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Corey's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Corey Nelson, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Hello everyone.

    Quote is from Zen Master Suzuki-Roshi. It is in the title as a reminder to me. I also like this one from Jack (paraphrased): every problem contains the seed of a solution, or necessary change.

    Big thanks to Jack and all the members. I've been lurking and learning so much and increasing my wisdom all year thanks to all of you. Happy to be a contributing member of this community now :).

    Soon I will put a condensed version of my rambling intro posts (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/my-personal-introduction.21494/) here as a summary of where I am, currently.

    Just checked my genomic report for mtDNA haplogroup, and it is H2b which traces to the Unetice culture in around 49.5N latitude as well as the Yamnaya in the 53.4N so that is interesting and a bit lucky...

    Ending on an image that made me smile today. Today wasn't too easy, worked about 3 hours and napped about 3 hours and it can sometimes be frustrating that I'm not as healed as I'd like to be - but I remain grateful for my progress.
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  2. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Here's an edited-down version of my rambling intro post. The next post after this one will be a general series of updates from the past week or so.

    Which protocols? See my signature for every protocol/Rx I am following and as of the time of writing this I've been doing most of 0those for about 6-7 months, i.e. since the end of last year. Some (methylene blue) are more recent.

    On applying Kruse protocols: I'm as deep as I can cognitively get for now but not pushing myself in an unkind way. I haven't gone as deep as I plan to in terms of understanding - definitely getting there slowly and steadily though, and using many practical recommendations every single day (mostly all in my signature).

    On results, patience, and acceptance: better quality of life seems to be the most noticeable overall effect.I feel more patient, accepting, and happy with less (I think I've heard Jack K. talk about this). There's really a great sense of belonging and being pretty happy with my situation even though it isn't "perfect." Less obsession. This is both a great effect of healing and a route to further healing.

    More on tangible results: massive improvement in mood, better sleep, sex drive is way way up (can easily be with my wife every single day as she prefers, which was never the case before in our 2.5 years of marriage - speaking as a guy that's a major change!), slow and steady improvements in energy, and symptom relief from erratically occurring heart palpitations and angioedema and urticaria. Previously I'd get swelling episodes where my lip would blow up about triple size and my body would get large, itchy, angry hives. Swelling now happens, albeit to a lesser degree, if and only if I end up sitting near a router for more than an hour or so, or heavily use a cell phone.

    Taking a meditation break: Have had a consistent meditation practice (daily) for a few years now, took about a month off recently, now back to daily in the AM sun.

    On quitting exercise:
    After listening to Matt Maruca some I also quit exercising (had been lifting with kettlebells once per week, running once a week, hiking once a week, and doing a mobility type day) because I realized I was way too fatigued and foggy to be in the right place to do that. That's been another great thing for me, just parting with that habit as an absolutely necessary part of life and knowing it's there to enjoy when I'm well.

    More on patience: Both quitting exercise and taking a meditation break felt like the kindest things I could do for myself, and I interpret this as a sort of acceptance of the process of healing rather than constantly striving to "do something" in order to accelerate it.

    Quitting caffeine, brain fog:
    Quit caffeine for the most part (I've had it maybe once every 2-4 weeks this year, usually in tea form) and that change has really improved sleep but also subjectively increased brain fog (clearly it was masking the symptom, obviously). However I don't miss it and now recognize it was disconnecting me from my body's rhythms.

    Dealing with fatigue, but overall happier: I still feel like I'm usually at about 50-60% of my former all-time peak cognitive capacity of several years ago, but I can find other things to enjoy and appreciate in life. I just feel happier and I can be happy at this level. A bit of cognitive lag (again more relative to myself than relative to some absolute or other-person based standard - I don't feel it's noticeable), along with my fatigue, is my most noticeable symptom, though. I just don't have the depth I used to intellectually or it takes a lot longer to get there, and I can't really focus on things for more than an hour or two, three tops, at a time before I get fatigued mentally and need to do something restful. There is no reason to assume this is permanent and I feel pretty accepting and patient about it.

