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Cortisol, fatigue and body temperature

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Darleen, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is great that your husband understands the significance of light ...for him too!

    There is a great little book .... Health and light by John Ott
    Dr.K. refers to this book often.

    Dr. K. says fowl is foul!

    Do you guys eat sushi? you can make your own [very easy] and sub cauliflower rice - or real rice if you eat it.
    there is a recipe in the recipe section for chicken patties ..... but I use salmon trimmings for it. I get them at our seafood store and they are quite a bit cheaper.
    Just lightly grill salmon or seafood of your choice and steam some veggies to go with. I usually grill extra salmon and then we eat it cold with some avocado and home made garlic mayo and green onions. I also add an avocado and some fresh herbs to the mayo and blitz and you have a great dressing.

    Do you need an easy recipe for mayo? ask if you want one.

    Do you have a crock pot? throw a leg of pork in before you go to bed ...and voila - breakfast!

    I also put a couple of grass fed steaks on a wooden board and sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and tumeric and let it sit for a few days. I then slice it very thin and it is a little like salami. I love this and find it very easy to digest - in fact, easier than a cooked steak.

    Dr. K. has a cook book.....
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    the recipe in the recipe section is for asian chicken cakes. I sometimes use pork mince too.
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  3. Josh Rosenthal

    Josh Rosenthal Charter member of Purple Angels Club

    I am too aware of this... LI will become my Nashville... I hope to learn from your N=1 and not think I can outsmart my environment.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    LI = microwaved central.

    This Utah study is the smoking gun for the wireless industry liability if you ask me. Microwaves here can reduce the DC electric current in organic semiconductors. This is proof positive of a biologic effect. One of my MD members and I had an interesting discussion about ATP, water, light, DHA and how mammals physiology changes during hibernation or during REM sleep: More complex mammals like humans have shrunk hibernation into some of our nightly sleep cycles.

    Mammals are capable of transforming magnetic flux into a DC electric current using the tensegrity system of piezoelectric semiconductors using the inverse spin Hall effect. People have forgotten that Robert O. Becker wrote about the Hall effect in bone conduction in the 1960's.The inverse Hall effect could undo the Hall effect in many tissues. This likely explains space osteoporosis and osteoporosis on the surface of Earth that is now microwaved 24/7. http://phys.org/news/2016-04-inverse-hall-effect-electricity-magnetism.html
  5. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    I'm going to get that book. Thank you !
    I have made mayo before, I usually buy a mayo made with avocado oil base and eggs, vinegar etc. That green onion mayo sound delicious. All of it sounds great thanks for the tips!
    So when you say you leave the meat out, you do just that? No dehydration? My stomach is so sensitive. I get "stomach viruses" very often. I feel like it's more of an issue with not enough stomach acid to digest any bad bugs. I'll get severe stomach upset lasting days when no one else does. Raw liver made me quite ill once( even after being frozen for 2 months to kill any parasites)
    I'm usually good with sushi though. I'm getting hungry!
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I just put the steaks on a wooden board and leave in the fridge uncovered. The wooden board is important and so is not being covered.

    Do you eat sauerkraut? kimchi? kombucha?
  7. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    I don't :( On occasion I will grab a kombucha but they aren't my favorite so I'll drink one over the course of a few days. I should incorporate them. I'll search through the recipes.
    I used to make my own kefir with raw milk but I found myself just feeding the grains and disposing the milk. Silly, yes. Off topic but not off topic, I struggle with severe anxiety and so I procrastinate and such. Little tasks seem like huge responsibilities.
    I suppose Dr. Kruse would say procrastination/anxiety is dopamine missing from the puzzle. It is significantly better during the summer.
    This week has been so nice I've been outside every morning.
    Caroline, would you happen to know if SHBG rising only since I've had the baby is normal? My thought is this is due to breastfeeding and still no return of menses, some of the hormones were meant to be at a certain range and that is why the SHBG is quite high? It's over range. I forget what the number was but it came down a bit within a 5 month period. thanks again :rolleyes:
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Darleen .....sorry I don't have an answer - but I am sure someone else will have thoughts.

    Do you have labs you could post?

    Can you get outside a lot more? Little or no clothes? Maybe go camping on the weekends? Swim in a stream?

    Sounds like you need tons more lite and grounding and seafood.
  9. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Hi Caroline, Ok no worries thank you. Im getting out there as much as I can, hugging the ground, lol I'm trying to plan on getting to the ocean a few times a week. Upping my Seafood intake is going well too. I had anchovies with avocado tonight, pretty delicious.
    Yes I could post my recent labs. Should I do that here or start a new post maybe?
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    There is a lab thread ....But it may be better here in your journal
  11. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Ok, Here is my most recent blood work done on 3/30/16.
    Fasting glucose 72
    Sodium 141 RR 135-148
    Potassium 4.3 RR 3.5-5.3

    BUN 16
    Creatine 0.72 RR .4-1.4
    Bun:creatinine ratio 22. HIGH
    GFR 108 RR >60
    Calcium 9.6 RR 8.6-10.5
    Total protein 6.6 RR 6.4-8.9
    Albumin 4.3 Rr 3.5-5.7
    Globulin 2.3
    A/G 1.9
    Alkaline phosphate 77
    Ast 19
    Alt 14
    Bilirubin total 0.7 RR .3-1.2

    Uric acid 6.1 RR 2.3-6.6 HIGH (my joints have been swollen in my hands)
    HDL 79
    LDL 92
    Triglycerides 43 RR <150
    Lipoprotein 8 RR
    Vit b12 833 RR 211-911
    Folate 20.5 RR > 5.4
    Iron serum 134 RR 50-212
    Ferritin 56 RR 10-291 LOW?
    Hemoglobin A1c 5.9 HIGH I believe bc I was skipping meals.

