues cream of tartar is here to rescue. Just mix a ½ teaspoon of Cream of Tartar with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Add this mixture to 1/2 cup room temperature water and gulp in all. It will immediately relieve you of any discomfort and burning pain.

    3. Soothes arthritis Pain

    Arthritis pain can be so severe at times. For an instant relief add 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar and 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt in a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes. You can do this twice a day. This will not only relieve pain but also reduce inflammation. This is because of the high potassium content of cream of tartar.

    4. Gives you Better Skin:

    Who doesn’t want flawless glowing skin? Cream of tartar with its antibacterial properties work as a wonder for your skin. It pulls out and flushes away all acne causing bacteria. Moreover, it regulates skin pH and reduces inflammation. In addition to this it is also beneficial in removing blackheads.

    For healthy skin you can mix a teaspoon in a glass of fresh orange juice and drink it twice a day. Or you can even add it in milk to form a paste and apply as a face mask. Put it up for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

    5. Controls Blood Pressure

    Hypertension or high blood pressure is usually related to an increase in sodium levels in the body. These sodium levels cause potassium levels to drop resulting in an increase in pressure on arteries. High potassium content of cream of tartar helps regulate blood pressure. In fact there is 16500 mg of potassium in 100g of cream of tartar.

    To maintain your potassium levels in optimal range drink 1 cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of cream of tartar every night.

    6. Regulates Function of Gallbladder

    Liver and gallbladder work together for fat breakdown and removal of toxins from the body. Cream of tartar has a wondrous property of fat emulsification. At times when this functioning is disrupted cholesterol accumulates in gallbladder and crystallizes forming stones. This condition causes extreme pain in the abdomen.

    You can avoid this painful condition with the use of cream of tartar. Drinking 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ¼ teaspoon nutmeg, ¼ teaspoon Cream of Tartar mixed in a ¼ cup of warm water daily for only five days will start dissolving any excess fat. Moreover, it will smooth out bile flow.

    7. Prevents cardiovascular disease

    Similarly, cream of tartar’s fat dissolving properties prevents plaque formation in arteries. If your cholesterol levels are high and you are at risk of cardiovascular disease you should start taking this mixture to keep your heart healthy.

    8. Helps in Migraines

    A migraine pain can be excruciating if not treated. Taking a little amount of cream of tartar can ease the pain. This is because of its high potassium content which helps keep the body hydrated. (Avoid too much see 12)

    9. Removes Nicotine from body

    Are you having difficulty in quitting your tobacco cravings? Even after you have quit smoking you still want it so bad? Well the reason is not that you are not determined enough. It is the amount of nicotine accumulated in your body. When you stop providing more, the brain tries to maintain its level by asking for more. It takes three months for the body to return to its pre smoking state. Good news cream of tartar can be a miracle for you. It not only eliminates nicotine from the body of smokers but also from passive smokers.
    (MRB Note. Nicotine is so demonized....some nicotine is good...right? Avoid smoking due to the additives and sugar but eat more cauliflower a for healthy dose of nicotine. )

    10. Regulates bowel movement (MRB Note - this works for me!)

    If you drink Cream of tartar mixed in water it acts as an effective laxative. If you have difficulty in bowel regulation or suffer from severe constipation it can help.

    11. Helps in Weight loss

    Cream of tartar has a diuretic effect on the body. Taking it regularly can help you lose water weight and save you from sweating some out at the gym.

    12. Edema

    Similarly, the diuretic properties help remove any excess accumulation of water in body.

    Side Effects of Taking too much Cream of Tartar (MRB - BE CAREFUL!)

    If you go over the board and start taking a lot of cream of tartar, you might face some side effects like:

    • Hyperkalemia: excess of potassium in body
    • Dehydration: Its diuretic properties can lead to excess water loss leading to dehydration.

    (MRB note: As always stay well hydrated during the day.
    And when taking any new substance start low and slow to see if it agrees with your system.

    Final Verdict

    Relish the tremendous benefits of cream of tartar that can be your partner in weight loss, relieving digestion issues and curing multiple health issues.


    Why would it work? ...IF it does...perhaps we need more potassium than we think we do?
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thank you @Martha Ray
    Your post has very nice and important observations.
    I am glad, I have not missed your post.
    I would hate to see too much emphasis on a Cream Tartar (obscuring more general reasons).
    But instead keeping in mind what it is actually all about.
    It is about GROSS deficiency of potassium in our diet.
    More or less, we are not really able to supply our bodies with enough potassium, eating todays diet (even the best diet devised by our most favorite doctors. We need potassium supplementation)
    It is also about ph level in number of places of our body.
    I also suspect that (Hyperkalemia: excess of potassium) maybe occurring at the mid or end of life and maybe result of its previous deficiencies.
    Eating potassium bicarbonate
    after @DrEttinger posted about it, have basically changed my life.
    I am not 100% yet with (second part) of his advice, magnesium.
    But suspect that I might have stumbled on the answer.
    I knew about boron, I supplemented with boron.
    But now instead of 3mg every few days
    I am using 30mg/day every day.
    If all goes right, I should be able to take as much magnesium as dr. Ettinger recommends.

    My situation. Blood test shows that I am short of magnesium.
    I get muscle cramps that resolve immediately when I take magnesium pills.
    When i take magnesium pills I get diarrhea.

    In the last few days (when I started on 30mg boron, things seem to change (the nice way).

    yes, nice study should be ahead, this where the action is

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2022
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