    Self-acceptance, rejecting neoliberalism and self-commodification, and paradigm shifts: I think I am currently more likely to listen to myself and my body when I need a rest or a break - after years of working through pain and discomfort and basically creating a neoliberal inhuman existence for myself (partly out of motivation to succeed and partly just having something to prove). Very unhealthy habits of mind that I think are absolutely socially conditioned. Huge paradigm shift, not having much to prove.

    Lucky and grateful: Based on what had happened and the foolishness I was engaged in going back to 2011-2014 - use of modafinil and an Rx stimulant, absolute caffeine abuse, blue light way too often (I knew better but got complacent and stopped wearing my Uvexes I had at the time), EMFs 24/7, some really serious life changing trauma to cap it all off - I'm lucky I only got out with what I did. If it takes years to level off and be "healed" that's okay!

    Cannabis (now quit also) as a crutch, hyperemesis scares
    : I also restarted cannabis in 2015 after a 10 year period of having quit it, and it wasn't a bad crutch - helped with the trauma and (I now know) regulating mitochondrial function despite blue light and EMF damage - but I got a big wakeup call in the form of some near fatal cannabinoid hyperemesis episodes (body temp dropped to 95f at one point, dehydration making me so weak I could barely get help to go to ER) - and now that I'm entirely off the weed again this year (and glad to be) that's a new healing chapter, too.

    Nonlinearity and symptoms jumping to younger generations:
    I noticed that most of my issues were extremely "nonlinear" in their onset and wow, was that a wakeup call. I really am fascinated and horrified to see what begins happening individually and societally as these devastating and rapid effects begin to leap down to the next lower age groups of young "millennials" and "generation Y." There are SHIT TONS of memes from teens/early 20s complaining about being tired all the time.

    My neighbor the EMF/blue light casualty:
    My old neighbor who's a year older than me, when I was living in an EMF hell (landlord in attached premise had dozens of wifi network devices and there were 3 smart meters, the suites were partially below ground), had the following all within the space of a year: hysterectomy, stroke with loss of function in one eye (now regained), and a mental breakdown where she got the police called and was evicted for attacking her boyfriend. Really sad. She is/was a gamer so there's your case study in 24/7 EMF + PM blue light.

    Again see signature for a succinct discussion of my protocols. Actually here's a current copy for preservation since it is liable to change over the duration of my membership here:

    Age: 31 Sex: M Joined: June 2018 / Began CT & Other Protocols Dec. 2017
    Location: NC, USA (36.2N Latitude; mtDNA haplogroup H2b (Unetice/Yamnaya)=49.5N to 53.4N Latitude)
    Dx: PTSD, Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome*, EHS (symptoms: urticaria, heart palpitations, angioedema)
    *interested to discuss CHS as a mitochondrial disease (TRPV-1 pathway, scalding hot showers, low body temps, ECS involvement)
    Current Therapies / Protocols: CT ~3x/wk (45-60+ min, 30lb ice) | UV/IR indoors | AM noon and PM sun (+fasting in UV for mitophagy) | Daily Seafood | Seasonal and LCHF eating for 2H depletion | Aquafina/Pellegrino/Iceland Glacial water | Methylene Blue
    Health WINS: PTSD symptom free, no cannabis use and no more CHS, extremely cold adapted, morning sun every day this year, daily seafood, fixed my EMF and light environment, can tolerate 3+ hours strong midday UV without burning.
    Health Goals: Improve fatigue, lifetime protocol adherence, permaculture/homestead self-sufficiency, test deuterium/heteroplasmy/DHA/telomeres, obtain 20 gauss Magnetico, more trips far South.
    Related Goals: Upgrade to Gold or Platinum member, eventually Quantum Health Practitioner. Get caught up on recommended reading, webinars, etc.
    No surgeries/RXs.​
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  3. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Now for some random contemporaneous updates:

    This past week was great for protocol compliance except skipping one CT bath (2 instead of 3), and especially got tons of sun (AM, noon, PM). Also happened to be a great week in terms of vivid dreams, good energy levels (on an upward trend), and great mood for the most part. Lots of seafood, too.

