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COVID Vaccines Cause More Harm than Good

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by DrEttinger, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control


    ABSTRACT Three COVID-19 vaccines in the US have been released for sale by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) based on a clinical trial design employing a surrogate primary endpoint for health, severe infections with COVID-19. This clinical trial design has been proven dangerously misleading. Many fields of medicine, oncology for example, have abandoned the use of disease specific endpoints for the primary endpoint of pivotal clinical trials (cancer deaths for example) and have adopted “all cause mortality or morbidity” as the proper scientific endpoint of a clinical trial. Pivotal clinical trial data from the 3 marketed COVID-19 vaccines was reanalyzed using “all cause severe morbidity", a scientific measure of health, as the primary endpoint. “All cause severe morbidity” in the treatment group and control group was calculated by adding all severe events reported in the clinical trials. Severe events included both severe infections with COVID-19 and all other severe adverse events in the treatment arm and control arm respectively. This analysis gives reduction in severe COVID-19 infections the same weight as adverse events of equivalent severity. Results prove that none of the vaccines provide a health benefit and all pivotal trials show a statically significant increase in “all cause severe morbidity" in the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group. The Moderna immunized group suffered 3,042 more severe events than the control group (p=0.00001). The Pfizer data was grossly incomplete but data provided showed the vaccination group suffered 90 more severe events than the control group (p=0.000014), when only including “unsolicited” adverse events. The Janssen immunized group suffered 264 more severe events than the control group (p=0.00001). These findings contrast the manufacturers’ inappropriate surrogate endpoints: Janssen claims that their vaccine prevents 6 cases of severe COVD-19 requiring medical attention out of 19,630 immunized; Pfizer claims their vaccine prevents 8 cases of severe COVID-19 out of 21,720 immunized; Moderna claims its vaccine prevents 30 cases of severe COVID-19 out of 15,210 immunized. Based on this data it is all but a certainty that mass COVID-19 immunization is hurting the health of the population in general. Scientific principles dictate that the mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines must be halted immediately because we face a looming vaccine induced public health catastrophe
  2. Immune thrombocytopenia following COVID-19 mRNA vaccine -

    Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) can occur following vaccination is through the migration of immune cells carrying a cargo of mRNA nanoparticles via the lymph system into the spleen.

    ITP is characterized by both increased platelet destruction and reduced platelet production, and autoantibodies play a pivotal role.

    Thrombocytopenia including immune thrombocytopenia after receipt of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines reported to the FDA -

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  3. @DrEttinger - Thank you for the post
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Based on this data it is all but a certainty that mass COVID-19 immunization is hurting the health of the population in general. Scientific principles dictate that the mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines must be halted immediately because we face a looming vaccine induced public health catastrophe
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I just don't understand how all this is happening. There are millions of really smart people world wide.

    There seems to be lots more people standing up and speaking up.

    Then again - I just heard on the radio about a winery here....NO JAB - NO WINE.
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Long before Covid, disregarding most everything else, I would divide places by way how easy is there to purchase human hormones and a large variety of supplements.
    More closely, how easy is there to purchase them WITHOUT a doctor's prescription.
    Next, right after hormones are tests. How easy it is to get (good) tests WITHOUT a doctor's script, and not paying (exorbitant) prices that laboratories charge insurance companies.
    I think Australia is at the bottom of my categories.
    Wonder if there is already a list of countries per my view?

    In USA, from my pov, we have rather livable situation in that regard, except for testosterone (cost of doctor + cost of testosterone).
    I think that in South American countries testosterone could be bought for cash=pennies, straight at the corner pharmacy, no need for script, just name of what you need and pay for it.

    there is more talk about how many women could improve their life by using (the proper amount) of testosterone.
    So it is not only men that could benefit.

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  7. Blood Clot Formation: Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells -

    Well, well - who knew - blood smears don't lie


    Right are vaccinated individuals blood cells - not just blood cell damaged but the tubulars - Dr. @Jack Kruse - what does he think these tubulars are and what they maybe doing?
    What´s floating on my plasma? - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5493160/

    Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) derived from tumours just as seen in the plasma of cancer patients? - https://www.nature.com/articles/s41416-020-01047-5
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