    Currently on Armour thyroid 1 grain and cytomel
    10mcgs. (Two Divided doses throughout day. AM: 1/2 grain armour
    5mcgs cytomel.
    Afternoon: same.
    TSH 0.007 Low RR 0.270-4.200
    Free T4 .92. RR .93-1.70
    Free T3 3.190

    Reverse T3 12.6 RR 9.0-27.0 this is usually elevated without any thyroid AND remains elevated with Armour thyroid.
    Only Lowers once adding in the cytomel. Leptin Resistant?
    CBC panel is normal.
    Differential (polys & lymphs, Eos..) All normal.

    Vit D 25-OH 49.8 RR 30-100 LOW. I supplement about 1000iu/day

    Homocysteine 5.3 RR 5.0-15.0 Inproved with Thorn b vitamins. Methyl formulation.

    Progesterone 0.6 I'm assuming the REf ranges are non applicable as I'm breastfeeding and
    Cycle has not yet returned? Usually very depleted on progesterone, I supplement
    With bio identical transdermal progesterone.

    DHEA s 138 RR 45-270
    SHBG 113.4 RR 28-146 (this came down from a 158, 5 months prior)
    Testosterone wasn't performed by lab but was requested.
    (It's usually quite low.)

    Insulin 3 RR <24.4

    Estrogens, total 54.6
    Pregnenolone 40 RR 15-132
    I'm concerned about the SHBG, the BUN creatinine ratio, and of course, the low hormones. But I'm wondering if Breast feeding is a time when SHBG is high, since prolactin is high, not sure.
    Hemoglobin A1c is high but fasting glucose and insulin are low.
    I'm getting in my AM sunlight and my insomnia is gone!
    I do wake up a bit throughout the night but mostly due to my son stirring around.
    I'm also getting in much more seafood now.
    Trying to stick to the Leptin Rx but I have a terrible habit of
    Snacking on green and blacks organic 85% chocolate, I know... ;(it's bad. I'm weaning off.
    Any advice or input is greatly appreciated
  12. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Can dehydration still occur with the wrong water?
    Drinking 80-100 ounces of Berkey water.
    Maybe it has flouride, or maybe the water on Long Island is poisoned and beyond the berkey's ability to purify
  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    He means inter/intra cellular water... which would be dehydrated when you are exposed to EMF no matter what kind of water you are drinking - reverse T3 high=>environment still sucketh... BUN/creatine ratio also says the same thing - when you are dehydrated it causes the proteins to misfold and the entrance to the mitochondria (where you process carbs) is screwed up - thus, keto diet with seafood is a great move - you have some more EMF mitigating to do and you should drink more water - also, there could still be flouride in your water which screws everything up - electron flow and iodine - add lots of kelp to your diet - miso soup - remember, iodine is the first to fall... then comes magnesium - because it has no water to bind to as you are dehydrated - I don't know what Berkey is, but you need to drink RO water - they sell them on Amazon - you also might want to add tamarind to your diet - but don't know if that's a hot idea if you are nursing - tamarind helps get rid of flouride - which weirdly is in canned salmon and green tea - chocolate is great, you need something - I would keep that - but not as a snack of course - :)
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  14. Dan E

    Dan E can someone flip my picture please :P

    I've been drinking around a gallon per day of Berkey water here on LI for 6 years. My bun/c ratio is 7 and I think that's pretty good. If you check the cdc website there's no fluoride in Nassau or Suffolk and I confirmed this personally years ago while doing electrical work in many well houses for many water districts. We do have other pollutants to worry about here especially around the old industrial areas like bethpage and republic airport. I'd like to get other sources of water like mountain valley spring or reverse osmosis in the near future. I'd also like to bury some Berkey water in the ground in a glass carboy in the meantime. Lots of work to do.

    I also just cured my insomnia in January with early sun and I also eat more 85% chocolate than I'd like to share. However, it is a fantastic snack to eat during exercise and sports in my experience. I stopped eating green and blacks after reading it has high amounts of lead or something in it. Many brands do, crazy world.
    In the last couple months I switched to a high quality lard for cooking eggs in the morning. I was using coconut oil which I learned is not seasonal in winter.
    The more lard I eat the less chocolate I crave. I really don't know if one is better than the other, but this is what I have noticed.
    As far as I know, there are no smart meters on LI yet but PsychopathicSickEvil&Greedy have plans to roll them out this year.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
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  15. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Penny thank you so much for your reply. At the time of blood work I hadn't made any of these changes. I completely fell off the "Kruse wagon". Sigh. Now I'm getting sunlight, eating seafood, grounding, wearing blue blockers, took electronics out of the room and starting the leptin Rx again.
    I'll start taking iodoral again and incorporate kelp, magnesium too
    Berkey is a water filtration system which is supposed to maintain minerals but remove pesticides, chlorine, flouride and a bunch others. I'm gong to look into an RO system.

    Here is where I need improvement, our wifi is on at night and my husband likes to watch tv past sundown. I wear my blue blockers at sundown. But I'd like to get him motivated to improve our environment. He just said he'd like a pair of blue blockers, that's a start ;)
  16. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Yet you can sleep - that's amazing... :)
  17. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    How could we find this cook book?
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sorry - I don't know if it is still available. Ask mission control.
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  19. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Thank you.
  20. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    I found John ott’s book used on alibris.com

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