    My methylene blue dosage since I began it about 2.5-3 weeks ago has been 10mg, 3x/day. As of today, I am bumping that up to 20mg per dose to gauge results. I am aware some people dose a mere 60mcg which seems to just be a random number pulled from nowhere, and that there is speculation about a U-shaped response curve. I am also aware safety data indicates much, much higher doses than I'm currently taking are safe so I'm willing to give the higher dose a chance.

    I've been really enjoying a podcast called The Liminalist with Jasun Horsley and it touches on many areas I find interesting - high strangeness, conspiracy, self-actualization, mindfulness and spirituality. He's not like anyone I've ever listened to. Anyway the reason I bring it up is because he has some great things to say about "knots of shame" existing in the body and the concept of "fragmented self" as it relates to trauma. I've been using these some as tools for introspection (e.g. feeling a bit guilty about missing a CT bath, and sitting with that feeling). I could say a lot more but it's pretty personal and wouldn't really translate, so I'd just say check the podcast out for yourself if you want a treat, IMO.

    Another podcast I enjoy in general is Skeptiko, with Alex Tsakiris. It isn't really the debunker type of skeptical show, though. In particular a couple of guests that have been very interesting recently are Bernardo Kastrup and Dr. Dean Radin. Both of them present some interesting concepts of why something like some version of idealism/platonism may be a better model for describing the universe than strict materialism. In that model, consciousness is at the "bottom" of the traditional epistemic scientific pyramid (consciousness?>physics>chemistry>biology>neurology>psychology>consciousness) underneath physics rather than at the very top. Seems like a good semi-related discussion to some of the things that come up around Dr. K's talks and papers.

    I've noticed some days I get a really nice "buzz" that kicks in around mid-afternoon and sticks with me until bedtime, and this makes sense with what we know about POMC. It clearly correlates, for me, with both getting lots of morning sun, and with cultivating a sense of satisfaction and acceptance. Particularly when I allow myself to accept where I am and be happy with less rather than grasping, this buzz kicks in. It feels almost drug-like but very wholesome. I'm sure some of the other members will know what I mean. OH, another thing that definitely facilitates this is keeping EMF exposure as low as possible.

    Closing with a photo - I had mentioned quitting exercise but I am doing a walk every morning now after I meditate in AM sun. The other form of activity I'm enjoying is cruising on a longboard when the urge hits, it's one of those things that is just so fun and flowing that it doesn't feel like exercise, more like a reward. This is from the other day - I skated around a river greenway then went wading in the river and did some sungazing while enjoying my POMC buzz :). If anyone enjoys board sports of any sort I highly recommend longboarding as a fairly cheap, very fun, low impact way to carve and cruise around.

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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Stay focused on what matters in life; leave everything and do something you've never done before and eliminate the unnecessary. Between the natural way and the path of grace there is a deep abyss.....what you choose to do at this inflection point is 100% tied to you redox state at that present moment......When you care about things that just don't matter, it ends up wearing you out. You burn out. The wise care only about themselves in nature as they get well. I dwell on endless possibilities nature provides me. When you can only see things as they appear now, you will never know what Is ultimately possible. Time is never promised since our inception. Time is malleable and we can create and recreate its meaning when we know what matters in life and let go of what doesn't.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would replace
    drink water with
    drink water refers to extracellular water
    hydration is more general term

  7. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Thank you for the beautiful words and music in your replies.
  8. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Great point :)

    Your post reminds me of how I recently reread Dune, and they distinguished between "water" and "moisture":

    "The unconscious preoccupation with water here weighed on her mind.
    No, she corrected herself: it was preoccupation with moisture.

    And that was a more subtle and profound matter."
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  9. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Some general thoughts

    Went on a nice waterfall hike today at a picnic in the mountains with family and friends of family.

