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Condo Hacking

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Kayja, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Kayja

    Kayja James Kay

    Hey, so my life’s circumstances have me choosing to live in Jersey City, right next to a park right near the ocean/Ellis Island/NYC/the Colgate clock, for the time being (I’m willing to die on the sword that is being a stand up comedian) so I was thinking on how to hack my bedroom. Being a comedian I also have very little funds to go off of (meters are far above what I can afford, for example).
    Here were some of my thoughts based on everything I’ve read and watched:
    Some sort of a “fence” or similar structure encasing my bed made of chicken wire or metal screening. I’ve read power density may be an issue here, but couldn’t that be solved by making multiple layers?
    Also, I was just brainstorming and thought, if water’s a good faraday Cage, why not just invent/make something like a water cage? As in, something that keeps in water as a sort of emf insulating layer, like a cross between a tent/canopy and a water bed
    Obviously if I was sure of this I wouldn’t be posting this, so I’m curious if this sounds at all feasible and if it will solve the EMF problem in my bedroom.
    Also I’m going to get a 10 gauss magnetico once I pick up a second job (I can’t afford 20 rn)

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