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Converting thyroid meds input needed

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by nuttmegs17, May 18, 2013.

  1. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member


    I am currently in 1.5 grain armour plus 10 mcg cytomel and got my recent labs back

    My fr4 is now .84 ( range is .89-1.77)
    My ft3 is 4.2 (2.0 -4.4)

    I saw my doc today and he thinks its best (and I agree) to switch me to a cytomel synthroid combo. However since i got out of the appt and looked at conversion charts I'm questioning a few things..

    If you take what I was on before it equals roughly 57 mcg t4 to around 23 mcg t3 YET

    He prescribed me 50 mcg synthroid and kept me at 10mcg cytomel...as my starting dose tomorrow

    I get that he wants to go low and slow. However as my t4 is now below range I can't help thinking decreasing my t4 isn't the answer. As my t4 has gone down these past few months I have felt more and more fatigued. I understand t4 converts tomt3 but he said if I check in within a week they will just increase my T3 ( and as i am technically on less t3 with the new medsI can see that might need to be increased as well. I'm just concerned that he isn't concerned by my low ft4. He said as long as it doesn't dip below .60 I'm fine!!!!! I thought it should be in the upper third of the range?

    What should I ask him to putt me on as far as the cytomel synthroid combo? I expected to start at least as 75mcg with some amount of t3. Thoughts? I'm so confused and terrified of how I will feel this week as I already feel like crap.

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  2. I think this is one of those situations where you have to try a particular dose and see how it goes for you and then you may have to go up. It really depends on your body's ability to convert (as you said). The dose of 10mcg of Cytomel seems quite low to me. I wish I could tell you what would work because I really feel for your situation and fatigue. I went a year untreated, then treated myself and found the proper dose. Then after trying many things like no meds (to see if maybe I really didn't need them) to a lesser dose, I have resinged myself to the fact that I want to feel good and don't care that I take the meds. Experimentation has proven to me what I personally need.

    I was on 3 grains of NP Thyroid (like Armour) taken twice daily and switched to all Cytomel at 30mcg taken in three doses (2 doses 12 and 1 dose of 6mcg). I ratcheted up from there based on my symptoms of fatigue, heart rate, temp, BP. I usually took the last three readings every couple of hours the first few months to make sure I wasn't going hyper. I ended up at 75mcg for a few months then actually went down because it seemed like a lot and I felt the same on 60mcg. Stayed there for a year and now I am currently in the process of switching back to NP Thyroid for my afternoon and keeping the T3 in the morning. I going back I am on 25mcg of T3 in the morning and 1 1/2 grains NP Thyroid in the afternoon. Not sure if this is the ideal dosing but so far so good.

    My body does convert a little T4 into FT3 but it's such an individual thing. I hope you are able to figure your dose out. I'm sure it has been mentioned a zillion times before but make sure your adrenals are good and your iron is optimal. If these two things aren't in place your body may not be able to handle your proper dose of any of the thyroid meds. You will feel hyper and fatigued at the same time or for some people they just feel hyper.

    Overall I think you need a bit more Cytomel to start. I know nothing about synthetic T4 although I had heard on a podcast the the T4 in Armour is synthetic combined with a porcine T3. I don't know if this is true as Armour didn't work for me at all which is why I switched to NP Thyroid as my natural med.
  3. Grizz

    Grizz New Member

  4. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member

    Hello grizz. I'm very familiar with STTM and think they do great work i have learned a ton from them but also feel they can be a bit fanatical. Not everyone responds to natural thyroid. Some even get worse if it happens to set off antibodies or if the fillers cause a reaction. I think that attitude can be just as dangerous as an uninformed endo who ONLY uses synthroid and refuses to try anything else.

    There are lots of options and combos and everyone is different I never did well on natural thyroid and gave it 2years before deciding to switch. Because its in a set ratio i finally hit a wall where it was impossible to move forward. For every story where someone says "I was on synthetics and switched to natural and it finally worked"there are just as many who have the same experience going from natural to synthetics. I'm not using just synthroid I'm using both synthroid and cytomel. I'm not sure yet it's the answer but its worth a try

    Patty cakes. Thanks for your answer. I think you are right about the trial and error. I will try and be patient :). Just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yesterday was a real low for me as I was so lethargic and tired and I decided to go with 75mcg synthroid but keep the cytomel the same. I plan to call my doc tomorrow and explain why and hope they are okay with it I am sure it's not my final dose but hopefully ill feel better in a week or so and we can adjust from there

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