    Current supplements
    • Just stopped msm/organic sulfur after a few months (I think most supplementation should be temporary)
    • Zinc balance (with copper) every other day or so
    • Selenomethionine every other day or so
    • K2mk4 every other day or so
    • Occasionally mg glycinate
    • Kelp very occasionally for iodine, once every week or two (overdid this one a couple months ago and resulted in insomnia and heart palpitations, ie hyperthyroidal symptoms)
    Have gotten comments from my wife to the effect that I'm looking very "solid" and that's despite not doing any exercise aside from light stuff mentioned above for about 6-8 weeks. Leanness and muscularity seem to be up, weighing in the low 180s, just feeling much better overall since giving myself a break.
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Trust but verify.

    First I do my best, then use Spectracell Micronutrient analysis to verify.

    Note, that analysis do functional testing.
    Functional as related to the individual being tested.

    Regular labs do their analysis and then compare it to population of (sick) people.


    I do not test for iodine, but use it excessively.
    Lugols but not Nascent.
    Lugols=iodine+potassium iodide
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    That indicates a problem.
    ask Jack
    for solution

    @Jack Kruse

    I use 1mL of 2% Lugols for 10 or 15 years (daily), no problems.

  12. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    The problem may have been concurrent high emf levels before I moved (mentioned in an earlier post, 3 smart meters and all kinds of bullshit smart devices on the attached landlord's wifi network, etc. I have since moved and I have been off the higher dose iodine for a few months, so that issue isn't occurring any longer.

    It felt like a classical description of induced hyperthyroidism through iodine supplementation which is described in medical literature, which of course matches my high-ish dose supplementation at the time. I'm aware not everything is what it seems but if this is a known issue with iodine supplementation for some people I'm not too concerned.

    I also never had issues with lower doses of kelp for iodine in the past, until I began taking doses that high, so really it just seems best not to take high doses again. But, I'm open to any suggestions if you or someone else feels it provides insight into a specific issue. Just wanted to emphasize it's no longer occurring since I ceased the higher doses and moved away from EMF hell.
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  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I think that opinion about correlation between iodine and thyroid are given way too much weight.

    When thyroid needs may be at 50
    the rest of the body's need may be about 1500.

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  14. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Seafood meal #3 today. Life's really good!

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  15. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    All is well and the gradual upward trend continues.

    A couple of small adjustments to the regimen:
    • Taking a break from methylene blue (also, didn't notice additional benefit @ 20mg 3x/day as opposed to 10mg 3x/day)
    • Instead of 3 CT sessions per week year round, going to do 2-3 per week in summer, and 3-5+ in the winter (mostly speaking of actual ice baths, but the shower water is cold enough and ambient temps low enough here in winter to get plenty of additional opportunities)
    I have found one of my favorite times to get light now is actually in the evening. Still doing my sunrises and noon suns of course, but the subjective quality of each is quite different, and I'm loving the feeling specifically of the sunset and dusk. It's incredibly mellow and calming.
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  16. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Does anyone have any ideas for portable outdoor work stations for laptops? Basically interested in anything superior to a small folding table and a lawn chair. Planning on using an ethernet connection of course.

    My work load is increasing and I really hate being inside with the sun out!

    If I don't get input I'll probably update this space with some candidates and give a review when I make a final decision.
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  17. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Nothing much to report that's new, except for one thing. Yesterday I smashed my phone (by accident!) and it stopped working; I expected to get a replacement today but that was delayed until tomorrow...

    And it's like I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

    I am VERY fastidious about blue light and reasonably good about EMFs, I keep it in airplane mode and mostly use it mindfully, don't really use it just because I'm feeling idle or to check notifications. I get plenty of AM sun and other times, etc.

    But in its absence, I have realized I really am sort of addicted to communicating with family members, checking certain sites, and listening to podcasts, however infrequently. I'm a junkie for my favorite podcasts especially (none of whom would qualify as manipulative, IMO).

