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Constipation - BIG LIE !

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by JackieNewZealand, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. JackieNewZealand

    JackieNewZealand New Member

    I NEVER would have thought this to be true, but it is. Jeepers, what other lies have they told us?

    Best way to stop constipation is to remove ALL dietary fiber from the diet (detailed and credible study - link is below). They conclude:

    "Our study shows a very strong correlation between improving constipation and its associated symptoms after stopping dietary fiber intake."

    Apparently the fiber menace book has more proof, but I've not read it yet. Amazon reviews concur.

    Here is complete study from World Journal of Gastroenterology:


    AND, more here:

    The Chinese have a saying "death begins in the bowels" so the topic is important!
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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  2. Martha Barger

    Martha Barger Martha Ray

    Brings back some tough memories I've had... I tried to consult with the speaker Konstantin Monastyrsky in this video 9 years ago but he would not work with me due to my anal cancer history. Not the first or the last to not work with me. Was told by nurses during my treatments I would never be normal after treatments. CTCA and other doctors did not prepare me for life after treatment. Have been alone to try and recover my health. I have almost nil confidence in allopathic practitioners.. I'm not even able to get all the testing and blood work and since I have not found a practitioner to partner with...plus information not as much value for me to try and see the 'whole picture'. I was a workaholic in two careers but did not have health high enough on my priority list. I have studied health most of my days since 009... made lots of mistakes, learned a lot... but humbled often as my views are always in flux. Family feels I am too extreme but pain over these years has kept me seeking health. Right now I've got a dilemma regarding elimination / poop issue from new foods and drink this fall Nov strict low fiber Keto.. Not comfortable especially because of my history.
    Will look to find help with Epi Paleo Rx support thread. I'm a newbie here this year and not sure where discuss perhaps a constipation thread.
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  3. kim johnson

    kim johnson Silver

    Martha, I use aloe gel and a tea of slippery elm...daily when needed. Usually 1T of slippery elm pdwr in water.
    I get it from Mountain Rose Herbs by the pound? (in Oregon). A prof. herbalist suggested slipp. elm tea back in 1980's.
    Last year a prof herbalist wrote: A. Mild: coconut H20, Flax seed 1T/qt. B. Moderate: Yellow Dock Rt 5 gm in eve,
    Aloe juice inner leaf 1-4 oz, burdock Rt 3 gm. (I had problems with Dandelion Rt). C. Strong: Cascara sagrada 1-2 t.with
    carminatives added., ginger, fennel, anise. I don't know how these correlate with duterium, etc. but they certainly have
    had light during growing process. And I don't know if they grow in specific seasons in your location.
    I too have lost confidence in allopathics. Mainly see them for tests.
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  4. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    Hi Martha,
    if u drink coffee or tea am , put some raw butter in it . since i ve done that, i do not know what it is to be constipated. hoping it works for you :)
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  5. Martha Barger

    Martha Barger Martha Ray

    Thank you Kim Johnson for those suggestions. I used slippery elm gruel (Dr. Richard Schulze suggestion) when by taking HCL and HCL activator I gave myself duodenal ulcer in 2010. I made and took it along with about a dozen other things, Mastic Gum, DGL etc... It took serious effort for about a year to heal. Will try some slippery elm tea... the Gruel I made before was not so easy to get down. I am very sensitive to a lot of things and prone to bowel bleeding. I have used Dr. Richard Schulze Intestinal Formula #3 for children and it contains Aloes, Senna and Cascara Sagrada ... but I did have diarrhea once last week after taking it so I stopped. Prunes and prune juice have been keeping me going daily only with plop, plop, plop results I have never had this for days much less this whole month.... Prunes and prune juice is also so very high in sugars... I normally avoid sugars at all cost.

    Got some flax seed and flax oil today to try but taking it in the past did a number on my hypothyroidism and caused serious symptoms, joint pain, cold, hair loss. I have Georges's Aloe Vera (like water) on hand to dilute with pure water to wipe with. I never could never find an internal gel product I liked but have eaten gel off my plants before. Chris Wark with Chris Beat Cancer recommends Stockton Aloe and I've considered their products multiple times in the past but am unsure about everything with my blue blocker/Dr. Jack Kruse viewing glasses on now. I will try some ginger but in the past ... I was using ginger a lot and it began causing me joint pain. Coconut Oil does the same thing. I've spend a boat load of money on a boat load of supplements and remedies over the years... hope in a bottle has not worked for me. Love Nature and Sunlight and learning here with new views.

    We have some good herbalists here I may check in with them. I favor herbs over supplements and I've bought from Mountain Rose Herbs before but I also do not know about any possible deuterium factor. I also do not know the feelings about herbs by Dr. Kruse. I know and understand his feelings on supplements. I suspect light right comes first any effectiveness from herbals and I am unable to move from 38.0293° N. Today's UV index was .5 like my mood. Poo!

    I really do not know what to eat right now. I mostly drink RO, Ion, and spring waters. My husband eats lots of grains, legumes and dairy. All things I have avoided along with especially gluten and nightshade foods for 9 years.

    Thank you, again, for sharing it is helpful and has helped already!
  6. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    IMG_20191130_215320982.jpg IMG_20191130_215308338.jpg
    I got this product for my dad a year ago and he's still using it.
    Your can look up Jenifer Daniels online but if you have any questions please feel free to ask
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    have you tried to cut out all plant matter? And eat at least half of your animal foods raw?
    Including things like raw oysters and raw seafood like chevice.
    And eating only carnivore with plenty of animal fat and maybe raw bone marrow etc.
    Maybe try to ferment some raw heart or meat, of course it should all be best quality you can get, like grassfed.
    High meat/fermented meat is very easy to make, a little stinky but air it outside. If you dont know how to make it, just ask me :)

    When you eat carnivore you do not poop much, that is pretty cool. I would guess this would be a great way to heal gut issues? And when you eat it raw you get plenty of bacteria to feed gut flora too :)

    I realize the more we go into winter the less good I tolerate plant matter. My body now wants only animal food. But I guess this is only natural, you cant survive on anything else here in winter.

    I also think red light on the belly could help, do you have a good IR device?
    Of course sun is best but maybe you cant do that for now
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I've spend a boat load of money on a boat load of supplements and remedies over the years...
    I know that the feeling.
    That is what I do.
    Except possibly that I do my testing with a different plan in mind.
    I would like to think that my plan is good.
    I do testing that is paid by insurance and other that is cash out of my wallet.

    Using mostly simple farmer's logic doing all that.

    On this board, we spend lots of time talking about mitochondria and cells and how they work.

    Hopefully what I do is in agreement with @Jack Kruse teachings, but I look little different on some parts of it.

    When we think of mitochondria, we think of working parts of mitochondria.
    That makes conversation about parts of it that are cytochromes and what they do.

    For me, this is like discussing construction of the house and making windows and vents the most important part of house.
    I would rather worry about foundations and walls (first).
    All those cytochromes and what they work on, are windows.
    The best window when sitting in a shitty wall will not be able to their best.
    That is why I would rather put my attention to the walls and foundations first.
    That will move attention of the discussion onto health of membranes and peroxisomes first.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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