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Could it be the seaweed?

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by Jasmin, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    Hello :)
    I have joined the Optimal Reset the best I could but I have a question:

    I have had problems for years with hypothyroidism and increased Erfa Thyroid with ½ grain to 4½ grain in october or november last year (I cant remember the exact time). Below are my testresults:

    July 2012 4 grain Erfa Thyroid
    T3 = 1,00 (1,2-2,8)
    T4 17,8 0 (10-26)
    TSH = 0,01 (0,3-4)

    December 2012 4½ grain Erfa Thyroid
    T3 = 2,01 (1,2-2,8)
    T4 = 19,8 (10-26)
    TSH = 0,01 (0,3-4)

    Febuary 2013 4½ grain Erfa Thyroid
    T3 = 2,98 (1,2-2,8)
    T4 = 25,1 (10-26)
    TSH = 0,01 (0,3-4)

    I have only changed 2 things since the bloodtest in december:
    1. the 25th january started drinking 1½ liter of water with seaweed every day. I put it in the refrigreator in the evening.
    2. The 25th january I cut my BAB to HAB

    Do you think that it is the seaweed that has changed the numbers or am I finally making progress with the medicine (Erfa Tyroid) after taking it since october 2010?
  2. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Wow, that is an excellent result. I think your seaweed water works!
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    seaweed can get you off thyroid meds once you stop your blood brain barrier from leaking.......that is how the Fluoride gets in.......and there is a thyroid blood barrier as well and that is how Br and F an Cl get in.
  4. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    Yes it is excellent - it has changed so fast that I have a hard time believeing it :) It is just seem too simpel....you know seaweed against the medicine.... But I will trust my body and that it is getting back on track :cool:
    I have just ordered more seaweed :)
  5. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    Last week I started to filter my water - no more Fluoride for me :)
    Where can I learn more about how to repair the Thyroid blood barrier?
  6. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo Gold

    My understanding is that flouride is virtually impossible to filter. What type of filter system are you using to remove flouride?
  7. kjgraffin@yahoo.com

    kjgraffin@yahoo.com New Member

    Check out the Berkey filter system. It has filters that you can get that remove flouride.
  8. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Doesn't reverse osmosis remove fluoride? Actually, on Long Island, where we live, there is no fluoride in the water. I'm interested in repairing the thyroid blood barrier as well. What kind of seaweed are you using Jasmin and where do you buy it?
  9. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Thank you, Jasmin!! It did not occur to me that my public water would not have any fluoride added to it. So I checked it! What a shocker - there is no fluoride added to the water in the Rockland County, NY. You can see the link below about the public battle in this.

    If fluoride is so good why is Rockland, NY fluoride free for 60 years?

  10. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Great Destiny! We don't either here on Long Island. Hard to believe because NYC has it for sure.

    I just purchased Wakame, Kelp capsules, Bladderwrack capsules, Irish Moss. Any ideas on what to do with the non-capsules? I'm scared I'll be overdosing on seaweeds, lol. I do have a hypothyroid condition and hoping to cure it and get off meds. Jasmin, what seaweed are you using?
  11. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Claudia, what brand are you using for seaweed caps??

    That is great about FF water.... awesome!!!! :)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  12. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Google for recipes with seaweed... Or whack it in your drinking water if you don't mind the taste.. Wakeme tastes like sushi nori, its not too hard to drink. Some people put it in soups and broths, Inger purees hers after she has used it to make a couple bottles of seaweed water.. Once puréed you might be able to use it to thicken sauces and things..
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013
  13. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    Claudia I am so sorry for my late answer.
    The seaweed I am using is Dulse, Wakame (taste so good :) ) and Combu. I am using it in the water and at dinner I eat it without cooking it and sprinkel some dried from the bag on top of my dinner.
    I know that Jack has written about the benefits for each type of seaweed but I dont remember where...

    I buy it from an importer here in Denmark - the only one I have found in Denmark - I know that you have better options in the US. Once there was a talk about it in this forum and there were several options where to buy the seaweed....perhaps someone in here remember ?
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Jasmin.. I will tell you where to get the best seaweed in Europe.. (but please leave some for me..)
    They have awesome quality, and ship to Denmark too. All raw, dried seaweed and often they have fresh too, from France. Call them after 4 PM and ask what they have.
    You could harvest yourself too if you live near the coast.... West coast.
  15. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    Claudia I dont think that you can overdose it but I was told not to eat more than 5 gram of the dried seaweed daily....I dont know how much I am eating...perhaps I should measure it today :)
    If you can get your T3, T4, TSH before starting with the seaweed and then again after a month so you can see how it works for your body.
  16. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    ALT_Palaeo I have just found the filters I am using and see that it does NOT filter flouride! I have to find out how bad my local water is and then look for new filters that remowe the fluoride....
  17. Jasmin

    Jasmin New Member

    Of course I will leave some for you :) we can share :) and I will look at orkos later today - Thank you :)
    I live near the coast but it is the south coast....does that make a difference?
  18. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Yes, it is hard to believe in the state that regulates almost every aspect of your life :rolleyes:! I am going to look into this seaweed stuff since I am hypo too. I have been eating a small package of SeaSnax - seaweed 3x a week.

    I also take 3 mg of Iodoral every day.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013
  19. Dali Dula

    Dali Dula Moderator

  20. Hope

    Hope Gold

    That looks awesome, Inger.....now I can attempt to send some to some family members over there :) Thanks for sharing!!! (We'll see if they'll be open to it....)

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