    Just some food for thought. Hopefully this enforced break will do my dopamine some good. I'm alternately feeling frustrated about not having the device, and more tranquil. Good wake-up call.
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  18. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Something to share for a bit of fun, the neighborhood has recently been selected to get an "upgrade" to smart meters, and the local monopoly company offers NO opt-out in this state (but they do in other states, and so do the neighboring companies - I'd write my congresspeople if I wasn't moving from this house soon - in fact I already pamphleted the neighborhood and drafted some letters but I just have more important things to focus on, it turns out).

    Being that the analog meter was an attractive aspect of living here, I had a simple padlock on mine, and a "Keep Out" sign above the meter, knowing it wasn't impenetrable; but why not. Well, someone came by, stuck a door-hanger that said "We've installed a new smart meter" which I grabbed; went to the back, came back around to ring the doorbell a few times, and then gave up and left a door-hanger that said "Sorry we missed you - please call to schedule an appointment to have your new smart meter installed." Yeah, sure...

    And now I'll let this pic speak for itself; it may take more than just a set of bolt-cutters to do an "upgrade" now :) Wondering how long I can string this along by being non-compliant and refusing to discuss it.

    2018-07-24 18.18.21.jpg
  19. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Hi everyone, still at it, with nothing much to report BUT slow and steady improvement; less fatigue, better mood and productivity. My signature could use some minor updates but the general outline is still close enough! I'm excited as I'm coming up on the anniversary of when I started all of my current protocols, which would be sometime in the winter. Saw approximately my 300th consecutive sunrise not long ago.

    A few small updates:

    -Currently on a break from methylene blue, but I've found two separate methods I like about equally well: 10mg 3x/day sublingual; and 80mg 3x/day oral.

    -Paying attention to Dave Oshana, enlightenment transmission teacher (for further info I recommend a 2013 episode of The Lonely Guru podcast on which he was a guest)

    -For breath work especially during CT or chilly mornings, I've decided my favorite is: x, 4x, 2x - that's inhale, hold, and exhale. Plug any number you like in for x; the two sequences I use most commonly are counts of 5-20-10, and 10-40-20. You could try 7-28-14 if you wanted. Warms me right up and feels great too. I learned it from a Tony Robbins tape of all places :)

    For those who enjoy or don't mind things with a bit of a new age flavor, here's a podcast episode I really enjoyed from Tommie Kelly (his blog is "Adventures in Woo Woo"); it's called "Quit Blocking Your Energy, Man" and has some advice I found genuinely helpful, again with that woo flavor but that can be fun:

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  20. Corey Nelson

    Corey Nelson Lifelong Mitochondriac

    Hello everyone,

    Things are going well, still sticking to the mitochondriac lifestyle.

    The wood stove in my new place was down for about a month, meaning the house stayed between 50-60f (with the exception of using room heaters). During this time I did not do ice baths, but I'm outside naked every morning in 20-30f weather, and have been doing lots of cold showers. I got in a cold mountain waterfall day before yesterday and it felt awesome, totally warm, then I sungazed. Just sublime.

    I'm very cold-adapted but I haven't officially been doing ice baths, in other words.

    Still eating oysters or sardines daily, getting as much sun and outside time as possible, etc.

    No supplement use currently, and haven't missed them. Haven't felt a need for methylene blue either.

    I got my D-TERMINATOR test results back and was surprised the results were both in the high 140s ppm deuterium. I am aware the test results may not be consistent (which is a damn shame) but I do plan to do a DDW protocol: up to 2.5L of 110ppm per day (made by mixing Qlarivia-25 with aquafina at a 3:1 ratio, which will cost about $11.38 per day) for 3 months in early 2019. Then I will retest.

    Feeling much better with zero caffeine ever, and minimal alcohol (light social drinking a few times a month, mostly Mendoza Argentina malbecs).

    I'm doing dry fasting a few times a week in the interest of depleting deuterium, and it's gotten really easy. Clearly my ADH levels have increased.

    My productivity is up enormously and my fatigue symptoms are about 2-3 out of 10 most days. No need to nap.

    I've begun lifting weights once per week again, and I'm taking a 5pm walk whenever I can.
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